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“I’m Feeling EXTRA Introverted Right Now!”

I’m feeling extra introverted right now
we got to practice and then go crush it
okay welcome to day 6 of my West Coast
adventure today is a bit summit day it
is I got an early start is now 6:30
getting ready to go
I forgot I’m Jesse I forgot I forgot I
forgot last night to try the lavender
sleep bomb gah okay I got it I got to
put it somewhere super visible I’m gonna
put it right there y’all see it tonight
so I can try it out I think I’m speaking
today I have to check the schedule
usually these things will see how much
content I can film for you because all
day seminars workshops from like 8:00
a.m. to whatever so I’m going to be in
constant workshops I’ll try to step out
and make a video or two updates see
what’s happening ooh I could tell you
this got a swag bag
speakers swag bag here good summit
there’s the logo so let’s see what we
got I haven’t open this year there you
go speaker this is a pair of Gary V’s
new shoes he’s uh he’s speaking here do
that Evan Carmichael I’ll look at that
I’d like a look at the inside of the box
that’s cool all right
look at that there you go look at look
at the paper I like it Gary Evan
Wow the whole message Darrell is and
Shaun doors thank you for support of its
I’m 2018
very nice let’s check it out
oh these are nice
okay Swiss the garyvee stitching what’s
underneath the mission the motive the
macros I think that’s what it says good
the other one say the work the grind the
hustle there you go that one’s easy to
awesome Jersey shoes I don’t really I
don’t wear shoes I’m barefoot normally
when I walk around otherwise I’m in my
Vibram sandals I’ll keep them as a
collector’s edition like first
entrepreneur to have a shoe line I love
that entrepreneurs are superheroes now
what else is in here
we got rich I’m rich by Amazon overview
okay well if this look through here if
it’s someone hat we got some ads too
buddy I used to buddy I love to buddy
custom thumbnails music bad home music
bed never heard of music bed something
to learn about aim is on influencers
okay shop my storefront Amazon alright
and last thing is hand cleansing gel oh
I’m just like some black stuff in there
can you see that can you see this it’s
like black stuff in the middle
alright so I bagged on time to go meet
some entrepreneurs and get ready for my
speech I’m sitting here in the midnight
queue booth this is liran you take out
the aisle you got iron it’s the real
Iron Man he’s gonna give me some news
energies to help me grow my youtube
channel people because tim has arrived
we are preparing for our presentation we
have been put together we’re the only
tag-team duo it’s awesome a good summit
this is my first time I should doing a a
time thing I’ve actually don’t wanna be
there you are my first YouTube collab
too you know that so this is our first
stage first stage clapping first use
your hair makeup collaborate right this
is a we’re going today right we got it
we got a practice and then go crush it
on stage so came back to my room for a
little bit crashing a bit have a have a
big headache probably because I haven’t
drank any water I think at all today I
just had a couple glasses now and just
all the conversations and the energy
level being high super fun day tons of
tons of awesome conversations I know I
haven’t feel much I’m gonna I’m gonna
share some I’m gonna share a lesson I
guess at the end I feel something coming
it’s gonna be powerful stay tuned but
I’m gonna relax for the next few minutes
drink some more water
I took an Advil for the headache cuz I
got to go on stage soon and I’m
expecting to bring some fire put a lot
of pressure myself to deliver at these
events at least to the best that I can
to be proud of the effort that I put in
to really try to bring my best on stage
it may not be good it may not work out
the results may not be there but the
effort can always be there you can’t
control the results because control the
effort that’s that’s a good lesson
that’s a pretty solid bus a lot of a
better one at the end of today but
that’s a pretty good lesson so
little relaxing for me and then okay
presentation is done an amazing night
led to tons of questions lots of Q&A
awesome awesome conversations
interesting time right now everybody’s
going out to different dinners there was
a VIP speaker go-karting and dinner
experience that just didn’t feel like
going to a lot of dinners happening
right now and I’m just feeling like I
want to do something myself but I want
to grab like one person and gone through
dinner and done something but
everybody’s grouping up so I thought you
know what I’m just gonna go by myself I
don’t know why I’m feeling extra
introverted right now so I’m gonna go
have a Subway sandwich by myself maybe
chat with Nina relax a bit and head back
to my hotel it’s an interesting feeling
and I think it’s easy to to judge and
say hey I should go and and and be with
everybody but this is how I’m feeling so
I’m just gonna be by myself I’m probably
done to some people but I’m gonna eat
dinner by myself enjoy my subway
get me some Evan time and then head back
interesting night it’s an interesting
night oh boy it is 12:30 yeah I took my
subway and doing the typical Evan I sat
in the middle of the busiest room and
sat down and ate my sub it was hoping to
attract you know one or two people that
come and have a quiet conversation cuz
that’s how I prefer to roll then then
bigger giant group dinners and then it
just became this parade of people
non-stop questions– questions–
questions– congo combo combo and i love
it i love it you guys know that’s what I
do I love it that’s the highlight for me
but but look at that can you can you see
is it it’s probably backwards 12:35
12:35 I got to get up early to do a an
interview tomorrow and there’s a guy who
who comes and sits down next to me is
like oh you’re going oh you’re going to
bed forget it man you know I’ll talk to
you like nah man no no what what’s your
problem what’s your problem is like you
know life is falling apart and trying to
find this passion what he wants to do
when like what am I gonna do I gotta
I gotta help I can’t I can’t I can’t
help but I can’t help but I gotta help
that’s what I gotta do that’s what I got
to do one thing that was kind of going
through my head today is I am not used
to being not the keynote at an event you
know like at almost all the events that
I go to I’m the keynote speaker and I
know you know I wasn’t I wasn’t number
one or number two or anything like I was
and it was it was it was it was fun
you know it was fun to be humble again
it was fun not to be the guy and I was
sitting there thinking about how a
younger Evan would have been jealous or
like oh I want to be that guy on stage I
want to be that person and I was really
trying to just enjoy being a student
again and and also eat the judgement of
other people of
and just sitting in the crowd with
everybody else right like I’m not that
I’m not special I’m not any different
than everybody else but people will
judge it like oh why is Evan sitting
back here anyway so that was fine it was
different it was interesting uh guys I
got it I gotta go to bed I gotta sleep I
got early morning tomorrow got more
lines to change more fun be had
oh no they didn’t give me there’s no
milk where’s my creamer where’s my cream
wait for tomorrow it’s the best if you
guys want to see me and the live meetup
that I had and the fun on the yesterday
check out the video next to me I think
you’ll enjoy it continue to believe I’ll see you soon
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