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“We HAVE To FACE Our FEARS!” – Gaur Gopal Das (@gaurgopald) – Top 10 Rules

what’s up believe nation it’s Evan my
one word is believe and I believe in you
I believe in your potential and I want
to see that thing that you’ve got inside
you explode out into the world to have a
big impact for you your family and the
world so to help you on your journey
today we’re gonna learn from a personal
coach and monk Doerr Gopal das and my
take on his top 10 rules for success
rule number one is my personal favorite
and I’d love to know which one you guys
like the best and as always guys as
you’re watching if you hear something
that really really resonates with you
please leave it down the comments below
and put quotes around it so other people
can be inspired and when you write it
down it’s much more likely to stick for
yourself as well
we know something in the game of life
you’re playing a cricket match against
an entity called the mind no one on
planet earth can stop you from
accomplishing in achieving what you want
if you can bat
against the goog lease that the mind
pulls at you how many of you have
experienced that the mild bolds googlies
when it comes to exercising and jogging
how many of you know that the mind balls
boogies much ahh
so job how many of you have trouble in
studying relax as students and you come
here you hear all of these things don’t
get distracted by whatsapp don’t get
distracted by internet pornography don’t
get distracted by Twitter don’t get
distracted by Facebook study don’t get
distracted by birds to do bird-watching
study all these distractions erotic
witch publish later gulosa do look up to
speed with Hilliker so on father was
telling his son take the Xterra class me
Lucy and Lucy baby they first by you or
to not like hey loca Oh Bella dig they
came hey look
I’ll tell you something my god why
because the mind doesn’t want you to win
the game of life how many of you wanted
to wake up early in the morning reasons
only one did I asked wanted to wake up
early in the bunny and how many of you
have done something called as setting an
alarm clock and then after setting the
alarm clock that’s an alarm well you
want it or not it rings and when it
rings the mind puts its first GUI what
does the mind do by putting the googly
makes you clean bold when you do the
first sluice
you are out
you are out if you snooze you are out I
want to say one thing just one and
probably this will change the direction
of your life you know something when you
snooze the Allah what happens
you decide to give into the minds ball
and this is how your morning begins by
giving into the mind
sabirah kisser wa to PA his Wohlers a
clean bold o’ciock am a dipping it into
the english rata by giving him and it’s
no problem giving in sleeping five
minutes extra is no problem the problem
is you develop the attitude of giving
him you tell yourself that what i
decided last night is not as important
what is important is what the mind sets
because we listen I’ll tell you
something my humble advice because it’s
not just about getting up in the morning
it’s about every aspect of life whether
it’s your work if you’re working whether
it’s just study if you study whatever we
the problem is it’s not about one thing
Saverio gana it reflects in every area
of life is limited o avatar by jana
alumina penis and iota Jarvis Kalam
lavalla can char be scooped or don’t
allow that smooth there is a concept
called sledging in cricket where the
opponent team comes and gives gali to
the Frenchman Godley they try to
distract them and take their focus away
one thing that Sachin is are told for in
the history of cricket is sledging
hasn’t bothered him this man is cool are
you cool when people do sledging against
you in the game of life are you cool or
you lose your cool there will always be
people who are out of control can you
stop a guy from criticizing you can you
start an opponent team from sledging
puts in a curse acting it’s called
things which are out of our control
people are out of our control sometimes
are situations in your control many
times no
the guy who was batting was expecting an
in swing ball and that’s what the bowler
bold and one gush of wind an in swing
becomes an outswing and is caught out
a lot of things situations people are
just out of her control how many of you
think question paper is in your control
and when things go wild nah I’ll tell
you what happens with us this is what
happens with us you know we react the
stimulus of a person sledging against us
criticizing pulling us down envious of
conspiring politicking makes us react
and form out I throw ever be start
reacting also and look at this this is
also see
the question is do you want to be a 7-up
kin or oxy cool bottle of water and I’m
sure a lot of us would say it’s property
here property and thus in our life we
will always have a stimulus and we can
choose to respond because between the
stimulus and responses our choice a
great personality is not born in the
maternity ward a great personality is
born by the choices that one makes and
therefore when there are all kinds of
stimuli we have to learn how to respond
if we are not strong spiritually it is
impossible if we are not strong
culturally it is impossible all this
sounds great and good and we know yes
but I want to do it I cannot be a can of
