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Safari Live – Day 308 | National Geographic

this program features live coverage of
an African safari and may include animal
kills and caucuses viewer discretion is
good afternoon everybody welcome to
drama in the sabi sands where it is a 34
degrees Celsius that’s about 87 fair
enough I forget I do apologize my name
is Steve welcome and I’m joined by beak
on camera and it is a wonderful
afternoon albeit a little bit warm
please send through questions hashtag
Safari lab or throw them in the YouTube
chat stream we’d love to hear from you
my my plan this afternoon I just found
some elephant tracks and they head up to
the North West and solder on Sydney’s
dam see if we can catch up with him
alternates to them in a bid do big loop
around because they were reports of an
injured cheetah on the property at some
point this morning I’m just trying a
clarification of where that individual
was but wouldn’t that be something to
see so jump on board let’s go and see
what we can find when it’s hot like this
the animals as always gonna be by the
water so let’s check all the watering
points and see if we can be lucky on
this road now we’re on up east on our
Western Road there’s lots of tracks of
seemingly hooker moody those of you who
missed the show this morning or anything
last night we had a camera on them last
night and this morning and he was
calling so it’s in Ghana popped in at
some point last night let me show you on
the map where is my map because I’ve
just found these tracks and they are
they seem fresh but they’re not that
fresh okay here we go we are over here
on or breeze road and there are tracks
of a male leopard coming down very very
deliberately down this road and ting
Ghana’s tracks were on Galago coming
down all the way and who Komori we found
this morning came running towards us
over here so there’s a good chance it’s
somewhere over here in the middle of the
night while no one was listening and the
two of them had some a form of
interaction albeit maybe just calling
and shouting at each other but it’s what
lipids will often do they’ll demarcate a
line walk along that line
across its and that seems to be what’s
happened because uh Kumar is walk
straight down this one let me just show
you again on the map who Kumar is walk
straight down here he’s straight down
there straight through the middle and
then he came down here and out and ten
Ghana did something similar except he
went that way
all the way across and down and then out
over there so they seem to have sort of
murdered each other in a parallel and
the marketing territory as they go so
that is what’s interesting we didn’t see
anything but that is often what happens
with mail lipids and it’s all about
intimidation it’s all about strength and
shouting and calling and leaving the
scent marks behind and we’re trying to
see if we can smell any of them because
it’s such a lovely snow leopard urine
but anyway while we continue on in
search of these elephants let’s go up to
the masai mara and say a very good day
to David a very good afternoon everybody
and jumbo jumbo from Kenya we are in the
Mara triangle and my name is David and
come with me today is Archie Archie
hiding sir Oh looks good and I’m not
sure we’ll be talking about leopards
myself I’ll be talking about lions I
mean I got better chances of seeing
lions and leopards although once in a
while we get surprises and we bump into
loafers like the other day I saw that
chef a tree may lay upon and I was very
excited well my plans today eat to go to
the social Republic
so the Republic is an area that you
should see a pride of lions that we call
the sausage it’s your pride and he still
rather hot at the moment here we are
talking of 89 degrees Fahrenheit and 32
degrees Celsius that is very hot and the
reason it’s hot it’s because in the next
few weeks we shall be getting our long
range so that’s how it goes the
temperatures are all is going like this
that that when they stabilize then when
it start coming down
the rains come so for summer plans for
today and remember I’m sure Steve
already told you our joy is always to
get questions and comments from you
hashtag a safari live on Twitter Jewish
or and that keeps us going we are always
very interactive and when we hear your
voices and you know getting boosters
from your comments it gives us more
spirit to keep looking for animals at
the moment I am driving south east and
that’s the road that takes me to those
sausages that I love all those Lions the
tail out yesterday I was there the whole
afternoon and for three hours I did not
see anything that related to a lion for
whole three hours now
one of the main reasons I want to keep
going back there or why I go there
almost every other day of that
particular pride there is one that is
called a kink tail that’s good brand new
caps and nobody nobody I’ve seen those
caps because I go there every day and
they good friends of mine who is go
there every day and I also got the game
Rangers world is in that particular area
and you’re always in touch and every two
days which he kicked him out you know
joining the other females for a little
walk or a drink or for heart being or
you know being involved in a kill or
being in a kill eating but no Cubs have
been seen about two weeks ago I
identified her then we don’t say a
hundred percent that was a day she went
in a place that he could not see her and
a few minutes later I could hear the
small Cubs you know talking to mama now
I got a feeling she
moved attend to a new area and that is
where I do not know but I’m not worried
it’s by going there every other day that
we’ll be able to see them very good very
good so our children but again as I have
always said on my whether I could bump
into anything on the way and a part for
myself and Steve I think Ali is out and
about and you’d like to say jumbo to all
of you good afternoon everyone lovely to
have you all on board on a day it feels
that we are pretty much in the middle
part of a volcano because it’s so hot
so we’ve gotten very lucky today we were
actually set out to go and look for the
new hyena den for the Juma clan and it
seems that according to the directions
that we got given it is somewhere in
here and not too far but it’s a good
thing that we have found a hyena lying
down there already so not too bad for a
start of our afternoon
seems like this morning as Steve was
looking or following who koumori then he
came across the Juma clan which is
pretty good news because everyone’s been
desperate to be able to find the new den
now please remember that we are live and
interactive so if you’ve got any
questions or comments you can send them
through using the hashtag Safari live on
Twitter or you can just send us a
comment using the @fc on the YouTube
chat who you I have actually got the
best part there oh hello because it is
hot today and it’s a lot better in the
shade than what we are feeling right now
so as you can see a lot of the animals
are gonna be doing just exactly this is
this beautiful hyenas I’m just lying
where it’s nice and cool where they
don’t really have to worry too much and
then they’ve all gone into is almost
sort of a coma hey I was trying to get a
closer look because there’s a lot of
glare going on I’m not too sure if which
hyena this is I would say maybe one of
the females but I mean a little bit hard
to tell because also I’m looking at her
through a screen just to try and see her
better but um if you guys know are the
people that have been
for a while if you guys know which hyena
this is please do tell us using the
hashtag Safari live because I would love
to catch up and to remember who’s who
and what’s been going on it’s been quite
a while since I last saw the hyena so
I’m quite excited and quite hopeful that
they’ll have their den somewhere around
here now I see a chair my mound in the
distance and I wonder if perhaps that’s
not the one so I think let’s just go
around and we’re gonna leave her here we
know that this high particularly you
know chances are that it’s not gonna go
anywhere and if it does there are a few
mud wallows around here there’s one just
in front here to the left and then
there’s another one to the right so
hopefully it’ll go in there Jennifer and
potentially to the other reserves that
are around us the hyena clan of the
world the Juba clan is known as the Juma
clan just because they tend to spend a
lot of time here so if there is if it’s
not a habitual for them to actually be
in another spot and they’ll potentially
everybody will know them as the jew clan
but again depends on the reserves a lot
of times other reserves will name them
but unfortunately with hyenas not too
many people take too much of an interest
in terms of the writing community around
here and then sometimes people just will
refer to them as a clan of hyenas now I
think this is roughly where Steve
mentioned where it is and I can see some
old vehicle trucks and then if you see
in front of us there’s a big termite
mound so I wonder if this is actually
not the spot or the termite mound that
they’ve been using so I just want to go
around see if there’s anything around
there that might indicate okay well
there’s a nice big hole in there I would
have mentioned this is the this is the
den now that is what I presume to be the
hole though doesn’t look that used and
you see there’s a lot of grass in front
so I would imagine that if there’s all
that grass in there that potentially the
hyenas haven’t been coming in and out
cuz we’ve got little ones and if it’s
quite a busy den then you’ll see a lot
of tracks and movements and Woodham have
grass growing in the front now I am
roughly in the area so we’re gonna carry
on looking see if perhaps there’s
another entrance onto the other side of
perhaps that’s the one that they’ve been
using if not according to the directions
we got we shouldn’t be too far maybe
there’s gonna be another mountain out
here that might indicate where the
hyenas are this looks more like it
alrighty yeah this looks definitely more
like it now you see this entrance over
here so this particular entrance
compared to the one that we just saw
it’s it seems like it’s been used a lot
more you see how there’s very little
grass around a bunch of new tracks all
around there and then you can just tell
that this has been excavated you see the
black there at the back and then in
there inside of the term amount
there’s probably where the little ones
are I’m not too sure how many I think
they managed to have a glimpse of one
today I believe Koki was a hyena that
was around this morning so I have a very
strong suspicion that if there are
little ones around they are in there and
I mean it is as we were saying it’s so
hot this afternoon it’s about I think I
was saying 33 and we refused to accept
that answer we said it was about 36
degrees Celsius so I’m pretty sure the
little ones are inside well not only for
protection because the termite mound is
their safe place where they hide but
also it’s a it’s a lot cooler in there
so all the little ones are being clever
already and they’ve got one point on
humanity so hyenas one humans not not
even zero because we are still very hot
and they’re all in there enjoying the
cool afternoon right we’re gonna leave
them around we’re gonna try and take a
little bit later see if perhaps we can
come across the hyenas but in the
meantime we’ll send you guys across to
david who is also looking for hyenas but
all the way in Kenya well gentlemen as I
said earlier I could be heading to look
for lions but always along the way so
many things do happen now I have found
this particular ostrich and it supports
some chicks if you look carefully in the
grass there you can see some small heads
or smaller birds just meandering through
the grass and that is I would guess
their mother or that’s the female
ostrich there
and this is the Messiah ostrich and one
who can tell the height of the grass see
that it’s covering all her legs you can
see her legs all the way to the thighs
and what I’m trying to do is see if I
could go a little closer so that you can
see those cheeks it’s an ostrich I’ve
been following for quite some time she
