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I’m able to be in a room with nothing
with no motivation or inspiration
nothing to find it negative negative
don’t sleep in on the weekends the
weekends when you got to hold the line
the thing is can you teach discipline
the answers yes want to be happy
build a life not just a business
so today let’s live your best believe
okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one find your inner strength
I wanted that comfort zone everybody
looks for that pat on the back they
don’t want to hear all the batch they
want everything that they’re doing right
and I realized that’s what kept me in
this world that’s what kept me in this
world I’ve not accomplishing anything so
what I did was I became that big bad
nasty that you don’t want to walk into
at nighttime I became the roughest
critic in the world on myself and that’s
what changed me I literally saw myself
in the mirror I saw the truth Russ is
saying you know my dad did this to me
from you know from beating me kids in
school from call me nigger did this to
me my life to this to me my broken
foundation to this to me I took that and
said you know what well some people may
help this happen but now I have to own
this no one’s gonna come back to save me
no one’s gonna come back on this couch
and say hey it’s okay you’re gonna be
no I’m not I’m not gonna be okay I
didn’t realize I had to take a stand I
got to make a real stand and it was
painful to look at who I look like who I
was what the world and myself created it
created a very lonely depressed insecure
man that would do anything just to have
a friend and I saw that as very pathetic
when you look at the truth it becomes
very ugly and pathetic there’s something
I invented a long time ago and when you
have nothing to draw from I was able to
find strength in every molecule of this
earth I’m able to be in a room with
nothing with no motivation no
inspiration nothing and find it so what
I did in those situation was I invent
this thing called taking souls when
everybody’s all up and you’re exhausted
and you’re weak and you’re tired and
you’re looking around
and everybody looks as bad as you or
even worse I’m like you know what I want
to now make a statement it’s the perfect
time to make a statement to make a
statement to let you know where your
life ends and mine begins and so the
statement there is I muster up every bit
of strength from their looks on their
faces and how they feel and how I’m
gonna now from my childhood where I came
from how’s the bottom of the barrel I’m
now amongst all these uncommon people
I’m now going to now make you feel like
your common so I used their their
sadness their weakness their parts of
their life oh god this sucks I’m like
all poopy pants too messed up I use that
for my strength and I have this moment
of like let’s say we’re in the sand
we’re running or whatever I will do a
surge I would do something everybody
how’s he doing this and from that that
look on their face that feeling of God
man this guy must be something something
special it didn’t services me further
and further and faster and harder for a
long time so it’s energies everywhere
but the thing is it’s so loud that that
that voice in your head of pain and
suffering and discomfort and I don’t
want to do this is so loud that you’re
unable to really calm it down it’s okay
there’s something here it’s a patient
calm that you have to bring your
substitute I know I have something here
but that voice is so powerful that this
wants you just let’s leave right we’re
done we’re done
it’s passes you out and you want to go
for it saying let’s take a second hang
on before we spastic out hang on and in
that moment you can think clearly and
find that strength out there for you
also if you want to learn how to build
confidence check out my 254 series it’s
free the links are in the description
below you will never learn from people
if we always tap-dance around the truth
people want to know how to stop the
laziness and they want to know how to
stop the
astha nation everything I didn’t want to
do is what got me to where I’m at today
rule number two starts small with John
Assaraf when you start talking about my
brain mmm it’s an organ it’s like your
heart is an organ you can speed up your
heart you can slow down your heart you
can you know speed up the brain waves in
your brain you can slow them down you
can tune in you can tune out yeah we
haven’t been given the user’s manual for
the most powerful tools we’re aware of
that’s right and so the great news you
know I know you being an athlete and a
successful businessman you have
disciplined you cannot achieve results
without some kind of disciplinary and so
we know that there’s some fundamental
truths to achieving success and every
successful person will tell you you know
and Jim Rohn is I know you you love Jim
right so you either pay the price of
discipline or you pay the price of
regret discipline weighs ounces or Greta
weighs tons but the the thing is can you
teach discipline the answer’s yes how
you have to have a willing participant
and if the participants reason why is
big enough if they know I want to
achieve X and the reason why the motive
for their action motivation the motive
for their action is a reason beyond just
themselves chances are they will do more
