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Lisa Nichols Left The Audience Speechless – BEST SPEECH EVER!

are you willing to disrupt any form of
what you know are you willing are you
willing to reinvent yourself are you
willing are you willing to become
someone you’ve never seen before are you
willing to run leap and soar even at the
possibility that you might fall are you
willing are you willing to do something
you’ve never done before say something
you never said before do the things you
don’t want to do say the things you
don’t want to say so you can be the man
the woman you’ve always known yourself
to be are you really see I didn’t come
here to give you a lot of answers I came
here to disrupt your soul with a lot of
right questions because I wasn’t
supposed to be here I was that kid that
was always struggling with self-esteem
am i good enough am i smart enough no
one looks like me makes it anywhere I’m
chocolate mocha skin full lips round
hips and kinky hair you just don’t see
me on TV you don’t see me glorified you
don’t see me representing beauty you
don’t see me so the world didn’t give me
permission to be here but I didn’t ask
for it either so some of you were still
asking for permission
and sometimes you have to stop asking
for permission and it’s just time to
give the world notice so I just showed
up to invite you to give the world
notice that you’re coming give the world
notice that you’ve been here give the
world and notice that you’ve played
polite long enough now it’s time to play
for loud give the world notice that
unapologetic just showed up give the
world notice that non-negotiable just
showed up give the world notice but if
they can’t handle your life that you’re
tired you’re no longer on atom you like
if they came down to your life put on
some shades because when you become that
but when you become that audacious when
you become that up unapologetic all of a
sudden you become infectious all of a
sudden just the mere glimmer of you when
I can catch a glimpse of you when I can
get in your hemisphere and your
atmosphere and your zip code
something happens to me because I’m in
proximity and then you become absolutely
aware of the true assignment on your
life that you were here to save us you
were here to inspire us by the way you
with assistance by the way you rise
above your own uncertainty by the way
you push past your religious
conversation your cultural conversation
your economic conversation your gender
conversation by the way you show up and
say how can I serve humanity so what is
your quest it might just be to go home
and be a thousand percent present with
your children your quest might be to
love an unlovable sibling like it might
be that I’m a girl who has a mom in 1995
and all I was committed to do does not
spend the next 25 years
so I didn’t decide my quest out of a
pursuit of serving the world in a big
way I stepped into my quest becoming
committed that I won’t have it that way
so however you step just step however
you step just step sometimes you got to
step out of something before you’re
stepping into something just step don’t
get paralysis of the analysis trying to
make sure the step is right I’d rather
you take 10 steps wrong then analyze
trying to make one step right one more
day while someone’s waiting to be
inspired by you I’m still figuring out
how to get it right but I’ve done some
good work trying to figure out how to
get it right one day I’m a master this
thing one day so I just stopped by to
I stopped
to not let you off the hook of your
brilliance over your genius of your
humanity of the willingness to live in a
constant duality allowing your
brilliance and your confusion to
co-exist and you embrace them both not
waiting for another thing not waiting
for another person not waiting for any
permission not waiting for someone to
validate you not waiting for your mother
your father to say you’re okay not
waiting for the man the woman in your
life to say go be free not waiting what are you waiting for
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