initially started with about 12 cheeks
when she first hatched and then she lost
two and I think she did yeah 11 she lost
two she was left at nine but as she lost
rather too she was less than seven and
last month she lost two and she is now
less with five or left at five but
something tells me these five chances
are we’ll make it which is very slowly
try and sneak on her I might be a little
yes I’m in the final controls is that’s
pretty awesome and I mean we’ve got
ostriches all of Africa but sometimes
they tend to disappear or they tend not
to be where we are you know game driving
looking for animals on good days
we are always lucky to see them now the
last two times I’ve seen his female she
has been alone and not with male and
when they hatch out or when the
incubating their eggs you’ll get the
males incubating the eggs during the
night and the females during the day for
the obvious reason blending I mean the
mayor’s blend better at night and he
looked at the color all that feeble
and see the brown and imagine the color
of the grass or the color of the soil
she’ll definitely blend in very well as
she lays over her eggs during the day
well she got her mouth open as artists
we knew there and that is an indication
that she is quite what you remember say
the temperatures when high eighties now
I would say Nancy you’d like to know
what ostriches eat I would say ostriches
omnivores I mean like most birds you see
how they’re flapping the wings there
Nancy it’s just because of how hot it is
at the moment I mean Nancy I’ll tell you
ostriches are omnivores now let’s first
look how they fare as vegetarians if you
look at them carefully they’re feeding
on seeds of some kind or seeds from the
grass they also feed on any fruit that
they might speak as they walk through
they’ll pick small leaves and they also
eat actually blades of glass so what
grass what what basically I’m saying
there are vegetarians in that sense but
apart from that they also will be seen
eating small reptiles talk of lizards
talk of small chameleons should they
even get you know snakes will feed on
them and they also feel on all sorts of
insects they catch their
locusts grasshoppers anything of that
sort but Nancy you know just to let you
know I like chicken or like
that got what you call a crop ostriches
do not have a crop but they got a
particular very special stomach that you
also get in a chicken that is called a
gizzard and that gizzard has very
muscular walls and for food to be
digested there then always we have seen
ostriches picking smaller pebbles on the
ground literally speaks more loose
particles of sand which will help digest
the food in the gizzard now the five
chicks that you see they are apparently
they could be both males and females
when we look at birds look at the sexual
dimorphism ostriches you can tell you
know female is a brown or gray in color
and there’s black and white in color but
now at that particular age when they are
you know that’s the five of them there
it’s difficult to tell where it’s from
females but anything like going to eight
months or so they start changing the
feathers and the boys you start you know
showing different feathers from black
and white and the females will remain
the same color well I’m delighted to see
these chicks that I had not seen for
about two weeks now just carry on going
back to look for my lions and I think
Steve is working very hard to look for
thanks David well we are melting in the
seat right now it is hot that might not
look that hot but your it is that’s
taylors your I think she did it entire
half in our segment on the correct use
of the word your I’m not going to
enlighten you because it’s basically
it’s just that Wow
but more so South African slang your hey
BK very commonly used and it can mean
many things the heightening of any sort
of thing a exclamation exclamation
triple exclamation on the end your
anyway we found that we went around
Sidney’s damn nothing going on there
there was a herd of Impala in the
distance oh just enjoying some shade
just like we’re about to who what would
we do without the trees I think we’d all
just be melting when we are melting and
then I had some Buffalo Jack’s coming in
and they went towards a small of a pan
just over there but no luck finding them
only about three maybe four Buffalo
Bulls coming in probably trying to avoid
the Oklahoma pride
so the elephants have come up and down
there’s some fresh tracks coming back in
and South again and we’re going to see
if we can follow them but talking about
Buffalo and their favorite or should I
say the predator that loves them so much
on this property it seems like Ellie has
we do they seem to love Buffalo and
apparently they had a wonderful morning
today we all know that they got full
bellies which is good news because I
think we were all concerned that they
were looking a little bit hungry now
they are on a property that we
unfortunately cannot go into so we’re
looking at them from quite a distance
you can see just how far away and how
well this lioness is blending with the
environment so I think it was a very
good thing that she is very hot and
panting cos and she’s got her head up
and that made it a little bit easier for
us to see there is a pan or a well more
like a mud wallow not too far from where
she is so if she gets really really hot
she can go down in there and have a
drink we the rest of the pride is here
I’m not too sure how many of them cuz we
can only see a few heads far behind from
where she is hiding behind a tree so
it’s a little bit tricky trying to put
the rest of them on camera just so I
don’t say I was doing it well you see
that bush in the middle of your frame
there behind it yeah there behind there
somewhere all lying down because it’s
very hot so there by the shade of a big
tree which is very clever of them so as
I was saying oh yeah I feel like I feel
like the Lions are being very clever in
well not just alliance of hyenas clearly
as well but all the animals are a little
bit more clever than us humans driving
around in the heat but the good thing
about the heat is that because it makes
animals be a little bit more static if I
can use even that description because a
lot of them are just gonna chill by the
shade or close to a pan and they’re not
gonna be moving too much in the heat
they can a lot of them don’t have sweat
glands and the user mouths to pant to
cool themselves down just as this
lioness is doing so we can tell that
she’s very hot so they’re not gonna be
moving around creating even more heat
for them so we’re making themselves even
more hot and you’re just gonna pretty
much stick around in the same spot
throughout the day until they decide
that it is enough and then they’re gonna
go and start moving again potentially a
little bit later and as we know the
lions are pretty full so there’s a very
good chance that they’ll just stick
around here until the night falls and a
little move
oh hi Megan
oh look sorry I got distracted there
because we’ve got a second lioness going
to join her which is good and she does
look like she’s enjoying lying down
there in the shade and perhaps this
other one or the second one that has now
approached is gonna go down for a drink
are you are you just gonna lie down hmm
interesting you can see those bellies
there looking happy and full look at
that that is a happy lion it’s a lion
lads but well-fed hmm there’s a third
one coming around alright guys well if
you want to move and then contradict me
and then cross unto our side I’ll be
very happy to be wrong all right well
this is good when they start appearing
and then we can start counting them so
we’ve got a lion number for joining the
maybe we should count them by their
bellies weekends you know roundness
number four coming along coming in it
looks like I summon the member well you
know it’s a power of my mind it doesn’t
always work I cannot control it it’s a
mystery to me when it’s gonna work and
when it’s not but good the day that they
are going in I don’t think there’s too
much shade for you there guys I mean
it’ll be a lot smarter he just carried
on coming on to twin dams we’ve got
lovely jackal berry trees that he can go
and lie under alrighty are you looking
for watering this seems like she might
we wonder where she’s gonna go maybe
she’s gonna go for a bit of water there
is more shade in there so maybe she’s
gonna go there
Philip yes these are the increments
not all of them we’ve counted five of
them so we’re missing about six of them
but I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna
be lying just like this ones are in the
back of the of the tree over there so I
wouldn’t be surprised that they some of
them have eaten maybe a little bit more
or they’re just like now it’s too hard
to move around we’ve got a nice shade
but here we are going nowhere
so it’s a very nice of them at least you
have come unto the shade just as we
arrived and then pop this way here
because otherwise they would have been
not the greatest visual now because they
are or they have eaten as much as they
have I don’t think they’re gonna be
hunting to actively tonight unless they
manage to find a great opportunity in
which case we’ll probably take it but I
think at least for one evening they are
gonna be able to enjoy just almost like
not not a busy night in terms of hunting
because the last few days that we’ve
seen them they’ve been vain moving all
over the show and they’ve covered quite
a quite a distance in the last unit I
think just hearing from the stories as
to where Tristan track them from it
seems like they use Juma as a gym the
Juma gym as we call it because they went
up and down and up and down potentially
just looking for different prey species
and for an opportunity to bring
something down and eat it
and even though apparently they had a
water buck this morning they finished it
and move off and it gets complicated
when there are so many lions um five
females and water buck would have been
enough but then of course and you’ve got
another six of adults that are joining
the party so they will eat a lot and so
it’s not too much it’s a good meal for
lions we can see that they all have big
fat round bellies but perhaps not enough
to keep them in locked in the same spot
for too long we’re going to carry on
counting or lions as they come from the
shade and we’ll let you guys know just
how many we see but in the meantime
let’s head over to James who is very
and everybody we are getting found send
the moment we can find a lot of sin huh
Oh someday a flute as it is obviously in
the already get 2019 and the domina can
you believe it David it was like just
yesterday it was three BC it’s very hot
here everyone not as hot as it has been
and we are driving at this incredibly
slow Miss Daisy speed and not because it
is Sunday afternoon and this is the
appropriate speed to drive on a Sunday
which of course is it is simply because
we are trying desperately to find sign
of Tandy or chill ember Tandy or Columba
and we have as hitch not managed and so
that’s our plan we’re sort of the North
middle of the reserve on a road called
hyena Road and as I do like to tell you
of course you can find those roads on
the more we laid out this everyone’s
gonna see exactly one cat but the bush
is stickier and that means that if it
happens be a leopard under Bush merely
either a few meters off the road it’s
going to be very difficult to spot we’ve
been very much liked
chellamma for our TV show which is of
course at 6:30 central african time 7:30
east african time and i have absolutely
no idea what time it is wherever you
happen to be as i don’t know where you
somewhere near tomorrow if you’re in
Australia and so many yesterday if
you’re in Hawaii I’ve just had the
following communication from the final
control we are going to go across the
yes well they go the warthogs
I’m sorry gars so didn’t mean to chase
you out of the shade they’re about 60
meters from us and as soon as the camera
panned on then they disappeared I do
lead have flies in a very nifty fly
swatter in the form of a magic quarry
and well we also believe it is believed
if you adorn yourself or your building
or your vehicle with magic väri branches