soda I want to be a water bottle but is
it so easy no that is why coming here is
so important that is why this
foundational ethics of spirituality are
so crucial in this age as all of you are
going to be successful in your own areas
of life if not cricket per se and thus
we have to learn how to respond what is
the most selfish one lettered word
i-isn’t it everything revolves around I
I phone iPad iPod and the man says I
paid everything revolves around the eye
and what does I stand for i stands for
expectations i should be treated like
this i should be loved like this i
should be dealt with like this i should
be respected like this i should be given
these mini marks i should not be given
this you’re all leading a life of super
high expectations everything revolves
around my opinions my desires my likes
my dislikes I love this I want this I
don’t want this aye aye aye aye aye you
think life will be a very happy life
when it revolves around I from a
childhood we have grown up like this you
only learn to take and everyone has to
fulfil my expectations everything has to
be up to my expectations
therefore when people come to God people
come to a temple also they’re only
asking give me what I want no one comes
to say I love you I want I want to give
for you when the President of the United
States John F Kennedy came up to stage
for his first presidential speech his
voice rumbled into the public addresses
too many said ask not what the country
can do for you ask what you can do for
the country and so we are saying ask not
what God can do for you ask what you can
do for God but no one asks that because
the eye is so big my expectations my
desires my things are so powerful that
even when I come to a temple and ring
the bell all I’m doing is asking
the more we lead a life of I are I will
always be frustrated because people
don’t exist in this world to just
fulfill your expectations therefore
ladies and gentlemen the most selfish
one lettered word is AI which stands for
expectations and therefore avoid this
word how do you avoid this word be
realistic in your expectations apeksha
acronym a problem me but understand that
not everyone will fulfill your
expectation and secondly avoid this word
I by trying to serve others you know why
because when you want to be served
you’re dependent on people they may not
serve you when you want to serve who can
stop it when you want respect people may
not respect you but when you want to
give a respect who can stop you when you
want to be loved you will not be loved
but when you want to give love who can
stop you when you want and charity
people may not give you in charity but
when you want to give charity who can
stop you and therefore learn to begin
your journey from I
the more you want for yourself you’ll
remain frustrated the more we want to
give you will remain happy when you want
to achieve success in your career in
your academics in your pro business in
your profession we will fail and that’s
the example of the giraffe
when the baby giraffe is born falls from
such a high distant straight on the
ground the mother’s positions herself
right above the baby giraffe and guess
what she does first gives it a hard kick
butt check ajinomoto market arts a lot
party so but just my study habit I
didn’t think you may love cable news
channel enjoyed camel toe so as it’s
just coming out of the impact Jessica
the mother gives a second harder kick
know the guy understands where my couch
journey to its alpha Riga silsila baby
giraffe starts getting up on its wobbly
legs you know on its wobbly legs and as
the baby giraffe gets up on the Bob
Elector kataoka karana see Connor
paddock or lot more Pima he gets up and
starts running and then the mother
giraffe goes hugs the baby and starts
kissing the baby you know why because
the baby giraffes flesh is very soft and
supple and hyenas and lions love it the
mother knows that I can’t be with the
baby giraffe all that I want to go and
get food for the baby
how would I protect it is lip la se la
tomorrow he would not seek a or
progesterone Hara wake or LA tomorrow
whoo-yah dryer Hilton a secret
jinda giving my mother giraffe Jessi
Kyle at Marty a we fail we should get up
and we’ll fail again
we should get up and like I always say
don’t just go through life grow through
life it’s quite amazing isn’t it but
when something stuck in our tooth the
tongue just keeps going to that tooth
until unless that stuff is out of our –
it just keeps going there now
this 31 other teeth in our mouth when
nothing stuck the tongue can go there
and say hey wow look there’s nothing
stuck here
and go to one of the other tooth where
there’s nothing sticking say hey look
amazing there’s nothing stuck here but
is the nature of the term that it keeps
going to where something is stuck and
surely we have to deal with it whenever
I travel in my handbag I always have
dental floss and a box of toothpicks
with me just in case something is stuck
I have to take it up certainly we have
to deal with it at the same time there’s
a lot of other good things that we can
focus on ladies and gentlemen it’s not
just the nature of the tongue
isn’t it the nature of the mind as well
when there is a problem an issue stuck
in a certain area of our life the mind
keeps going to that problem and just
gets stuck into the negativity of trying
to deal with it but this thirty one or
