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Christianity 101 | National Geographic

about 2,000 years ago in a far-flung
province in the Middle East a man
emerged from the desert with a message
one that would radically alter the
course of world events and come to
define the lives of billions
Christianity is a monotheistic religion
that centers on the teachings of Jesus
Christ believed to be the son of an
almighty Universal God it is through
faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings
that believers have access to God and
afterlife the Christian religion began
about 2,000 years ago
in the province of Judea in the Middle
East it was a sect of the overarching
religion at the time Judaism and
originally had a very few followers
what’s known about Christianity’s
earliest days and the life of Jesus
Christ comes from four books called the
Gospels the Gospels hold that Jesus was
born in the first decade BC in the
region of Judea
his father was named Joseph and his
mother was named Mary according to
Jesus was immaculately conceived by God
in some accounts Jesus had been trained
as a carpenter or a builder but by the
age of 30 he took to preaching
saying that forgiveness of past sins was
the key to achieving righteousness
however the Jewish religious leaders and
Roman rulers of the region declared
Jesus an agitator they had him arrested
and crucified nailed to a wooden cross
and left to die but the story of Jesus
doesn’t end with his death according to
the Gospels the body of Jesus was
resurrected by God his father if Jesus
had built the foundations of the
Christian faith it was a Greek speaking
Jew named Paul who made it a religion
according to Paul God revealed Jesus
Christ to him in a vision Paul then
converted to Christianity and made it
his mission to see Christ’s teachings as
an institution by establishing churches
across the Roman Empire
Paul’s actions catapulted Christians
from an esoteric Jewish sect to a
society of worshipers with reach across
the known world
over the next two millennia Christianity
would go through an unprecedented
journey scriptures such as the Gospels
would be gathered and translated to form
Christianity’s sacred texts the Bible
the Christian faith would branch to many
denominations and be practiced by
followers in all seven continents and
the number of Jesus Christ’s followers
would grow to two billion making
Christianity the world’s largest
religion while religious practice ritual
and tradition have changed according to
the spiritual needs and desires of its
billions of adherents worldwide a man
from Judea is simple message of peace
and forgiveness remains just as powerful
now as it did 2,000 years ago [Music]
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