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“NATURE is Conspiring to DESTROY YOU!” | Jordan Peterson

the idea that in some sense you’re an
eternal victim well there’s the truth in
that given that nature is conspiring to
destroy you and will be successful in
the end the difference between you right
now and you in a year is how much you’ve
fed into here look in life it’s gonna be
rise and shine it’s an espresso time
what’s up belief nation in seven I
believe in you and this channel is
designed to be a part of your daily
success routine so let’s start your day
off right to get there grab your coffee
and sip on today’s message take
responsibility over to you Jordan
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if you’re gonna speak effectively you
have to know way more than you’re
talking about
the idea that in some sense you’re an
eternal victim well there’s a truth in
that given that nature is conspiring to
destroy you and will be successful in
the end that you’re undermined by your
own society at the same time your
buttress by it and that you’re a target
of your own malevolence and that of
others I mean so there’s plenty there’s
there’s a triad of tragic and malevolent
forces that are aimed directly at your
heart and that’s always the case but but
to not take responsibility for that and
to attribute a tribute to that to to a
cosmic injustice or a social
sociological injustice in some sense
that’s aimed particularly you that’s
somehow the fault of others is to miss
the great adventure of your life in that
adoption of that adventurous mode of
being there’s a deep meaning to be found
right a meaning maybe that transcends
just you that involves your family and
that involves your community and maybe
even the destiny of humanity itself but
there’s nothing about that that’s secure
easy and very little it has to do with
happiness the the idea that your problem
should be solved for you let’s say and
that it’s unfair that you have them it’s
attractive in that there’s nothing for
you to do except complain but it’s
horrifying in that there’s nothing for
you to do except complained the funny
thing is is the difficulty is actually
the destiny and it is insanely difficult
but maybe you’re insanely up to the task
successful people claim and unsuccessful
people blame your hero whoever you look
up to most in the world that’s had
massive success in your field the person
that you want to emulate chances are
they came from a much worse environment
than what you are currently living in
right now Oprah Winfrey was raped and
was so poor that she went to school in
potato bags at her grandma sewed into
dresses gary vaynerchuk’s family came to
America when he was three he lived in a
studio apartment with eight other people
and growing up he was picked on and made
to drink pee from pips
canes by schoolmates tony robbins had
multiple fathers growing up in abusive
mother and he ran away from home at age
16 to become a janitor just to escape
your heroes became successful because
they claimed their life even though they
had all the reasons in the world to
blame their circumstances and everyone
else around them now it’s your turn
what’s your choice are you going to
claim or blame so if you’re ready to
claim your life and stop blaming the
people around you give me an I’m ready
in the comments below
so I’m certain a new journey on my
YouTube path of getting the 10 million
subscribers it’s my next big goal I want
to become a household name I’m trying to
not be as introverted and shy and get
out there more because I think people
need to hear the message I believe more
I want to be a force for good I want to
spread more positivity and hope and
optimism and when I talk about my my
goal to get to 10 million subscribers a
lot of people write in to me and say hey
Evan you you deserve to have 10 million
you should already be there and it’s
flattering and I know it comes to an
amazing place but I don’t deserve it I
don’t deserve to have 10 million
subscribers I’m not good enough yet I’m
not good enough yet my team’s not good
enough yet our videos aren’t good enough
yet nobody is good enough yet in my
circle to get to 10 million subscribers
I don’t deserve that yet and I think
that’s a really healthy attitude now I
deserve my 1.7 or whatever I’m at right
now I deserve that I put in a lot of
work and I deserve to be where I’m at
but I don’t deserve to be at 10 million
yet and it’s easy to think that well
YouTube updated their algorithm again
and now stupid YouTube I’m losing views
and I’m I’m not getting ranked anymore
and people are going through this on
Instagram right now Instagram changes
their algorithm and then Instagram is
promoting more ads before organic and
they’re seeing their reach drop and
people are complaining they’re blaming
Instagram it’s on you it’s on you you
need to understand the new algorithm
this is your chance to win it’s it’s
such a mindset shift this is so
important for you guys when something
happens when is an algorithm update
