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Oprah Winfrey’s Biggest LIFE LESSONS | #MentorMeOprah

I never was the kind of woman who liked
to get in a car and just go for a ride I
had a boyfriend would say let’s just go
for a ride I want to know where are we
you can’t personally stop anybody from
walking into school with an assault
rifle and it’ll take more than you alone
to pull 40 million Americans out of
poverty but who will you be if you don’t
care enough to try I used to fear
hearing the term who do you think you
what’s that belief nation it’s heaven my
one word is believe and I believe in you
I believe you have Oprah Winfrey level
talent at something and I want you to
find it embrace it and use it to make a
difference now I started to mentor me
series to try to hang around people
who’ve done a lot more than us and
hopefully by spending a little more time
with them some of their mindsets belief
systems way of thinking about the world
seeps into us to help us become the best
version of ourselves so today we’re
gonna learn from one of the best Oprah
Winfrey and some of her greatest life
okay let’s get off with rule number one
be in the driver’s seat of your own life
you must have some kind of vision for
your life even if you don’t know the
plan you have to have a direction in
which you choose to go I never was the
kind of woman who liked to get in a car
and just go for a ride I had a boyfriend
I would say let’s just go for a ride I
want to know where are we going do we
have a destination is there a plan or we
just ride what I’ve learned is that’s a
great metaphor for life you want to be
in the driver’s seat of your own life
because if you’re not life will drive
you so knowing who you really are in
this space and time that we embody
that’s number one what do you want who
are you
rule number two express your truth no
matter what definition for me
vulnerability is being willing to
express the truth no matter what
the truth of who you are the essence at
your core what you’re feeling in any
given moment it’s being able to open up
your soul and let it flow
so that other people can see their soul
in yours I’d live with who do you think
you are my whole life and not from
myself as much as what was reflected to
me because who do you think you are you
color girl come from Mississippi but who
do you think you are you’re sitting up
on national television I used to fear
hearing the term who do you think you
are or you must be pretty full of
yourself now I work at being full I want
to be so full I am overflowing so when
you see me coming it ought to make you
proud to borrow a line from Maya
Angelou’s phenomenal woman when you see
me coming it ought to make you proud and
what you see is a woman so full I’m
overflowing with enough to share with
everybody else I’m going to own the
fullness without ego without arrogance
but with a an amazing sense of gratitude
that I’ve been born at a time where I am
female on the planet and I have the
great pleasure and freedom to fill
myself up rule number three solve
problems you build the legacy not from
one thing but from everything I remember
when I just opened my school in 2007 I
came back and I had the great joy of
sitting in Maya Angelou stable she
hadn’t been able to attend the opening
in South Africa and I said to her Oh
Maya the Oprah Winfrey Leadership
Academy that’s gonna be my greatest
legacy I remember she was standing at
the counter making biscuits and she
turned she put the dough down and she
looked at me and she said you have no
let’s excuse me I just opened this
school and these girls and it’s gonna be
and she said you have no idea what your
legacy will be because your legacy is
every life you touch every life you
touch that changed me and it’s true you
can’t personally stop anybody from
walking into school with an assault
rifle nor can you single-handedly ensure
that the rights that your mother’s and
your grandmother’s fought so hard for
will be preserved for the daughters that
you may someday have and it’ll take more
than you alone to pull 40 million
Americans out of poverty but who will
you be if you don’t care enough to try
and what mountains could we move I think
what gridlock could we eradicate if we
were to join forces and work together
and service of something greater than
ourselves you know my deepest
satisfaction and my biggest rewards have
come from exactly that pick a problem
any problem and do something about it
because to somebody who’s hurting
something is everything rule number four
become the-best-version-of-yourself so I
have paid attention to my life because I
understand that my life just like your
life is always speaking to you where you
are in the language with the people with
the circumstances and experiences that
you can understand and interpret if you
are willing to see that always life God
is speaking to you now it took me a
while to actually really get this and to
understand it but once I did I started
paying attention to everything and one
of the reasons why I can
now accept the fact that I can offer my
gatherings of information and wisdom and
call myself a spiritual teacher is that
every single person who ever came on my
show and I hear there’s like 37,000
guests I’ve talked to a lot of them came
from dysfunction and a lot of them
wouldn’t appear to be teachers but every
one of them had something to say that
was meaningful and valuable and that I
could use to grow myself into the best
of myself which is what all of our jobs
are your number one job is to become
more of yourself and to grow yourself
into the best of yourself
rule number five do the work and let go
how do you find the balance between
making things happen and letting things
happen I love that question
you do all that you can do you do the
work you prepare you get ready for the
opportunity to step in because that’s
what luck really is preparation meeting
the moment of opportunity and then you
let go you do the work you do whatever
is necessary to be prepared for whatever
it is you’re trying to acquire or attain
or accomplish and then you let it go you
release it you release all attachment to
the outcome because you know you have
done everything that you possibly can do
I mean you’ve done everything you can do
that’s the moment of surrender release
and then if it’s supposed to be yours it
will come to you and rule number six the
last one before a very special bonus
clip is rise you can use your gifts
that’s what you’re really here to do to
illuminate the darkness in our world so
this is what I also know that this this
this moment in time this is your time to
it is even though you can’t go anywhere
you can’t stand in line at Starbucks you
can’t go to a party you can’t go to any
place without everywhere you turn people
are talking about how bad things are how
terrible it is and this is what I know
the problem is everybody is meeting
hysteria with more hysteria and then we
just are all becoming hysterical and
it’s getting worse what I’ve learned all
these years is that we’re not supposed
to match it or even get locked in to
resisting or pushing against it we’re
supposed to see this moment in time for
what it is
we’re supposed to see through it and
then transcend it that is how you
overcome hysteria and that is how you
overcome the sniping at one another the
trolling the mean-spirited partisanship
on both sides of the aisle the divisive
fitness the injustice –iz and the
out-and-out hatred you use it use this
moment to encourage you to embolden you
and to literally push you into the
rising of your life and to borrow a
phrase from my beloved mentor Maya
Angelou just like moons and like Suns
with the certainty of tides just like
the hope springing high you will rise
now I’ve got a really special bonus clip
from Oprah on how to love yourself that
I think you’re really gonna enjoy but
before that I want to know what was the
single greatest lesson that you learned
from Oprah today what are you going to
immediately apply somehow to your life
or your business leave it in the
comments below when you write it down
you’re much more likely to actually take
action on it so put it in the comments
thank you guys so much for watching I
believe in you I hope we continue to
believe in yourself and whatever your
one where it is much love I’ll see you
lessons I learned from you that I pass
on to my girls all the time my girls
from South Africa that you know who have
come from a lot of them challenged
disenfranchised backgrounds where you
didn’t get the love you needed and so
for people who didn’t get the love they
need no matter where it is you grew up
you spend the rest of your life trying
to fill that thing do you not know you
do yeah and that’s why I try to teach
people who can’t get that from someone
else to learn to give it to themselves
to learn to say because your parents can
only give you what they had if they
don’t have it if they’re so broken that
they don’t have it to give if they’re
emotionally bankrupt because the
generational legacy of pain being passed
down instead of love and nurturance they
were never filled up to give it to you
right and so I try to teach people you
know learn to give that to yourself the
most important work ever if you had to
think of one word that’s most important
to you or that sums you Apple
that would be like a little beacon they
believe nation if you want to know what
the most important one word is for Tony
Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Oprah Winfrey and Howard Schultz I have a
very special secret video for you check
the description for details [Music]
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