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Top 10 Best Mortal Kombat Finishers

nothing says good sportsmanship like
ripping out your opponent’s spinal cord
hey everyone I’m Ricky with WatchMojo
and today we’ll be counting down our
picks for the top 10 mortal kombat
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videos we’ll be ranking the most iconic
humorous and otherwise classic finishing
moves throughout the Mortal Kombat
series also we’ve got a playlist filled
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the franchise so be sure to check that
alright let’s rip into number tens face
can someone anyone explain to me what
the hell is going on right number 10
Johnny Cage is deadly uppercut take two
Mortal Kombat 11 who hired this guy what
the fuck deadly uppercut take 19 we’re
going to kick things off with the
freshest entry into the Mortal Kombat
franchise the hype for Mortal Kombat 11
was immediately real when the teaser
trailer for Johnny Cage was released
which depicted the action stars
hilarious new fatality this sort of
insider humor is par for the course when
it comes to the world of Mortal Kombat
and it’s actually a throwback to two
sources the 1995 movie where one of his
fight extras misses his cue this is
where you fall down and in Mortal Kombat
2 when he originally punches off an
wins number nine friendships Mortal
Kombat series friendship friendship
again okay so not everyone appreciates
friendships but these non-fatal
finishers are somewhat nostalgic for
gamers of a certain age
these humorous and often silly olive
branches first appeared in Mortal Kombat
2 and they were a direct response to the
first games notorious reputation as well
as the public reception to its violence
players could choose to have their
characters do things like offer up a
present sign up an autograph or do a
little dance leaving their opponents
dazed and confused but alive friendships
were generally phased out of the Mortal
Kombat universe after Mortal Kombat
trilogy in 1996 but they’re honestly fun
to revisit even today number eight kasi
cages selfie
Mortal Kombat X it’s not a very wise
move to upset Cassie cage want proof
just ask any character who’s had their
bloody defeat plastered all over the
internet this is the theme behind this
fan favorite fatality here Cassie busts
up her opponents jaw to the point where
it’s actually dangling from their face
she then takes a selfie and posts it to
a hilarious MK themed social media site
titled wait for it friendships even more
hilarious are the comments this pic
generates cassie wields number seven
honestly we just had to reference m’kay
sound designer dan for Dan’s classic
toasty outburst here in this entries
title but our next finisher is equally
iconic we’re talking about scorpions
most famous fatality one which has been
adapted throughout the Mortal Kombat
titles it all started from the very
first game in the franchise where
scorpion shows off his gruesome skull
face and burns his opponent alive the
animations have been altered over the
years sure but this remains one of
Mortal Kombat’s most iconic finishing
moments number 6 snack for the living
forest Mortal Kombat 2011 the living
forest has been a staple stage setting
of the Mortal Kombat world since mk2
however it took until 2005 Mortal Kombat
Shaolin monks and Mortal Kombat 9 and
2011 that the out world level began to
interact more with its characters the
former beat’em up style spin-off saw
players interacting with the demonic
trees in the forest by throwing their
this idea was amplified in the more
traditional Mortal Kombat 9 and it’s
staged fatality where the living forest
nearly devours defeated MK combatants
number 5 Quan Chi’s leg Club
Quan Chi wasn’t an ogee villain when the
Mortal Kombat games were first released
but his first fatality in Mortal Kombat
4 made quite the impact the act of
ripping off an opponent’s leg and then
mercilessly beating them to death with
may sound simple but that’s because it
is still it’s this sort of visceral
satisfaction that makes crunches leg
beatdown finisher something that we just
keep returning to again and again number
4 Johnny Cage does kubrick Mortal Kombat
sure we all know that Johnny Cage is a
martial arts movie star but this he
possess any real acting chops well in
this amazing fatality we see JC doing
his best Jack Nicholson impression how
be it with a bit more blood and guts
here’s Johnny honestly we can’t get
enough of this one and it’s the perfect
ridiculous finisher for an equally
flamboyant personality Johnny
number 3 sub-zero’s OG spine rip Mortal
Kombat there are few characters within
the Mortal Kombat universe as beloved or
iconic s Sub Zero he’s the only
character in the franchise to appear in
every game and he even received his own
spin-off title part of that is because
of his spine rip fatality which was one
of the first games most memorable
moments so memorable that it caught the
attention of the United States Senate
plus it’s been seriously upgraded over
the years including at one point in
Deadly Alliance where instead of the
number 2 noob saibot swish bone
the mysterious ninja noob saibot may
possess a silly sounding name actually
taken from Mk creators John Tobias and
Ed Boon spelled backwards but there’s
absolutely nothing funny about his
finishing move set our particular
favorite has to be the wishbone fatality
from Mortal Kombat 9 where cybot summons
a shadowy mirror image of himself to
grab their opponents legs and tears the
unfortunate victim apart it’s funny and
gross all at the same time sentiments
which actually speak volumes about the
Mortal Kombat series as a whole before
we name our number one pick here are a
number one into the pit Mortal Kombat
series maybe it’s the surprise we felt
when we first discovered you could knock
your opponent off the bridge in the pit
stage in the original Mortal Kombat or
maybe it’s how the pit drop staged
fatality has been modified and amplified
so much over the years without losing an
inch of Awesomeness or steam either way
an uppercut Coupe de gras was all that
was required to trigger this gruesome
finish back in the day and we knew that
we had stumbled across something awesome
and iconic a finishing moment which
would stay with the Mortal Kombat
that shit looks painful did you enjoy it
as much as I did if so there’s more
bloody good fun right here on our Mortal
Kombat playlist so make sure to check it
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