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Sky TG24 Diritto di Rete, Marco Montemagno

November 2005 the world meets in tunis to discuss the future of
but because all this attention to the network
why internet today should be so important for the governments of
our planet
a first explanation resides in the role of the two be of the new ways of
to communicate
Internet facts are no longer confined to the world of technicians, but all arms
sectors of our life the economic world the social and political world
but when one thinks of the future of internet and new technologies of the
communication, we are immediately reminded of some news, maybe even a little
profile made by the Japanese national research institute
this kind of
and motorcycles that equipped municipal made a computer and a series of
equipment not theme and ‘possible to get hahaha transmit data
even in times when there is no chance
the interesting thing that this type of motorcycle can transmit data oo
directly on the internet or other motorcycles, so in practice it is
can create a network where they explained me I’m also
and gets to transmit video because the connection speed is very high
another interesting innovation enter the one concerning the exchange of data
in this case we have a new technology based on the current lambro
electric the electricity that is around the body
we have on one side
and on the other hand another parent who may be a smartfone future navoni will be
a mobile phone with a kind of card like the ones we put on
laptops then that is so interesting that when we have a data
to send another person on events that we bring
demonstrating our home and key with a handshake we are able
to transmit a data that will then also be ovid audio
new lte technology dedicated to mobile phones
it’s a hammer charging in practice rather than sum recharging a battery
classic and instead methane we have a porsche age in this case think that
this bottle can last for a month because we have a month of battery
dedicated or another version a pen that you can carry around
it is time to enter the 2006 market
so for motorcycles, therefore, natural gas cell
or video broadcasts with a simple handshake
all of which there is certainly no interesting innovative
to which, however, perhaps we are already prepared if not even accustomed
the future of the internet we actually ask ourselves is reduced only to this
to new piagets for consumers
the summit of tunis and in other words it was only a great fair of the
hi-tech or there have been more urgent technological innovations
to justify the presence of the whole world
paypal or experience oneself that god saves whispers the nation we want
give all the damages of a portal that I would like to ask you some time ago
we will produce better it was the turn of the governments that meat
you write to achieve this important $ 100 goal that
the keystone because if we can produce a computer of about 100
dollars then the course will be lower than what you believe in text because a
$ 100 computer can contain infinite
it will also allow you to learn information technology to learn
because of learning whatever it is the learned coast cruises a way
learning from self-taught in sharing the situation is so great that you are
different world that we must rethink the way it is done and education i
children have to learn from each other, they are sure they need us adults
but children can learn better than we get up early when the PC
they learn to talk about the evening
you have to literate the children of developing countries is just one of the
more important objectives to pursue in order to fill the so-called digital
t wait
in other words, the technological difference between rich countries that have
Key internet access to new technologies all the poorest countries
one of the most concrete examples even if still in the prototype phase
the $ 100 laptop presented by the legendary professor of life
nicholas negroponte
every single problem in the world we can think of
environment facebo
risotto occurrit lease which includes thanks
and I can not think of these problems without talking like cocks
background of a laptop text photo to distribute steps
but I thought an educational project
I do not have ebuddy IT project
video we think the inter educational project to solve static IP conflict
tax meadows wait is not just tiscali is a learning gap
youtube life
and technology is the tool through which you mean
learned to learn
and I will never stop 3 4 uisp siena
we want them to learn mathematics
we want the akita godfather
so in extreme synthesis and that to realize a minicomputer from
distribute through governments to the children of third world countries
this computer will feature a low $ 100 paid price
directly from governments that accrued in 20 dollars a year
a direct internet connection with other mini computers
this means that children can also connect to the internet through the
other small computers of this
finally a crank recharge or electric current for the power supply
especially for it is important to note that it was possible to create a pc that
it costs so little because all the software used the software open
sorsa or better still free software in other words programs are used that do not
they cost because they can also be changed directly by users
project certainly interesting but it does reflect on the importance of
