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THE PATH – Best Motivational Speech (stay focused and ignore distractions)

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between waking up and going to sleep
we’re waging war on everything that is
trying to pull us from our goal
for my divine path we all have a divine
path whether you found it or not only
you will know your divine path is simply
part as your ultimate life if there’s
infinite universes with infinite
possibilities it is the path that is too
true his path everyone has one and if
there is infinite universes like some
physics rely upon that in this universe
you have one shot to stay true to that
path life is full of distractions forces
attempting to pull you from this path
and lead you down the wrong one and
maybe this is where you end up in this
scenario maybe you end up on your
deathbed pondering why you never
attempted your goals and why you quit so
early it’s hard to know when you’re
straying from your path and this is
where you need to tap into your instinct
and trust the process you get a sign
along the way a right or a wrong feeling
follow these feelings and you will stay
straight there are forces actively
attempting to drag you from the path
these are distractions and we must wage
outright war on them every day is a
battle against procrastination and the
wrong path
you see in modern day Society will see
many forces trying to pull us away
family friends alluring job offers
social media and the biggest force of
all to try and pull you from your goal
is money and security
a promise of money and a secure job is
the greatest force when it comes to
trying to lead you down the wrong path
it is the ultimate weapon on dreams and
ambitions it’s a safe bet it is a
society norm and it is why everyone else
is doing it so why wouldn’t you because
what would you rather a secure job with
a hundred K a year salary and something
you don’t mind doing every day but it
allows you to live comfortably and
provide for your family it allows you to
appear successful to your peers or take
a chance on the unknown take a leap of
faith towards your dreams and trust the
99% of people take the secure route of
why not right ones basically guaranteed
it might not be your ultimate life path
but it’s not bad right I’m not bad well
it ain’t that bad you can have a nice
car and your bills paid and you can hang
around with similarly positioned people
and anyone who even dares to dreams is
just a fool and they’ll see that ain’t
possible very soon enough
just like us well I don’t feel like that
I don’t know about you but I’m not
settling for not bad I’m not settling
for second best and if I have one chance
on this earth I’m gonna stay on the
right path I want to be the ultimate
version of myself I’m not looking for
security because once we’re dead what
did that get me who did that help what
impacts did I have we all have a purpose
and not many of us find that purpose
that thing that really was I calling
that thing we could do best and the
thing that helped people’s lives changed
because we stayed true it might be an
artist it might be an entrepreneur it
might be a poet it might be helping
people it might be charity work it might
be all those things in one lifetime it’s
not a destination it is the journey an
honest journey who you help him and once
you die what happened in your life
journey that continues on the lips and
she’s you put in place while you were on
this earth or with a legacy die when you
die before the grass has grown over your
grave will your impact fade with your
body appearances or what was sold every
day we check in a social media and
everyone is living their best life
through the filter of a smartphone this
is a huge distraction we can easily get
lost in its keeping up with the Joneses
and using our time and money to buy that
new car or that new jacket to appear
cool and this is 10 steps off your path
mindlessly wandering in the wrong
attempting to impress people who don’t
care about you or unless you’re leaving
a heart on that photo impress people who
are just trying to impress you
it’s social posturing in the modern-day
society and it’s a big waste of time
everyone knows it’s all fabricated yet
we always got time on it drop social
media instead of appearing happy be
actually happy instead of appearing to
have fun go and have fun
your fake experiences actually do it no
fake wealth actually earn it it tastes
so much sweeter I’m forget about having
to capture every moment and post it
online we’re living in a time where it’s
as if it didn’t happen if you didn’t
hatch tagging and post it on Instagram
quit that and live in the moment because
tapping into your instinct and keep you
staying on the path is truth not
thickness family and friends made it
stretchy and this can be rewarding you
may enjoy the time with them and in the
long run this can keep your mental
health stable but you must recognize
you must ditch bad friends you must lose
wastes of space and drop people who
having like-minded people around you
will help you so much in the long run
imagine what you can achieve on your own
now imagine if they were to you now
if you can imagine then you can
understand bad friends I like dead
weight you were dragging around a couple
45 strapped to your ankles and you
trying to climb a mountain cut them
loose they don’t want to go to the top
anyway they are happy in the same spot
family can be a little bit more
difficult but if they drag you from the
path and you know it
you must disassociate with them as much
as possible you can’t have them affect
your thoughts and feelings and the
pursuit of your dream
good friends and family are like helping
hands trying to push you up and pull you
up a mountain with the right team the
tax becomes easiest the bad friends I
like change trying to drag you back down
you are a reflection of the company you
keep here that you are a reflection of
so don’t keep company of people who do
not wish to become look for signs along
the way you might bump into somebody who
works in the same field as you you might
have a good feeling but as long as
you’re attempting to move forward in the
right direction you hopeful and stumble
but you must have your finger on the
pulse being on the right path is the
goal that is success the end result is
not this way you end up doing your
truest world every move you make every
decision you do will need to be made
you can achieve your dreams you can have
what you wish but don’t get distracted
everything you want but don’t get
distracted by the plastic thickness of
don’t get distracted by the
materialistic rubbish you can have what
you wish but you must stay true to your path
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