that’s actually your biggest chance to
win because everybody ahead of you is
gonna be complaining and frustrated and
upset and want to go back the way that
it used to be that
not happening we’re not going back there
right that’s that we’re going here so
you either sit here and complain and
want to live in the past or you say this
is my shot
this is actually my advantage every time
there’s a new YouTube algorithm update
or Instagram update I’m pumped I’m
pumped because I’m gonna work to figure
it out and get ahead well everybody else
is blaming and complaining and so it’s
that mindset shift where you started
does not have to be where you end up you
can’t control where you start you can’t
control you were born into circumstances
you can’t control where you start but
you can’t control you end up that’s on
you you get to figure that out and if
anybody has done it with fewer resources
and you then you can do it too there’s
no reason why you can’t go out there and
when you’re watching this video you have
an internet connection you have a brain
you can go and win there’s nothing
holding you back except the complaints
the excuses and the blaming that’s going
on in your head and you have to let that
go in fact I think the more struggle you
go through the more opportunity that you
can go off and create for yourself
somebody DM me on Instagram and said hey
Evan I don’t have a big pain point that
I went through in my life you say your
purpose comes from your pain I don’t I
don’t have any big pains can I still go
off and do something amazing I don’t I
don’t honestly know like I’m worried for
that person if you don’t have a big pain
point in your life that’s driving you
forward like your ultimate satisfaction
happiness joy will come from helping
people who are currently in that
position that you are in that was
devastating to you if you think about
when you felt the most worthless as a
human being your ultimate satisfaction
and purpose will come from helping other
people who are currently facing that
same level of worthlessness that’s how
you feel great that’s why I love helping
entrepreneurs if you haven’t been
through that I don’t know that you can
go off and have as big an impact I don’t
think you’re as driven to be honest and
so why do so many of the successful
people that I profile come from nothing
and then their kids and their grandkids
have all the money all the opportunity
in the world all the connections and
then they don’t do anything it’s very
rarely the kids and grandkids of great
people who go off to do great things it
very rarely passes down
why because it was too easy because they
didn’t have enough pain so your pain
your circumstance is the thing that you
think is holding you back is actually
your ticket through solving that pain
for yourself and then helping other
people lift them up and understand what
they’re going through and being that
source of inspiration and wisdom and
guidance for them is the thing that will
set you off this tremendous course it’s
just a mindset shift that the greatest
pain the greatest negativity has
happened in my life is actually the best
thing for me and it’s gonna turn me into
an amazing human being so how do you
learn to start taking responsibility how
do you go from blaming people to claim
in your life I’m gonna give you a
three-step process to do it
step one is take the mirror test this is
where you go and you look at yourself in
the mirror you know nobody’s around you
by yourself you’re alone with your
thoughts you look at yourself in the
mirror and you ask yourself why am I not
more successful why have I not
accomplished my goals and what are the
messages that come back what are the
stories that come back a lot of times
it’s stories about your circumstances
it’s stories about your parents it’s
stories about your school it stories
about the president stories about your
country your city or were you wet right
that those are the stories that often
come back you need to work through those
if those are the things that are coming
back if you think that you’re not more
successful if you think that you’re not
accomplishing your goals because of your
parents or the city you’re from you will
lose forever because you have something
to fall back on you always have
something to blame and as long as you
have someone to blame that’s not you it
won’t drive you forward so you go
through the mirror test and you’re ask
yourself why am I not more successful
and whenever the answer comes back that
it’s down to you you can fix it
right if it’s your knowledge you can fix
your knowledge if it’s your skill set
you can work on your skill set if it’s
nobody around you you can go and get
people around you like you can fix the
problem as long as you accept
responsibility for it you’re claiming
your life instead of blaming if the
answer coming back is always somebody
else’s fault you’re starting you are
stuck where you are forever and so they
used a mirror test to push you forward
set number two is focused on education /
entertainment most people would rather
