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PUSH YOURSELF to Make Your DREAMS Come TRUE! | Mel Robbins (@melrobbins) | #Entspresso

you’re never ever ever ever going to
feel like doing the things you need to
do I’m going to give you three
strategies I’m going to give you the
three things that you can do on a daily
basis to help push yourself forward so
you can go out and accomplish the goals
that you say you want to accomplish I
need little tricks I have little tricks
everybody should do this in their life
rise and shine it’s an espresso time
what’s up believe nation it’s Evan I
believe in you and this channel is
designed to be a part of your daily
success routine so let’s start your day
off right together grab your coffee and
sip on today’s message give yourself a
push over to you Mel Robbins if you want
to know what Mel and other successful
entrepreneurs have to say about building
unstoppable confidence check out my 250
for confidence series where every day
for the next 254 days I will send you a
morning video for free to help you build
your confidence to link the join is in
the description below everybody’s
problem comes down to one pattern you’re
repeating that you can’t see when you
set goals when you have an intention on
something that you want to change about
your life your brain helps you and if
you’re somebody that’s watching this and
you have no clue what you want I’m gonna
say that’s total bull
you’re never ever ever ever going to
feel like doing the things you need to
do in order to have what you want you’re
always going to need to push yourself
you’re always going to need to parent
yourself so what is the net advice on
this what what is the bottom line the
bottom line is no one’s coming no one no
one’s coming to push you no one’s coming
to tell you to turn the TV off no one’s
coming to tell you to get out the door
and exercise nobody’s coming to tell you
to apply for that job that you’ve always
dreamt about nobody’s coming to write
the business plan for you it’s up to you
and because you’re only ever gonna do
the things that you feel like doing
right now or that feel good right now
unless you understand that you’ve got to
parent yourself you got to push yourself
you’re not gonna make your dreams come
you’re just not we’re not wired that way
you weren’t born that way
you weren’t that way when you were
growing up and you’re certainly not that
way as an adult and there’s a tremendous
amount of liberation that comes when you
accept the fact that you’re always going
to need to give yourself a push if you
are only motivated when someone else is
pushing you you will never get the
success that you are after this starts
with understanding that this is your
life it’s your life nobody else is
responsible for your life nobody else is
responsible for you having success other
people will only push you on the things
that they want you to do because you’re
helping them build their success you
need to take control and say this is my
life I want and deserve success and I
will go push myself to claim it you need
to be able to learn how to push yourself
when you give up control over who has
the power to push you then you are
saying that you want to live somebody
else’s version of your life instead of
your version of your life so what you
need to do is create your own customized
pushing machine you need to have a
machine your life is a machine that
pushes you on a daily basis forward to
help you become the person that you need
to be
to go off and accomplish the goals that
you say that you want to accomplish and
so it starts with figuring out what your
one word is so for me it’s believed I
need to believe more in myself it’s
always forever right I need to believe
more myself and I spread that out to you
guys as well and hopefully by watching
the content on this channel it helps you
believe a little bit more every video a
little bit more on a daily basis starts
to seep in when you around people who
are believing in themselves more and
around positivity and energy and
optimism it seeps into you you can’t
help but if you’re around it it’s gonna
get digested into your system so you
need to create that machine for yourself
so for me I wanted to be around more
believe I needed more believe triggers
in my life and it’s a good reason why I
started my youtube channel because I
wanted to learn from Elon Musk and I
want to learn from Mel Robbins I want
more Mel roms in my life a lot more Elon
in my life a lot more
Oprah in my life I want more chunks of
these people in my life so I could
digest it and then use it to push myself
forward to help me accomplish my goals
and so you guys get the spoils of that
you guys get to just sit and consume
that content and hopefully is meaningful
to you I didn’t want to have to create
my own channel at the beginning I wish I
could just consume it like I wish you
would do it I wish somebody out there
would do it and I could just subscribe
