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Le XXIè siècle sera spirituel ou ne sera pas | Fouad Ben ABdelkader | TEDxUNamur

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: eric vautier
Good evening.
I am quite intimidated, I confess.
This is a great first for me, so do not hold me down if …
I am very honored,
and at the same time, it is with great humility
that I will try to address two important themes
for me today,
in relation to the main theme that is stated, ie human 2.0.
When I was invited to come and speak to you,
I was a little surprised, saying:
” Me ? Why me ? A ket from Molenbeek. “
As the saying goes.
Finally, I was told, very nicely: for my optimism.
Does working with young people mean being optimistic?
Certainly, because to be able to work with them,
you have to give the best of yourself, so you better be optimistic.
But we have to be with young people,
since it’s our future, it’s tomorrow.
It’s 2.5, 3.0.
That is obligatory optimism, we have no choice.
And then there is another theme that I would like to discuss with you,
which is related to youth, which is related to the human 2.0,
and which is simply related to us is spirituality.
And she is very, very important.
When I talk about spirituality,
I do not speak of spirituality, conceptual or dogmatic approach.
We are really talking about going towards self-knowledge,
to go towards wisdom, or exceeding the limitations of the human condition.
I’m talking about that today.
Because, if we change all that revolves around us,
we have to evolve with.
The hardware can not evolve alone.
Otherwise, we will end up doing nothing, and we will eventually die together.
And the robots will be our lords.
So, tell you that spirituality is important,
in the sense that the world is going very fast.
Technologies, innovations, but generations too.
And since 2000, we have a ready made generation,
an internet generation.
Me, I call this youth, internet youth.
Yes, it’s an internet generation 2.5, 3.0.
Why ?
Because she was born with a keyboard, a tablet in her hand.
We are lucky – yet, I’m not that old.
I was born in a commune, a small house, a very popular neighborhood,
and then, we had, well, yes, the landline, the television,
and when we were lucky, the VHS player.
Today, he is two years old, and he sends photos by WhatsApp.
There is a delay.
You tell him, “What do you want to eat? “
He is able to go on the internet to see what he is going to eat.
Not only.
That’s our fault,
if this youth goes into the extreme use of the internet.
Because from the start, we did not lock.
When I say a lock, it’s not forbidding the use of the internet,
it’s using it wisely, using it for research,
to learn to learn.
But certainly not to live what we have lived,
or what these young people live.
For example, here we have seen what happened in November, in March.
It has been discovered that the recruitment method
in so-called terrorist activities happens through the internet.
And I say, I’ll tell you why.
Because there are other types of attacks and terrorism on the internet
which we do not talk about.
We recruit these kids, and we send them to the front.
In short, the internet has a real influence on the minds of our young people.
But it’s not just the recruitment of religion
or I do not know what ideology,
there is intellectual terrorism.
There is intellectual terrorism.
There is what is called …
as the saying goes,
when we do intimate things in front of everyone.
An attack on modesty.
In indecent assault, there is attack.
Porn is terrorism.
I do not know, do what you want,
but it’s a bomb that peeks every 30 minutes in the United States,
since it’s a porn movie that comes out every 30 minutes in the United States.
And in 2016, we beat all records of viewing at the international level
on a year of porn.
It’s too much.
When I am with young people today –
we were in love, we,
we may have really known what it was like
or teenager.
When I was in primary school,
I had given a scented gum to my first girlfriend.
When I was in high school,
it’s my girlfriend who came ringing at home.
But we lived this report, there was something.
Our heart was beating. “She will say yes or no. “
Today is different.
The relationship, it is virtual, already.
Today when I say, “How are things going? The loves ? “
“I caught her. “
“Ah! “
” Oh yeah. She was…”
And he shows you the video.
But there, it’s not funny anymore.
I do not laugh anymore, from the moment I’m 13 – 14 years old,
who comes to my house and who says to me proud,
because the image he has of adults today –
that’s what he has as an image, him anyway –
it’s that to be a good man, you have to be a Rocco.
Performance, always performance.
Guys, you burn yourself.
So he shows you this video, and proud.
You say to him, “But are you crazy or what? “
He says to you, “Oh, you did not see anything. “
And he shows me the other video,
where he is the one who climbed upstairs and it’s his friend who gets back.
13 years.
I tell you, I’m not kidding anymore.
What is youth?
We will talk a little bit about numbers.
It’s now 10 – 24 years old,
two billion of our world population.
We are talking about a quarter of the population.
10 – 24 years old, I did not talk about 0 – 10 years old.
In 10 to 24 years, nine out of ten are born in disadvantaged countries,
or at least underdeveloped.
I’m talking about this youth because it’s them tomorrow.
What you will have on your plate is them.
I tell you right away,
in 20 years, in 30 years,
some will go, if they are lucky, to boarding,
others will pass away.
But for those who will be in boarding,
they will sit on a chair? No, they will have to do things.
This famous intergenerational that we do not develop anymore,
thanks to the internet or because of the internet, call it what you want.
You understand the need to support youth.
Give young people a chance, give young people the means,
and it is your future that will be pleasant, stable,
which will allow you to discover yourself.
So, today’s youth faces all these technologies,
well, she’s just outdated as we
in the face of all that we have just lived, and what we live elsewhere.
André Malraux had said:
“The twenty-first century will be spiritual or will not be. “
That means, if I understand correctly,
because I think I’ve eaten that sentence,
it means, well, if we do not put a little spirituality in our lives,
and no matter what the confession, or not,
because spirituality is a quest,
that’s what will allow you to become better,
to be able to use the head and the heart in good intelligence,
to dare to start the dialogue from heart to heart,
what we do not do today.
We do screen dialogs on screen.
“The twenty-first century will be spiritual or will not be,” Malraux said.
Party as we left, we will not survive our century.
Leaving as we left, we will not survive our century.
It is imperative today to work on our consciences,
about our behaviors.
Because do not forget,
you are a reflection of something for these young people.
Do not forget that a young,
it refers to you whether you like it or not.
Just now, Mr. Deleuze said:
“I like being with my children because they teach me.
And my class too. “
But of course.
It’s the youth that shows us, what we do not see.
So she teaches you.
She is connected in her own way.
A generation to survive, she needs another generation.
But how survive?
It’s you who will determine your future
because of your behavior towards these young people.
And to have the right behavior,
we must dare to ask the right questions.
So, to conclude slowly,
if I have to ask two questions,
the first would be in relation to youth:
what do we give as baggage to these kids?
What are we bringing?
And the second question, perhaps, would be:
would spirituality be a therapy
for the ills of today’s man?
Because when we say ills, we do not speak that …
It is complex the evils of the man today.
Because there is the inferiority, superiority complex,
jealousy, selfishness, but not that.
They say, “Always want to your neighbor what you want for yourself. “
But somewhere, it’s a truth.
Because we can not have a balance of life,
if one has more and the other less.
What’s happening in our neighborhoods
There are educations at double speed.
Health care that some people can afford and others not.
How can we move forward today in all areas,
and not to advance humanly speaking?
So to conclude, that was what I really wanted to tell you,
to tell you that if you do not take the bull by the horns –
it’s the one that comes to me right now –
well, it’s the horns you’ll pick up.
With that, I wish you an excellent evening.
Thank you.
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