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Making a Net Gun

hey guys I’m Nate and today we’re going
to be building a net gun that fits onto
the t-shirt can we’ve shown you how to
build previously to get started you’ll
want to head your local hardware store
to grab some PVC connections and pipe
the first part that we need to build is
our adapter that lets us plug directly
into our t-shirt cannon the inside of
our t-shirt cannon is a two inch
diameter pipe and we’ve got three PVC
pieces which will make it easy to build
on to the first piece is an extension
piece which fits inside a two-inch pipe
on one end on the other end is the same
size as the two inch pipe every other
piece that I use today I got at a
hardware store but this one piece I had
to go to a sprinkler supply place to get
we then have a two inch coupler and a
two inch to 3/4 inch reducer we’ll have
our extension piece attached to our 2
inch coupler and then reduced down to
3/4 inch with our reducer we’ll be using
our PVC cement to attach all of our PVC
pieces together
those three pieces glued together easily
press fit together at the front of our
t-shirt cannon and we can now build on
from there the rest of our net gun
coming from our adapter we need to split
the air several ways as well as add a
folder for the net right in front there
will be four prongs which will hold the
weights which will carry the net when
it’s fired this cross piece will work to
direct the air sideways for the four
prongs and forward for the net holder to
connect our pieces together let’s cut
out two pieces of 3/4 inch PVC pipe that
are 2 inches long each the part of the
net launcher that holds the net itself
will be assembled from these 3 pieces
fitting on top of our adapter but we
don’t actually need any air pressing the
net out it will slide easily enough out
of the tube so to prevent losing any air
out of the front barrel we’re going to
take a washer and stop it up using some
thick strong tape and use that to
completely block the air flow coming out
in the front of this cross piece we’re
using this washer because it perfectly
fits in between the connector of our 3/4
inch reducer and our 3/4 inch pipe
our taped-up washer should now fit
nicely down inside our adapter and with
that stopper in place we can now glue
our adapter onto our 3/4 inch PVC pipe
to finish off our net holder let’s use
our 2 inch coupler and a 7 inch length
of 2 inch pipe our net gun adapter is
coming along nicely it fits easily into
the barrel of our t-shirt cannon and at
this point all of the airflow will be
directed out of the sides of this cross
piece none will go into this last
chamber which is just to hold our net in
place now we need to start building the
arms which will branch out to have 4
support posts for the weighted part of
the net to build this framework we’ve
got 4 3/4 inch elbows and 2 3/4 inch
tees let’s also cut 6 pieces of 3/4 inch
PVC each one 5 inches long to start
we’ll have two of these pieces of pipe
extending off of our cross which will
run into the tee pieces each of the tee
pieces will have one piece coming off
the top and one piece coming off the
bottom all four of those pieces will
then have 90 degree elbows added to the
ends of them but I don’t want to
permanently attach the elbow pieces yet
because we’re going to want to make sure
we’ve positioned them correctly before
we glue them down in place pew-pew feels
like a spaceship gun or maybe just the
spaceship itself it’s like an x-wing the
weighted portion of our net is going to
be made of this thinner walled 200 psi
PVC piping it isn’t as strong as regular
schedule 40 PVC but because it has
thinner walls it fits nicely over 1/2
inch PVC because of that we’ll use 1/2
inch PVC for the supporting arms and the
lighter weight 200 psi of PVC as the
weights on the net the 4 elbow pieces
are currently the right size for 3/4
inch PVC so we need to add some reducers
for the four arms that will be extending
away from the frame to hold the weights
let’s cut four pieces of the one-half
inch PVC each one 15 inches long these
four pieces can now fit into the 1/2
inch reducers on the end of each elbow
to make the weights that will attach to
the corners or net let’s cut out four
pieces of our 200 psi PVC each one about
7 inches in length
these four pieces slide pretty nicely
over the 1/2 inch PVC but of course at
this point they can just slide all the
way on and there’s no way to actually
make them launch when air is forced into
them so let’s add caps onto all four of
these weights at this point all four if
our net weights should fit fairly nicely
on to the 1/2 inch PVC and I think we
can do a small-scale test let’s fit this
onto the front of our t-shirt cannon and
add just a little bit of pressure and
see if all four of these will pop off
when we fire it for a full-scale firing
I would probably take this all the way
up to 80 psi but for now let’s just go
to about 30 and see what happens all
right let’s see if this works 3 2 1 3
out of 4 not bad that one oh that one a
little bit of extra glue on the inside
which attached it to the PVC so it turns
out if you glue them on they don’t come
off now I know now the goal is for me to
shoot all four of these weights past my
cameraman without actually striking my
cameraman three two one ha beautiful all
for fired off like a dream they only
went about 8 to 10 feet but I only had
maybe 1/3 of the pressure
this is working pretty well and I like
how it’s going so I think it’s time to
assemble the rest of our net I got here
some net with fairly large holes in it
which I think would do a little bit
better for tangling someone up and I
just cut it to the size that I wanted
it’s gonna be about 8 or 10 feet by 8 or
10 feet it’s kind of hard to measure
because the net just you know it
stretches when you pull it one way and
then you pull it the other direction so
it’s about 10 by 10 you can just decide
what size of net is best for you and of
course you want something lightweight so
it doesn’t have to drag a lot behind it
as it flies through the air we want to
attach one of these weights in each
corner of the net and while I want to
attach it in a way that’s sturdy I don’t
want it to be so permanent that I
couldn’t replace it if something were to
happen to this net and it got damaged
and I needed to put a new one on so
we’ll be using zip ties and a little bit
of strong tape to hold it in place
zip tie is zipped on there really nicely
and I want to avoid
having the net hatch on parts of the zip
type so the tape I’m actually going to
use just to smooth this over so things
same thing in the other three corners
our four weights are now attached to the
four corners of our net so in theory we
should be able to load this on and get
it to test-fire there are still two
modifications I want to make that I
think will make this shoot a little bit
more in a spread open net the first is
we want to try and add a little bit more
pressure onto the weights I’ll take some
electrical tape and wrap it around three
or four times just to partially close
off the gap between our one half-inch
pipe and our two hundred psi
three-quarter inch pipe the other change
that I want to make is while the net
does fire off pretty well it doesn’t
spread out very much vertically so what
I also want to do is add a little bit of
bend in the top arms so they point up
just a little bit more let’s use a heat
gun to heat up the pipe in one spot and
add a slight Bend into it we’ve now
added a little bit of tape onto the end
of all four launch our arms and the two
top launcher arms have now been angled
upwards just slightly
the net is repacked into the launcher
and weari pressurize the t-shirt cannon
let’s try this again
you should also say that generally
speaking this is not for indoor use
three two one ah I just snagged a
cameraman I also blew everything apart
because I haven’t glued it together yet
time to do that I think before we glue
each of these on I’m going to mark where
I want the elbow and the pipe to line up
so I make sure that as I press it and
twist it it will line up just the way I
at this point our net launching
attachment is all built and should be
ready to go of course if you wanted to
make this a permanent thing you could
glue it into the mouth of the t-shirt
cannon but I like being able to choose
what my t-shirt cannon is doing and so
instead of gluing it in place it’s easy
enough to just hold while you launch it
if you don’t hold it there is a small
chance that the entire assembly could
pop out of the mouth and land on the
ground before we take this outside and
try catching me in it let’s give it a
little bit of decoration
the net gun adapter is built it’s
decorated and this thing is ready to go
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and see you tomorrow [Music]
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