you’re going to bring some luck so well
as James said this SABC show this
evening we would like oh okay there’s a
good day right there as soon as we put
this branch on we found a kudu two
warthogs for one parlor and a could
again so I think so far the luck oh
here’s a magnificent bull coming here
bkr not that magnificent actually he’s a
nice bull he’s got a little bit of
growing still to do his horns quiet
close together look at that the luck is
on our side all of a sudden as he lifts
his tail not in any form of aggression
it’s just he is having a poo that as
simple as that you know when you’re you
take your dog for a walk what happens
within two minutes of the dog walking
yes indeed we all know he decides I’m
now going to drop a little log on the
floor and that was BK’s job to assist me
this morning those of you who missed the
excitement this morning we did not put
it live on TV because we thought well
that’s pretty gross but became managed
to bottle a little bit of cuckoo Moody’s
dropping this this morning a little bit
of his scat for DNA tests to find out
who exactly his father is and then by
finding that we’ll also be able to find
out who in fact he is the father of
which is very exciting stuff Okumura
here this is the area a little bit
further from here that we found them
found him yesterday and I don’t think
these could have got too much to worry
especially the male from a big male
leopard could who generally are say that
was BB came at a very funny noise on the
back with his foot that sound like a
leopard roaring behind me
it wasn’t purchased his foot but look at
how the kuda walks one foot steps
exactly where the other one was before
typical of the Trager loafers and the
spiral horned families but the kudu
looks very awkward Arts in the open
doesn’t it
it stood out quite well there and as
soon as it goes into the thickets and it
really does blend in so it is a thicket
specialist or sort of semi woodland
specialist and that is where they where
they reside and I’m thinking that these
two plus the impalas and the warthogs we
had a little while ago have come from a
red dam in the West to have a drink and
they are slowly making their way back
this being the time of day when it is
the hottest and well the chances of
lions being willing or active enough to
try and catch them is quite limited so
although a lot of energy expended to
walk to the watering hole there is less
opportunity for predators to be active
in the heat to try and catch them so
there’s a sort of payoff there but see
how well the crew has just disappeared
into the shade and that’s probably where
they’re going to spend the rest of the
afternoon after getting a lot of water
in the belly it’s time to go and feed on
the juicy delicious leaves nor maybe
with the water in his belly he’ll now
decides to do a little bit of ruminating
possibly on a whole lot of leaves
he has already ingested well we’re going
to leave this beautiful kudu hidden
behind a quarry bush and a buffalo thorn
and we’re gonna continue on seeing what
we might be able to find but in the
meantime while we trying to get us up
such a lovely breeze coming around now
that’s wonderful we’re going to blow you
all the way back up to the mass M R with
David in search of the sausage tree
pride well it’s very interesting just to
let you know that the Carew we do not
have any crews in the Mara
I’d say further north of Kenya or
further north of the Equator we bought
produce and we’ve got two types of kudos
unlike in Juma or like in South Africa
we got what we call the greater kudu
and Alessa kuru and I’ve always wondered
why we don’t have the kuru the Mara and
my only quick thinking would be we do
not have the right habitat to have the
kudos in the Mara either one the
elevation is too high – it could be too
cold for them and maybe the type of diet
we have here could not be very good or
palatable to the kudos
so the kudos are more of dry areas or
what I’ll call a semi arid semi-arid
habitats so we do not have any crews in
the Mara and I’m trying to think of what
animal that could be closed to the kudos
here and I don’t see any because when
you look at the spiral Hannes you know
of the mayors of the kudos and I I’m
trying to remember which one could be
similar to the kudos little shadow you’d
like to know whether we get white rhinos
in the Mara good question
but no we do not get rhinos in the Mara
the Mara and I would say Kenya as a
country we have always had the black
rhinos and we got areas in Kenya oh yeah
we got white rhinos well tell you the
high trainers were introduced here in
Kenya they are not native to Kenya so
all the Rhinos we got in Namara or black
rhinos which are indigenous to this
particular area and even after the
introduction of the white rhinos in
Kenya they did very well we now got some
national parks that you call centuries
like this one could Lake Nakuru and I
think they got over 50 avoid trainers
there and they blended in and they did
so you’ve been seeing the numbers
growing steadily along the years
so once the oil here in Amara we also
end up seeing rhinos from you’re lucky
so I have now officially it got to my
destination which was the area or the
area where normally the sausage III
pride stays around or stick around and
yesterday was rather frustrated when I
came here and I did not see any one of
them and three days earlier they had a
buffalo kill so went back to the kill
I did not see even a single hyena there
are no traces of where they want they
went and unlike Juma where you can
always follow trucks you know on the
road on the ground in the bara is
practically impossible to do that even
during the dry times or dry seasons like
now I mean the grass is everywhere and
will always end up with some bare ground
like what you see ahead of me simply
because we keep passing here this is a
road for drink Ambridge but it’s almost
impossible difficult also Franklin
flying out there it’s almost impossible
to say our hike and see some tracks here
so let me just follow them it’s two very
tough we will always come and just
tropica and get our bikes and just scan
across the grass or if you’re very lucky
you’re driving along the road and a cut
bridge the bridge you asking about the
Euler errors and the cab now the last I
had was two days ago and the female in
the order of pride is doing very well
with hard two cabs and I’ll tell you
apparently I have a passion for lions
and I don’t know how to explain this it
becomes difficult if you get bonded to a
particular price and then you hear the
hola laurels you like alright they’re
doing fine you hear of another pride
like the Salt Lick pride they’re doing
fine and you won’t even bother but this
particular pride here is I’m talking
about I have been coming here every day
that’s coming tomorrow so I cannot tell
you you know how big the cabs are or
whether they have any huge but the last
updates I got of that female of the oil
pride is that they are doing fine maybe
tomorrow next week but the drives I
might go in that particular area and see
the progress firsthand but at the
meantime I just wanted to stick around
and follow this particular pride I’m
sure you know this one female here that
gave birth called the kink tail and she
has not shown as her cubs she has I do
know that she I would say she has not
even introduced the Cubs to the main
files and my guess is either they are
still too young and because he is the
oldest female in this particular pride
she’s a I would say very experienced
she’s very careful and she doesn’t want
to commit half cups or expose them to
any danger because anything from zero to
three months lion caps are always very
vulnerable and anything would easily go
I’m sure I will get to my pride of lions
because Ali is very proud she already
got so the Oklahoma I guess well I mean
we can’t really claim all that credit
for this particular sighting it’s very
hard for the Lions to be moving out and
about right now you can see that’s
hiding in the long grass belly-up
panting very quickly it’s a good day to
be a lion I mean in the shade the
temperature I would imagine is a lot
better than out here in the in the heat
of the day or elsewhere there is no
shade so you can see they’ve all
strategically placed themselves in
different parts just to try and stay
away and stay away from the heat of
course they’re not all lying around you
know they have somewhat scattered and
they’re all lying around different
bushes but we have counted 11 different
ones so we can test the power we can
really firm that the ink the entire in
Kakuma pride is here with us today which
is pretty good so just hoping that
they’re gonna come unto the property or
at least out of the bushes so that they
can be stars on tonight’s show but it
will be pretty good and if not well you
know it’s always lovely to see them and
it’s the reason why we do this is the
job that we do we love having the Lions
around love seeing what they get off to
it seems like the last lioness is now
coming pretty much walk the same path
and she’s going straight as to where the
rest of the family was Rosalyn they’ve
got a few different strategies to
survive the heats the lion so one or a
very common one is exactly what they’re
doing right right now is not to move in
the heat of the day or not to move
during the day and they’ll just lie
under a tree you and or in the shade
waits a few degrees much cooler than
what it is outside and about everywhere
where we’ve been which is maybe seven
let me just try to move back see if this
lion ice is gonna come because I can’t
see her now she’s in behind the one tree
so let me just move around for one
second so that is one strategy that
they’ve got and then of course they pant
often to try and cool themselves down by
trying to evaporate
some of the moisture that they collect
in their mouth with in their nostrils
and so on so that I would say are mostly
the two main things and they’re of
course by instinct very clever and they
know not to work themselves to harder
started running or do too much when it’s
really hot because that can of course
test their body and their limits and
then just put them in a in a very bad
condition as they can also get
heatstroke very much in the sense or in
the way that a domestic dog or a cat can
do you wouldn’t really lock them in in a
place where it’s hot cos and if they’ve
got no shade or watery they start
running around like crazy during the
heat of the day chances are that
something is not gonna go down too well
they’re always so funny with a big fed
stomachs once they manage to eat a lot
they go like we said they were scattered
in all the different areas so very
likely in the little in the next little
while they’re all gonna plug their heads
go on to the bottom go and lie down a
little bit you are them again boy oh
okay I was referring to you as a she I’m
so sorry unfortunately with the glare
and the distance and I seem to have
misplaced my binoculars today I cannot
see everything to the detail but that
extra fur underneath the chin now that
it laid sideways and definitely signal
that it’s actually a male lion or a
young male lion and not a female good
there’s seems like they’re all around
here I think we’re gonna leave them and
then come back a little bit later in the
hopes that they’re gonna be more active
in the meantime let’s go to Steve and I
thanks Ali I would feel very lost if I’d
lost my binoculars at the part of me but
if you can’t find shade folks you need
to make your own shape here’s a little
scene ago Lapwing just over here he’s
enjoying some shade oh it’s moving now
don’t move very nice little Lapwing the
synagogue not commonly seen actually in
the in many areas I’ve been uh I need
two locations I’ve ever worked I found
them quite easy to identify we talked
about birds and identify birds and you
can see they’ve got very long legs and
very upright sort of standing posture
and if you go to the lapwings in the
book they all have that same sort of
look that very big I generally occurring
in sort of open landscapes and I the
blacksmith left-wing obviously being the
black and white variation and they occur
in and around water and the Senegal that
