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Sky TG24 Pianeta Internet, 26/11/2005 con Marco Montemagno

the column dedicated to the world of the planet internet internet economy arc montemagno network
Goodmorning everyone
hello marco then last week we talked about the summit
of Tunisia to which you participated and the right of access to ford between
the other
we’ll talk about it tomorrow in the special internet but it was not doges freely
usable in all the countries of the world what is therefore the situation of the
online censorship your speech
for us in fact used to use and the network freely have access
without problems
and especially after seeing the declaration of intent and what it is
success to know of tunis ecopunto how to anticipate rightly tomorrow we will see
very thorough special it is clear that a little difficult to understand how much hack
there are countries that limit
internet access
pelouche censor him or
and the fact that it is used interposed provoked by the consequences
so if at this or at the moment though
as said this map where there is a part of me
It is created by a reporter without borders
There are countries as can can be China
tirana tunisia same times when there is actually a strong one
restriction of access to the network
especially there is a control on the contents yesterday I saw an article
very interesting that I suggest unpleasant stadt quardando came out on
best pans where we talk about a chinese pierra blog so a girl
edinumen mumuuuu is the codename wada the pseudonym used
who writes at this moment a blog that seems to be very visited much seen in
and it’s a bit percent
conducting that little bernardo revolution from inside pope and blog
this article from the new york ansa
so in the conclusion it is true there are many is still multi houses
unfortunately, of censorship of repression, however, there are instruments siapec licini
like those perhaps developed and by some groups of activists so-called
blog blogs themselves so forms of communication can be it
tool to fill this for that this problem in the special tomorrow
we’ll talk . right to the network right network
mark this week is turned r the a curious video I have on the bus is that not
to get out of a matric press conference
especially if it is true that even if it was taken mineral show is beautiful
chosen fijlkam
this rocco with this news on between jupiter and port
drafting to remember it at what age is one of the blog’s most visited in
internet is very positive of gossip but often the famous scandal of
monica lewinsky
and it was raised at the very beginning of the baaba budget
then I move from today to exit this one
f news of decades
that during a speech for fact at
then live from the back
you see this
ex tattoo branded with an x
for this reason this event has not gone unnoticed and many many blogs
Internet sites have resumed this news some have started arms for
amp processing of theories also
complex conspiracies we tried to understand
why this x
there was first competition also a form of political censorship
message cult that touches transmit as it always happens in Italy in these
cases if a visited site or blog resume news started relaunch it
good news quickly turns all the other blogs that talks then
this news especially in the United States abroad in Italy I have
seen only once sum sine
not much has passed
in evidence
then everyone has taken up this news then in the end it turned out that
this xd was nothing but a placeholder so-called for now for one
species of
see pictures that will have to be protested in that place then
nothing but here is this and to conclude it gives us way again
have fun commenting on the lack of information guard when
something happens
on television in newspapers
in the internet is resumed and there is
the form of control and continuous discussion
Marco arrived one of the most awaited moments of those who listen to us about yours
heading almost a fixed appointment that
of the funniest and funniest videos of the week you’ve managed to
find on the internet
yes let’s start if directing them airs immediately we start from
what we could define
a boy band a little bit particular
I have a big breast now
grepolis pieve are these two characters
just that he deserves it to be a green shirt with the compound from
spreadable mariuccia
one of the greatest trips in history
the inventor of free software approaches chickpeas for tens at present
the minister of culture of Brazil died together singing a song la
peace breast verona –
aymavilles dispense sole mind this strange couple, however, is very curious
great art a great one
technical leave for this my name is a bit for a climb
it’s a really crazy advertisement done by an online dating site
was a pec admitted in the centers barcelona with the sleeping beauty in the
forest, the young lady sitting inside and with a writing I’ll play it funny
wait for the prince to come and try it summers. buy
it’s a new way of doing
We will not talk about it sooner because the so-called guerrilla war
marketing viral famodi advertising
to conclude seeing that we are covered by snow here in Milan now
Christmas is coming
This is the henkel home dd christmas lights blankets nape christmas xmas
now I hear her select if she directs the music
Bulgarians for children
that’s why my name is Giovanni is good for the abs
find all the videos most clicked out of curiosity and we’ll see you tomorrow for
this special network right right on one
all these issues is very interesting
well then tomorrow thank you goodbye marco montemagno almassae expert in
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