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DIY Galaxy Fold

in today’s video we’re taking a whole
bunch of old phones and we’re putting
them in competition with each other a
competition to that death Kali we’ve got
some phones here sent to us by our
friends at declutter we have a few
phones there in various states and
disrepair some of them working great
some of them are working not at all so
here’s the thing we need to do something
with all of our many many old phones and
there’s a couple of options I want to
break them I was going to suggest we
sell them to declutter but I’m on board
with your method to that one was already
so while we’re going to put these phones
to the test the best option to sell your
old cell or other tech is to use
declutter basically if you haven’t heard
of declutter they’re super fast and easy
way to sell your old tech even if it has
a cracked screen or is an old model if
you have an old phone or even your
current phone that you want to sell so
you can upgrade or you just don’t have a
lot of time you want to put into selling
it online then use these guys we check
them out and it literally took twenty
seconds to get an instant valuation
super quick plus the prices are strong
to declutter we’ll pay for the shipping
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declutter we’ll pay you the money the
very next day plus they pay way more
than selling your phone back to the
carrier or any other provider we can
find guys if you’ve got some old tech
lying around and you want to get fast
cash for it go to declutter calm and use
the code TKO r10 to get an extra 10% on
your trading so while using declutter is
definitely the smart way to deal with
old tech we’re going to give the crazy
way a shot today all right how do you
want to go but I mean obviously you
wanted to throw one on the floor what
else are you thinking we could maybe do
with these do you have other thoughts of
how to go about breaking this many
phones you know what it’s not often that
you get this many phones in one place
and we have an opportunity that a lot of
people don’t have which is stress
testing that’s true we do have that
opportunity and you may have noticed or
maybe not all the phones over here on
this side are samsung phones over here
are better our iPhones which many
people would insist our superior devices
and that insistence is fine but today
what we are thinking will do is a little
bit of side-by-side testing you’ll come
up with a few different tests and we’ll
try a Samsung phone and then we’ll try
the exact same test with an iPhone and
we’ll see which one does better part of
it will be to see how long it takes for
the physically break some of them will
be to see how long it takes for them to
stop functioning as a phone exactly
here’s the basic idea we have a lot of
Samsung and we have a lot of iPhones and
we are going to be putting them to the
test against each other with things
involving extreme heat extreme cold
extreme pressure and a few other things
this little piece of railroad is here as
a weight you can see they’ve got a
couple of two by fours under it the idea
with this is that it’s holding these two
by fours steadily in plates so I can put
all my weight on it nice it’s not going
anywhere so here’s what we’re gonna be
doing we’re gonna take phones we’re
gonna set them up so they just barely
span this gap then we’re going to wrap a
cable around the phones and we’re gonna
do a test to see how much weight the
phone can take before it just starts to
bend or break in half just a tiny point
of pressure there like that but just
barely wrapping around it yeah it’s
gonna be pretty narrow this right here
is a samsung galaxy s4 it came out in
sure did and the only comparable one
this breaks my heart you guys the five
seat this was the first phone that I was
ever able to play Pokemon go on you guys
so another thing to note about the
phones that we’ve chosen here is that
they both have just very very minor kind
of cosmetic damage a few minor cracks
but that’s about it we’re gonna start
out we’ve got this adjustable weight set
it’s currently set to 5 pounds I hung it
on a fishing scale and with our other
hardware added on we’re at five pounds
three ounces so we’re just going to fit
it around the phone and we’re going to
lower it down
oh that’s nothing it’s not even bending
the wire that her wire hasn’t pulled
straight phone looks actually there is a
little bit further than that phone yeah
I think so yeah a little bit okay
five pounds it adds a little bit here
something people put these in their back
pockets and they sit on them all the
no make a noise all right well fifty two
and a half pounds did not break so
what’s your next plan my next plan is
that we can attach our crane scale to
this and I’ll basically just start
standing on it until it’s completely
snaps all right you are already at
forty-four pounds fifty three fifty five
fold it in half tour the back off
destroyed the screen popped out the
battery all that kind of happened at
once you hit somewhere between 67 and 70
pounds I would say okay all right now
it’s time for your beloved blue all
right so 70 was easily the max of what
the other one could take you’re at ten
25 25 almost 40 40 good a little bit of
bending but not as much as you’re
bending by 40 60 yeah I go i phone a t30
winning by a lot it does have a
significant bend in it but it took oh my
god less than half that to get that bend
in there the samsung 110 120
I can’t conveniently get into a place
where I can had more weight than that
the screens not even cracked yet are you
serious yeah look at that it’s bent the
whole frame is bent and the screen has
pulled away from it but it’s not broken
Green is not broken significantly
smaller significantly thicker but it did
come out as the same year is that
Samsung this one wins 60
seventy eighty ninety one hundred
hundred and oh my gosh 120 130 140 what
did it get to 160 sort of aspirated half
well you had to turn it upside down the
Samsung still loses next we’re gonna see
which phone can survive longer in liquid
nitrogen so we’ve both got phones that
are set to just leave the screen on
we’re gonna put them both into these
bowls of look nitrogen and see which one
seems to just fail sooner yeah
