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Every University’s Worst Nightmare

today I’m going to share with you seven
reasons why Google Apple and many other
companies may be every single Dean
president and Chancellor’s worst
nightmare today
so recently Business Insider came out
with an article talking about the fact
that Apple and Google no longer require
four-year degree and on top of Apple and
Google you got IBM Bank of America
Netflix and many other companies so
think about all these universities that
constantly pitched the idea of hey
you’re mr. and mrs. Jones the reason why
you’re sending your kid to our school
and spending two hundred thousand
dollars because we have the highest
percentage of hiring people at a poor
Google IBM B of a that’s why you put
your kids through our school because we
guarantee a good job those days have
changed but it’s a pretty scary team
time right now for universities they are
literally shivering if what I’m about to
talk to you right now actually takes
things are gonna dramatically change
with the educational system the next day
q let me get right into it
point number one speed is every single
college and universities worst nightmare
things are changing so fast right now
that everybody’s worried this isn’t a
good thing for universities and colleges
because universities and colleges think
about it this way if I’m running a
company if I’m running a business I
found Google Apple IBM B of a who do you
think finds out first that things are
changing faster that new things are
needed universities or companies who do
you think finds out first
first as companies then universities
find out about it so who pivots first
they do so these companies are starting
to say why are we waiting on them to
pivot to us while we can pivot not
having to wait for them they are slowing
us down they’re not teaching this stuff
we want because they cannot catch up
with the current speed that the
marketplace is going these guys are
getting killed simply due to speed
number two memory is no longer needed
there used to be a time that everybody
had that smart uncle everybody had that
smart cousin that’s smart relative
matter-of-fact what is that show Who
Wants to Be a Millionaire wasn’t one of
the things was what 5050 all these other
things and one of them was what phone a
friend right is what it wasn’t you would
call the uncle yes I’d like to phone a
friend who Uncle John he’s a smartest
person in the
you’d call uncle John uncle John you
know hey who was the 23rd President of
the United States Wow let me tell you
who it is is this person right that
person doesn’t exist a strong memory
today Nora no longer is as important as
it used to be watch this hey Siri who
was the 23rd President of the United
States of America
the answer is Benjamin Harrison from
March 4th 1889 to March 4th 1893 you
know you know the people are very good
at math watch this one here hey Siri
what is 27 thousand to 27 divided by 13
227 divided by 13 is about seventeen
point four six one five can you do it as
quickly Siri does it or Google can you
do it as fast as Alexa does it what
happened there
see this replaced all the people that
have great memories so you’d go to
school because oh my gosh you’re gonna
be able to work on this doesn’t matter
anymore because these machines that by
the way all these machines that you’re
talking about all of these machines are
enemies to universities today they are
enemies to universities today because
that key button on memorization anymore
no longer that important today number
three computer science degree there’s
apps obsolete within three years you get
a computer science degree today within
three years it’s obsolete number four
teachers need to go to school not high
school graduates need to go to school
teachers are outdated
let me explain to you why up a teacher
God his or her degree in 1988 that’s an
outdated degree of 1988 today now
somebody may say well all teachers do is
they teach what the curriculum is at a
university well fine
the curriculum that’s being passed on to
the teachers is outdated let me simplify
it for you somebody sits there from
companies and tells somebody to tell
universities that their curriculum is
outdated they go and tell a group to
come up with a new curriculum and then
they you have to get her to provide the
state then the state has to get a two
part number the person then finally
leads to the teacher to teach the new
curriculum that’s already taking
eighteen months to get approved that is
already outdated so teachers need to go
back to school and learn from the new
generation that’s coming up on what
really today’s times are we send a
couple of our guys to Wharton Business
School two weeks ago twelve thirteen
thousand dollars a pop then they tell me
they say you know one of the professor
got up and his talk was digital media
and this is his opening listen I just
want to let everybody know that’s here
at Wharton Business School what I’m
about to share with you right now about
digital media some of the stuff may be
outdated and you guys may know some of
the stuff more than I do
but don’t judge me let me just share
with you what I learned today wait a min
let me get to straight we are spending
twelve thirteen thousand dollars to send
them to school for you to teach our guys
outdated material that you haven’t
updated yet why the hell are we spending
money sending people to school for what
what well it’s really about the other
students you meet and the people you
meet over there then I’ll send them to
YPO and Vistage why am i sending them to
university to come and meet with you
complete different times the companies
are starting to realize teachers are
outdated because their degree is
outdated because the curriculum is
outdated and universities are just
moving way too slow because speed is
their number one enemy number five
companies train you to specialize on a
skill set let me explain this to you I
asked one of our guys today who got an
MFA okay it’s like a PhD in Fine Arts
right is what he got is what he told me
I asked him a question I said let me let
me ask you this what do you remember you
learned from that school when you got
your degree took your six or eight years
what do you remember from it he went ah
man I don’t know what to take I don’t
know what I remember from it so what are