to your channel and then BOOM whenever I
need a little shot I believe there it is
reminding me to step up and claim my day
right I wish that existed it didn’t so
I’d made it for myself and that’s the
point you need to learn how to make it
for yourself as well so gonna give you
three strategies I’m gonna give you the
three things that you can do on a daily
basis to help push yourself forward so
you can go out and accomplish the goals
that you say you want to accomplish step
number one is chart your start
understand what is the morning routine
that you were gonna use how are you
gonna start your day chart your start
start your day every day in a way that
pushes you forward that inspires you
that makes you want to go do something
big and bold because even if yesterday
you had the greatest day of all time you
felt massively inspired and motivated
today’s a new day like that motivation
poof evaporated is gone you’re starting
from scratch and so you need something
on the daily to make you feel inspired
and motivated for me I wake up and I
immediately get into my Instagram DMS
and I see what people are struggling
with and then I try to share a message
and that that to me gets me going
sharing a message not just seeing
somewhere that needs help but I have to
share it and that’s it and if you’re
following an Instagram you’ll see my
daily motivating messages that’s what I
need to get fired up for the day but
whatever it is for you do that thing if
it’s hugging your cat if it’s dancing to
a song it was making a sales call if
it’s going for a walk outside like
whatever the thing is you have already
been motivated in the past you already
know what the thing is it makes you come
alive repeat that do that every morning
it’s why I created this and sprin so
series right why do I have the in
spresso series because I want to be able
to give a shot to people in the morning
boom start your day with success start
your day with someone who’s gonna fill
your head with something not just
knowledge but also the motivation to get
up and go do your life it’s why I did
this and hopefully it helps it help some
people other people may not like it
awesome find your thing you already know
what gets you motivated now put that
into your morning routine chart your
start every single day so you wake up
you won’t wake up feeling inspired and
motivated you’ll wake up feeling tired
and wanting to sleep more and having
stuff in your eyes and lines in your
face but then you do the thing you check
your start you’ve done the morning
routine and boom you’re ready for your
day chart your start step number two is
have an environment of excellence I
think it’s really important to surround
yourself with things that make you feel
excellent that push you forward right
how do we get the bush so we move
forward and aren’t just relying on other
people around us create a great
environment and so this is my
environment this is this is where I wake
up and I come to this is my home office
environment right now and then I put
five people on the wall here five
pictures on the wall and they all mean
something to me and for you that made me
nothing well it probably does like my
parents but I don’t mean anything to you
maybe Howard shelves maybe Kanye you
probably know who this guy is and you
know Steve Jobs awesome this means
something to me this tells a story every
time I walk into my office it tells a
my computers are here I’m looking here
when I’m making my content and working I
got Steve Jobs like staring me down as
I’m doing my work that may be crazy to
you that may be intimidating that may be
the worst thing of all time and maybe
you hate Steve Jobs amazing create your
environment what is on the background
where you’re working what is in the
background of your of your phone that
you see all the time but isn’t the
background of your computer that you see
all the time make it inspiring have an
environment of excellence and the thing
that’s so great about this is you only
have to set it up once right I only have
to set these things up once and now
every day get inspired I don’t have to
change the background on my phone once
and then I get inspired right so set it
up once you have a keen eye for for one
day you’re gonna sit down and design a
better working environment for yourself
and you set that up once and it’s taken
care of and it motivates you and pushes
you every day create your environment of
excellence and step three is remember
your big y and little Y your big Y is
the big mission you’re off why why do
you do what you do why why are you out
there trying to make a positive impact
in the world for me I think about
helping entrepreneurs to think about all
the lives that I want to change and
trying to solve the world’s biggest
problem we want to have the billion
entrepreneurs it’s a big mission and
that’s exciting and it’s scary but it’s
amazing and when I think about it
usually it pushes me forward to say what
I’m not doing enough like I’ve got to do