understand first of all what is technological
beyond the folkloristic virtual instruments and real technological ticket is
an extremely complex sirio appearance
on the one hand there is a problem of access to new technologies
countries that can connect to the network have a clear advantage
competitive against those who do not have this possibility or can do it in
limited way for example with us slow connections
on the other hand, technological gap also means cultural gap
social and economic
it’s a problem that affects everyone though
with the digital of vaio in fact for the planet
not just the third world countries
the wealth of the network
it has also brought light not only the digital machinery divide of rights
in many countries, China and Iran, Tunisia itself
I believe
whole world of interests has understood
and here it was palpable
he understood that it is an opportunity to be grasped enormously
how courses ancients to remember it
matthew not even me text
link data to what we want and have faster connection than those
we are in fat africa and above all less expensive developing countries
renato tognetti many healthy cities of fincantieri
even the evening did what was done that song that friend of
certainly varese economically more accessible telemachus place puts
new internet photo
the internet auctions internet access is one of our priorities
tv show
distance in the church just a cross-sectional argument is not something
that we must develop from the top of the machine to cross all sectors
read around for yourself that you are meaningful and is a symptom of
exporting poverty is a problem if
hercules and breakfast rearview of the fear if I will not be to have a computer
if you do not have to eat x
price photo
the spacious
the last statement we heard
that would seem to be the most pessimistic one about the use of technology for
bridge the digital divide
actually and richard stallman
piscia stallman & gt free software actor
that software to the development of which can contribute voluntarily
any user of the guetta
the same type of software therefore also used in the $ 100 laptop
the goal of creating a shared heritage
available for everyone
it thus turns into one of the most important resources in fighting the
digital of wight
why so fucking serious
27 free this being a content in the sense that it does not require money to be
used as
in fact you are already struggling to put it on the computer but poor marquese marquese
you are no longer poor of the poor
lol then you can not for the sake of the same that being jelsoft kidnap kisses
antivirus offers
the concept behind free software to toast via the sciences itself
internet collaboration
the result of this experience also the availability of software is one
a decisive resource thanks to the enormous reduction in costs it produces
allowing therefore the realization of projects very useful for development
torrenz a software and simona de silvestro messenger pesaro are the
wind instruments
governments open both to read files one of the projects we have easy
convert civil society and government used instrument for tenor sax
wings misterhelmet group, serious .-.
if you do with the relative optimal TV then if you use the diaphragm sentences
augural all to whom phrases friendship cormorano to understand what is the secret of
this extraordinary ability demonstrated by the Brazilians in the use of
200 summer centers for culture
the story is over
the society founded on existence torrent difference with different inkscape
expectations about inter we want to see life we ​​are
a new social experience now I wait only x psp edition
courtship ludic city. the friend. is confirmed by gilberto gil
it’s a winning attitude
especially on all those occasions when the software is the infrastructure
they are not enough
a practical case, for example, is that of namibia
where you can even face the problem of the formation of the
teachers in the field of technology
27 from the fir tree with mac os
we decided to use an athletic sonnet light dora the purpose
yield fornarina mail we have seen that I would give teachers the tools of
traditional information does not work
since we realized little man teachers have started to use the
technology ignis rugs
in this variegated world of computer science it becomes interesting
understand where to place Italy
what activities are we doing with what kind of commitment and with which countries we are
concretely collaborating
gold bus of that country where we made honda
computer network for the country publiweb station that work
and today we are already launching the second project that the land registry
important photo infrastructures for a modern country realized through
translator this technology
We have more than 20 unexpected countries projects
of the air Africa
mediterranean deface
Italian is only assistance
in the context of cooperation
program that we are everywhere achieve
to transfer our bauli lost experiences our technologies on
campus to carry out projects with pic
free easy note otranto
internet video details we believe that internet will help us
fight poverty because they bring back-to-back training back home
at home of the best decisions mail itself materials
free sample nomos ambiguous implementation stealth eg in Mozambique we have
developed several strategies in an attempt to reduce the costs of
Internet connection
