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5 Tips to Manage Your TIME Better – #BelieveLife

if you commit all that you are and all
your energy to one thing you’ll we all
have the same 24 hours in the day and if
you’re like I don’t have time I can’t
sleep I need to cut back on sleep I need
to do this I need to do that if you
don’t have time you don’t have
priorities that’s it great entrepreneurs
are able to delegate what’s that believe
nation is Evan my one word is believe
and I believe in you I believe you have
Michael Jordan level talent at something
and I want you to find it embrace it and
go make a difference using it I started
the belief life series to try to tackle
once a week a different topic that’s
outside of the world of entrepreneurship
so to help you live your best believe
live today we’re going to learn five
tips to help you manage your life better
so let’s kick it off with rule number
say no to multitasking with Casey
focus focus is super underrated like if
you commit all that you are and all of
your energy to one thing you’ll okay
this like this tire though this is I
took this from a book called I don’t
know what it’s called but it goes like
alright you can do ten things to like
the first degree like this right here
and that’s how well you’ll do all ten
things or you can do one thing to the
tenth degree right there and look how
much better you do that so when it comes
to focus to put all of your energy into
one thing is to do that one thing really
well to the best of your abilities to
take it all the way and to scatter
yourself means you’re never actually
accomplishing anything you’re just sort
of chipping away at a bunch of
nothingness and this is true for work
this is true for like dating versus
committing yourself to one person
friendship everything like really
focusing and investing yourself into
something you’re passionate about will
always yield better results then
scattering yourself around then
spreading yourself thin rule number two
schedule your day with Tim Ferriss large
uninterrupted blocks of time you have to
schedule if you are a creator blocks of
time that are at least two to four hours
or more in length
no Frankenstein monster of 20 minute
breaks and ten minute breaks combined
into three hours will have the value of
an uninterrupted block of three hours if
you are trying to make high-level
decisions focus on time-consuming
high-priority projects push something to
a next milestone as a maker creator we
all have the same 24 hours in the day
and if you’re like I don’t have time I
can’t sleep I need to cut back on sleep
I need to do this I need to do that if
you don’t have time you don’t have
priorities that’s it rule number three
learn how to say no with Lisa Nichols
you have to become comfortable with your
note my grandmother says baby
she starts every sentence with baby baby
if you want your yes to
more value you need to learn how to
exercise your note see your yes might
not have this value anymore why because
you give it away too much you give it to
too many people you give it away too
you’re always over committing and then
you feel drained and frustrated and you
don’t have gratitude in your heart
because you’re over committed well that
all started with a yes that should have
been enough or should have been up I’d
love to but not now
and not an attitude no nothing like a
thanks no like no not that mmm-hmm just
uh no not now no I I would love to but
my plate is full I’m free in ninety days
just don’t make no no energy just not
now don’t be surprised when everyone
comes to you you’re great you’re amazing
you’re brilliant look at you you’re on
this channel so you know you smart you
want a better life you want an abundant
life of course you’re here of course we
won’t want you and your priorities
matter rule number four delegate with
Kevin O’Leary great entrepreneurs are
able to delegate the successful women’s
CEOs are remarkably good at this
remarkably good at it and the way it
works is Sarah give I’ll give you an
example the way Sarah works she hire
somebody she sets a goal for 90 days and
gets out of their way gets completely
out of their way lets them achieve it if
they achieve it she moves them up the
organization if they don’t they get
three tries until they’re out if you
can’t achieve your goals in business
that’s what happens but her whole thing
is let them do the work themselves let
them figure it out I don’t want to use
my time for it that’s what I hired them
for and rule number five the last one
before a very special bonus clip is
block out distractions with Thomas Frank
pre committing to a task is simply
building some sort of device that binds
you to finishing it before you actually
get started and to do this you can use
what are called commitment devices it’s
why I use beeminder to ensure that I
create two things every week on my
website if you have some way of making
sure there’s a consequence for not
getting your work done you’re gonna be
more motivated to stay focused on that
work this can be as simple as writing
down that you’re going to get X done in
and if you don’t finish within 30
minutes you know that you’ve failed
you’ve externalized that goal by writing
it down and now that you failed it
you’re gonna feel bad you can even do
something crazy like hiring a lady on
