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Les Brown: OVERCOME HARD TIMES | Les Brown Motivation

there most certainly at times when we
feel like that when you say I don’t have
any idea whatsoever of what I’m going to
do to pull this out
been in situations like that where I had
deadlines I had to me I didn’t meet
those deadlines and I lost a car lost a
home lights were cut off telephone was
cut off all of those things are going to
happen to your different points in life
now the question is what what does it
really mean it really doesn’t mean
anything it’s not important at all it’s
just a temporary inconvenience because
all of those things can be corrected and
it’s a part of the process that we all
go through now the challenge is in the
midst of all of these things is one to
stay focused on your goal and two to
keep your expectations of making it
happen and keeping your energy positive
and relentlessly looking for ways in
order to pull it out and I guarantee you
that there will be some intervention
what causes it I don’t know that will
seem like it’s supernatural give you and
I give you an example I remember once
when I lost my job when I was fired out
of broadcasting September 18th I’ll
never forget 1978 I was beef up behind
in my house notes and my house was up
for foreclosure I did everything I could
I had borrowed as much money as I could
borrow I had talked to family members
and friends I did everything I could and
I couldn’t get enough money being
unemployed for several months applying
for job after job after job and couldn’t
get a job I couldn’t get enough money to
save the house but I never felt and this
is very important a feeling that I had
never felt that I was going to lose that
house I wanted that house and so what I
did was very uncanny I released it I did
the best that I could
and at that time with the limited money
that I did have I decided to take a trip
with my family to my me to go down and
spend time in the Sun with my children
we caught a Greyhound bus from Columbus
Ohio and we went to Florida by the time
I arrived on the day that the Bakke was
to foreclose at 12:00 noon on the house
I got a call from one of my formal
assistants who went by the house and
called me and said les it’s an emergency
called Columbus right away I did and
Carolyn Sloane said lest you won’t
believe this you have a check from the
Internal Revenue Service on your income
tax and it was enough to pay the house
notes and I had money over I never
received a refund prior to that time or
since that time and I did not leave lose
the house so there are things that we
don’t know or understand but we do know
that if we do certain things that things
begin to happen that’s in our favor that
shows that the universe is on our side
everything that we’re seeking I believe
that if we begin to align our thoughts
with action and be relentless
don’t try two or three things or 15 or
20 things but our hundred things 500
things if necessary 10,000 things as
Edison did if necessary until we find a
way out
many of us we eliminate many
possibilities for ourselves because we
really don’t do all we can do I think
Hale Williams was right when he said all
we can do is all we can do and all we
can do is enough and I think honestly
speaking even judging from myself I
think that my commitment is stronger
than most people but if I had to
literally measure my my commitment in
terms of what I put forth in my dream I
would say that I might have given about
to 20% of what I’m really capable of as
high in consciousness as I believe that
I am comparatively speaking where I used
to be I’m still nowhere near reaching
50% of the commitment that I can make to
accelerate the growth and the
development of my dream and the
manifestation of the things that I know
within myself that I’m capable of
producing so our biggest challenge is
beginning to look at within ourselves to
remove those energy blocks because if we
are not producing the income that we
want let us not look outside of
ourselves but look within ourselves to
find out how am i blocking me by really
giving it all that I am I have am I
really being as creative as I can be am
I really
unstoppable am i as relentless as I can
am i exhausting every means possible am
i turning up every rock to find what it
is that I’m looking for that what
resides between our ears but we’re
thinking about how do I come up with
$500 $1200 or $2,000 it’s the same gray
matter that resides between the ears of
a Ross Perot or Donald Trump when his
Baker’s say you’ve got 30 how is it that
one man or woman can do it and do a
million times more than these other
people and the other ones don’t it has
to be consciousness it has to be and
when we talk about consciousness we’re
talking about a collection of our
thoughts our feelings and our emotions
and experiences used as an active force
to produce in our lives that which we
want to produce because everything that
exists in life the microphones that
we’re speaking in the shoes that we have
on our feet the chairs that were sitting
in the clothes that were wearing the