to achieve that success than if it was
just left up to their own but there are
some people that are born you know with
incredible Drive they just have this
insatiable drive and they’ll just I’ll
do whatever it takes for the things that
I want and there’s other people that
want things but they just don’t have
this insatiable drive and this is where
you know I as much as I hate at school I
love to use schools in analogy there in
the game of life whether it’s health
wealth relationships career business
spirituality fun experiences you have to
decide what level the game to want to
play it is it the great school level the
kindergarten level the high school level
the university level the pro level
because each one of those levels
requires a totally different mindset and
totally different skill set their
building blocks on each other but if you
are extremely talented but you’re not
prepared to practice and rehearse and
drill and
fall and fail forward to the next
attempt you will never make it as a pro
you will never make as a probe isn’t
this person you’ll never make it as a
pro husband or wife or athlete or
musician you just never will so just get
used to that if you’re not prepared to
pay the price if you are prepared to pay
the price and you have the aptitude and
the talent now we’re talking about
there’s some real potential here and
what we don’t know is you know what’s in
your heart like what is the fire that
stirs you that that you wake up saying I
will do this even when I don’t feel like
it I will do whatever it takes to
overcome my temptation for mediocracy my
temptation for excuses my temptation for
reasons and circumstances to hold me
back I won’t allow those to be in my way
mm and if you have that within you
you’ll achieve whatever you choose right
and so the question you asked before is
how do you develop that start small yeah
start small so if you don’t have
discipline show do you show yourself
that you can give yourself one command
and one follow-through so you know what
right now I’m gonna get up I’m gonna do
two push-ups right now not not like
later now can you give yourself a simple
command one sit up right now I’m gonna
go get a glass of water you start with
something ridiculous I learned many
years well reduce it to the ridiculous
hmm so for a ducek to the ridiculous and
I starts I said can you do that great
will you cuz that’s the difference right
there is that’s the razor’s edge yeah
yeah yeah will you will you yeah great
when now now yeah right so if you
develop that skill and specifically from
a brain plasticity and neuroplasticity
perspective as soon as you do that you
give yourself a command and you take the
action you have just created a neural
pattern that you can give yourself a
command and take action now that may be
just be one time well what if you did
that every hour by putting a little bell
on your computer and every hour like if
you er if my computer is open I’d have
every hour it would say it’s Volvo klog
it’s one o clock and I take 60 seconds
just to be in control of my mind
67 don’t care where how would you do it
stop take six breaths or you just get it
just get centered and my on track and my
off track am i doing something I
shouldn’t be doing versus a high impact
activity I need to be doing every hour
I’ve trained myself to just reset I
didn’t always do that so I just started
with one a day right then
– sure then three then it was working so
well I said great let’s do this every
hour but more importantly is as soon as
you become the person who believes in
themselves you see every thing you do or
don’t do leaves an imprint on your
self-worth and self-esteem scale and you
know it absolutely you know it every
time you have that cake or that cookie
right either believe in yourself or you
don’t believe in yourself right yeah
every time you’re you’re voting with
every decision you’re disqualifying with
every negative belief you’re qualifying
with every positive same with behaviors
so you start to get getting aware of a
my qualifying myself to move forward or
am i disqualifying myself do what I say
I want and what I do or don’t do over
and over and over because thought
patterns become emotional patterns
become behavioral patterns and our
brains pick up on our thought emotional
behavioral patterns and says hey you
know what you’ve done that one enough
I’m just gonna make that automatic for
you so all of a sudden you know if
you’re a person has lots of positive
thoughts but you suck at taking action
your brain says let me make that a
permanent pattern for you so you don’t
have to think about anymore but I’m also
going to create some neural tension and
I’m gonna make you pissed off at
yourself now now you’re gonna start
talking yourself about how you don’t
want to not take action but you’re still
taking action and this is where we have
this conscious non conscious ping-pong
match going on all the time Plex and
rule number three the last one before a
very special bonus clip is hold the line
with jockle work how many people are
involved in a startup right now they’re
starting up right cool so I’ll start up
is like a little kid right it’s got all
this potential it’s got all this
potential what happens with a little kid
that never gets disciplined yeah little
kids that don’t get disciplined turning
