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God of War 2018 Vs The Last of Us

both of these PlayStation exclusives
deliver a captivating experience but
only one will come out on top
welcome to and today we’re
pitting two of the PlayStation 4’s
biggest titles against each other Santa
Monica Studios recently released God of
War and Naughty Dog’s legendary hit The
Last of Us which has been remastered for
the ps4 there’s something you’ve got to
do you understand me yeah for more
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commentary mojo plays games smarter for
the sake of a fair comparison for this
matchup we’re not going to be taking the
original God of War at trilogy into
account nor will the Last of Us Left
Behind DLC be factored in it’s just the
two games as they are standing on their
own merits keep in mind that there will
be some major spoilers for both games in
this comparison so you’ve been warned
it’s what she’d want you know it round
one story
after his wife has passed away Kratos
along with his son at Reyes must journey
to the highest point in the realm to
spread her ashes as the duo progressed
they’ll encounter different monsters and
gods from Norse mythology many of these
characters are aware of Kratos and his
past but we learn early on that Kratos
has not told his son this leaves us
wandering throughout the rest of our
adventure how at Reyes is gonna handle
it when the Ghost of Sparta does tell
him what happened to his last family
what the truth is I was born a god the
Last of Us is quite the emotional
rollercoaster – mankind has been pushed
to near extinction following a fungal
outbreak that has turned a chunk of the
population into zombie like monsters and
in this world where resources are
extremely scarce smuggling duo Joel and
Tess are tasked with transporting a
teenage girl named Ellie who is by the
way immune to the source of the
infection to the base of the fireflies
Joel is apprehensive at first about
transporting Ellie but it’s kind of left
is the only option when test goes out
too soon we’re almost done
stay focused yes ma’am from there it’s
an emotional roller coaster as Joel and
Ellie are forced to survive this bleak
and depressing world with dangers around
every corner with their surrogate father
daughter like relationship really
so as you can see both stories have very
strong fatherhood elements but if their
end goals that end up deciding this
round as they both require our heroes to
travel to a distant location across
dangerous territory the Last of Us is
one makes sense considering the vast
distance that Joel and Ellie have to
travel but God of War does kind of
suffer in this regard due to the fact
that it feels like the goal posts are
constantly being pushed back farther and
this is evident from the start when you
can see that the mountain is in the
distance only to get to the top to
discover oops wrong place and
unfortunately that’s just kind of one
so as Titus both stories are the Last of
Us takes this round winner The Last of
Us don’t tell me that I would be safer
with someone else because the truth is I
would just be more scared route to war
while God of War 2018 is a sequel to an
established franchise the lure in this
game ends up holding up entirely on its
own mostly due to the new location of
Midgard and the Norse gods that
inhabited this game borrows from
real-world Nordic tales from the
ever-present and visually stunning world
serpent to a series of shrines each of
which tells a fascinating story thanks
to a traces translating this one’s
must be a fire giant I the first and
original of course the biggest
depository of lore dropping is Mamere a
reanimated severed head who on occasions
will provide kratos and at Reyes with
stories about the Norse gods and how
they came to be as they are but I know
in the witch in the woods was Freya
herself I never would have suggested
this Freya the goddess Freyja you didn’t
know either The Last of Us is a bit more
grounded in air quotes realism due to
the fact that it’s based on our world
but even then Naughty Dog went to great
lengths to bring the lore of their world
to life notes journals and personal
belongings you find scattered everywhere
tell you a bit more about the world with
many providing their own mini stories as
they give you a glimpse of the
apocalypse from a different perspective
perhaps the most iconic example of this
is the scene in a sewer where a group of
survivors had tried to survive
underground and it even built a working
community only for it to come crashing
down who would stay in here
someone thought they could keep a place
like this safe even though we can
appreciate the stories told in the Last
of Us we got to give this round to God
of War the Norse mythology goes deep and
with every trine and story sharing
something about the world you can tell
that the developers did their research
and crafting this belief fleshed out set
of lore winner god of war so much should
obviously this isn’t the first time
we’ve met Kratos but he’s an entirely
different character than what we’re used
to you can tell that he has a lot of
regrets and only wants what’s best for
his son in many ways he’s a very
relatable character especially for those
who are or have acted as fathers or even
you know parents
as for a trance he’s an excellent
addition to the series – there’s
something about his naive and curious
behavior that helps us relate to Kratos
even more even if he’s talking a bit too
much or making mistakes however we can
help get excited whenever we see it
even as the right branch er progresses
the way both characters develop is
incredibly compelling especially at
Reyes who goes through various mood
phases as a young child would and
eventually comes to his own as a
remarkable fighter
seriously how epic was the midair team
up against Balder with the compelling