escape a life that they don’t like
instead of trying to go build a better
most people are waiting for the evenings
are waiting for the weekends are waiting
for their vacation because they’re
running away from a life that they hate
most people want to start a business
there’s so many entrepreneurs who start
a business because they hate their job
and they don’t want to work for somebody
that’s not why you start a business you
lose if that’s the reason why you’re
certain the business you have to be
running towards a life that you like not
away from a life that you hate if you
can’t wait for your next vacation or for
the weekend to come or for your evenings
that come because you hate what’s
happening during the day you’ve lost in
life forever you have to be running
towards something that you love and so
that happens by focusing on education
instead of entertainment so when you are
stressed out when you don’t like your
life when you don’t like your
circumstance and what’s happening right
now you have two options one you try to
run away from it so you go on a vacation
or you know drown your sorrows and some
ice cream or you sit there and you watch
Netflix all day long right then you get
nothing done or you’ll be productive and
you go learn something because if you
don’t improve your education and there’s
any formal education if you don’t if you
don’t improve your skill set your
knowledge your wisdom your education you
will still be where you are right now a
year from today the difference between
you right now and you in a year is how
much you’ve fed into here so what are
you gonna do with your downtime what are
you gonna do with that free time are you
gonna are you gonna blow it on watching
movies and Netflix or are you gonna
invest in yourself and learn and so
whether that’s watching videos like this
or some other people’s channels or
documentaries where you’re gonna learn
or books or podcasts however you learn
best the amount of growth that you’re
gonna have between now and this time
next year is in direct relation to how
much you invest in education over
entertainment run towards a better life
instead of running away from a life that
you hate and step number three is lift
someone else up this really goes
unnoticed this really does not get fed
into enough of the curriculum I think
for for education the more you lift
somebody else up with something that you
are still dealing with that actually
helps you continue down that path and be
consistent so as an example in a a
Alcoholics Anonymous State they help
people who are having alcohol addiction
and abuse and get them sober one of the
steps that is critical to maintaining
your own sobriety one of the key steps
to making sure that you never go back to
being an alcoholic again and drinking is
you have to be partnered with somebody
else who was going through
the process right now so you were
someone his partner you are responsible
for that person and if they ever think
about drinking they’re gonna call you
and you have to help them and helping
somebody else who’s dealing with the
same problem as you but they’re a little
bit newer on that path will bring you so
much joy and help you stay consistent on
your path too and so when you take the
mirror test and whatever answers are
coming back it’s my parents fault it’s
my community’s fault as my school’s
fault if you then take on somebody to
mentor to help you’ve made a little bit
more progress then and you become their
accountability partner and guide them
and you see them starting making gains –
it’ll motivate you and fuel you to keep
pushing harder because humans are built
to serve and the more you are giving
back in contributing and knowing that
the time that you are spending with
somebody is making a difference the more
it’ll fill you up and give you momentum
courage to keep going on your own so
take the mirror test focus on education
over entertainment and lift someone else
now I’ve got a really special bonus clip
that I think you’re gonna enjoy but
before that question of the day I want
to know what is one thing in your life
that you are going to claim right now
where most people would blame let me
remember recently I got to introduce to
my modern-day superheroes it was Richard
Branson and Stan Lee like who’s not Stan
Lee but Stan Lee who’s Stan Lee
yeah the court the co-creator of
spider-man and x-men and Avengers and
Fantastic Four and we’re going to dinner
I remember asking Stan I was like I have
to know you you’ve created all these
incredible superheroes who’s your
favorite and he looks at me without a
blank he’s like Iron Man I’m like that’s
and then he’s like Jim who’s your
favorite superhero and he had this
spider-man tie so I was like spider-man
and without a pause he says with great
power comes and how do we all know that
right it’s like in our DNA right we’re
going on this superheroes journey
together here at a fest and I’m thinking
about it I’m like and I grew up with
these challenges and I have you know
dyslexia and I flipped things around in
