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“WILLPOWER is an Amazing Thing to DEVELOP!” | Dandapani (@DandapaniLLC)

and will it’s an amazing thing to
develop because once you develop will
that saying will you can use in every
aspect of your life will power comes
from setting goals and keeping those
commitments to yourself discipline
equals freedom 100 percent rise and
shine it’s an espresso time what’s up
believe nation it’s Evan I believe in
you and this channel is designed to be a
part of your daily success routine so
let’s start your day off right together
grab your coffee and sip on today’s
message develop will power over to you
so much easier to start a project than
to finish a project right when you start
a project you feeling creative you’re
feeling inspired you’re full of energy
at the end of the project you go whose
idea was this so it requires tremendous
amount of will to finish and every time
you complete something you develop a
little bit more will and you have that
muscle and will it’s an amazing thing to
develop because once you develop will
that same will you can use in every
aspect of your life to keep your
awareness on one thing at a time to
finish projects to see things through to
the end anything you want the best way
to develop will bring it into your
everyday life into everything that you
do give you an example the way I
integrate it into my everyday life I try
and finish what I begin so for example
going to sleep I sleep every night so I
put on my pajamas i floss I brush my
teeth I go to bed I sleep I wake up in
the morning I make the bed
why because I’m finishing what I started
and it takes effort to make the bed it’s
easier just to crawl out of it and walk
away so I can throw the sheet on it it
takes a little bit of will so I know I’m
developing my will but instead of just
throwing the sheet on it I can make it
really nice so I fold a blanket I finish
it well beyond my expectations I do a
little bit more than I think I can so
someday I fold a blanket like
they do at the Marriot like a double
fold and someday I fold it at an angle
like they do at the Sheraton and my bed
looks great every time I come into the
room my wife and I looked at a bit he
goes oh it feels so nice this is the
place I rest him where I get stronger
and I made it look nice I have a cup of
coffee I have breakfast i rinsed a bowl
and i put it away if I have enough time
to make breakfast and eat breakfast and
have enough time to quickly rinse the
bowl doesn’t take much more effort
children take toys out of the box to
play with it they have enough time to
put toys back in the box they just need
to be taught to finish what they start
and if you integrate this practice into
everything that you do you start a
conversation with someone you finish the
conversation you don’t leave the
conversation how can go away you finish
the conversation and you move on so if
you can integrate this practice into
everything that you do in your life you
become better at it and you develop more
wealth will power comes from setting
goals and keeping those commitments to
yourself when you set a goal and you
complete it you build more willpower you
are teaching yourself you’re training
yourself that you are the kind of person
who sets goals and sees them through and
finishes them which gives you greater
willpower to go off and take on bigger
and bigger and bigger goals but when you
set a goal for yourself and you don’t
follow through you don’t complete it
you’re teaching yourself you’re wiring
your brain that you’re the kind of
person who doesn’t have a lot of
willpower you’re training yourself that
you are the kind of person who does not
follow through who quits when it gets
tough so that’s why it’s so important
that you are very careful about the
goals that you set for yourself because
once you set a goal you have to finish
it you have to follow through because
that will change your perspective of
yourself if you finish it and you do it
will power grows if you don’t finish it
and you quit willpower drops so here’s a
quick example for my life I was driving
to Boston I drove there with with my
wife of my film team we decided we go
for the weekend and it was a long drive
to get the boss how long was Annina
eight hours ten hours how long was a
driving something like in the eight
hours it was late we got in super late
we got into what 2:00 in the morning
1:00 in the morning
something crazy after an entire day of
me driving I’m not sleeping in the car
driving doing the whole leg myself
driving the team I arrived super late
everybody’s going to bed and I had set a
goal for myself
that I was gonna run for 30 minutes a
day I was gonna run for 30 minutes every
day that was my goal that was my
commitment to myself now we get there
it’s late everybody’s going to sleep it
would have been very easy for me to go
to sleep it would have been very easy
for me to let myself off the hook and
say it’s okay it’s late you know I’ll do
it tomorrow I’ll do double tomorrow it’s
late it’s no problem it’s very easy for
the people around me to say don’t worry
about it Evan like it’s late that you
can do it tomorrow
everybody will let you off the hook when
everybody else will let you off the hook
and you want to let yourself off the
hook that that moment exactly precisely
is where you develop or lose your
willpower because when it’s easy when
your calendar is perfect when there’s no
interruptions when you have all the time
in the world to do something then you do
it it’s easy it doesn’t build your
willpower you don’t feel great about
yourself you if you win a race against
three-year-olds you don’t feel great
you’re not cheering that victory but
when it’s hard when you don’t think you
can do it when everybody’s saying don’t
worry about it when you feel like you’re
at your your wit’s end when there’s
every excuse and every reason in the
world why you shouldn’t do it and then
you still do it that’s when you build
willpower it’s when it’s difficult and
you do it that you build willpower and
so I did my run at 1:00 in the morning
and whatever time it was and it was a
brutal run it was not my best run I did
not burn a lot of calories it was not my
peak I’m tired I’m gassed I’m doing my
run and even though I didn’t get a
fantastic physical benefit from it and
even though the next day I woke up and
