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What People Don’t Realize About Life | Listen This Everyday and You’ll See Changes in Your Life

the mechanism of how the brain works
it’s einstein’s brain Hitler’s brain
Genghis Khan’s brain Thom Billy’s brain
John a so right all the same
functionality so if you understand the
mechanics of what’s supposed to happen
then you say okay great when I feel this
then what am I going to do so I like to
use an analogy of a car and you’re
driving a car and you’re talking to a
friend of yours and a light pops up on
the dash you don’t take a hammer and hit
a light it’s a signal something’s
happening in the in the in the engine
and the trunk and the and the tire
something’s happening emotions and
feelings aren’t positive or negative
they’re empowering or disempowering to
varying degrees if you don’t understand
them and so if you think about fear
right how does a firefighter go into a
burning building when there’s this
enormous adrenaline and an epinephrine
you know that could stop most people
dead in their tracks they learn here’s
the feeling it’s normal do you have the
knowledge and the skills and the
preparation to deal with this in a safe
way go
if you don’t now you retreat so we have
this phenomenal brain right it’s it’s
it’s genius abilities we can’t figure
out how to replicate it anywhere with
billions of dollars but we aren’t
getting some of the users manual now so
when you feel fear what should you do I
teach the first two inner sizes that I
teach every one of our students number
one is called take six calm the circuits
so if you have this unpleasant anxious
fearful emotion energy in motion right
and it’s unpleasant and the brakes have
gone on if you just take six deep
out through your mouth like you’re
breathing through a straw you will
deactivate the stress response center
which means blood is going to go back to
the left prefrontal cortex the Einstein
part of the brain can actually think
through this problem because what
happens when the stress response Center
is activated blood go away from that
into the fear response so you have
epinephrine cortisol adrenaline to be
able to get you out of this situation
it’s part of our an instinctual brain
part of the reptilian brain the first
part of the brain that was developed was
that then the mammalian brain the limbic
system then the neocortex the thinking
brain so when our brain has this signal
of oh my god you might get hurt you
might lose this you might get in trouble
you might be embarrassed ashamed
ridicule judged etc that part of the
brain is going to get activated so if
you take six deep breaths first calm
down calm the circuits first then do
inner sighs number two is called AIA AIA
the first day is for awareness what am I
thinking right now what am I feeling
right now what am i sensing right now
what is my behavior right now do you
feeling sensations awareness of behavior
what’s my intention right now that’s the
well my intention is to move forward I
want to do this great
what’s one very small action step that
you could take now the reason you want
to take one small action step is one
small action step your brain can handle
if it’s one small step towards it the
threat response goes away but if you
focus on the endgame right away you’re
gonna get that rush and that instant
trigger of the fear response stress
response so the first thing you want to
do is learn how to manage your mindset
then what you focus on learn how to
manage your emotions because they drive
your behavior more than anything else
because we move away from pain and we
move towards pleasure but we move away
from pain a thousand times faster and
pain wires in the brain faster for
survival mechanisms so purely from a
neuroscience perspective just
understanding self once you understand
okay this feeling is normal okay what
should I do
take six con the circuits hiya and now
you can start being progressive and make
progress towards what you want the
biggest gift we have as human beings is
our awareness because awareness is what
gives you choice and choice is what
gives you freedom most people are living
their lives in the reactive state
automatic reactive State because of
these set points that we talk and start
talking about so we’re in this
repetitive cycle over and over and over
normally react to the same things we
behave the same way we eat the same
foods we dress the same way just to
maintain that homeostasis and comfort
zones and we’ve never been taught like
we’re we taught it as kids like here are
your six core emotions here’s the way
you deactivate yo your stress sender or
fear so here’s how you activate your
imagination Center here’s how you have
more focus here’s how you develop a new
belief here’s how you develop a new
habit here’s how you release one we
haven’t been taught that we’ve been told
they’re important things but we haven’t
been given the tools and then we haven’t
practiced the tools enough to be able to
make them part of our unconscious
competence brain so we all have a map of
reality we have a map of what we think
we look like and any deviation on the
physical level to that map to that
visual representation we have in our
brains that doesn’t match the map your
brain deletes or distorts it so when we
were working with Real Estate’s or when
I work with business owners in addition
to upgrading knowledge and skills if you
think about how let’s say income we have
set points or how much income we earn so
whether it’s ten thousand a year or 20
or 50 or 100 or a million doesn’t matter
we get this set point and then we behave
the way we need to behave and we feel
what we need to feel to earn that income
and over a period of time it becomes
part of the brains default mode Network
so we developed set points for
everything and so if the set points in
the brain and there’s a psycho
cybernetics nism in the brain a control
and response mechanism in the brain
and it’s our brain why not learn how to
reset the setpoint and so now we’re
looking at what technologies are
available to help help reset that what
evidence-based methods are there to set
that or to reset that and so when we
take let’s say visualization right and
you start to see yourself even if the
pictures not clear in your mind of
achieving the next level of your success
whether it’s releasing weight and
keeping it off getting into a
relationship that you love and are happy
and whether it’s to make two or three or
five times more money and live a certain
type of lifestyle that allows you to do
the things that freedom with having
money allows you to do if you start in
your mind first and you impress that
through conscious efforts into the
subconscious mind it then causes
thoughts and emotions and behaviors so I
like to work from the outside in and
from the inside out
so use both I want every advantage the
process is you can read new beliefs to
life and so if you listen to beliefs
that are empowering over and over and
over again and you emotionalize them and
you visualize yourself actually acting
out those beliefs and you learn how to
pay attention to that little inner
critic that says that’s that’s
not true that’ll never come true that’s
not you if you learn and you remember
that that little voice is there to
consistently keep you in this
homeostatic place as there to protect
the beliefs that are there now the
latest research shows that to develop
you know a new pattern takes between 66
days and 365 days how do you help people
be consistent long enough to form that
like when people talk about oh it takes
28 days to form a new habit it’s like
okay I get my head around that but when
you start talking about 100 days 365
days it gets pretty daunting for adults
yeah it does so you have to use
intrinsic and extrinsic motivation so
you have to
start everybody off will why is it
important for you to be able to develop
these new beliefs like what will your
life be like if you had them right now
what would your family life be like you
have to give them a benefit that’s
greater than the switch cost right so
the switch cost is something that our
brain resists the only human that likes
change is a wet baby every other human
being is resistant to it because safety
first and homeostasis and energy
conservation so we are biologically
wired not to want it to change so we
have to deliberately coax the brain into
motivational reasons emotional reasons
you have to have intrinsic reasons why
must you do this and so you can use pain
as a frame as well as the if you don’t
then are you okay with your life being
like this at this age in five years in
ten years and 20 years and if you’re
okay with that and you’re not a
candidate for change but if you’re
committed to letting go of the old so
you can create the new and you create
motivations every day that’s where the
power is remember earlier progress not
so anybody can do one minute or ten
seconds so if you can start to formulate
a habit a daily habit a weekly habit it
doesn’t matter how long it is if you can
create that space in your brain that on
this day at this time this is what I do
and you do that repeatedly that becomes
a habit and it takes those 66 days or so
for a simple habit that you have to
consciously do to then the habit doing
you and that’s why they say we are all
creatures of habit because habits run
theirs themselves their subconscious
programs just run themselves most people
don’t take the time to become aware what
are my empowering habits what are my
disempowering habits and then the next
question is well how do I release this
one and how do i strengthen this one or
create a whole new one
and what we’re looking to do is build
empowering habits that then run run their course
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