shall I say many many more good things
happening in so many different areas of
our life
but there’s no problems no issues
stopped yet the mind only keeps going to
those areas there are problems it is
necessary therefore for all of us that
we focus on the good that is happening
in our life and deal with the bad or the
problems that are happening in our life
where does not consume our minds with
negativity let us consume our minds with
positivity focus on the positive and
deal with the negative most often if not
always a life seem to be out of balance
and when lives are out of balance it
makes us very irritable you know when we
drive a car we always drive a car and
the car has four wheels a rhetorical
thing to say isn’t it you drive a car on
these four wheels and these four wheels
in the car of life represent first we
your personal life your health your mind
yourself the things that you love to do
the things that you would want to do not
have to do most times we live a life of
have to do I have to study I have to
work I have to pay my bills I have to
pay the taxes I have to do this and I
have to do that I have to go for the
social function I don’t have a choice I
have to have to have to have to where
did the love to go we just end up living
a life of half to’s and I forgot about
our own cells by subscribing to the
pressures that come from all fronts in
our lives we’ve forgotten to live our
own lives
we don’t have time to unwind we don’t
have time to spend with our own selves
we don’t have time to be with nature and
take a deep breath and just relish the
crispness of the air we don’t have the
time to do all of that especially in the
metropolitan city like this when the
pressures are so high and the pace is so
fast we just don’t have time for
ourselves ladies and gentleman and
that’s one car one we love our car isn’t
it personal life or health for instance
such an important thing but at the cost
of just running if you forget to pay
attention to our own health the second
wheel of the car is family life demands
attention isn’t it your personal life
demands attention your family life
demands attention isn’t a before
marriage when you are in love they call
it a crush isn’t it but after marriage
all that is left is candy crush all the
crushes are ain’t gone and all that
you’re left with is a candy crush and
all the headaches coming from all the
pressures one lady went to a doctor and
the doctor said how’s your headache
madam she said he’s out of town gosh I
must tell you demands a lot of attention
your personal life
the first tire do you have one do you
have a personal life is my question do
you have time for your health
even in my hectic schedule I have made
five days of exercise yet still in all
the lectures and all the talks and
everywhere I go because that’s what’s
going to keep me going I have to give
time to myself because I don’t get more
than three and a half to four hours of
sleep so if I don’t look at my physical
fitness I’m gone
ladies and gentlemen do you give time
for yourself do you have time for
yourself your personal time or is that
wheel out of balance is that a flat tire
the third
we tire of the car of life is your
professional life
your personal life needs attention your
family life needs attention your
professional life needs attention and
the fourth is your social life your
friends people around you your
colleagues those relationships that
matter a lot to you those people who
would support you in time of name
because to your spouses to your family
you could speak a little sometimes
certain things are not always confided
with just blood relationships you need
that social side people do we we can
speak open up your heart
how often do we just carry this baggage
of stress and load anxiety and worry in
our heads lugging it all around us
baggage this is social side to our life
a friend’s you know I have had those
moments where I’ve snapped even as a
monk because I’m a human being just
because I put this robes of a monk
doesn’t mean I become you know a
celestial angel I’m still a human being
when one of those tires is out of order
if I haven’t slept well if my health is
out of place I’m going to snap out you
know you carry work pressures at home
you carry home pressures at work ladies
in German irritability is a symptom of
an out of balance life stability in our
responses is a symptom of a life and
balance we are irritable we snap we
react at the drop of a hat for trivia
just because we are out of balance
people who have a balanced life know how
to handle pressure
people whose lives are not balanced sink
under pressure and get so irritable at
little things they just kind of snap off
I am actually a camera shy person
believe it or not you know when people
shoot me and they just post some clips
that’s fine with me
but talking to a camera it’s a machine
it’s just some electronic machine the
camera doesn’t love the camera doesn’t
cry the camera doesn’t have any
interpersonal reciprocation then
dealings and I must tell you I felt very
thankfully fearful as well to speak into
a camera was more fear of failure I
would say because you know when you
speak into a camera and if it’s really
and it’s put online how do people see it
otherwise when I’m with people people
have seen me speak and inside it when
they motive is to serve and contribute
we have to face our fears we have to
deal with our fears face them and rise
