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Top 10 Extraordinary Human Abilities

who needs comic books when you have
people like this walking the earth hey
guys i’m rebecca from watch mojo and
today we’ll be counting down our picks
for the top 10 real human superpowers
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that means we’re looking at unusual
human abilities that actual living
humans have that go way beyond the norm
these are real superpowers y’all alright
let’s see what they can do number 10
super tasters they walk among us hidden
in plain sight carrying a burden the
average taster will never fully
ok the life of a super taster isn’t that
dramatic but it does take eating and
drinking to a whole nother level as the
label implies super tasters experience
taste with much greater intensity thanks
to a few extra fungiform papillae also
known as the tiny taste bud covered
bumps on our tongues this real human
superpower has been known to heighten
the eaters response to bitter foods like
cilantro Brussels sprouts and coffee
some believe this unique evolutionary
skill was developed to help humans avoid
potentially toxic plants but the truth
remains a mystery number 9 tetrachromacy
most humans only have 3 types of cone
cells in their eyes which means they
only have 3 channels for receiving and
interpreting color information those
affected with tetrachromacy have 4
meaning they can see light from an
additional section of the light spectrum
while tetrachromacy is common in birds
fish and insects who use it for mating
hunting and pollination it is much rarer
in humans while tetrachromats can’t see
through walls or shoot lasers from their
eyes they can perceive a wider range of
colors than the average human and that’s
pretty cool in our books number 8 short
sleepers the average person is asleep
for one third of their life in fact most
people spend more time in bed than we do
working eating and binge watching
Netflix combined however there are some
who only need a few hours of sleep per
night these short sleepers can sometimes
need as little as four hours to recharge
this translates to roughly 60 extra days
per year a 2009 study out of the
University of California
found that people who require less sleep
have a mutation called Dec to some have
nicknamed it the Thatcher gene after
former Prime Minister of the United
Kingdom Margaret Thatcher who allegedly
only slept for four hours every night
number seven
surviving freezing temperatures imagine
running a half marathon in minus twenty
degrees Fahrenheit dressed in nothing
but a pair of shorts how about being
submerged in ice for an hour and 44
minutes well if your vim hoof also known
as the Iceman
such seemingly impossible challenges are
actually well within the realm of
possibility hope is an extreme athlete
who has set multiple world records using
his ability to withstand extreme cold
the Dutch daredevil claims that his
superpowers are the result of a specific
set of breathing techniques which he
calls the vim HOF method if this isn’t a
real life human superpower we don’t know
what is number 6 echolocation
echolocation is extremely common in the
animal kingdom and is most commonly
associated with bats and dolphins it
works by creating a sound that then
echoes off of the surrounding
environment when the sound bounces back
to its source it creates a map of the
area much like a sonar device incredibly
this is a skill that human beings can
learn then Underwood was diagnosed with
retinal cancer as a child and had to
have his eyes removed he taught himself
echolocation and used frequent tongue
clicks to map his surroundings enabling
him to play sports and even ride a
superheroes should inspire and Ben
Underwood a real-life daredevil did just
that number 5
scaling buildings we’ve covered Iseman
and short sleepers but now it’s time to
take things up a notch enter the human
spider French climber
Alejo Bach has been dazzling the world
for years with his insane scaling
abilities he has free solo climbed
everything from the Burj Kalifa to the
Sydney Opera House how does he pull off
these awe-inspiring feats of vertical
daring with nothing more than a pair of
climbing shoes and a bag of chalk
haulback finds small crevices and
protrusions on the sides of buildings
and structures and uses them to climb to
the top a process that can sometimes
take hours and offers little in the way
of rest time number four with
ending pain while some people take the
mind-over-matter approach to
withstanding pain others have a genetic
resistance to it a small percentage of
the population is affected by congenital
insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis
essentially this means the person in
question does not feel pain of any kind
or any nerve related sensations the
anhidrosis means you don’t sweat either
this could be something as little as a
scratch on the arm two broken bones and
burnt flesh while this sounds like a
recipe for an awesome comic book
character it’s actually quite dangerous
pain is there to tell us when something
is unsafe without it we could go for
months with an injury or ailment without
knowing leading to chronic pain or even
number three super strength one of the
most common fictional superhero
qualities is super strength it’s been a
fixture in everything from Greek
mythology to modern film but did you
know that it actually occurs in real
life take Tim Boyle in 2006 he witnessed
a car accident that left a man pinned
beneath a Chevrolet Camaro Boyle rushed
over and lifted the car off the injured
man who was able to escape
then there’s Sakina khanna peva an aging
russian woman and Guinness world record
holder who was twisting steel rods and
lifting 50 pound dumbbells well into her
70s while Boyle strength can be chalked
up to adrenaline it would appear that
Hannah peva is just a straight-up Beast
number 2 running forever
Dean Karn Asus’s wikipedia page
describes him as quote an ultra marathon
runner and that pretty much says it all
simply put the man is a machine in 2005
he ran 350 miles in 80 hours and 44
minutes without sleeping in 2002 he went
to the South Pole and ran a marathon in
minus 13 degree Fahrenheit temperatures
without snow shoes however his most
publicized running accomplishment came
in 2006 when he ran 50 marathons in 50
consecutive days in 50 different states
car gnosis is not the only ultra
marathon runner but he’s definitely the
most famous and he hopes to one day run
a marathon in every country within the
span of a year
talk about superhuman number one super
intelligence unlike their cartoon
counterparts humans with
intelligence do not have oversized
craniums or evil layers what they do
have is the ability to perform complex
calculations in their head at
blisteringly fast speeds the group most
often associated with the skill are
people with savant syndrome they often
have enhanced memory skills and are able
to perform rapid calculations or other
special skills other people have eidetic
or photographic memories which is the
ability of a strong and precise memory
recall even if you’ve just had a few
moments of exposure to something or
someone then there are those who can
perform such feats as listing the first
100,000 decimal places of pie in the
case of Kim peak it’s remembering every
aspect of more than 12,000 different
books clearly you don’t need a cape and
mask to be a superhero dude can you
imagine running non-stop from Los
Angeles to San Francisco that running
forever guy can do that I get tired
after 15 minutes on the treadmill
thanks anyway if you’re not too tired
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