wink very very common on sort of over
grazed and sort of disturbed areas where
they seem to find their preference the
other one the crown left we much easy to
identify then the synagogue’s got that
very nice sort of cap on the head and
they like to be on golf courses as well
as open areas so very easy to identify
the lapwings for me there’s another one
called the wattle Lapwing and let me ask
you if you could understand what that
would be and yes indeed got funny little
wattles on the face and while these
birds walk around and they feed on all
sorts of insects on the ground might
feed on small seeds as well but
primarily insect eaters
and they’ve lost their back toe most
ground-dwelling birds not all of them
but most ground-dwelling birds have lost
the the back toe like david’s ostrich
they’ve reduced the toes altogether to
fuse to in the front and have a second
one on the side for balance and that’s
all about just surface area really on
the ground thick thick knees and courses
and lapwings the most wading birds have
all lost a toe on their foot they’ve
reduced it to two three toes just for
walking not for perching they don’t
perché at all that’s where the
passerines or the three-toed birds that
have toes on the same level they need
that back toe so that can stay in the
bush free from predators at night
whereas these guards will just sort of
bed down right where they are on the
ground the second one behind their to
the white belly a little bit of a white
forehead as well and very very nice to
see there you can see the foots at the
back there
just the three toes chatter ah you said
something about lap wings
I’m not sure what you said they’re a
Marten but check my said something about
talking about lapwings oh this is a very
nice lapwings to see it’s one of the
yes indeed Sapna I was hiding as a bush
in it they want to come and stand in my
shade yeah I am a talking bush and
that’s why I’m able to get so much
closer to these birds than I would
normally well they’re seeking out shade
that is very hot folks and that well the
birds have a benefits over us in that
their installation or their feathers
repel most of the sunlight but
unfortunately once they reach a certain
limit of heat then they get very very
hot they don’t have the same ability to
cool down that we have so when you have
the up wings and the like like this
standing in the shade then you know it
is a warm afternoon many feathers are
designed to actually reflect light so
that’s many of the black birds that you
see the iridescent birds they almost
reflect the heat completely and they can
stand or sit in the Sun quite a sort of
free of overheating notes are set with
the vultures and lots of birds of prey
they don’t really have anywhere to go
except for sitting in the tree and just
waiting they can’t just pop down onto
the ground and go into the shade like
these lapwings do there we go there’s
three of them now all of a sudden
constantly being vigilant they are even
though it’s so hot very vigilant but if
they just sit down
it’s amazing how quickly they can blend
okay well are we going to move on head
on down to our boundary road make a turn
past where the high Hina Den we found
this morning is locates it I don’t think
there’s gonna be too much activity for
now but we’re going to go have a look
anyway let’s go back up to the Mara in
the meantime was David keep moving on
it’s cuz it’s by moving that things will
happen not staying in one sim place and
that’s exactly what I was doing I have
been moving and I’m also moving I’m not
stopping until I get myself some reward
of some kind just like Ali who got the
Lions me and Steve have to move on to
get cuts over own well I’m saying that
is because I have come back to the very
first place I saw pink tail and where
think she gave birth but ideally that
doesn’t mean she is still there because
what would happen is she will need to
keep changing her location every now and
then so let me see this little bee eat
have a no-shoe
arch you can get it this is a small
little thing there I’m sure I gonna be
tough but I sure I know your magical
when it comes to carry this little bee
eater there and right behind that be
something yes if you go there nice Jimmy
well done keep going just sail there to
get right
I just flew I see it it’ll be you two
there that I can see it now yeah
excellent very good oops back the same
position flying coming back so behind
that Villita that is the very fast Den
but kink tail dropped
cabs and it’s so good at least for me at
least to see a beat in an area I’ve been
to three times not seeing anything but
right behind those tickets he’s working
theory is one of the females in the trip
and thus beat up every good customer
you’re worried are you asking about the
missing Cubs for me tea now nothing to
worry about because the very first time
is for one missing and that’s so Howie
three Cubs and three days ago I saw how
it’s two instead of even three and like
the numbers for coming down
but when I saw how is to the king still
avi was not there and my own gods told
me chances are King still stayed back
with Metis other two cups so for now
there’s nothing to worry and I’m sure of
you know lionesses will always just suck
off each other’s caps without any
discrimination so King tell having her
own Cubs and having Cubs you know of me
team should not have been a problem
that’s what I’m crossing my fingers for
but I can tell you between today or
tomorrow the day after we should didn’t
be knowing exactly how things look you
remember are we at one point meet he had
lost one cub you know lost in quotes
because after three days you know the
cab surfaced and was able to rejoin the
pride so even this particular time
nothing very big hurry and in that
particular time of the kaabah had fallen
in the ditch and I think meet you not
bring it out
so the b2 they’re not all of them you
know we’ll eat bees as the name suggests
that eat insects that we flying all
beaters let’s see what about Stevie is
yes well welcome back we have found
ourselves a cuckoo that is trying to
hide in the shade as well on the edge of
a branch of that marula tree that’s been
sitting with its mouth it’s still got
its mouth wide open trying to cool down
you can see there’s a little bit of a
breeze there from the wind and that’s as
beautiful spots a little bit of
elevation for the cuckoo and the wind
blowing over the the lips or should I
say the wet tongue is what helps birds
to cool down that is their cooling
system to term called gala fluttering
now I can’t tell you for certain which
cuckoo it is it’s either the common
cuckoo or the African cuckoo they’ve
both got a yellow eye and they’ve both
got a yellow beak just the degree of
yellowness on the beak is the the key
really there’s more yellow at the base
on the the African then on the common
cuckoo but the call is often what you go
by the group reports and who doesn’t
porty very chance that you it is African
and I’ll play that so that you know
that’s a very very typical sort of
niconico can you hear that he’s saying
very simple like like the cuckoo clock
really you want to know if this bird
occurs in Japan well I’m not aware of it
occurring in Japan they basically are
migrants in Africa so I don’t know what
cuckoos you get over the pad I’m really
not sure but this bird goes up sort of
into sort of a bit of central Africa and
then comes all the way back down here
again it doesn’t go into Europe where
the common cuckoo does indeed all the
way to Europe
this one comes down Spain Brechin roots
of birds are not thought of and
but I say a bird to go from from Africa
over to Erica I’m from Asia way down but
there follow the continent I’m not sure
what Japan is like whether the ocean is
a bit too far for birds to get across
but that is out of I’m afraid for now
but it’s possible you get cuckoos in
specialist that’s these birds come all
the way down here for most of the
cuckoos or pretty much all the cuckoos
there from all the way down to feed on
the blooms of caterpillars batch on many
of the trees out yet and they are
obviously the larvae which then form the
butterflies and so not only are they an
important food source they D foliate
leaves of treat and so they turn into
butterflies which then are very
important pollinators for thousands of
the plants that we found around here
just be what around if it is indeed the
African cuckoo I’m just going to assume
it is because they’re a little bit more
commonly seen and then um although the
name might but not too sure what I mean
by parasitize
will basically lay their eggs in a host
species nest and then leave requiring no
parental care they lay lots of eggs they
cause a bit of havoc with the host
species itself and the host itself then
raises those chicks to adulthood and
there’s many strategies that the the
cuckoos employ some of them will remove
the egg and then lay an egg down because
somehow birds are able to count the
femur comes back and knows whether
there’s three eggs versus four so if
they just lay a fourth egg there’s a
very good chance that they will just
kick it out
so some cookies will move the egg other
cuckoos when they’re hatch the chick
will kill all of the chicks in the nest
and some of them will actually be reared
with the chicks themselves getting much
bigger than they’re due and aren’t
competing them all together so it’s
very funny when you see a folks help
donger feeding a bird that’s almost
twice its size
well anyway from our cuckoo in the shade
we’re gonna try on some more shade let’s
go up to James who’s up in the northeast
of the property around a puffer soaked
dad yes indeed we have got a gray her
own sitting and be falls hook damn that
great her own is not wiped it’s beak
after it’s Sunday lunch you can see
there it is Gouda fluttering up a storm
in other words it’s trying to cool down
but also it’s got its lunch stuck on
into its beak you know unfortunate now I
think that’s the least attractive bird
that we have here not that it’s an
unattractive bird necessarily but we
have a flamingo over to the right-hand
side you see the flamingos David with a
red beak yellow beak sorry that flamingo
now obviously that’s not a flamingo
Sierra will stalk but if it turns its
back you can see his activate punk now
Olli and I were here yesterday and we
were talking about these things with you
and amongst each other and you have a
very nice explanation which I actually
didn’t know about for why it is or what
the differences are in the feeding
behavior of the yellow-billed stork aka
flamingo and the spoon bull which has
just talked to the left there and I
suppose I probably could have read about
this but I certainly hadn’t all he
managed to find a dead spoon until one
day he didn’t collect it as they say in
scientific terms in other words he
didn’t shoot it out of the sky and then
examine it he did they found one when he
was at the tracker Academy at lone Losey
and they opened its beak up obviously
and it is apparently like sandpaper and
what that sandpapery
spoon shaped beak allows them to do is
catch slippery fish and frogs tadpoles I
suppose as well but largely fish in most
areas is what they eat and it allows
them to
those fish with that sound very beak now
you’ll find that whoa here comes the
Heron you’ll find what they do is that
they feed in a much more aggressive
fashion than the stork will the stalk
walks very slowly through the water like
a heron does with its beak down and if
it senses the slightest movement on its
feet or near its beak it will quickly
snap down and that is its strategy
whereas the the spoonball sort of
disturbs the mud and tries to get things
to flush out of the way and then it will
snap shut on them and because it’s got
that sound peppery beak it’ll manage to
hold them so that is the story there now
we have found some tracks Tandy and
Colombo which is excellent news well
actually just clamber she was coming
towards this waterhole we haven’t
managed to see her here and so we’re
going to continue our search for her
pretty soon there of course was the
great scuba Steve and his lady
scuba let’s hope you hold on to your
lady until the 14th of this month of
course Gemma no birds don’t sweat birds