above them at some point of time I had
to decide to come and speak so one day I
decided that’s it I have to come speak
in front of the camera the first time I
did it believe me we will post that
video once you must see me speaking
there stiff expressionless motionless
stoic nonchalant face you know and I
guess I’m kind of slowly getting better
because in order to deal with these
fears you have to face them it will
start somewhere
that’s a beautiful slide when followed
in life I guarantee you life will be
different I guarantee you if this is
applied in life we can have peaceful
night’s sleep here it is
do you have a problem in life No
then why worry do you have a problem in
life yes
can you do something about it yes then
why worry do you have a problem in life
yes can you do something about it no
then why worry in the journey of life as
well the takeoff which is a berth is
completely beyond our control we didn’t
choose our parents we didn’t choose
which nation we vimana
we didn’t choose which city paper bonnet
we didn’t choose a socio-economic class
paper bonnet
we didn’t choose our looks we didn’t
choose the religion via Varna our
takeoff of the journey of life was
completely beyond us and the landing
death even that will be completely
beyond us
I’ve heard many times people telling me
that they would just love to die by
getting a massive heart attack and
dropping dead no trouble for them
no hospitalization no tubes no needles
no trouble cause two others in one shot
go now no matter how much we might wish
that it’s just beyond us how we go and
how the landing happens is completely
beyond us and what about the turbulence
the disturbances the problems during the
journey of our life some of them are
within our control which we can solve
for many problems and issues and the
turbulence caused is completely beyond
our control because it’s caused by
situations which are beyond us it’s
caused by people who are beyond us yes
ladies and gentleman in this journey of
life the take-off the planning and the
turbulence is not in our control what is
in our control however is the choices we
can make
and therefore spirituality is about
learning how to make those right choices
when we learn to make those right
choices we learn to live a transformed
happy fulfilled life despite all the
turbulence and problems that are going
on around us
it is said when we are beautiful is
God’s gift to us when we live our life
beautiful it is our gift to God
therefore being a meal is a matter of
birth being a man is a matter of age
being a gentleman is a matter of choice
and as a corollary to that being a
female is a matter of birth being a
woman is a matter of age being a
gentlewoman is a matter of choice
let us all take to spiritual wisdom
learn to make the right choices which
have the dinner control as our gift to
God and thus live our lives as thorough
and perfect ladies and gentleman I was
telling the story the other day this is
my favorite story I just keep sharing it
all the time this is what really
happened you can’t believe this but this
happened i came to london heathrow once
and at London Heathrow I came to the
immigration officer and this immigration
officer elderly man he said so what are
you here for I said to give talks he
said then are you living in – Woodford
Center I said yeah he said how long will
you stay here for I said about two weeks
he said and can I ask you a personal
I said please sir he said I’m married I
said you were an Indian aren’t you I’m a
monk he said no I was just
cross-checking just in case and then he
said can I ask you another one place I
said yes
he said are you not missing anything in
life he thought he caught me at the
wrong foot are you not missing anything
in life I said of things I am he said
what I said problems he loved my answer
believe me hand on my heart he stamped
my passport and as I’m walking out of
the gate he put his hand on my head
blessing me said son remain like this
son remain like this you will never have
to go through any issues and your
problems in life dad you know what I
mean it’s nice to laugh at but as I
walked through the gate I turned to him
and told him look gentlemen I must tell
you something don’t think that me as a
monk is free from problems
anyone who lives in this dog-eat-dog
world as they might say or anyone who
lives in this world full of rat race and
pressures whether it’s you who are a
student study or one a few culprits or
business people who’s working or married
nano lady who’s kind of dealing with
family life or myself is a monk we are
all subject to our own pressures we are
all subject to our own stresses we our
own subject to our own individual
worries and anxieties this the flea was
thank you guys so much for watching I
made this video because you’ll guess
this I asked me to if there’s someone
you like me to cover in a future top 10
check out the link in the description
and go and cast your vote I’d also love
to know what did you learn from this
video what lesson really hit home the
hardest what are you going to
immediately apply somehow to your life
or to your business leave it down the
comments below I’m really curious to
find out I also want to give a quick
shout out to prom add Kumar thank you so
much for picking up a copy of my book
your one word and taking that picture
and posting it
I really really appreciate this