was more tired compared to the people on
my team because I slept less I’m giving
myself Pat’s on the back I’m giving
myself high-fives like crazy I’ve just
built my willpower I’ve just built my
credibility with myself I’ve just built
my respect and confidence internally
because I did the thing that I promised
that I would do when it got hard that’s
the difference that’s how you build
willpower so I’m gonna give you a
three-step process to help you start
building your willpower
right now we’re gonna start making some
changes in your life you ready here we
step number one write down a goal for
yourself today whatever time you’re
watching this video you still have more
time left before the day expires I want
you to think of something that is a goal
for yourself today what do you want to
have done you’re gonna make some
momentum on you where we can make some
progress on before today’s out write
down that goal for yourself step number
two how can you immediately take action
on it as soon as you set a goal you want
to immediately take some kind of action
on a momentum matter so much if you set
a goal and then you drift off to
something else coming back to that goal
and being in that same mindset will be
really challenging really difficult
momentum matters you just set an
intention I want to get this goal the
school has to happen before the end of
the day great immediate momentum I want
you to make yourself proud today
you make yourself proud by doing the
difficult thing that you said you were
going to do we’re building willpower
self-respect so what is the immediate
step that you can take right now to make
progress on that goal write it down and
then do it and step number three repeat
this for tomorrow bring this into
tomorrow you’ve just done that goal for
today amazing clap it up
high five high five pat yourself on the
back amazing it’s great again do it
again do it again what’s your goal for
tomorrow write it down my goal for
tomorrow is X maybe it’s just to wake up
on time I’m not gonna hit this news
button you hit the snooze button that’s
telling yourself it I’ve just set a goal
and it’s okay not to do it that’s not
how we’re gonna start our day maybe you
go for tomorrow is I’m gonna wake up at
X a.m. tomorrow or maybe I’m gonna have
that difficult conversation something
that is simple to do but is difficult
for you getting up at a certain time is
simple you just get out of bed but it
doesn’t mean that it’s easy because
you’re tired because you’re not used to
having a difficult conversation is
simple you pick up the phone you call
them or you go meet them it’s very
simple but it’s difficult it’s hard it
it’s not an easy thing to do it’s simple
but not easy so pick a simple but not
easy goal for yourself for tomorrow and
then do it and then every time you do
that every time you do that every time
you do that you’re building up more
willpower more self-confidence more
self-respect follow that three-step
process change your life now I’ve got a
really special bonus clip for you that I
think you’re gonna enjoy but before that
question of the day I want to know what
time are you waking up tomorrow what
you gonna wake up tomorrow make a public
declaration put it in the comments below
and then come back again tomorrow
comment on this video again and say I
did it and we’re gonna cheer you on I’m
I love talking about discipline because
I think so many people that word has
such a negative connotation around it
right it just sounds bad discipline like
you’re gonna feel pain or someone’s
gonna hurt you or or you’re in trouble
for something and I want to start having
you think about it in a really positive
way because discipline equals freedom
100% it has been the theme throughout my
entire life is how if you have
structured discipline in your life and
you start doing the things that you
don’t want to do especially if you do
them first you are absolutely going to
free yourself of all of the different
pain that comes with not getting your
goals accomplished with comes with that
comes with not taking care of yourself
that comes with living with regret
so before way back in my early 20s and
even through my mid-20s when I would you
know I was trying to create habits
around maybe eating right or habits
around working out and let me tell you
habits around getting stuff done I
literally in my head told myself all the
time my mantra at the time was I never
finished anything so what do you think I
did I finished
nothing because that’s literally how I
talk to myself well well I never
finished anything this is another thing
I didn’t finish so I had to switch that
mantra around and it was also realizing
how important discipline was and how
much freedom came with it and I spent a
lot of time living in agony in my head
and I was tired all the time because I
spent more of my time in my brain
thinking about what I didn’t do and
arguing with myself all day long so am I
gonna go to the gym I don’t want to go
to the gym you should go to the gym why
aren’t you going to the gym you know you
need to go to the gym you’re never gonna
get to your goals it’s like I was
drained just because of the
conversations I was having with myself
if I would have just gotten disciplined
committed to a time or knew I was going
I could have focused on all of the other
good things that were happening in my
life and just knew this is what I’m
it’s like just saying okay well here’s
what I’m doing so I can forget about it
until the moment that it comes I’m gonna
do it because I’m committing truly
committing to discipline and how freeing
that is and when I started getting a
great discipline habit around all of the
things that I wanted to do I started to
notice how much more free I felt how
much less anxiety I felt how when my
head hit the pillow I felt proud instead
of another day just went by that I’m
further away from my goals and I have
regret and I’m feeling my life race by
me right those are all feeling that do
not feel good that discipline can free
you from if you want more done depandi
check out the top ten rules video I mean
on him the link is right there next to
me I think you’ll enjoy it continue to
believe and I’ll see you there we live
our lives like we’re gonna live forever but the truth is we don’t live forever
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