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Sky TG24 Pianeta Internet, 3/12/2005 con Marco Montemagno

now 3 moment of internet key we foresee just as Marco
Almonte never
home is following on internet kellan death of john there is a beast you think of it
paolo on
good job
web found dead could
then we immediately start propo cornarea giorgiobest what internet arts
the great British football legend has been thrown
I would say that above all or we find an infinity information of manifestation
I have brought you also of affection
especially or those that are the many images so many
photographs on one of the most well-known sites of sharing photos but in what we are
finished in rossana the direction will be maintained are
for a whole series of photographs of the past
dead at of the present d
dd mazzilli photo
old man who maybe wait and be curious or
I have interesting about the day it was
I think it’s an interesting aspect with the advice to those who are there
listening to obviously search on gugol or blog search engines
all those that are information that are a lot of wikipedia institute windy
dacia very detailed mask on
on george best for those who do not know him and still wait in my opinion a lot
interesting the role of the internet today
in these cases that a role of
collection of material ddd own creation of a shared heritage not
just for those who maybe know a person but also for generations
I give an example to my generation who did not know giorgiobest aee in mine
case in particular as maybe many insiders many computer scientists
we are not in what football is
but we have learned of the anderlan of the news area of ​​the awakened death
we took directly on technical sites so let’s see today
also on sites that make information normally dedicated to Etna topics
computer readers so maybe
snc dott of intercity very technical
in reality also information that concerns anything else to this goes
consequence of spreading knowledge to people who are not normally
inside with the topic and therefore it is a way to create a different information e
also a sort of tradition will begin first oral and social screening
digital that uses the internet to pass these training then percoca
look josh best many information a tribute I have to say great affection
found on the internet
here maybe not even Marco images that in a few days we will also find the
foulard domain ie explain what is that time is so important
you left this me this domain .eu will start from
from next week in summary a domain is the internet address is a domain
then in the moment in which verb we have different possibilities .it .com .eu .net
a further .eu extension has been introduced
just to indicate what the domain of the European community
the usefulness to balance a bit the one that the American centric organization
American centric control and on what the internet addresses are
carla chance has a company that uses a website via derna
European visibility and not only confined has a .it domain that for example
identifies a purely Italian site
mark like every week
many expect the curiosity on the network what this offers us
This week we have a few videos, here is the moment I’m a member of the
the better we make a slightly lighter break
but right now I’m trying to broadcast it
we have a second interesting phenomenon that is that of you and all people
that right now on the internet
they shoot up front has a webcam
or in front of the camera while they are singing a song we have seen
of the historical cases here maybe we even have a little dd audio set if I direct it
lloret perish however are the of the interesting cases of manifestation of di
people trying to have visibility had been there
a famous cable that was that of the next chieri that went around the world
and this is a very very curious aspect
they will do another couple of videos that pronoun is what I see now
his conference of the .eu domain that there is not a crazy video goes
it could be something is similar to the rest of me
however, referring to skai tg 24. boxing. com where we always collect links
addresses and so on
went to martano marco montemagno to have been with us there was next
good hands
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