to Satan that’s what happens and guess
what now in the beginning like a
start-up like a baby when you got a baby
you got to do everything for it in the
beginning you got to hold its head you
got to make sure everything’s perfect
the way so whatever it takes to get that
thing keep that thing alive you got to
do it but once that thing starts to
expand well then you better start
imposing some discipline on it or else
that thing will turn into Satan people
ask me all the time like hey do you ever
take days off and my answer is I take
days off I don’t schedule them but days
off happen why because life happens
right sick kid water heater breaks you
know car has a flat tire can’t can’t get
where I’m supposed to be boom guess what
you just bought yourself a day a down
time now like travel day if you got I
get some flights that are whatever they
can leave here at 6:15 in the morning
from San Diego and sometimes I had a
late night for me to get up at 3:30 to
get a workout in it’s actually
counterproductive I’m smoking myself so
then I’ll be like okay guess what you
just got a day off it just came
that being said people also ask me what
do you do when you’re sick what do you
do when you’re tired you know what and
this is a real simple answer do what you
can but you Rudy you just tell me you
didn’t have a chance to work out today
you’re in the in the room over there
doing push-ups
why do what you can you maintain that
discipline people want to sleep in on
don’t sleep in on the weekends the
weekends when you got to hold the line
the weekends when you got to hold the
line if you sleep in on the weekend till
5:45 well then guess what at night
you’re all the sudden you have a little
extra energy so you stay up a little
later so then Sunday morning you sleep
in till 6:30 now Monday rolls around
that alarm goes off at 4:30 you don’t
feel like doing it and you start this
downward spiral right now hey
people look don’t get me wrong all right
you gotta sleep you got to sleep sleep
it’s very healthy it’s good for you what
I am saying you don’t need to get up at
4:30 you don’t need to do that people
have different schedules you got your
life going on you got to figure out what
works for you but I am absolutely saying
don’t be lazy
I am absolutely saying get on up get on
a regular pattern and maintain that
pattern to the best of your ability now
I’ve got a special bonus cut from
Patrick big diva on how to develop
discipline that I really think you’re
gonna enjoy but before that it’s time
for the three-point landing questions
let’s go from just watching a video to
taking action here we go question number
one what’s one thing you want to develop
better discipline on number two how can
you start small on that one thing today
number three where will you find your
inner strength to keep going when it
gets difficult my guaranteed formula for
success that is 100% proven for my life
and other people have taught out work
out improve outlast and out strategies
again out work out improve outlets out
strategize what you’re looking on the
screen here on the screen look at those
four again what you’re looking on on the
screen here which of those four things
that you’re looking at the out work out
improve outlets out strategize which of
those four things do you think comes
last meaning you’ll learn the latter the
latest it’s out strategize why because
that requires a lot of experience it’s
like you got to go through like a
general in the war right you got to go
through so many different words to learn
different strategies and what works and
what tactics works and what doesn’t work
that’s something you gotta be working on
right however the other three out work
if a guy works 80 hours a week and you
work 40 hours a week you can’t compete
with that guy if some if you yourself
are reading two three four books a month
and you develop in your mind and your
competitor is not and you only reads one
or two and you study in industry
articles and all the subs and they’re
not you know you’re studying how to
recruit CEO CFO CEO CMOS what is the
best way to stretch this million dollar
investment that I got to make this
happen who should I talk to to be part
of a group for mentors and CEOs group
and all these who should I network with
what community should I be a part of
who’s the best engineers IT firm to hire
what are these compare
what are some of the guys that are not
even on my mark if you start studying
those industry somebody else isn’t it’s
tough to compete with you and in our
some people work 80 hours a week for a
year and that’s great but they can’t
work 80 hours a week for three years
some work 80 hours a week for three
years but you work 80 hours a week for
five years you outlasted the guy that
the three years are one year they can’t
compete with you because the compounding
effort favors you so these four things
that you look at on the screen require
one thing and that’s discipline and the
discipline part you don’t hear a lot
about that’s the things people doing
if you want more inspiration to develop
your discipline check out the video
right there next to me I think you’ll
enjoy it continue to believe and I’ll
see you there
the supporters of blunt discipline
discipline discipline discipline
discipline discipline discipline discipline
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