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La Strategia di Nespresso per diventare la Apple del caffè

what was born in 1970 nespresso la
coffee machine the waffles bla bla
bla is launched on the market in 1986
any crazy is that it does not take in
practice went to propose this
solution pods machine everything
together they used to go to the offices
restaurants in places like that says but
look make your coffee then pay us a
tot at every coffee you make mato succeeds in
take the market and they were going to
to disembark shack and puppets arrive
almost at the end of the project and then
in 1989 instead there is this blow of the tail
and the espresso takes flight and becomes
this planetary success that today
we all know then let’s try to
understand how they did it
what is the business model they have
used a more detailed analysis
possible and then see what lesson
we can take us home after the evening and
slater genk health brighton yesterday this
little song of a group of grandmothers
It looks very pretty you slater the
news genchi a wardak anyway
let’s go back to nespresso
the analysis made better on this
Alex osterwalder made it
alexander osterwalder is what it is
famous for the business model canvas
book that I recommend you read and
just based on his canvas that is
this set of key elements in a
project that you simply have to fill
It helps you to clarify I try to
summarize the main points
and then lives in that video the good old man
alex explaining it better than me
we start from customers what customers have
chosen at the beginning nespresso chose
of specific customers high-end lenses
product customers with grain and which
proposal they have made to these customers
they made a proposition a lot
aspirational have gone to propose in
substance the chance to get yourself a
coffee at home like what you find i
restaurants more sons michelin those
beautiful in the zither that quality of
even if you are unable to make a coffee
you would be incapable we’ll give you the
technology and we give you the chance in
more than personalize it with your flavors
noe roma the arpeggio you have all present
the different capsules here we give you that
chance there at your personalized home
at a price even affordable luxury at a
affordable price or almost for that
with characteristic number 3
fundamental thing that made the
difference divided the sale of the
speck from the sale of pods
of the capsules, thus dividing the
their income on one side to the sale
of the machine sold like everywhere
anywhere from anyone and that
it is wheat that enters only once and
basically the margin went to
manufacturers of the machine on the other
where did the real business
on the sale of the capsules because
because that as for printers is a
recurring revenue model each duo
tot must buy picket fence on a
that point that gain and those
capsules are sold directly from
the other fundamental point of ours
business model canvas and distribution
where they made the distribution
machine as we said sold to
wherever anyone take anyone
the important thing you bring home is
little machine that we put some
cialdina for example so at least six
ready to leave the distribution
of the pods instead nespresso said
cleverly that I control it
I control for various reasons first
because at that point check
image of the brand total control
of what the projected image
because I’m projecting you a product of
the second reason is a marginal reason
banally jump the intermediary is everything
the wheat that enters both and where
unexpressed has decided to distribute the
his wedding regardless of online
chosen this way to the apple store
of the nespresso boutique single-brand stores
but there were 300 there are 300 in
around the world where you have the
total control of the experience e
it becomes the ideal place to justify
a price is such a high ranking
the other connected aspect is assistance
how can I help you?
best way I do not do the usual cast
standard merker enters the club he has
a much more cool way of telling you
guar calls the call center if there is one
no problem you’re part of the nespresso club
other aspects of this model are i
partners that at the beginning were i
manufacturers of the machines manufacturers
third parties produce to the machines and then
nespresso put the goal in his
above, but we were not saying that the core
business core business and coffee from
to do and from the point of view also of the
costs connected all the production
to create something technologically
that could accomplish these
machines in the best possible way
then create the best coffee possible
the other item that weighs in costs and all
the part of marketing the promotion that
It’s a mess if you think about it because today is
easier but let’s go back to
twenty years
the idea of ​​convincing you to buy
made a subscription because it is not a
One shot purchase is not a purchase of the
just make a purchase once
repetitive in practice you are subscribing
it was much harder to convince you
building all the investments on the various
george cloney on duty and choice
testifies also ideal for the memory
example to the web nespresso was among the
partners the sponsors in an event with the
end of insiders and you say but
because they go to sponsor a stuff
so because they were interested in taking
so-called early adopters cei tiz in
substance that first uses a product
who want to experiment in that case
they make resonance boxes among other things
period was that of the explosion of the
bloggers were the influencers
ante litteram
let’s put it so nespresso what it did in
occasion of those events involved i
blogger at a price in that case that was
very content and if the blogger liked it
that product and liked it because it was one
different new stuff us doing cool
that point the blogger spoke about it and it was
a sound box on the
product to promote another pair of
key aspects and then go see
alex osterwalder on this theme he sees
just every piece of business
model camas however first aspect is that
they managed to solve a problem
logistic not indifferent because before
they were used to putting together
pallets that were sent and
supermarkets imagine with nescafe
nones lightness coffee that at that point
then supermarket the distributor
distribute this case instead the
production went to the final consumer
where to put some balls together
boxes notebook Settineri nespresso
which were then distributed to the user
the final
logistically, if we think about it, it is not a
trivial passage the other aspect is that
they worked on protection then
on privileges and something like 1700
patents now I do not know the number maybe
and reading maybe it is the networks are
fundamental states because they did
cut out of all those who
they wanted to enter that market when
see that everyone works they try
then 2012 thirty some patents have
started to expire building the entrance of
a lot of subjects today seems to me that
there are more than 200 pod makers
compatible, in short, that market
growth has clearly changed
exponential that has had over the years
passed unexpressed is no longer available
other protagonists have entered the
market margins that maybe one did
before them can no longer do, however, nespresso
remains one of those classic history in
every marketing course is told
and it makes sense to reason lesson for us is
the business model since they have
changed the business model on a parity
of technology varieties of product a
parity of everything they managed to do
this crazy bang and then doing it
very well you sometimes then have the
the best product in the world change the
how you sell it in their case
we put from single product more pods
machine to separate these two
products with two modes of
distribution and sales different ea
that point nespresso boom
what about what else
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