Goulart flutter or pent which is what
that mm Heron was doing sorry the game
drive radios going to result in the
explosion of my brain okay I’ve turned
it off not and what they’ve got this
pouch in their throats that they flap up
and down and it’s moist and so through
evaporative cooling they’re managed to
cool the blood that is going over that
pouch it sounds a little bit like
panting in a dog and that’s how they
cool themselves but they can’t switch
those feathers are tremendously good
insulators though as well so it’ll take
a lot longer for them to get hot then it
would for you and I to get hot but once
they do get hot then they’ll very hot
they of course swim a lot to birds they
like to get in the water and swim and
the case of the spoonbills they seem to
be having a Sunday afternoon nap you see
that David they’ve all gone to sleep I
put their spoons behind their wings
and they’re having a nap my mother would
thoroughly approve except it’s not five
o’clock which means probably time for
tea yes and scones would it be nice if
we had some tea and cream scones hey I
think it’d be delicious
tea tea and cream scones at the hook
damn wonderful just thick cream and
little dollop of strawberry jam nice
things gone some hot Earl Grey or normal
tea either will do no not going to
happen is it David no matter how much
how will it to heaven
alright let’s carry on began to try and
continue to find that line before the TV
show and for you of course we have an
hour left with you
well most agree of course will be with
I’m going to do a little turnaround here
and there we’ll go back to the way we
came and see what we can come up with
apparently a number of you saying you’re
going to go and buy some scones now you
mustn’t do that because they’ll almost
certainly be disgusting you must make
them they’re very easy to make my mother
always said first thing she learned to
make and her mother wouldn’t know she
was a domestic science teacher believe
it or not my mother’s mother my
grandmother and scones you can make very
butter butter flour don’t use margarine
please whatever you do butter flour a
little bit of baking powder tiny little
bit of sugar a pinch of salt in the oven
and you will have a lovely fluff he’s
whatever you do don’t get by one because
some cretinous company will have put all
sorts of preservatives and things in
them so that they don’t actually have to
put food in the food that you buy I mean
why would you have food in the food that
you buy so rather make them and whip the
cream yourself don’t get it out of can
because again you know all sorts of
nonsense and that stuff alright let’s go
back to the valve now I don’t know where
he is but he is with a high you know it
sounds very exciting indeed middle up Oh
welcome back everybody we just had a
Kingfisher woodland King for theory it’s
coming down to probably wet himself with
this little pen just over here and he
just she’s trying to think whether it’s
a good idea because well in the pad on
this side of the pan that we spotted was
a spotted hyena I’m not sure who there
we go bottom of the screen and it just
off to our 10 side about 20 meters or so
is the den sites that we located this
morning or should we say woody helps to
locate this morning and I am super
jealous of this hyena sitting in this
little bath of water because it looks
very very cool doesn’t it does that be K
mmm a little bit envious of this I you
know I’m not sure who does if it turns
is left here I might see but I don’t
know very hard to identify them when
they’re lying flat like this and the
Kingfisher is still sitting there trying
to think whether the hyenas dangerous
enough to flop down in the water and
have a little bit of a bath that’s
another way Birds cool down they bath
but they will flap down into the water
wet themselves a very quick sort of dip
enough sooo not waterlogged their
feathers so that they drown enough just
to get them wet and then they go sits on
a branch like that cleaning themselves
moving their water through the feathers
and then me if need be they were preen
once again getting all the oil refreshed
on the feathers and zipping all of their
flight feathers
to where there were in sort of heat
times of the day when activity is very
low because of the heat birds will often
spend a lot of time in the shade doing
just that sort of fixing and redoing all
of their feathers Riven do you hope it’s
okay well it’s the heads up now it’s
deaf ear not Corki cork is the only one
I’m very confident at identifying
straight away but to the left ear there
does not have the knotch but if you are
not watching this morning folks we
followed her koumori who led us straight
to the dead site and he actually spotted
some of the cubs which then disappeared
into the ground I didn’t see them but
Rickson was here with us and he was like
hiding at a hyena den and Okumura was
looking very intently at the hole and
out of nowhere the matriarch Corki came
storming in and she chased the hook away
isn’t she’s such a good mum and then we
went through a raging debate about who
would win in a battle Corki or who
Komori maybe we should do an afternoon
debate on that as well what do you all
think hashtag Safari live who would win
in a one-on-one fight kuku Marie or the
matriarch Corki it’s into your answers
let’s see what you think
that looks just way too comfortable way
too comfortable there Heena
way too comfortable ah could that’s just
getting more and more comfortable that’s
not fair that’s not fair is it BK this
is the afternoon you wish you’re sipping
cool kool-aid by the swimming pool you
know I was in Mozambique last week in
the way there was similar to this but
there was a swimming pool at the place I
stayed at and we were on at the beach so
it was a very easy to keep cool you just
said maybe a minute or two of being hot
and then you were cooled again and then
it was just a constant process of
bathing oneself is one of the things we
need to come up with a solution for
keeping ourselves cool I have forgotten
my spray bottle today I normally have a
spray bottle with cool water but I
normally spray myself and joy you reckon
hands down or should we say paws down
Corky for the wind okay very interesting
Corky for the win definitely when it
comes to being around the den site I
mean okie will tolerate nothing since
her lion encounter at the Lord’s den
sites any leopard coming nearby is going
to catch her wrath
I mean to survive a lion mauling means
you must be one tough cookie I don’t
know if any of you watched the show when
I was up in the Mara we actually did a
special broadcast as well when we found
we were with the sausage tree pride we
were with fire the lioness that we’re
walking and suddenly the sort of injured
hyena came into shot and well the
lioness has decided that this is fun and
all five of them gave it a proper proper
hammering and the hyena managed to get
away with a whole lot of squeals and
shots and managed to bite when the
lioness has on the nose which obviously
probably led that lioness to to think
twice it was quite a small hyena you
would have thought five lions would
easily have killed it but incredible INE
was walking on its two front sort of
feet as if the paws are broken
and somehow as soon as the lion started
to chase that had managed to muster up
the strength to run at full speed but
obviously a hyena over short distance is
no match for a lioness and they caught
it as we went laughs in that broadcast
and well it ended quite well I suppose
for the hyena we didn’t see it
afterwards but it seems to get away and
we know these animals are extremely
resilient and they get mauled all the
time they fight each other all the time
and somehow they just come out the other
side with just a few scratches and
scrapes well talking about the wide open
expanses of the Mara and the sausage
tree pride no one knows them better than
David Guiteau very good to bed there I
took of hyenas and lions and all their
dynamics but I’ve seen like here we are
in the Mara if there’s any confrontation
between hyenas and lions in general the
hyenas will always win as much as of
course it depends on you know the
numbers of course the numbers make a
very big difference of course we’ve like
many Lions again it’s one or two hyenas
definitely the Lions green but in
general we get very big plants in the
Mara of Hyannis there’s one especially
cold enough plant which has like 7080
hyenas you can imagine and that’s a very
huge number by any standard and they
have been known to deal with any pride
of lions wherever they find them
especially if they know they gotta kill
and I’m sure you know how sensitive hi
nazar they got very sharp hearing and as
soon as they can pick crunching of bones
somewhere by Lions it doesn’t take long
before they get there and what they’ll
do they’ll start whooping and they’ll
send the lead you know the leader
highness especially the females to go
and survey
whether they seed in or out guess a lot
of a measly up from the kill and then
they’re going to call the others and
then they go hoping that you see them
coming in twos then Falls then you see
that a number of like 10 as the Lions
continue eating you’ll notice they start
introducing them by making themselves
look big they cook up the tails the
numbers swell and they hope they even
get more louder and the Lions get
irritated and ideally they just leave
the kill and move on anyhow those are
the Lions of the the Lions the hyenas of
the Mara and trying to find out where
these lions would be and because of the
heat of the day I’m imagining because
they got the Cubs they are all under
some shades hiding and I think Steve is
getting lucky with hyenas hyenas
we are indeed David you should try and
employ the magic väri branch on the
handers proved to be very very fortunate
for us this afternoon and well now we
have turned around we left that one hi
he nap just there by the pool and we
turned the corner only thirty meters of
soap to find who I believe I could be
completely wrong to be pretty with her
bottom inside the termite mound this is
where Rickson sought the young pups or
cubs should I say pop down at the
approach of huka moody this morning and
it’s definite Corky because Corky’s got
a notch in her left yeah so please those
of you out there if you can tell me if
this is pretty I’d love to know I am
trying to be an open my my what you call
it yes it’s working very good
my phone is working I was in a very bad
signal area so I might be able to get
these images art to be able to make sure
I know who I’m looking at but without
looking at the body patterning in the
spots on the side it’s very difficult to
identify these hyenas but we know that
both protti and Corky had had Cubs so
it’s possible that because her bottom is
in there and that she is one of the
mothers okay and she’s got a very nice
nope that’s definitely not pretty who’s
sitting there I’m going to have to go
through all of them to find out –
we are looking at pretty has also got a
bit of a notch in it yeah which makes it
a little bit tricky yes joy thanks joy
I’ve just noticed that on my app that
she’s got another she’s also got a notch
on her left here but different place –
Corky and joy reckons it might be hot
okay joy thanks for that time we did
have a look and see I really need to put
some effort in over the next little
while to find out who these actually are
because well it was very tricky for me
hyenas I need to really put a lot of
time in here
but Jamie has put in a lot of effort
into the the app or not the app but our
our database so it is important for us
to get involved and to find out who’s
who and what’s going on but I’ll have a
look for Hart have found an image for
you let me have a look and see if it
appears to be her she’s a very pretty
hyena no obvious scars on the face the
ears are in very good condition but I
noticed when I was out with Lauren that
one day we were using her ID kid that
day and that that lines and spots along
the body seems to be the best way to
identify them and unfortunately for now
she’s lying flat but maybe we’ll be
lucky and the youngsters will pop out
but for now I think the hyenas have been
watching or listening to me over vs. 8
