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Sky TG24 Pianeta Internet, 19/11/2005 con Marco Montemagno

great wall steed appointment with holds for the internet
welcome to iphone calls like every living room
bentovato in marco montemagno we speak soberly
It is beautiful alberti cee world of information society
to which is our mark Montemagno took part together with 18,000 between
regional delegates have talked about a alberti there is fundamental land e
internet then I tried to understand why
dammit in my opinion varano we followed a skai tg 24 feb – delegation
eheh ministerial that we have been very close to
and represents a historical moment for what concerns the internet the reason
amioparere chi
I must
first time the world all the world really got in 3d united
he recognized me on the internet
a fundamental role that is no longer just a technical role
and also a social economic politician
the main topic was the so-called digital of baida that is the
difference that at this time
there is the denied mind among the most technologically advanced countries
and the poorest countries countries
and that therefore they may have more difficulty in accessing three of them
advanced countries
in this sense, here we see the tireless lending of the conferences
the press also have been released
obviously there were not many many initiatives
beer mom many projects italy becomes twenty projects to transfer
technology in the field of the example governor
in many developing countries, another fundamental topic is
It was a more technical subject than that
vabbe of the so-called internet governance in practice what it means
that today
when you tell me I love you the address of a domain
there is someone who makes it work so there is a system
who manages all this
the company that runs the American company links me together private
and this
clearly with the enlargement the internet has created the need for
greater enlargement also of the management of this type of structure
then on this front in my opinion and there have been many declarations not
correct I think that we should not talk about an internet government
they only rule
it is what is important to guarantee access, all there will be enlargement
with a discussion forum for many delegates
e15 savona greater participation in definitive then digital of wight
the commitment to
guarantee access to Internet information to all countries in the world
greater participation in the technical management of the internet and then if
We really want to identify a winner who comes out of this summit
that vincitor my own opinion comes back
brand with these are all the news that is emena senga
hahaha this your friend but I’m glad how much there is a bit ‘as
Go behind the scenes so to speak
if the behind the scenes you know what Christmas to plaster despite the
we are
he is very attentive to the more formal part, perhaps the one that does not pass to
and so on television, then I brought you some pictures right for you
give me water we will be able to deepen in a special special 3
there was, in short
inail the event was organized in tunisia here we see what is a
little ‘outside the event so do not salt and skating that you see
normally connections ma
the life then of the journalists of the insiders
been made dvd with very long decoders for security is an organization
that as much as has proven to keep us very much making a big effort
clearly eheheh had many complications even due to own
arsen pro pro hey security we believe all the checks
the aspect that I wanted to signal to those who are listening to us and
because what 1 feel with the friend the most interest and enthusiasm of the
developing countries I have shot
I went to talk with
beautiful Prime Minister of Mozambique I spoke with Gilberto Gil who is Minister
and right now for brazil
and so I’m on page in all these stands where I saw myself in a sort
of great smau of great fair also of technology
all of these
and developing countries near maybe with a small sten near big ones
stand of the big corporations
ooh baby big governments here
this suitable media of the extraordinary enthusiasm that at this moment
these people have
there was, smeet negroponte professor of the myth is that he presented one
a laptop and ahahah used this term for now is the brazil if you that
the samba I that news internet if
if you can dance the samba
then use the tags for this according to me mine
but a simple sentence that describes however the enthusiasm passion then
x-ray these big changes the virtually digital culmination of wight
eko marco we leave the ritual of sandler internet rhythm that we try to
understand also some curiosity that found there in tunis and some ones one
another customary appointment with half-born internet yes um imagine one
great technology fair imagine that
hernia put me like the amusement park for me because it was extraordinary to be able
turn between all these new ones
and technologies
– extent in which there would be many then I will have to see them then em
this is the battery for example that instead of running lithium for i
mobile phones
and the battery that works will last for a month insert this bottle
lizzani cell phone we have a month of ecology recharge that will be on the market
in Japanese
on the market starting next year very special
this lady instead is showing us another type of diving
ddd data distribution in practice
we use the electricity that is in the body it is possible to transmit data with
a simple handshake
from one side to the other so if I am a handheld tool and who I am
shaking hands with a handheld I have to transmit and send data that decides
transmit this where you also saw the skai site
and the famous $ 100 laptop with a crank that makes for my hand
that turns the crank I failed to
to resist laundering immediately to fiddle on this laptop and I have to
to say that this is an extraordinary project
vienna for a way to deepen it we close with another curiosity
this gentleman who is there web showing the beige and then lorella
that’s what it takes to get in
within the event
and richard stallman one of the greatest anker in the history of computer science
he covered his own good with a piece of foil
because embassy noticed that there was an inter-rt of a transmitter
here not to be monitored
he did this kind of operation many queen we interviewed him
we will have a way of
hear everything he told us for the moment I stop here and see you
next Saturday
thank you marco montemagno massaro we say hello and thank you so too
this space that is believed to be the inner planet
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