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“IF You Have an IDEA, You can MAKE IT!” | Mel Robbins (@melrobbins) | #Entspresso

if you have a business if you have
aspirations if you have a dream
the single biggest opportunity in front
of you is to being put it out on social
media let me see your expertise this is
why this this is where entrepreneurs can
win so much an entrepreneur could be a
business person could be an artist could
be a musician
anybody who can have an idea and turn it
into reality rise and shine it’s an
espresso time
what’s up believe nation it’s Evan my
one word is believe and I believe in you
I believe you have an amazing gift
inside you that I want to see exploded
onto the world so let’s start your day
off right together grab your coffee and
sip on today’s message share your ideas
with the world over to you Mel Robbins
I’ve been in the media business for 10
years when I tell you that things have
changed 1,000% let me just give you an
example my first media deal I was signed
by ABC that’s right ABC the big dog
crazy syndicated shows I was signed by
them to do a talk-show deal now do you
know what that meant there was some
executive that was looking out over the
sea of talent they were meeting with
agents they were picking people they
were doubting you and then guess what if
they did pick you they owned everything
they told you what to do Oprah Sun
anomaly the game was gatekeepers a few
media players a sea of competition total
scarcity now what is it today holy it’s
if you have an iPhone you can have a
show if you have an idea and you’re
willing to put it out there and you’re
willing to start sharing yourself on
social media you have a syndication
platform there is no one doubting you
except for you and that’s why I’m
sitting here imploring you I’m telling
you right now if you have a business if
you have aspirations if you have a dream
the single biggest opportunity in front
of you is to put it out on so
Media to start talking about the things
that interest you to start sharing your
ideas sharing and documenting what
you’re up to I guarantee you you start
doing that and you’re gonna start
amassing an audience that you had no
idea was out there dying to connect with
you to learn from you and to grow with
you it’s never been easier to win never
in the history of humanity has it been
easier for you to win right now than in
this era there is no 75 year old white
man who is your geek keeper saying
you’re gonna win and you’re not gonna
win it’s never been easier for you to
get your message out for you to build an
audience for you to build a business
never ever ever ever ever in the history
of humanity the keys for you to start
the keys for you to do it the only
people that will now make the decision
is your audience is the market is the
consumers are you good enough talent now
will actually dictate who wins if you’re
a singer are you good enough can you
sing well enough if you are if you can
then you will win you will win if you
are consistent right it’s talent do you
have the pipes are you good right and
then consistency effort are you doing it
are you a singer who could be the
greatest thing in our world the next
Beyonce but you don’t have the
confidence to make a video and so you
would prefer to be a waitress whatever
your talent is document it show it let
me see it if you’re a singer sing every
day every day make a video of you
singing if you’re a painter paint every
day make your video of you painting if
you are a speaker if you’re like me
speak every day make your video at the
start you’re gonna suck it won’t be very
good you’ll be nervous here don’t worry
about the editing all of that stuff
you’ll get better you practice you will
get better the quality of the video does
not have to be high at the beginning
unless you’re a video production company
then people are expecting good video but
if you are a singer just saying what do
I want to hear I want to hear you sing I
want to hear your pipes and so many
people are caught up on the perfect
production quality but then they don’t
produce enough they don’t create enough
you’re spending time doing stuff that
you’re not good at focus on the thing
that you were good at period if you are
a dog trainer that’s your business
great show me how to train my dog
maybe the phones gonna be a little shaky
as you’re filming it but you already
have the gear you already have this
setup you already know what you’re doing
let me see your expertise this is why
this this is where entrepreneurs can win
so much entrepreneurs have a mission
entrepreneurs have a story our trainers
beat the big corporations because
there’s a human connection because I
feel like I’m working with somebody who
actually has a genuine passion does
Verizon have a genuine passion for what
they’re doing no but you do and so
that’s your opportunity to win that’s
what I want to see come out you don’t
have to be the greatest speaker if you
are a dog trainer you don’t have to be
the greatest speaker but let me see your
passion for training dogs let me see the
results of teaching my dog Timo how to
fetch and come back alright this is your
chance to win I think what holds a lot
of people back in this area one they’re
still they’re still delusional you’re
still waiting for the deal you’re still
waiting for the book deal the record
deal the speaking deal you’re still
waiting for somebody to give you a shot
you’re still waiting for somebody else
to pick you where you haven’t picked
yourself enough pick yourself you want
to act act make a new video every day of
you acting let me see your acting reel
turn it up every day get better spend 10
minutes acting make a scene show me what
you can do show me a range of emotions
don’t wait for another actress don’t
wait for a director don’t wait for a
script act give me something do your
thing every day show me show me let the