my mind and part of my issues growing up
and I flipped it in my mind I was like
you know with great power comes great
responsibility when you’re in a position
power you have great responsibility to
wield that power and well and the
opposite is also true with great
responsibility comes great power all
right when you take responsibility for
something you have great power to what
to change things to transforms things to
make things better when I said
responsibility you know with great
responsibility comes great power the
most important thing to be responsible
for is how you feel does that make sense
and who controls how you feel how many
people feeling pretty good right now
yeah and notice that these kind of
things it’s you know why metaphorically
I look at you more like a thermostat
than a thermometer is there a difference
between the thermometer and thermostat
yes or yes a thermometer does what what
does the thermometer do what’s the
function yeah it takes the temp it
reflects and we it reacts to the
environment is that true it just reacts
the environment and we are sometimes you
know more thermometers we react to the
weather if we’re honest the economy to
politics we react to how people treat us
sometimes but is there a gap between how
something someone stimulates us and how
we respond do we have choice yes or yes
the difference between a thermometer and
thermostat though is a thermometer
reacts the environment what’s the
thermostat do though yeah it regulates
right it helps manage it sets a standard
or a vision or a goal and then what
happens the environment it raises to be
able to do that is there a difference
yes or yes and so that’s where we’re
going back to responsibility when we’re
talking about being responsible the
ability to be able to respond is how you
feel about things and also how you focus
on things in life I’ve lost many many
times let me tell you many times I’ve
had girlfriends break up with me I’ve
had companies somebody didn’t want to do
business with me I’ve had an employee
tell me they don’t want to be with me
I’ve had salespeople that have quit on
me I’ve had so many people that have had
losses with I’ve competed against people
that are inferior than me and I lost to
them because that better work ethic than
me and I thought because I had some
talent that the time I was gonna beat
him no way in the world that guy worked
harder than me and I’ve also competing
against guys
that were superior than me and I worked
my butt off and I still lost I still
lost with a guy that was ahead of me
what happened there I worked my ass off
and I still lost yes that also happens
it’s called the loss it hurts it’s
embarrassing you come home your wife or
your girlfriend mom wants to make you
feel good but you know you’re lost and
it doesn’t feel good your peers are
looking at your competitors are looking
at you the smirk that competitor is
gonna have when they give you a
high-five where they shake their hand to
kind of say good luck to you next time
you know that look still says that I
beat you that hurts a girl breaks up
with you that hurts but here’s the
kicker here’s the kicker in that moment
you will have a temptation it’s the
biggest temptation in life it’s the most
dangerous tenth temptation a lot it’s
the most powerful temptation like let me
tell you what it is in that moment you
will have the choice of either blaming
something on the outside or taking for
responsibility that temptation is so
subtle no one knows it no one knows it I
have led thousands of sales people that
I’ve worked with and I’ve seen some of
them keep growing growing growing
growing growing one guy went from 30
grandeur to 50 grandeur 200 grandeur to
200 300 400 500 600 700 million-dollar
your income while they had a lot of
drama fast in three years what happened
to them they never blamed they always
took responsibility
they never blamed and I’ve had people
that are 10 times more talented every
six months to have some kind of a subtle
stop you know why because they blamed a
different circumstance well because of
this because it’s this person’s fault
that person’s fault this person’s fault
look in life it’s gonna be very easy for
you to blame everybody very easy for
your gun for you to blame everybody but
one day you’ll sit down and people will
say how come you didn’t make it bigger
in life you were very talented what
happened there you can make up any BS
and sell them because typically people
who are good at blaming other people are
great salespeople you can blame
everybody else but there’s one person
that’s gonna know that you didn’t take
responsibility and that’s you that’s a
tough one to live with if you want more
Jordan Peterson check out the top ten
rules video I made on him the link is
right there next to me I think you’ll
enjoy it continue to believe and I’ll
see you there they’re gone I didn’t
attain it so I’m not gonna set any more
goal right it’s like no you set a goal that was inappropriate
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