you wrong for me that you still use
today honestly I don’t know say
companies say they don’t have time like
that because things are moving so
quickly so companies saying wait a
minute I’m waiting for you to go to
school for four years to come to me
because you learn about drinks
bartending ecstasy drugs partying
clubbing hooking up with girls tinder
really swipe right which way do you spot
I’m waiting for you to go learn all that
stuff that’s culture we bring them from
to my company I don’t have that kind of
I’d much rather hire you and out of the
four years of you going to school I’m
gonna create my own programming for you
and train you in this one specific area
or two three areas that’s gonna take me
to teach you for three to six months in
current times then I’m fine I don’t need
you in all the other stuff you want to
school for that saves them time and
they’re controlling what’s being taught
to the students and employees that they
want very simple rather than
generalizing companies are starting to
realize will take charge of specializing
because we definitely cannot wait on
universities on how slow they move next
companies are starting their own
universities very scary
say this one more time companies are
starting their own universities this is
so scary I can’t even describe to you
every college university is gonna sit
there and say what do you mean companies
are starting their own universities
there’s online university we have it
here ourselves companies are starting
their own campuses you know McDonald’s
has McDonald University every one of
these major companies now to have
universities and guess who their
professors are employees who work there
who are touching everything or coding
everything based on today’s times not
based on twenty years times based on
today’s curriculum and you’re going to
university at Google IBM you know all
Apple all of these companies and their
professors are teaching you what is
needed today and edge over all the other
universities out there last but not
least number seven you know what’s
number seven very simple these big
companies by doing this they’re
controlling the narrative look things
changed they are controlling what they
are brainwashing into their employees
when you go to a new school people say
brainwashing is a bad word when you go
to college what do they do our
university let me tell you what we did
we learned this this person when you’re
that person one here and again brainwash
you about how amazing the universities
then you become a booster and you’re
gonna give contributing money for the
rest of the career best school that’s
what happens right very simple simple
protocol these companies are saying wait
a minute if we’re letting these kids
being brainwashed about school
why don’t we brainwash them on how great
of a company we are we’ve actually made
an impact we’ve actually made new
patents we actually made products we’ve
actually created jobs we actually
changed the world here’s who we are
oh my gosh I love this company they’re
brainwashed and early about how special
of a company they’re because they’re
doing the same exact thing all these
major universities doing nationwide so
watch this all this stuff I’m talking
about it’s purely speed becomes the
number one enemy of every single college
in university watch this you’re 1991 all
of us bought one of these things if you
had it if you wanted an all-weather
personal stereo it was 1188 am/fm clock
radio 1388 in-ear stereo phone 788 micro
think calculator 488 Tandy 1000 to3 1000
$5.99 that’s a computer VHS camcorder
799 mobile cellular phone $1.99 mobile
CB $49.99 20 memory speed dial phone
29:19 a deluxe portable CD player
desktop scanner 9999 our phone answering
machine $49.99 handheld cassette tape
recorder you had $29.99 totalled three
thousand fifty four dollars in today’s
money is fifty one hundred dollars you
know what that is right here in one all
of this in one everything I told you
half the stuff you don’t even know what
it means it’s in this thing right here
this one phone has all of it
colleges and universities wake up every
morning wishing this was never invented
this is their enemy and these guys can
no longer wait because their enemy’s
speed and they can want it cannot wait
on the speed that colleges and
universities have which is very slow
slow so slow they have to control the
narrative they have to take charge and
the whole part about taking charges
they’re sitting there saying wait a
minute I’m sending these kids to school
for hoping they get some hard skills
hard skill is a language programming
coding you know maybe they know how to
do you know some storage system some
things like that that’s hard skills and
they’re starting to realize I’m better
off getting people who have some good
soft skills problem solving EQ attitude
critical thinking teamwork a lot of
these things you can pick up if you
played high school sports in high school
so a high school athlete or somebody
that was involved in different kind of
groups they already have some of this
stuff why do I need somebody to go to 40
degree I don’t need them give it to us
at 18 give it to us at 19 we’ll try no
give it to us we’re okay
we’ll have our own system listen if
you’re watching this video saying Pat if
anything you’re saying is right these
colleges and universities ought to be
frightened well listen this is not even
the end of it this is just something for
you to be thinking about I can’t make
dirty all the points talking about why
these companies are starting no longer
require four-year degree the video I
want you to watch after watching this a
video I made I don’t know six months ago
five months ago became so controversial
we got so many different emails no its
universities contacted us people around
the world contacted us about this video
because they said if half of this stuff
that’s being talked about in this video
the educational system better change
quickly before they have one of the
biggest disruptions in any industry
taking place within these universities
and colleges so click here to watch the
video titled biggest scam in America if
you have any thoughts comment below if
you haven’t
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notification squad thank you so much for watching everybody take care bye bye
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