homes that we live in the cars that we
drive all of that came out of our
consciousness that all came out of the
invisible into the visible and man was a
vehicle the the outlet to produce that
wherever we have stopped in our dream we
stopped at a place call will
miss anybody that’s has fallen short of
their goals they ran into something that
they were not willing to handle because
in order to reach your dream in order to
make things happen there must be a
willingness to do what is required if
the need is to raise two thousand
dollars and let’s say you have a set of
tapes for $40 are you willing to make
200 calls a day are you willing to stand
on a corner and talk to people and say
listen I’ve got a set of tapes here that
can change your life are you willing to
make the commitment that you will not go
to sleep until you sell at least 10
tapes a day are you willing to say if it
takes me 12 hours walking and talking to
people all day long until I find 10
people that will say yes if I have to
talk to 200 people all 300 people that
in order to provide food for my family
to provide shelter to not to have
creditors hounding me am I willing to
talk to 300 people a day
am I willing to stand in an airport and
sell tapes am I willing to go out and
make calls again and again and again am
I willing to knock on doors am I willing
to do that see if we have some skill
some ability some knowledge or some
product then the only thing that’s
between us and what we want to generate
is our willingness to expend the energy
to produce the results that we want am I
willing to wash cars am I willing to
scrub floors am I willing to wash dishes
am I willing to go out and speak or do
seminars or workshops what am I willing
to do with my energy my time and my
knowledge to produce the results that’s
the bottom line what are you willing to
do and what most people don’t realize
they don’t give up on their goals
because it becomes insurmountable or
it’s impossible is they just looked at
what they wanted and they just decided
within themselves consciously or
unconsciously I’m not willing to produce
this result are you willing to say that
I need two thousand dollars between now
and next week and come hell or high
water I will produce that that’s the
bottom line because the only thing that
counts in life are results not reasons
or why you didn’t do it but results
that’s the only thing that counts and we
are capable of producing results that’s
it that’s the bottom line are you
willing to honor your commitment to do
that what are you willing to do how many
floors are you willing to mop how many
shoes are you willing to shine how many
phone calls are you willing to make how
many sales are you willing to make how
many jobs are you willing to hold how
much service are you willing to provide
that most people don’t keep their
commitments they are not willing to be a
no matter what person that I’m gonna
make this happen no matter what most
people use escape routes for themselves
most people have some things that they
could point to to justify why they
haven’t produced the results some reason
what people weren’t buying all the
economy is soft somebody somewhere is
buying somebody somewhere spending some
money says we begin to look at where we
are every time when I was working on
developing my dream and I knew that I
had to do something that I had to do it
I was always able to pull it out because
I started thinking if a Walt Disney
couldn’t do it if a john d rockefeller
can do it then I can do it
am I to believe that they have some
license of exclusivity on producing
wealth of producing results that I don’t
I think that it was a key given to us I
was reading the book called succeeding
against the odds by John H Johnson good
book he said for it is the most enduring
element of our faith that I must
conclude this speech by saying that men
and women are limited not by the place
of their birth not by the color of their
skin but by the size of their hope what
is the size of your hope as we begin to
look at what it is we want to produce in
our lives
I think another question could be asked
or to paraphrase what he said what is
the size of our commitment to make it
see when you ask people to become a no
matter what person something inside of
them begins to tremble because of the
fact that we aren’t accustomed to saying
I’m gonna make this happen most people
won’t do that more take that kind of
stand and saying I’m gonna make this
happen no matter what most people won’t
do that that takes energy that takes
conviction that takes a determination
and a mindset I’m gonna do this and I
say that once you make the commitment
and that’s what Goethe meant and that
whole piece he says about commitment he
says once you make a commitment
Providence moves to all kinds of things
happen that never would have happened
all a whole stream of things happen that
you could never anticipate it I know
that and I think that that Longfellow
was right who said if you go to the gate
and you knock loud enough and long enough somebody’s gonna answer
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