is most certainly i ena thank you so
much for your observations it is
definitely a hyena and there’s a termite
mound and I think the I you know have
been listening to my stories since I got
back from Mozambique because they’ve got
their own pool just here mere metres
away from their home because the heat
and there’s nothing nicer than a
swimming pool close by
and while these hyenas have taken
advantage of that they don’t have to
walk very far to drink and to cool down
and the other den sites have always have
to walk a little bit further but
obviously walking distance for I mean it
is really nothing not too much effort
but right now it’s very very easy and
you can see this one’s even lying in the
okay so Hart doesn’t have any Nixle
isn’t it is she also doesn’t have any
notes to sports cars my face so this
could be there’s no skies at all she’s
got all sorts of interesting markings on
her side though she’s got a music like
note on the one yeah like the one on her
brother gets a name from the science
that is a sideways question mark of
spots beneath so I’ve got a nice little
image here that if she decides to step
I’ll be able to have a look but
right now it’s very hard to identify
anyway we’ll spend time here hopefully
the youngsters will come out BK and I’ve
managed to find a beautiful shady spot
so we’re quite happy to stay here for
the time being and while we do that
let’s go over to Elly and see exactly
well yes lucky the wedding has come down
it almost feels like that pre rain wind
or the wind that’s gonna build a cloud
cloud build up of course that’s not the
best choice of words but it feels like
it might just cool down and hopefully
we’ll get some rain at some point
because it’s been very hot today
seems like Steve scooped the opportunity
to go and check the the hyena den which
is good suppose very nice to see the
little ones always wonderful and I feel
sorry for Jamie she was so so keen to
try and find them but Murphy’s Law as it
would happen the person that wants to
see them the most or that’s put in the
most effort it’s the person that’s gonna
have to you wait a little bit longer to
be able to see them I suppose I shall
enjoy her reward and no doubt she’ll
spend a lot of time with there she’ll be
very happy to have that post it seems
like the little hyena Cubs are coming
well everybody look at who has popped
its head out of the den welcome to the
newest members or member of the Juma
clan just kinda speak a bit softer she’s
never heard my voice before
now it’s deaf you know plonk clonk has
already gone past the stage of dark
coloration and maybe this individual has
had some Cubs of her own that would be
super super awsome
it’s back at the hole now that’s putting
his head out again BK BK to the right
there we go oh here she comes here it
comes it’s the early stages the first
two months or so three months two months
the first month and a half Estill
completely dark like this I don’t know
when last any of us have seen this clan
so we wouldn’t know of any new members
and if she suckles and there’s
definitely mum cuz i Eanes do not share
suckling duties like i like lit like
lions do it is mum or nothing very
inquisitive a little bit of shade there
behind the little bush aren’t you a cute
little why not this is very special
how much too much fur or skin on the top
of the head om I think it’s a little bit
too hot for now for them to be playful
but in the next half hour maybe 45
minutes as possible there might be a
little bit more active and they might
come out and explore maybe come and play
with a stick or two isn’t that just so
there’s a very precious everybody and we
write on the boundary but just on the
northern side of the fire break road so
30 40 meters from Gary Maine itself
which is a southern boundary with little
Gary in Hoffman’s
and like I said it is huka Murray led us
to this data site this morning and maybe
he spotted this little one I don’t know
I haven’t seen any other youngsters near
the answers are also and they’re grown
quite a bit I’m sure since last we saw
them they’re probably all just full of
spots and apparently images saw another
one pop up behind to is very common in
high hina breeding and two youngsters
that must be mum it way to playful with
someone who’s not your mum that’s deaf
master philippi mum there we go are
going to go for the Nepal yes it’s just
too much skin on the head can you see
that and I can’t imagine what’s going on
in the nose that little gangster is
probably smelling all sorts of things
look at that hello welcome to the world
little one I wonder if it was in fact
born on julep we don’t know how long the
Sun in sight has been active for James
is quite certain that the hyenas have
been dragging carcasses south of the
boundary so it’s likely to attend but
it’s possible there might even be two we
don’t know we don’t spend any time down
there which is the problem it’s a little
bit of digging going on I think BK
there’s lots of dust coming out of the
hole someone’s digging it might be some
play happening inside so the hyena mum
can dig into the termite mound to make
the cavity and then the youngsters can
actually dig in a little bit more to
make sort of a smaller little alcove
where they can hide away because as
we’ve seen the likes of King Ghana can
go straight inside a termite mound like
this and still manage to turn around so
it is a cavernous sort of drop in there
and we’ve even had James Hendry going
inside of a termite mound when he lost
Ronald the rover so there’s all sorts of
things going on me Kathy from our you
said they’re looking a little bit brown
headed well I think that’s from the dust
it’s very dusty in there and it’s very
likely that this den site has been newly
newly dug not too long ago so I saw a
redheaded redheaded I’m sure that’s got
to do with the dust as well the brown
well the dark chocolate brown of the
body mixed together with the sort of
pale sand probably gives it a little bit
of that red it just sort of shimmer but
a lot of that’s also got to do with the
light but I assure you if we happen to
take it and dunk it in the pool just off
to the rights over here it would come
out rather dark indeed well it’s mum is
not bothered at all by our presence JW
they don’t keep snakes art other than
eating them the only way to keep a snake
out is to completely close something
even our rooms snakes can potentially
come underneath doors if you have a
little gap snakes have an ability to get
into the smallest of areas so there’s
nothing to keep a snake out and pythons
are well known to live inside of termite
mounds and there’s documents
commentary’s years ago of pythons
actually killing and ingesting baby
leopards a very sad story it is part of
what happens Archer though so you’re
never completely safe from anything in a
big rock python it really has the
ability to get into areas that other
predators can’t and is traumatic that
documentary went and the the Python
ingests at the cub and apparently the
female waited for the Python to come out
of wherever it had been and then she
killed it and then emerged or reimagine
the cub out of its belly but the kaabah
was dead
very very sad rather from constricting
or from suffocation not breathing with
inside the body cavity of the Python so
pythons are the means you know they do
what they do when there’s even cases in
other parts of the world of small humans
being ingested by large large snakes so
that’s important not to fall asleep here
Bush and always have an eye or a friend
out to watch you well as nice as it
sounds we would love to have the Sun
setting to cool everything down it seems
like David is watching her the Setting
Sun very well done Vova – sports a
Heinicke been there that makes me now
even work harder to look for the Cubs
have been looking for here but haven’t
seen as yet hopefully he’s not going to
be another frustrating afternoon like
yesterday because yesterday was here for
couple of hours and I saw nothing and I
was just trying to get my statistics
yesterday and I said out of every ten
times I have come here there’s only two
times I’ll miss them so I’m counting
yesterday and if that is what it will be
then this will be the second of the ten
times they’re from tomorrow our SATs in
them every other day so I’ve looked in
every possible place because what I’m
putting in consideration is the edge of
the cabs of meaty
one of the females there and of course
the Cubs of King cell which those are
the tiniest and the newest and I
wouldn’t imagine them going a very long
well we were hoping to find Columbus
somewhere around here we had squirrels
alarming close to the pan where she was
left yesterday so we thought we’d come
in and have a look-see maybe we got
lucky but so far it seems like not too
much luck we haven’t been able to
probably stop the squirrel or this girl
has stopped calling now and then of
course we haven’t actually found the
left leg so I makes it a little bit
tricky we’re just hoping that she’s
gonna be around here coz there were no
tracks for her oncoming out on the road
at least not from this morning so
chances are that she’s still in here
seems like stiva has managed to get
another view of the cub so we’ll send
you guys across while we carry on
looking for some more spots well on the
other side of the termite mound look at
who we found there’s all sorts going on
here I’m thinking this might be plunk
I’m not sure everybody that I in it with
a big notch in the left ear I think that
is Corky that is Corky and Corky has got
the one youngster called plonk who last
time we saw him he was a very very dark
in color and the only way to really be
sure who’s pup or whose cub is who is
when their sucker like that isn’t that
the most affectionate little cuddle
that’s happening there and just on the
other side of the termite mounds from
when we were that first tiny near that
who was before who we think he might be
hot came around to say hello there was a
bit of activity that went on and then we
found these two sitting here so aren’t
we just very fortunate today thank you
Quarry branches for the luck you have
brought for us we have surely missed
spending time with Venus you only really
notice when you don’t get them Thank You
Monique for confirming that it’s Corky
this is definitely the hyena that came
out this morning
plugs practically on his back this is
the one that came out this morning and
rushed who koumori and chased him
sending him off into the distance
because well we know that pretty she’s
also got a bit of a kink in her yeah
it’s a little bit more to the right of
Corky’s kink and she had to youngster to
a bigger than plunk at the moment but
last time I saw them they looked like a
plank does now and he he looks like they
do so I’m sure they are much bigger in
size incredible how they are growing and
still suckling of course because I
Heenan will suckle for up to a year one
of the longest sort of suckling mammals
for their size due to the enormous
amounts of bone inside the diet of the
hyena laughs and to provide food for
them will milk them for a lot longer and
so the Cubs will stay around the den
until at least a year before venturing
out into the wilderness to become a
fully fledged scavenger or hunter and
try it then you need to be big enough to
deal with hair Khmers one on the right
let’s see if there’s gonna be some
activity here we go so everybody now we
can see this individual standing quite
nicely I’m going to see if I can see
those interesting spots on the side but
they are rather plain in fact I can’t
you think I’m interesting do you we’re
gonna get the phone out and see if I
could see recognize any sort of markings
on the body as Corky’s looking way too
comfortable there and Corky’s bottom is
a very wet I think she was in the pool a
while ago while these two well while
this one has been sitting around the the
den site with the young step so there’s
at least three adults in the area with
at least two little ones which well is
very special and they’ve been here for
we don’t know how long I know I’ve been
seeing lots of trap
in the area that the day before Jamie
Patterson went on leave he was quite
adamant to try and go and find the den
