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The Locker Speech That Sparked The Greatest Comeback Ever – Most powerful Motivation

you got a chance right now a chance that
ain’t gonna be if ever a chance right
now you got one shot today if the day is
the last chance you’ve done how you
gonna do this the game you got to play
right now is the best game of your life
because out of all the games going on
around the world you found yourself here
you found yourself in this game right
here see you are in the middle of this
one so what are you gonna do you’re
gonna back down
and miss a chance this chance to prove
you are great or you gonna teach it but
do you do you need this then you gotta
take it you gotta take what is right for
yours you got to get that TT you gotta
take that smile off the faces because
they ready you gotta take down with them
you gotta take that spoon and you’ve got
a crush you take what is yours
take it all you see right now you are
the underdog everybody in that stadium
is expecting you to leave with a loss
tonight you are damn near bottom lolly
but this ain’t where our story ends this
this is where the story of the combat
begins for all those haters out there
right now this is our middle finger to
them because we ain’t gonna back down
we’ve been on our knees we’ve been in
the dirt we know what blood tastes like
we know what the pain feels like
so what else can they do to us it’s time
it’s time to see if they can take what
we’ve been taking these past months it’s
time to see if they can cope with the
pain that we’ve been taking we gonna
pull them down into the dirt with us and
to see how they like it they want to
fight where they gonna get a fight
because they’re laughing in that locker
room right now they think they already
got us beat I can take the laugh I can
take the ridicule
I can take the boobs I continue to hate
but I don’t know about you I can’t take
another goddamn loss this ain’t us we
are born with so let’s go out there and
take that gold we’re gonna go out there
who’s willing to take the pain of
getting knocked down that’s what I
damn right who’s willing to risk broken
who’s willing to take any pain and I
mean anything exactly who’s willing to
take another loss
I said who in here is willing to take
another loss who is willing to take
another goddamn loss no by we have one
job here and that is to bring so nothing
nothing and I mean goddamn nothing hurts
more than the loss I’ll take a win with
a broken arm I’ll take a win with a
broken arm or a bloody mouth but I
cannot sit at home tonight on another
we ain’t hungry
we starved we’re not doing father in
training sessions to finish last
we ain’t dedicating our life to this to
lose tonight we are awarding the gym we
won in class
we want our meal prep we want in
practice we have done everything right
to win today now we have one less thing
to do we gotta take it you want to be
then take it you want to be an all-star
you better take it you want to this
championship right now take it you want
legacy taken you want this win you gotta
take a look at your fellow man and he’s
ahead he’s down pick him up if he falls
we know everyone here has your back this
is your team we are been and will you
get knocked down it is badly that it’s
going to get you back up chin up head up
chest up we are powerful alone but
together we are unstoppable when we walk
out there tonight and they paint on it
remember the only the guy’s opinion you
need to care about is your brother
beside you you are not trying to impress
any of those up in the stands
impress the guy beside you show him why
everything can be yours you have to be
willing to take you when you have no
juice left in the tank
when you feel like giving in remember
everything you have been working up to
today to this point lead to right now
you’re gonna throw it away for a little
bit of pain I don’t want to see anybody
give up on that loose ball tonight
I don’t want to see anybody standing
down on the tackle he might be a hundred
yards out in front of you but you better
chase him down you better chase him down
don’t go real you’re working with small
chances here but that one in a hundred
chance he fumbles you better make him
pay and take you that small chance he
slips you better make them beg and take
it when we walk out into the stadium
tonight all they’re less they brought
with them all the joy for us to lose all
their hate on us and the dark we will
take it with us when we walk off that
field we will take you know that means
an empty shell of your estate will make
them regret questioning our ability we
all the haters besides all the haters
that will be sons who regret the words
they spoke with us and when they
returned to the people they spoke ill of
us it would look like the stupid ones
they look like the fool they look like
this because we prove them wrong they’re
already taking everything they have to
give it we are the underdogs we are
taking the pain to fall to injury the
losses we are taking the bad fortunes in
the tears you’ve taken the loss we take
we are still standing so when you take
all this it is time please take that
left fingers left it is time for you
let’s take the glory that we came
do not let’s go out there let’s work you
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