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The TRUTH about How The Richest Creates Their Success | Robin Sharma

it’s a little dangerous for me to share
because I know how many business people
follow you and I how many entrepreneurs
but I’m gonna share it because it’s my
truth the key piece is this a lot of
business builders a lot of athletes
think that it’s work harder to achieve
more well that’s been debunked by
science people’s phones are costing them
their fortune you can play with your
phone or you can be mono maniacally
focused on being a history maker and
legendary you don’t get to do both I
want to remind people of who they truly
are and when they see Nelson Mandela or
Oprah Winfrey
they say hmm they did it but legendary
is simply a testimony to ordinary people
and thought differently felt differently
and did different things and there by
became who they were and they can do it
I can do it if I go all-in
the human brain has a phenomenon called
transient hypofrontality the neocortex
as you know it’s the seed of thinking
it’s our monkey mind it’s all the
chattering it’s the stuff that says Tom
you can’t do it Robin you can’t do it
what would they think what if I fail
what if I get laughed at that’s all the
neocortex is the crown jewel of brain
development not a primitive brain crown
jewel there’s no genius in there here’s
what I mean
get away from distraction and we find
our Menlo Park and go work at a quiet
place and we get lost the neocortex
actually shuts down that’s why it’s
called transient hypofrontality for a
short period of time our thinking
shuts down the whole model is in the
door and we actually go from brain waves
at beta
down to alpha down to theta and maybe
even Delta and we stop thinking we go in
to flow in other words the advanced
minds of the world the great geniuses
Galileo da Vinci Steve Jobs they weren’t
in the neocortex they got away from the
world for bursts of time which allowed
them to access the human capability we
all have to get into flow state and
access insights that they went out in
the world and then executed on with a
world-class team which totally changed
the game the very nature of being a
disrupter and a leader means you’re not
a follower and if you’re not a follower
then you’re not buying the kool-aid that
the society sells you if you’re not a
follower you’re not like this all the
time looking for likes if you’re not a
follower you dress the way you want a
dress if people criticize you they
criticize all the great ones five am
who does that why not sleep leaders have
to be willing not to be followers it all
starts with who you are because you’ll
never rise any higher than what’s going
on in a video before the Sun rises is
the time of least distraction before the
Sun rises where you can build intimacy
and fluency with what you want to stand
your day before the Sun rises the luxury
and tranquility of the early morning
hours you can do that deep inner work
that will allow you to go out in the
world and play it your best so what the
20-20-20 formula is is simply this
there’s three pockets the first pocket
is moved five to five twenty when you
get into the sweaty exercise because
like I mentioned it releases
neurotransmitters that reduces the
cortisol increases your metabolic rate
which gives you more energy so now it’s
5:20 fundamentally you feel different
you have energy your state is strong
he’s got a fire in your belly accelerate
your focus 520 to 540 is the second
pocket of the 20-20-20 formula which is
reflect we live in a world where a lot
of people are busy being busy but what’s
the point of being busy around climbing
the wrong Mount Everest and so clarity
is one of the DNA’s of mastery you know
this if you talk to the titans of
industry and you talk to the people
really getting traction around their
these are people who have a monomaniacal
focus on the few things that matter they
have an obsession bordering on a
possession around the few priorities
they want to build our life over them
and so 520 to 540 the second pocket
you’re right in the journal you meditate
visualize you do what I call them the
book a blueprint for a beautiful day or
you just sitting solitude and you think
and you ponder and you reflect and then
the final pocket is 542 6 o’clock and
this is the victory hour the final
pocket is grow one of the keys to epic
performance he is a relentless
commitment to daily growth the premise
is basically this as you begin your day
so you handcraft the rest of your day
and if you have consistently great days
you’re gonna have consistently great
weeks quarters a year and a lifetime so
your days are life in miniature and
you’ve got to get those mornings
calibrate if you really want to we are
built to progress we know that the human
brain craves novelty and we are most
alive we have the most energy we are
most intimate with our best selves when
we’re progressing towards our mighty
mission everyone’s talking about mindset
but mindset is just your belief system
is just your psychologies it’s very
important but that’s 25% of the personal
mastery equation the second piece is
your heart set I worked on that
purifying your heart
that’s your emotionality not just your
psychology you’re never gonna make
history dominate your domain and
handcraft a world-class life if you’ve
got a great psychology but you’re
carrying the pain and sadness
disappointment and trauma off the past
your health said don’t die if you want
to change the world like dead people
don’t change the world so health said
biohacking there’s a whole chapter on
recovery and the essentialness of sleep
so really getting your health set right
but there’s a fourth interior Empire
that I
that allowed me to go out in the world
and pursue my my magic so it’s not just
mine sentence not just heart set is not
just hell that set its soul set and soul
set has nothing to do with religion soul
set is about working on your character
so Yuri access your nobility and your
bravery and your authenticity and your
decency and you find a cause that’s
larger than your life so when the
included in the world every single
people might ridicule you because every
genius is ridiculed before their Revere
people might throw stones at you but you
use them to build monuments of mastery
people might not misunderstand you
because any disrupter is going to be
misunderstood and even you’re if you’re
an army of one a Galileo or Steve Jobs
or how to fill Knight you continue at
all cause I think what’s happened on the
planet right now is there’s been a great
seduction and a great brainwashing when
we are kids we want we want to be
astronauts we want to be billionaires we
want to be history makers we want to do
all our dreams and then and and we stand
in awe and Wonder and we’re full of
curiosity and we’re loving and we’re
passionate we’re strong we’re not afraid
to be ourselves but as we leave the
perfection of childhood the hypnosis and
the brainwashing begins our
well-intentioned parents say oh you want
to be an astronaut you want to start a
business when you grow up you want to
paint like John Michell Basquiat be
reasonable and George Bernard Shaw said
it better than I ever could he said the
reasonable man adapts himself to the
world the unreasonable one persists in
adapting the world to himself therefore
all progress depends on the unreasonable
our parents give us limitation based on
their limited psychology and their
emotional patterns that they learn from
their parents then we go to school and
we’re taught to live in a box think in a
box dress like everyone else don’t sing
too loudly don’t dream too big
be too passionate and that our peers do
the same thing to us and then society
says Oh genius is the realm of genetics
not everyday people which has been
dismissed by some very good science you
know I mean the 10,000 hour rule that we
all know from Florida State University
professor Anders Ericsson it just
confirmed so much we live in a world
that suggests the doorway to successes
swings outward if you build the business
if you get the jet if you get the money
if you get the cars if you get the
beautiful spouse then you’re gonna be
I know mindsets I know rituals and
I have systems and it’s not just go out
there and live your dream and be happy
happy happy I mean the book shares most
about a lot of my methodology the twin
cycles of elite performance the 1991
rule the second wind work out the to
massage protocol the 2012 these have
worked for my clients for years [Music]
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