site but it can be a difficult task I
have tracked hyenas before for hours and
hours and their tracks just go
everywhere they managed to cover
enormous areas they’re not the
wonderings ever searched a food for they
ever-growing bellies and to provide the
milk for their never-ceasing me never
ceasing Cubs is that what James called
it plunk because of its ability to just
lie upside down and plunk itself down on
the ground it is ridiculous it is
ridiculous em up but they look at the
affection coming from mum then he is
such a good mum we saw you chase off
behind you know we did there we go a
little bit of licking of the anal gland
first thing this thing to do in the
morning for hyenas is to in the a large
land it’s quite a revolting thought sigh
I know that in with dogs
many people take them to the vets to get
their anal gland sort of pushed out
because most books don’t taste like they
probably should and so you’re able to go
and get that the anal gland voided and
dogs I think it must be the most
revolting smell on the planet but does
exactly what it does
no I don’t know Emma she’s looking very
comfortable she’s looking comfortable
plunks not looking very comfortable but
she couldn’t have a care in the world
she’s seen off of the interloper who
Komori she is seeing to her little cub
and I doubt she’ll be art on the prowl
once again as the shade or the Sun sets
she’s on the nice side and the eastern
facing side of the mound with where
she’s been doing some digging and there
is the Sun on that side so she’s on the
eastern side and the best spot for the
sunrise in the morning and to maintain
an eye
cool area for most of but what are you
doing anyway we get to stay a don’t
worry we’re not going anywhere let’s go
back over to Ellie
see if she’s had any luck searching for
well unfortunately no luck with the
tracks or the squirrels and everything
went quiet so we’re just checking some
of the roads around just to see a week
pick up anything for her just lots of
her you know trucks around seems like
Juma has just become hyena central well
at least in terms of tracks so
unfortunately we haven’t been able to
find anything we were also invited
cutline at one point looking for the
cheetah that were apparently spotted
earlier on but the last report was that
they were going north west from the
boundary so I think they did cross and
then they are unbuckles of excuse me
somewhere now I couldn’t find any tracks
because again sometimes the directions
we get are like just go there maybe
you’ll see the tracks and then we don’t
but yeah no luck with that but you know
it’s a good it’s a good thing having
them come every now and again just sets
up the opportunity baby for one more ok
sorry guys it was just he was just
trying to get some view on the structure
here but I think it’s just insects that
have been walking around up and down so
who knows could it be that perhaps sandy
has gone off and then she’s left her
around it is quite thicker on that area
so it’s a little bit complicated to try
and find anything in there or it could
also very well be that tündi managed to
make a kill and then she moved her and
and they went somewhere else further
into the block in which case it’s a very
big block that one in which case I
wouldn’t have had to come to any Road so
that would make our life a little bit
trickier so we’ll see maybe a little bit
later on perhaps they’ll come back to
the pans for water that will be pretty
good it is hot so there they have to
come for water at some point but the
challenge sometimes with this summer is
that when it rains there are a lot of
natural mud wallows in between the
blocks or wherever there are no roads so
for those animals like the leopards and
the Lions you don’t really have to go to
big dams or anything I mean not just the
lines on the leopards any animal in
general they can’t just have a drink
anywhere so he said what are those
tracks they’re on your side sorry guys
we’re trying to have a look at some
tracks that are an hour
laughs inside can you have a look yes
I’m all right sorry
I’m gonna have one quick look just you
see in case we don’t miss the
opportunity and it’s a little bit of
soft sand all the way back here yeah I
think they’re hyena tracks yeah so
unfortunately I don’t know if whoo it’s
tricky to try and find a nice track to
show you guys I don’t know if your zoom
comes all the way to here can you see
this one here at the bottom so this is
what we’ve been looking at so no there
we go now I’ve lost it so you see the
back pad is here there’s one here and
another one here and then of course the
fingers or the toes I should actually
say so it’s one two three four and then
there’s this little inclination here
this little dip here where you can see
where the claws wear so when it stepped
onto the and here you can almost see
where they brushed and then there’s
another truck here and then another one
here and then it’s just carried on going
that way I would assume that it’s
perhaps one of the juma clan going back
in that direction all they have to do is
pretty much go in a straight line and we
won’t take them too long to get there so
all the tracks around here hold Halina
tracks my guy said we’ve we’ve bumped
into a lot of hyena tracks today but I
think it’s good now that we know where
the den is cuz then that makes our lives
easier we know at least we’re the ones
with little babies are gonna be on to
let me just plug myself in perfect I was
hoping cuz they were not too big that
they were gonna be a leopard track of
course but that unfortunately was not
the case hmm we’re gonna carry on
tracking see what else we can find
around here but while we do that we’ll
we do indeed have the high knees we can
guarantee them good luck trying to find
mrs. climb a little princess and well
plunk continues to gorge on her mum and
they can they can suckle for an hour
hour and a half at a time giving them
some time to rest
I can’t imagine suckling for that amount
of time really really interesting indeed
the production of that milk and the two
to three times a day well sir should I
say off a dozen times six times a day in
the 80 months later on in life up to
three months can be about three times a
day it’s a lot of time needed to by the
adults to spend this sitting here with
the youngsters but the interesting thing
about the den is that they can leave
them completely unattended while the
guards and that’s how the den actually
works TP know the skies around her neck
and head are bite marks scratches
possibly old tick bites things like that
the the biggest wounds she’s received
are on her back we did see her when we
arrived yet but I didn’t notice any
major injury her bottom was very wet I
assumed from the mat and the water she’d
been laying in but I didn’t notice the
seeping wound she had a really big
gaping wound on her back from the lion
and but didn’t I didn’t notice that I
think she was at the wrong angle when I
saw her obscene my ear pieces just to
fall it out well she’s being very
vigilant she probably still knows that
Haku Marie is somewhere nearby and I
suppose if you’ve ever been mauled by a
lion at all so make you sleep with one
eye open all the time there any only a
downfall of the position that we were
now in seeing Corky and plonk having
it’s having his meal her meal is that
well we’re now in the Sun we were in a
really nice shady stretch before look at
that isn’t that just the cutest
so she goes from through moments of not
having a care in the world to raising
her head in alertness I don’t know what
it is that she’s hearing her plonk is
turning around Oh trying to stand up
come on show us he wants to do it
standing oh look at the legs you are
just being ridiculous you know being
ridiculous so face is just too cute
spatchcock chicken indeed indeed it was
very fluffy stop as they lose a lot of
their fur as they get older you notice
that iene is up in the Maasai Mara or
much fluffier much more fur on the body
probably due to sort of the standardized
temperatures up there they can afford to
be a little bit for yeah yeah The
Winter’s get very very well get a
relatively cold but trainers can warm
themselves up through activity and the
heat in the day in the summer months is
just a probably way too much for them to
have too much fur on them but the
youngsters can afford to have virtue to
the fact that they’ve got a match a
smaller body size and so will give off a
lot more heat they’re also not as active
as the adults running around so they
need to have a little bit of a jersey on
them and Corky maybe if you position
yourself a little bit better plonk would
ever better go at the suckling seems
like she doesn’t want to leave the
safety of the hole too much who knows if
that’s to do with her old lion story but
anyway it’s much cooler in the Maasai
Mara let’s go and see if David has got
it’s a lot cooler here than it is I’m
sure in Douma and sorry you lost me the
last time you had me because of some
technical issues and any time now I’ll
be getting on my shoe car and again as I
said we usually face a few challenges in
terms of bringing our best shows to
living rooms in your screens but then
sometimes things go wrong
anyhow I am back and I’m online and I
still say it’s really getting chilly
here you can see from all the movement
or how all the wind is blowing the glass
the cross not in the case the
temperatures have gone down at the
minutes ago I took a piece of paper and
pen and I was doing some notes and I was
drawing something on paper and Archie
who is my camera operator today was
asking me what I’m doing and I told him
I’m trying to connect all the dots the
movement of the sausage the trip right
because I know where they actually where
the ads were or where they were a week
ago and then I could look at the
possibilities of where else they could
go because I can’t understand why I
cannot see them and you know Archie told
me good luck but I’m sure well that’s
his way of trying to get to my
frustration out of myself like where are
they but now as you can see one of the
biggest challenges we have currently now
is this high grass and those cuts could
be 20 meters away from where you are and
imagining they’re all flats and about 6
inches high or 8 inches in looking at
the hindquarters you’ll either keep
driving and miss them well it could be
Fiona you are talking of invasive plants
now if they’re in in Mara luckily not
luckily not and the game Rangers are
very strict for when guests come here
they always encouraged not to come with
any live seeds or any live our safe
routes where they could eat something
and throw it out there so Fiona the
grass we are seeing now this remains it
all around the yard has been like this
you know time immemorial and the most
dominant one here is what you call the
red ot glass all the remainder try
Andrea so that’s means German art and
you’re very lucky we do not see any
invasive or any exotic species of plants
now neighboring the Mara is another
National Park Fiona code Serengeti
National Park and Serengeti National
Park is in Tanzania and every couple of
months will always see some fire you
know man-made fire not natural fire and
the game Rangers will always light that
particular area and when you talk to
them they’ll tell you they are trying to
get rid of all the bugs zero or the
ticks mainly and also just in case
accidently there is an exotic plant
brought by a tourist or a guest of some
sort then they’ll also banish before it
starts creeping and taking over maybe
their particular niche or ecosystem of
the surrogate world in Kenya we don’t do
that but I’d say for a fact this remains
well so suggest running short of time
and again this is slowly coming out to
be my 2 out of 10 times or 10 days when
the give me amis which is fine this is
to be the beauty of our job you know we
come expecting the unexpected and also
not to see their business unexpected
when you leave the camp we always
guaranteed I know where they leave I
know the territory I’m gonna go looking
at all the watering points I’m gonna
look look where the animals they can
feed on for example buffaloes or zebras
Wow nature’s nature and of course they
have their own rules but what makes me