something bigger how do I get great 1.6
million subscribers is awesome how do I
get to ten what does that leap look like
what do I need to do next
and it pushes me forward to have the
impact that I want to have that’s the
big why the little why is the small
little moments on a daily basis
sometimes the Big Y is too big sometimes
when I think about helping the world
it’s just too big it’s like well how am
I gonna do that it’s too it’s too big a
mission I’m gonna help a billion people
that’s crazy talk and so when your
mission seems too big and too scary I
remember the little whys and that’s the
daily comments that’s people comment on
my videos and saying how much it helped
that’s you guys that’s people emailing
in and saying how much an impact I had
that’s an Instagram DM of somebody
messaging me back and saying Evan thank
you so much your contents really helping
me and so even though I may not see the
connection to help in a billion people I
know I helped that one
I know helped those two I know helped
those three and that fuels me to feel
motivated and to continue to push harder
because I know that the work that I’m
doing even I’m not where I want to be
newsflash you’re never where you want to
be yet even though I’m not where I want
to be yet I’m still making progress and
I still helping people and so you have
your big Y and your little wise to help
keep you motivated and push you on a
daily basis to so you chart your start
you have an environment of excellence
and you have your big whys and your
little wise and and this is how you push
yourself forward
because if you’re constantly relying on
somebody calling you and beating your
face to push you forward then you will
never actually go off and get the thing
that you want you need to create a
pushing machine if you can only do work
when somebody’s pushing you in your face
then you should go get a job like that’s
what a boss does great you have a boss
who’s gonna push you and you’re gonna do
your work but if you want to be an
entrepreneur and you want to chase your
mission and it’s important to you and
you want to get up every day and go off
and grind and hustle and achieve then
you need to find a way to push yourself
and hopefully those three strategy that
I gave you will help now I’ve got a
really special bonus clip that I think
you’re gonna enjoy but before that
question of the day I want to know how
are you going to give yourself
ideally push let me know put in the
one of the things that we do a little
trick we do in our company is we always
have something on our calendar to look
forward to okay if you want to stay
today’s what Sunday I always have
something out here out here out here out
here and out here to look forward to
little short runways that keep me
excited okay I’m going to Turks and
Caicos to shoot a real estate program
when I leave here yesterday I walked out
of here I’m freakin exhausted I’m like
boy I can’t wait to get to Turks and
Caicos see it reenergized right now when
I’m done with that I need something else
to look forward to here I got a whole
bunch of stuff that’s gonna happen here
at the end of the month that it’s gonna
keep me jacked up when I’m at Turks and
Caicos because the truth is Turks and
Caicos could get a little boring for a
guy like me how many of you have trouble
hap going on vacations you have trouble
unwinding okay you don’t even want to go
you’re like I can’t even enjoy this so I
need little tricks I have little tricks
everybody should do this in their life
okay you need things to look forward to
there’s all started from a love of a
father trying to support his yo child
you know I only got into boxing because
of my my daughter that was born with
spina bifida she came from a long place
she came yeah she came very far you know
from from what doctor said that she
would maybe never be able to do like
walk or or have a natural child ability
or learning but she’s amazing she’s
doing she I’m so proud of my daughter it
allows me to continue to be strong and
it’s been boxing you know it’s like we
feed off each other strings there you go
now they’re my motivations to everything
that’s why I think ain’t no man in the
square ring is gonna be able to beat me
because I wear my I bring my children’s
with me you know they’re stuck in my
heart I’ve already promised dinner and I
got to keep my promise it ain’t nothing
personal for no fighter in the industry
won’t everyone to make money I want
everyone to be successful and have a
great life but when it comes to me I
bring something different you not just
firing me you know you fight me plus my
church if you want more Mel Robbins
check out the five hacks and strategies
to transform your life video that I did
the link is right there next to me I
think you’ll enjoy it continue to
believe and I’ll see you there
we bought into this this complete
falsehood that at some point you’re gonna have the courage
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