customers see build your audience up too
many people are waiting for somebody to
pick them when they haven’t picked
themselves and then to just doing it
every day the consistency get over the
fear get over the perfection and just do
it pump it out every day I want to see
it people want to see it let your
authenticity shine through expect to
suck at the beginning and just keep
doing it doing it doing it doing it
doing it it’s your best shot to win and
I feel passionate about it because most
of you aren’t going to do it most of you
have this genius level talent at
something and you know it you know you
could be great at this thing but because
of all these fears and insecurities that
are lined up in front of you you’re
gonna take the safe path and go be an
accountant or go be a waiter there will
be a bus driver no disrespect to those
professions but you know you’re meant
for something much bigger
and it’s never been easier for you to
actually get it there is nothing holding
you back from actually getting accept
those fears insecurities are in front of
you and so what I recommend is not just
hearing this message but find the people
that you look up to who’ve won using
this technique I get all of my speaking
gigs my book deals the brain deals I get
was all from this from YouTube imagine I
get up I speak every day on YouTube and
so I get speaking gigs I share my
thoughts every day on YouTube and so I
get thought leadership deals I reach an
audience every day and so I get brands
who want to reach an audience do the
thing that you love doing build up an
audience and opportunities will come
your way because you bet on yourself
now we’ve got a really special bonus
clip for you but before that question
today I want to know what is preventing
you from making a daily show on YouTube
from showcasing what you do day in day
out 5 10 minutes a day
highlighting your skills for pet
training for computer programming for
singing for painting whatever the thing
is that you are great at what’s
preventing you from making a 5 to
10-minute video every day showcasing how
great you are what you do I want to know
what’s your limiting beliefs put it down
the comments below thank you guys so
much for watching I believe in you I
hope you continue to believe in yourself
and whatever your one word is much love
I’ll see you again tomorrow morning for
another shot of an espresso and enjoy
trying to get awkward blood girl off the
ground I’ve tweeted something like man I
wish I had an excuse like I wish someone
would just break up with me so that I
could have an excuse to shave my hair
off and then I was like oh that’s a
funny plot line of like a show or
something and decided like to tweet that
I was gonna or put on Facebook that I
wanted to shave my head bald and so all
my friends responded like oh my gosh do
it you got to me so ugly oh my god what
if you have a weird-shaped head and I
was like my friends are terrible but I
saw how much attention I was getting and
I was like oh my gosh I should use this
I should shave my head and then do a
trailer for awkward black girl where I I
feature my bald head and that way people
who want to see what I look like will
also know about this new show that I’m
trying to do and so I did it and it got
like 3,000 views in a day and I had a
bald head no I had a fresh start and
that bought had changed my life what is
the word entrepreneur mean to you when
somebody can take an idea and make it
real and so that an entrepreneur could
be a business person could be an artist
could be a musician
anybody who can have an idea and turn it
into reality and how did you do that I
dedicated myself to it when I was 22
years old I promised myself that I would
work my tail off until the age of 30 at
a minimum to succeed as an entrepreneur
and that was extremely important because
I had a lot of failure along the way
right the first company he started fail
yeah actually and then there was a
company that I didn’t even start that I
failed at so I really had two failures
before I succeeded with GoPro how do
those failures Drive you today well at
the time they scared me and failure
isn’t easy it wasn’t like I I thought oh
cool I failed and success has taught me
that one of the most important things an
entrepreneur can have is perseverance
the dedication a willingness to fail
pick yourself up again and give another
shot because if you don’t have that if
you don’t have that grit
you’re gonna get run over I grew up in
South America actually in Venezuela
which not everybody knows yeah so I’m
left by yours but affect the man that
them being like fully bilingual and went
to an international school in Venezuela
and from there went to college in the US
where I double majored in philosophy and
film most philosophy classes were not
even that good but occasionally you had
a kooky professor who is like yeah if it
also be a bard philosophy of space and
time philosophy of the weird and I
always have enjoyed like deep dives and
the heady ideas and cinema was just an
art form that I always loved just as a
passive consumer as a watcher I thought
that nothing affected me the way cinema
did and so I wanted to find exactly I
wanted to find some way of of in turn
expressing myself cinematically the way
that I had been and it to impact others
the way that I had been affected and so
again the love of philosophy and film
and a hippie mother who was an educator
it was like study what you love don’t be
practical just do your thing the most
important work ever if you had to think
of one word that’s most important to you
or that sums you up or that would be
like a little beacon hey believe nation
if you want to know what the most
important one word is for Tony Robbins
Gary Vaynerchuk
Oprah Winfrey and Howard
Schultz I have a very special secret
video for you check the description for details
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