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How Your Thoughts Are Connected To Your Future | Dr. Joe Dispenza

how many people believe in the idea that
the way you think has some effect on
your life that your thoughts are
intimately connected to your future so
your thoughts in some way create your
reality you believe that so how many
people in this audience have a clear
vision of their future you see you think
60 to 70 thousand thoughts in one day
out of those 60 to 70 thousand thoughts
that you think in one day 90% of those
thoughts are the same thoughts as the
day before so if you believe that your
thoughts somehow are connected to your
life then the same thoughts always lead
to the same choices the same choices
always lead to the same behaviors the
same behaviors create the same
experiences and the same experiences
produce the same emotions and those very
same emotions drive the very same
thoughts and your biology your neural
circuitry your neuro chemistry your
neural hormones and even your genetic
expression is equal to how you think how
you act and how you feel and how you
think how you act in how you feel is
called your personality and your
personality creates your personal
reality that’s it so then if you wanted
to create a new personal reality a new
life then you would have to start
thinking about what you’ve been thinking
about and change it you would have to
become aware of your unconscious
and observe them you would have to pay
attention to your automatic habits and
behaviors and modify them and you would
have to look at the emotions you live by
every single day that are connected to
your past and decide if those emotions
belong in your future you see most
people try to create a new personal
reality as the same personality and it
doesn’t work you literally have to
become someone else so your brain is
organized to reflect everything you know
in your life
your brain is a record of the past it’s
an artifact of all the things you’ve
learned and experience to this moment so
if you wake up every morning and get out
of bed on the same side shut the alarm
clock off with the same finger shuffle
into the bathroom and use the toilet
like you always do go and get a cup of
coffee and drink coffee out of your
favorite mug then get in the shower and
wash yourself off in the same routine
way drive to work get to work see the
same people that push the same emotional
buttons do the same things that you’ve
memorized and do so well then hurry up
and go home and hurry up and check your
emails and hurry up and check your
facebook then hurry up and go to bed
here’s my question did your brain change
at all that day we could say that you
were thinking the same thoughts
performing the same unconscious actions
living by the same emotions but secretly
expecting your life to change so there’s
a principle in neuroscience
and the principal says nerve cells that
fire together wire together so if you’re
thinking the same thoughts making the
same choices demonstrating the same
behaviors reproducing the same
experiences that stamp the same networks
of neurons into the same patterns and
then produce the same emotions you’re
going to hardwired your brain into a
very finite signature because as you
fire and wire the same circuits in the
same way those circuits begin to become
more connected and by the time you’re 35
years old
this is science now we become a set of
memorized behaviors unconscious habits
automatic emotional reactions beliefs
and perceptions and even attitudes that
function just like a computer program
and if you do something over and over
and over again the repetition of those
actions over time conditions your body
to know how to do it well better than
your mind and a habit is when your body
knows better than your mind where you’ve
done something so many times that the
body now knows how to do it better than
the brain and so 95% of most people’s
behaviors attitudes thoughts beliefs
emotional reactions are subconscious
so why is that important because you’re
here this week to learn new information
and every time you learn something new
you make new connections in your brain
that’s what learning is learning is
forging new synaptic connections
physical evidence as a result of your
interaction in the environment and the
footprints of consciousness is called
learning making new connections and the
Nobel Prize laureate Kandel in the year
2000 found that when people learned one
bit of information they doubled the
number of connections in their brain
from 1,300 connections to 2,600
connections but if they didn’t review
that information if they couldn’t repeat
it if they couldn’t remember it those
circuits pruned apart in hours or days
so if learning is making new synaptic
connections then remembering is
maintaining and sustaining those
connections and you were here this week
to learn vital information about
creating a future and be defined by a
vision of the future instead of the
memories of the past because if you are
not defined by some vision that is
bigger than you and you are not
passionate about that vision then you’re
left with the old hardware of the past
in your brain and you will be
predictable in your life so would you
agree then new thoughts new information
should lead to new choices new choices
should lead to new behaviors and new
behaviors should create new experiences
and new experiences should produce new
emotions and those new emotions should
drive new thoughts and that’s called
so if your brain is a record of the past
and you don’t have a vision of the
future then you are living in the past
and you will never arrive at that new
future so then if you wake up in the
morning and you are not being defined by
a vision that’s bigger than you and it
doesn’t get you out of bed and inspire
you into possibility and you get up
living from the old hardware of the past
and the old emotions stored in your body
do you know what’s gonna happen to you
you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna
open your eyes and you’re gonna see the
same people and go to the same places
and do the exact same thing at the exact
same time and the moment you open your
eyes all of a sudden now it’s your
external environment that’s controlling
how you think and feel because you have
a neurological network in your brain for
every person you know every place that
you go everything that you own
everything that you do and the moment
you open your eyes and you see the same
people and go to the same places and do
the exact same thing at the exact same
it’s your external environment that’s
turning on different circuits in your
brain causing you to think equal to
everything that you know and you told me
you believe that your thoughts have
something to do with your destiny and as
long as you’re thinking equal to your
environment you keep creating the same
to change to truly change is to think
greater than your environment to think
greater than the circumstances in your
life to think greater than the
conditions in your world and every great
person in history knew this whether it
was Mahatma Gandhi Martin Luther King
the Wright brothers Joan of Arc they all
had a vision couldn’t see it couldn’t
smell it couldn’t taste it couldn’t feel
it but it was alive in their mind it was
so alive in their mind that they began
to live as if that future reality was
happening in the present moment and so
the moment you stop making the same
choices that you always make get ready
because it’s going to be uncomfortable
and that’s the moment you are heading
towards the new self and we call it
stepping into the river of change but
now remember 95% of who you are is your
body as the mind you know you’ve done
something enough times that your body
does it better than your brain so you
may actually complain unconsciously
because your body does it all the time
and all of a sudden you say no
complaining no more blaming no more
feeling sorry for myself
no more talking about other people I’m
gonna stop you know what happens don’t
you the body starts sending signals to
the brain the body’s been conditioned
that way and all of a sudden you start
hearing the thoughts in your head let’s
say why don’t you start tomorrow
tomorrow is a better day this is too
hard for me I can’t change something’s
wrong with me it’s my mother’s fault
it’s my ex-husband’s fault it’s my
ex-wife’s fault I’m this way because of
this event or the most important one
this doesn’t feel right
and the moment you respond to that fat
as if it’s true that thought leads to
the same choice which leads to the same
behavior that creates the same
experience that produces the same
emotion and the person says this feels
right that feels familiar going from the
old self to the new self stepping into
that void stepping into that uncertainty
is the biological the neurological the
chemical the hormonal genetic death of
the old self and people will say to us
well in that unknown I can’t predict my
life or my future and we always say the
same thing to them the best way to
predict your future is to create it not
from the known but from the unknown and
when you and I get comfortable in the
place of the unknown that’s where the
magic happens and it never happens in
the known [Music]
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