Craigslist to slap you in the face like
Minnie Safety did or you could stay
within the realm of sanity that’s cool
you can also pre commit to one task by
eliminating your ability to do anything
else during that time this is often
called the burnt ships technique and
it’s in reference to an inaccurate but
still compelling story about Hernan
Cortes telling his men to burn their
ships before they attack the Aztecs the
motivation for doing this would have
been to keep his men focused on the task
because they had no other option they
couldn’t go back now you probably don’t
have an actual boat to burn of your own
and even if you did it probably wouldn’t
help you get your homework done but you
can take inspiration from this idea by
removing the ability to do other things
while you’re focused on a task and one
way you can do this is by blocking
distracting websites on your computer
using an extension like stay focused or
a program like focal filter you can even
entirely disconnect the internet if you
now I’ve got a really special bonus clip
from Robin Sharma and how to use the
1991 rule to help you manage your time
better but before that I want to know
what did you learn from this video what
was the lesson that kind of struck you
the hardest that you’re going to apply
to make you manage your time better I
would love to hear from you leaving the
comments below and when you write it
down you’re much more likely to actually
follow through – so let’s see what you
thank you guys so much for watching I
believe in you I hope you continue to
believe in yourself and whatever your
one word is much love see you soon and
so for the next 90 days your first 90
minutes at work make it focused on your
single most important project I’ll
repeat that again for the next 90 days
the first 90 minutes of your work day
focus monomaniacal e on your single most
valuable project I call it your game
changing move so it might be it might be
creating a new piece of code that will
revolutionize the marketplace it might
be a new product that when you launch it
will fill a need within your industry
that no peer is currently providing I
don’t know what your game changing move
is but this is your poetry this is your
magnum opus for the next 90 days so what
most people do is you know people who
are playing at victimhood people who are
in the ninety five percent people who
are making excuses about ordinary
results in their life a lot of them are
not doing the things that would give
them legendary results and what they do
is they get to the office and rather
than using prime time for a activities
they use their best hours watching
dancing cats on whatever it is whatever
the video platform is they spend their
best hours surfing the internet looking
at blogs they spend their best hours
playing with notifications reading
notifications chatting with friends who
are not really their friends but really
they’re just bored so they’re
distracting themselves which is just a
form of medication because potential
unexpressed turns to pain and they’re in
a lot of pain and it’s subconscious and
they haven’t done the work to know it so
really they’ve created these drugs of
choice like too much email too much web
surfing too much chit chatting too much
looking at funny looking videos that
make them laugh in the moment that make
them feel happy and give them a short
burst of dopamine and maybe a little bit
of serotonin which is the pleasure
neurotransmitter and that’s how they get
through their day and all I’m saying is
there is so much distraction available
to you out there that if you are
not acutely careful it will dominate
your days what I’m really trying to say
is this a ritual for you to run and dial
in and hardwire to the point of
automaticity that’s the word the
researchers use when a habit becomes
your new normal over 66 days is the 1991
rule and to give it to you again so you
really remember it for the next 90 days
your first 90 minutes create a tight
bubble of total focus so that no one can
distract you turn off your devices put
them in a little plastic bag put some
reminders on your door maybe some
post-it notes that this is my type
bubble of total focus for the next 90
minutes tell your team tell your loved
ones maybe gonna put a Do Not Disturb
sign on your door they’ll laugh and
explain it to them that for the next 90
days I will spend 90 minutes away from
distraction away from technology away
from interruptions focusing on my magnum
opus focusing on the genius project that
I want to bring into the world because I
will never mail it in I will always
bring it on and I’m gonna do this for
the next 90 minutes and I’m gonna
optimize it and iterate it every day and
I’m gonna bring my full bandwidth
because what makes a genius they all
have one trait in common they were able
to spend extended periods of time
in isolation focused mono maniacally on
yeah the most important work ever if you
had to think of one word that’s most
important to you that sums you Apple
so it would be like a little beacon
cabling nation if you want to know what
the most important one word is for Tony
Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Oprah Winfrey and Howard Schultz I have a
very special secret video for you check
the description for details [Music]
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