laugh is trying to imagine how many
times have I passed the Sableye you
sleep in the same truck or maybe how
close were they as I was driving and I
did not see them
and maybe they put up the head after had
passed they smiles by David see you
tomorrow to this torture day you know
it’s very possible it’s very possible so
on the grass we just have to drive
pretty carefully slowly and hopping the
might pop up because the last place they
had a kill they stayed in an open area
you know in the grass for about three
days and they did not move from there
all right you still have a few more
minutes to keep our chancing my luck but
I think it Steve’s hyenas are telling
good luck Gigi I’m sure you will find
the Lions they are out there somewhere
although they did evade you yesterday
there’s a very big area licking her lips
and satisfaction she long has been
standing trying to stand and Corki keeps
pulling him down he wants to stand and
eat because I think he’s a little bit
more upside down when he’s lying down
and now every time it does so she grabs
him with her paw and pushes him down
again her Dan I can’t remember if she’s
a if clunk is a male or female I’ve been
trying to find out in my in my I’m on my
phone here but I’m in such a bad signal
area that I’m not getting any of the
information so Emma thinks seems to
remember plunk is a boy I thought that
as well but I couldn’t remember and I
don’t want to get it wrong but I know
many of you out there are very familiar
with these animals most of the time net
plunk and the other two youngsters have
been around I was in the Mara so I
didn’t really get to spend too much time
with them I just started learning the
ideas up there seems an insurmountable
task and now we are back down here
there’s Koki decides to give the anal
thanks everyone for confirming there
that he is indeed a boy very naughty
little boy a very cute boy in fact so
it’s interesting I mean all the debates
had range around matriarchs and the
offspring in we will they sort of land
in the social grouping of things and you
know things have changed of the years
everyone’s always said males have no
standing but it’s become quite true to
life that males indeed if they are born
we were made shocked inheritors status
or Oh
corki’s dad that was very ungracious oh
look at him mom I’m hungry it’s got very
nice long legs isn’t he just gorgeous
he’s grown inches skinny is still gonna
a bit of loose skin on the forehead was
given that sea cocky he doesn’t seem to
have too much in the way of injuries on
her at the moment bottom ok well let’s
have a listen as some noises going on
he’s not done but I think she’s done who
are you calling in the hole there Corky
who did you want to come out and say
hello she’s going Safari laughs here
people come and say hello to them
got a bit of a limp on her there I think
because she’s been lying down but you
know I saw her this morning and she
looked fine I didn’t see any marks on it
let’s see on the other side it seems to
be completely healed isn’t that
remarkable remarkable she had the
nastiest of wounds on her back there I’m
trying to look closely it’s hard to tell
really this is mud incredible incredible
that must be two months three months now
she’s decided she would like to sit in
the beautiful Feathertop Cloris she’s
great look I’m a leopard everybody take
my photograph now I’m in the beautiful
grass this is where you take photos of
all the leopards don’t you obviously
after a genital licking first of all
clunk what are you smelling this must be
so many sounds or smells going on in the
hyena nose there it can they can pick up
enormous amounts of things in the air
that’d be quite overwhelming when
they’re quite young you’ve ever taken a
dog for a drive and they stick their
head out the window you can’t really
even talk to them because they’re
completely absorbed with what they are
smelling some oxpeckers there got her to
well we’ve got two members here and I
want individual walks away probably went
to go and have a little bit of a bath it
might be time oh there we go mummy give
me an ear licking what would you do with
that mama remember that’s one of the
things I was always told when as a child
is don’t forget to wash behind your ears
my anus don’t have to remember because
their mums do it for them right there
there’s hard-to-reach places
oh I don’t know if that’s lovely or
disgusting because you can you imagine
the breath that is coming off of Corky’s
mouth right now how that is supposed to
be cleaning your son’s head I’m not
quite sure but I think at least 100
percent or a for effort we should say a
yeah I think you still know is that who
Kumari was around she keeps looking in
the direction that he disappeared in to
and she’s probably thinking is he to
come back and give my little baby any
trouble okay well anyway we’re going to
stay yeah we’re not going anywhere
let’s go back over to James I think he’s
we don’t have much of an update I’m
afraid except that we’ve managed to find
Ally and Trish Allah and where will
Sebastian novice let’s have a quick word
with him
hello no luck
I’m afraid all right well we didn’t hear
you and all your the lines there okay
well then I’ll suggest you stick with
him okay all right I’m going to run down
to Chitra give love Ponce goodbye right
well today is a very special day for
some people around the world given that
there are seven billion of us occupying
this planet you can be fairly sure that
some people were born and in fact have
been born on this day one of those
people is a mr. Daniel suitor an
enormous super duper uber ultra infra
fan and well happy birthday Daniel I
know that you managed to find Emily and
Graham or they’ve managed to find you or
something rather you made up with them
and well it’s your birthday today and so
a very happy birthday to you
I’m sorry we can’t give you slightly
more than Greenbush and sand at the
moment to show you but Steve’s done an
admirable job and so does Ally I suppose
of showing you some of our favorite
pretty to characters and I hope that
they have been sufficient for your 43rd
birthday gosh you are really are quite
old almost eight months older than I am
yes I am absolutely correct okay what
we’re gonna do now is head down towards
towards Chitra Dam
because that’s where we going to start
the TV show and I’m afraid Columba has
managed to give us the sleep there’s a
lot of things around here there are very
few water pipes and we’ve checked
absolutely every one of them we haven’t
been lucky so we’re gonna have one more
check of quarry pan on our way down and
then give it up for three shallots and
Ali anyway alright let’s go back to
David and let’s find out it had any luck
well James I’m not any better than you
and I do not have anybody to each happy
battery to but just to ish these campers
if you know them if they just want to
show up their faces for couple minutes
before we end the show or Chris the
mothers all the males the old on your
Pike males
none of them is trying to be very
friendly today but I would understand
because I would say almost the whole of
this year began we have seen them almost
every other day now they took a break
from us it was the kiss fine are well
understood and we’ll give them a break
from our cheese camera purchased a
camera mounted which day and if that’s
the case then that’s fine so we’ll be
here tomorrow and the day after we’re
not going anywhere and this particular
area is one area was at the beginning
they are looking for the same lights and
found the ship orbit you have a tree
here the male leopard are all this area
so it could be either it’s because this
is apparently his territory the leopard
he lives around this area and I saw him
eating with one unknown female a female
that we do not know and I’m assuming
that female might have conceived and if
not happen at the beginning they may be
going to the end of next month we might
be lucky to see a card or two and I
think the person whose luck has been
the winner of today you say well there’s
been a fantastic day
and the day that I’m into remember
because we’re going to employ the Imagi
quarry trick because it works very very
well Corky went off for a little meander
probably to have a drink she walked
straight to that little pad and then she
came back postulated herself for little
plonk and now he’s popped out again
and he is now eating or should I say
suckling isn’t that just so cute little
so Corky very good idea positioning your
den very close to some water that was
Donna most certainly do make it again
flea infested probably mites as well all
sorts of things are moving in a in there
and so that’s one of the reasons why I
eNOS will move to insights is to allow
those parasites the ability to go
through a number of life cycles and then
possibly perish because if they stayed
here the life cycle of the parasite
would just continue within the den and
the animal would never get rid of those
parasites I’m not gonna say that hyenas
are ever rid of parasites but you have
the ability to decrease loads and
increase loads and by staying in one den
site that would definitely definitely
increase it’s the same as when humans
first started living in one place things
started getting a little bit disgusting
and that’s when the first sicknesses and
plagues started because of obviously the
decaying food the lack of waste disposal
and all of those things that lead to the
many many many illnesses that we still
see in rural parts of the world where
there’s not sanitary conditions where
they are rodent outbreaks and where
there is obviously the lack of a
distribution of clean water so it is a
similar sort of process the hyenas will
obvious you’re not gonna get dysentery
by staying in
a termite mound but the smell and the
parasites and the Flies possibly that
are attracted as well as the ticks and
fleas well they will just follow the
Ines and constantly be breeding on them
and sucking their blood if they don’t
move well it seems like plunk is going
to fill his belly with much-needed milk
that son has gone behind a few clouds
making it a beautiful beautiful
afternoon now Kathy the magic warrior
there’s a lot to be said for the magic
quarry and well we’re going to employ
that technique more from now on because
it has been a fantastic day
Missy spending time with her Kumari most
of the morning and he led us to the den
site I know many of you out there are
super excited that we’ve managed to find
everyone at the morning meeting table
this morning was also very blessed
because we have got we have got a TV
show coming on in the next half an hour
45 minutes and while we had Okumura he’s
gone south then we had ting Ghana and
he’s gone south we’ve got the Coomer
they are south of the boundary so
without these years I don’t really know
and what are we going to talk about but
anyway I got lots of things to talk
about and Cal 6y I reckon I should use
the magic gory bronze to attract ha sana
well I will do that so I’m going to hang
a branch from my dog and I’m going to
take on an every Drive and hopefully
Tintin little chief will come back hello
Corky it’s nice to see you again very
nice to see you and she is very happy to
see all of you ladies and gentlemen a
little bit of a cut on the side of her
face there a little bit of blood maybe
she got a smack from a leopard there
that seems to be a little bit of a wound
maybe there was a tick there they got
plucked off everyone is agreeing it’s
happy to have the Juma clan back on drew
map indeed is very happy to be spending
some time with him
such Pro close proximity to one of the
most magnificent predators on the
African continent the most complex
anyway and nice to be able to spend time
and to really delve into the behaviors
that they exhibit well everybody I hope
you’ve had a wonderful afternoon of acid
has gone from being very hot to being
nice and cool we are going to be closing
shortly for an S ABC show but thank you
for joining us this afternoon we will
see you again a bright and early
tomorrow morning I hope you’ve had a
good weekend have a beautiful beautiful
evening and that we will see you tomorrow morning good day and goodbye
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