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Should You Tell Your Partner Everything?

I hate Brian I am so glad you said that
I can’t stand him oh thank you that’s
all really worried seriously sucks right
I actually don’t love going to social
events which I never find a bit odd
so my thing is that I quite like to keep
socks on Wow
yeah but it’s just it’s like kinky but
is also domesticate okay all right
what’s your it’s what kink um well no
everything okay darling yeah well you
know if we’re being honest with each
other totally honest I was saying that
waitress is so attractive I don’t never
ever seen someone that’s just so exactly
why I go for my time like what I find
attractive in a person you know just I’m
not saying I’m just you know objectively
did you mean what you said earlier in
the restaurant about the waitress no to
be honest I completely forgot about her
and so you just said that ready yeah
okay yeah oh yeah you know what it what
are you thinking about well I’m just
thinking you know what it doesn’t matter
really yeah
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