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AVENGERS ENDGAME Official Trailer #2 (2019) Marvel, SuperHero Movie HD

Gosh, it seems like a thousand years ago.
I fought my way out of that cave.
Became Iron Man.
Then I said
left to you
I know I said, no more suprises but
I was really hoping to pull off one last one.
the world has changed.
None of us can cope well
All we can do is, our best.
And sometimes, the best we can do
is to start over.
I saw all these people die
I keep telling everybody they should move on
Some do,
but not us.
Even if there’s a small chance
We owe this.
To everyone who’s not in the snap, to try.
We will.
Whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes.
I like this one.
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