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I will be hosting nordic.js 2018

good Thursday morning I think it’s for
the release of this video
Oh microphone I have some news in
September I will be hosting Nordic j/s
again together with ernst von stone we
did that last year we had a lot of fun
and people seem to like us so we’re
gonna do it again this year fun function
is also going to have a stronger
presence at Nordic yes we’re going to
like have some kind of booth where we
interview speakers we’re not quite sure
yet it’s still in the works but it’s
gonna be amazing
I’m gonna talk a little bit about Nordic
gap but I want to stress that it’s
really urgent that if you want to go to
Nordic yes that you take action now
because Nordic earth is an insanely
popular conference and it always sells
out every single time
oh right now all the early bird tickets
are are gone and only the late bird
tickets and the diversity tickets are
left so if you want to go you should
like start up into your boss right now
you can find all info by going to Nordic
s dot Fun Fun function calm that link is
also in the episode description I don’t
go to a lot of conferences because as a
when you are when you have when you have
a big youtube channel many of the usual
reasons why people do talks at
conferences they they just don’t make
sense the reasons why that’s a
completely separate video but basically
for me conferences are generally not
worth it it’s just my time is better
spent making videos but I make an
exception for Nordic jazz because it as
a conference it’s just it’s just
something else it’s an it’s in a
completely different category
first of all Nordic Jas is a one track
conference you don’t pick between
different tracks and that forces Nordic
to only pick really really good speakers
the speaker lineup in previous years
have they have always been amazing so
you can check out earlier years
on their website I can link in the
episode description but the amazing
speaker lineup that’s only like the
first little seed of the conference to
be honest for me like the amazing thing
where Nordic is that it’s this sociable
conference it’s so friendly and human
and a lot of it is focused on making
people have a really good time together
so that they gel it’s almost more like a
little JavaScript festival than it is I
a conference with with speakers last
year they have this amazing disco
ping-pong thing in the middle of the
conference they have really really great
food they spend a lot of time making
sure that you you’re able to meet the
speakers and talk to the speakers they
have this great dinner with strangers
thing that you can sign up for so that
you’re not stuck with eating dinner with
your colleagues all conference the
entire thing last year ended with a big
party and they had like they had a code
in the dark which is this amazing
contest where you’re given like a
screenshot of a of a website and you’re
supposed to reproduce that in HTML and
CSS but you’re not allowed to preview
the results and until you’re done so you
have to basically well go blind code in
the dark and the entire thing is also
like done live where all your code is
broadcasted up on these displays and
it’s in a venue where there’s heavy
music and it’s it’s dark and it’s like a
party scene and there’s no judges the
audience votes with their cell phones
after the result and like it’s just all
in good fun because this is just
impossible to get right hey everyone I’m
completely off and the winner is like
somebody who’s oh my god that person
actually got the video there that’s
amazing everything else is you horrible
it’s so much fun also like over the
years I see they just have
cultivate that this super friendly cozy
vibe last year all the staff was
addressing these are pink track suits
and yes so like it’s a lovely disarming
thing everybody’s like there’s a lot of
love if I made a conference for fun
function and Nordic jazz would
definitely be the kind of vibe I would
like to have there so I really hope to
meet you there I hope to meet a lot of
viewers and just go to North DJ
s job fun function comm link in the
episode description as well and yes go
there check out the video on their front
page because it gives you really good
idea about five and what it is about and
try to get think it’s really really fast
because they were gonna sell out and Rob over here in in days
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