story often comes captivating characters
as young as the last of us might be in
comparison to the God of War franchise
which again we said we weren’t counting
Joel and Ellie have become two of the
most iconic characters in video games
right from the start you’ll learn a lot
about Joel’s history with one of the
most heartbreaking scenes in videogames
see me do this work okay baby stay with
whereas Ellie’s character has developed
a lot more slowly throughout the game
which does strike a very interesting
difference between the two you’ll notice
that even through their occasional
conflicts these two are almost always as
father and daughter you’re not my
and I sure as hell ain’t your dad of
course we aren’t kidding when we said
this game is an emotional rollercoaster
their relationship will have many happy
moments but there are just as many tense
moments in between this is best shown in
the winter chapter of the game where the
two characters roles are reversed after
Joel is badly injured and we get to see
Ellie shine more as she starts to take
after her new adopted fallen figure kind
of making God of War boasts an equally
strong duo of heroes as the Last of Us
does but Joel and Ellie take the point
for this round nonetheless as pieces of
their backstory start coming together
you really start caring for these two
which makes everything else so
emotionally resonant the character
development is fully fleshed out and
it’s heartwarming to see their
father-daughter like relationship begin
to blossom
whitter The Last of Us swear to me that
everything that you’ve said about the
now I know what you’re thinking how can
this possibly be fair when the last of
us was first released on a whole
different console generation Wow
horsepower is nice it is how you use it
that counts and the Last of Us push the
ps3 so far that it still remains a
visually stunning game the guns he gave
you they weren’t his to sell I want them
back The Last of Us gives players many
views to stop and take a breather
even through the decimated buildings
dark environments and submerged areas
despite the beauty of the scenery it
quickly reminds you of how bleak
everything really is the attention to
detail is really incredible is this
really all they had to worry about boys
movies God of War obviously doesn’t hold
back in its visual Department either it
sports a much more vibrant color palette
than the last of us to really capture
its mystical world even if it’s anything
but whimsical the detail in the game’s
lighting is worth a special mention
alone as the contrasting weather effects
you encounter throughout your adventure
make snow to areas feel the same
furthermore the architecture of some of
the ancient temples and structures you
come across are breathtaking thanks once
again to the incredible attention to
detail and as a result these locations
feel very believable an incredible
accomplishment considering the design
team had very few real-world references
to go on is he friendly boy these are
both visually stunning games and even
when not taking into account the
generational differences between the two
God of War still comes out on top
mostly because of its vibrant and
diverse environments and characters and
how beautifully they’re all realised
round 5 gameplay one thing the Last of
Us makes very clear to the player is
that ammunition and resources are very
limited in this world so attempting for
a full frontal assault is often not the
best strategy as such the game pushes a
heavy emphasis on stealth as you work
your way around enemies to distract them
and eventually take them out you’re
given a lot of options with different
weapons and expendable supplies like
ships and bombs to plan your route of
attack which can lead to incredibly
tense moments it’s definitely far from
the most in-depth to stealth system in
gaming thanks Metal Gear Solid but it
does offer the player plenty of variety
gameplay outside of the combat though
unfortunately is the last of us as
biggest weakness as puzzle variety is
sorely limited and the strict linear
structure offers very little in the way
of freedom
god of war on the other hand goes for a
much more direct approach with its
combat it ops to go for a faster Dark
Souls II style of combat system though
not quite as in-depth as those games
mostly due to a shortage of weapon
that being said but it does it does well
the combination of light and heavy
attacks combined with a special runic
attacks and the ability to command a
trance in battle ends up making every
encounter fun while remaining
challenging and rewarding outside of
combat god of war offers a bit more
variety to while puzzles do suffer from
the solutions nearly always involving
throwing your axe at something things do
get far more creative especially when
you’re able to go off of the main path
and attempt one of the many side quests
the game offers when it comes to combat
between the two games it’s really an
apples to oranges comparison over
whether you like indirect or direct
action or if you’re into guns or axes
however God of War gets the upper hand
by offering so many different things for
us to do with its semi open-world
gameplay and the encouragement to
thoroughly explore every area for
collectables and side quests winter god
of war
we are not met we are more than that the
responsibility is far greater this one
almost ended in a tie due to both games
vastly different approaches to combat
which often comes down to first
preference but God of War just snuck
ahead thanks to its offering of so much
more with its world and not just in
things to do but in its lore and level
design as well that being said though
once the Last of Us part 2 comes out
chances are god of war will be up for a
rematch but we’ll have to wait and see
we must be better do you agree with our
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