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Trekking Through One of Africa’s Most Majestic Places | National Geographic

the Delta of the akka vengo is for me
the most majestic place on earth from
the expedition you learn so much it’s
much more than science it’s much more
than just have being in a pretty place
personally it changed every molecule in
my body it changed the way I perceive
being human
the Okavango Delta has unique properties
with unique trait such an incredible
biodiversity now we have 20 new species
designs that are unique to the system
that we found in the past the first
expedition that are only found in that
area nowhere else in the world
the delta of the Okavango is a world
UNESCO heritage site and what we want is
to extend that status which is only
given to the most extraordinary places
on earth extending to the entire Basin
which includes Namibia and Angola all
the way to the source of the quito’s
considering animal lives they don’t know
borders they don’t know that that is a
completely human concept so to have that
completely stripped away and give them
the opportunity to go back and forward
as they’d like it changes you it changes
the way you see everything
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