now what is your battery at 56% okay
mine’s at 20 so battery life maybe what
gets affected here well see all right
oh you’ve got a spot in your screen
right now
let me that’s just watched or is it
water gaming this screen is just
shattered now at the bottom oh yeah yeah
that’s I’m pretty sure that’s the screen
itself we just go on oh the bottom is
the bottom of my screen was still
working until I took it out and this you
can see like it’s dying a little bit
like the colors are getting weird it
still responds though wait you did
shatter at the bottom of yours yes look
at that med glasses just to put okay oh
you have a little bit of it’s still very
very dark oh that’s that’s pretty much
just gone now what there’s no screen
left so yours your monitor stayed up
longer than mine but my screen survived
you better than yours that could have
something to do with the battery the
fact that your screen lasted longer it
seems to be like delaminating one layer
of my screen I think it’s pulling off
and together and down at the bottom that
really shattered it up here at the top
it doesn’t seem to be breaking so much
as it seems to just be pulling away I
can get a fingernail under it and lift
up on Wow because it the glass cover is
actually undamaged I think it’s just the
screen underneath the glass cover glass
that’s broken yeah we can let these warm
back up and see if they return to any
functionality and if they do alright so
for our next test we actually just put
out an Instagram poll and the wild wire
10 asked to see if we could actually
turn on space-time submerge the phone
with FaceTime recording into liquid
so good you can keep waving so there’s a
constant sort oh it stopped you know
yeah that’s pretty good out you can
still see that we’re working on my phone
reconnecting it’s gone all right that’s
our frozen not very long this screaming
Oh interesting
well that’s kind of what mine did this
screen started to snap and break the way
yeah here’s it and it’s at low battery
low battery low battery and now it’s
hey my galaxy s7 edge that we froze
turned back on it’s still very cold very
very cold I think they’re still even
like crystallizing bits on it all right
so we’ve done a physical stress test
Nate you wanted to do liquid nitrogen
guess what I wait wait wait I think I
can figure this one out is it fire it’s
a fire so we’re both gonna have at least
a somewhat functioning phone the screen
will work we’re be able to see if the
phone is working
and we’re gonna see which one lasts the
longest with the direct application of
heat guys this is this is my baby I love
her very much we’ve burned many things
together day one you go and I’ll start
at one
oh it’s mad it’s broken
it’s very mad that’s ten seconds there
now glass is going or the LCD is going
something popped
let’s say let’s pause there the pop was
at about twenty-one seconds there’s
still stuff happening it’s like still
spreading away the screen something
inside was like holding the heat the
screen is still on in fact I don’t I
don’t know if it’s responding to things
right it’s the one so right here you can
actually it’s still working can you type
oh it’s locked yeah well you can still
feed so maybe this phone you can still
save by just replacing the screen let’s
see what happens if we hit the same
amount of heat for the same amount of
time on the other phone so that okay I
did stop it a little late it was about
twenty-one seconds of heat being applied
so let’s try and do the same thing on
the other phone and see if the
now it’s really cool oh whoa hey guess
what your phone lid on flips also
weirdly swelling I think against the
Samsung and for the Samsung against that
is way worse looking for the torch was
definitely a little bit closer a little
bit more direct heat that is freaking
you know oh hey my entire screen works
this one does not
okay so next we’re gonna go and do some
drop tests Oh Oh No Kali you drop the
foot when you’re next to open one you
got any really kit you cracked on the
we went and grabbed the phones that
Callie very recklessly threw out the
window to see how well they had survived
their drops also good news the GoPro
just fine
not a scratch all right so the Samsung
here there is some damage there is
definitely a Maz look as you can see
this is probably where it first impacted
glass this has a glass back it’s really
not a happy glass back out of a
second-story window it’s true it did you
know hit the ground pretty well and it
did fall a decent amount and it did have
its landing cushion slightly by a GoPro
but it fell out of a second-story window
and it’s still working like the screen
is still the front screen is undamaged
and it still responds and works just
fine bring up the apps show everything
on here it’s doing pretty well rest of
the iPhone doing oh that where your
screen is held on by a rhythm well in a
two-story drop test the Android one this
particular Android beat this particular
iron phone sorry yeah and this test the
Samsung’s did win the back of this is
not shattered because it’s aluminum from
the GoPro it might be it might be that
GoPro got well pretty good
we have tried extreme heat we’ve tried
extreme cold we’ve tried severe stress
testing and we’ve tried dropping these
out of a two-story window that’s a lot
of testing but I know there’s something
you wanted to do just for fun my idea is
the same when I had the beginning which
is that we can take a lot of our phones
and we can try and sell them to
declutter and see what money we can get
from them here’s the thing whichever
phone we sell for more that person gets
take I have here a samsung galaxy s 9
plus in quite good condition what’s this
you’ve got this is the iPhone 10 you
have an iPhone 10 in quite good
condition we’re going to see which of
these we can get more money for selling
it is in good condition I bet that my
iPhone is gonna get more there’s a good
chance of that I almost double view all
right guys on declutter if you have old
phones in good conditions okay quite a
bit of money also if you use our promo
code you can get a 10% extra added on to
that that’s TKO our 10 well that’s it’s
not what I expected it’s pretty
delightful no no I like that it’s a good shop
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