apartment and I hope you enjoyed the
read thank you guys again for watching I
believe in you I hope you continue to
believe in yourself and whatever your
one word is much love I’ll see you soon
a lady asked me after the session in the
Q&A session sir
you said that you were an electrical
engineer why did you give up your career
as an electrical engineer I said madam I
didn’t give up my career as an
electrical engineer I upgraded my career
from being an electrical engineer to a
lifestyle engineer and I said to her
each of us based on our particular
faculties of knowledge
she’ll be contributing to the world
solutions typically engineering is all
about offering solutions to project all
engineers are offering solutions to
trouble all bodies knowledge of
provisions to come in and I thought –
one offering solutions the problems will
get to lies and therefore life is all
about breathing red the mink breathing I
was mentioning this in the mantra lounge
last night
you can’t just breathe in and keep the
breath there can you you can’t just
breathe out and keep the breath there
can you the smooth rhythm of breathing
in Sanskrit is called he again the
fourth chapter of the bhagavad-gita
calls the smooth rhythm of breathing as
he again where you take to give you take
you give it’s taking in giving out
taking in giving out yes we must take
because if you don’t take how will you
give if you don’t feel hope how will you
bring hope to someone you don’t feel
loved how will you bring love to someone
if you don’t feel uplifted how will you
uplift someone if you don’t have
resources how will you share so have egg
be successful earn a lot get bear and
serve give your time give your resources
give your mind give hope give love give
something money is not where money is
just a part of it and obviously
you must obviously have it but it’s just
the part of well 2nd of February 2005 I
was lying in a monastery
in Alaska on the wooden floor exhausted
tired from the anxiety last night and
suddenly a cyber month
all my friends came up to me and woke me
up say he’s leaving he’s leaving I gotta
get rid myself together rushing to go to
the room when my dear friend stoker
krishna das was leaving his body
memories were flashing from my mind as I
was rushing towards this room he was
amongst with me had stayed to be a
little bit stayed together at a certain
point he decided to move on and get
he went up he’d taken a job in the
hospital we love the feeling on trust me
as the library he just gotten married
his wife was pregnant and while the
wife’s pregnant she was diagnosed with
melanoma casques he decided that he
wanted to leave the body in the
monastery where he spent most of his
time get brought into our master as this
memories flashed in my mind and I was
rushing there I remembered every day are
interesting God’s name student of the
harmonium my tearful eyes as I cry
seeing a dear friend struck in melanoma
cancer every single time I looked at him
my vision was blurred because it was
someone sooty yet this gentleman was
amazing he had a beaming face all the
excruciating pain that he went through
hadn’t affected us
when resolved you know headspace
remittance mine no Martin was working on
them unless this stuff works his wife I
didn’t but – baby girl we brought the
baby girl – right next to her it was the
last time she would see him it was the
last time his wife would ever be with
her ladies and gentlemen as I walk to
the room my guru rather not Swami the
author of the popular book – Jenny no
was right next to him giving him proof I
was astounded inside the little room
there were so many people I was standing
right next to him with my guru Swami I
would say about 450 members of her
I want to either chanting the names of
God what I saw here was a man wouldn’t
have a Lamborghini what I saw here was
support or a severe wish people people
who were there to financially support
people who are then natively supported
people who were there to spiritually
supported people who went to emotionally
supportive I was amazed and the time to
support this manager in happening when
you are born people love you and when
you die people in between yoga match
and this method managed to evil he
invested so much in relationships with
his people that the news and I need
people had come to them
ladies and gentleman yes it is important
for us to have support wealth doesn’t
just mean money wealth means money plus
people and support one gentleman said
the boobage the difference between
complete and finished he said if you
find the right partner you complete so
you find the long earlier finish put it
find the icon catching you the homeowner
the openness the definitely need friends
with that really need professional
therapists we definitely need people who
get support us and then when I say if
you want to talk truly how rich you are
drop a tear and see how many hands come
forth to wipe a tear that’s how much you
actually are the most important work
ever if you had to think of one word
that’s most important to you that sums
you Apple so it would be like a little
beacon pay believe nation if you want to
know what the most important one word is
for Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Oprah
Winfrey and Howard Schultz I
have a very special secret video for you
check the description for details
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