and why how working on we are also working on the cocker – financed by the
italy the very important engagement project for elicobater sport alla
light the theme of the big resort experiences of if only to get it
we need a good organization we must be
organized or channel if you do not risk that means to have information 2
priceless and well prepared the can not fight computer science fundamental to reach
this goal windirstat security a little
who have started and will reap good fruit
as you can see from this stand we are celebrating our successes by remembering
the challenges we face, there is still a long way to go with
at the beginning it is really encouraging stores said du
without having tasted
silvi citta ‘di vai de stato the central topic of the summit
not least was the theme of the coderno becomes a fan
in the internet world and always been particularly hostile in shape
control of any kind
the technicians who created 2b in fact
badly endorse ipsia external intrusions online both in real life
and ‘perhaps the most pregnant demonstration richard stallman an example
living of associated arches
you want to ride around because for everything else there is night baby decades
you only have
good when they gave it to me because there was something really dangerous
perhaps one is more able than a coward is not very difficult it will be a color
white on white ground but x
for ds salumeria of wisconsin this transmitter walls
sogesi fairy of mine both visible means spike has been applied
then i’m at 12 all disney porn enolate the fact that they are the only ones I can see on other names and meanings
I repeat that there are all saints salutami okay expressed in the hawk
to you
and hostess can not wait and therefore essentially simple acceptable sergio
previous and cube
now these idiots or deficient are dangerous privacy proposal xp
eh, the sun
you buried I saw that you can tell me that there is to be underneath betessopoli d’aluminum because local metalor of segrate you
also very own way x
but if the situation has always been so anarchic
as it did then prosper on the internet
on the one hand, the workers have certainly self-regulated themselves
on the other hand, however, the more technical management has been entrusted I have an organ of
name alqamah
what is the i can not like to me is an American private body in charge of
management of the network from the very beginning precisely to administer the most part
technique of the ueber internet addresses the DNS and so on
2 bank
but legends if printed you sang to sanremo intervenes go k500
but in reality we are directly involved in the management around 20 30
ghgh we talked very close to the critics the fact over the years we have
proved to be a single system and internet boots version will work
still for years
I think the internet is becoming more and more because today’s type
discounts themselves entirely online even the governments particularly interested in
have a say in i
that is, as always, using your own debut in ingelse
this is positive because
there are several areas where the lids to intervene
look for people
I wish there was not a saint that we are open organization and
transparent impact everyone can participate as governments are
engineering prime minister a lawyer that anyone can participate
Interferon for the internet genesis better vieste explodes the heart shoots
even if they lick it until today we have to admit it worked well
with the global growth of quebec, the question arises spontaneously
likes anna that is an all-American reality
It is the only possible solution
yes yes yes the management of the guetta can be then laughed somehow more
I believe that to love trade sas united from the point of view of understanding
the internet is not
just a new one
I bring the radio to the television after the phone, but we have one system
real effective opportunity to work than to finish a pilot and hope that
a real constitution for the network
and that’s what we’re looking for
gives in to temptation
to distract him from what the utopia wall works
I at this point of view from the topical
the fact that there are these years time for work
the involvement of governments such as our European Union
in this process can also their technical contribution I think it can be
a good method
so it’s about how we always work to give time to the time and patience of
throw the seeds that grows with the plant
in conclusion balms of tunis inware from seems to have come out of his
childhood to take a new direction
right of the network right to the network
or maybe direct right
what is ultimately the future of the internet.
for a sun so dangerous blood
we have defined a fiery future
path that now must be undertaken
where we want that
in managing not in controlling how some country wanted to control pan
in managing
internet not only deal with exquisitely technical problems
that remain at the level of good participation much more international
but there are also no social-political programs of a political kind
biomass fountain
so we have created
on this occasion haker forum monitoring everyone can participate and
tell them to counter the government and the internet
to ensure
what we all want free internet – be reliable yes
working crack accessible because it has an infrastructure
again fundamental for
our life
this fishing for news 24
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