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OSHO: A Freeze Mob and Stop Exercise

Exercise stand
It was Gorbachev’s stop
Very distinctive,
One of the great achievements of the modern world
– Even the modern world is not aware of it.
He will tell his disciples (followers) to integrate into all kinds of activities:
One of them digs in the garden, one of them cuts
One of them
Bring food, one cleans the ground.
All activities are active,
One condition is that when he says “Stand up!”
Wherever they are,
In whatever state of the body you are,
You stand dead.
Do not be dishonest, because then
The whole idea of ​​exercise is lost.
For example, if your mouth is open
And you see that Gordesh is not there to see,
You can walk your mouth and be comfortable, but you’ve got the idea.
One man is high – you just are
Moving – and others were under;
right Now
The call comes suddenly, “Stand up!” ….
…. When you become just a statue,
You are not even allowed to blink your eyes;
You remain exactly as you were at the moment you heard the word
It simply means stop and nothing else
You will be surprised
You suddenly became a rigid statue
– In that case you can see yourself
You are constantly integrated into an activity
– and actively the body, is linked to the activity of thought.
You can not separate them,
So when the body stops,
Of course,
And immediately the thought stops too
And in the same place.
Copyright © Oswal International Foundation, Switzerland
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