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Sky TG24 Pianeta Internet, 12/11/2005 con Marco Montemagno

and now the space dedicated to deepening at the time of
heading dedicated to the world of the planet internet network we are in the company of
marco montemagno marco good morning
then this week there has been a lot of talk about the disturbances in the suburbs
in French nurses, how this topic was dealt with on the internet
two reports I would like to give to those who are listening to us
on the one hand there was a news but very interesting that was amplified
from the usual one of the most important blockers in the Japanese world
ear reported the arrest of some French blockers guilty of fomented
those that
el may have been the unrest
then obviously as you can well understand this news at least a little ‘around
of the network has attracted many
discussions on this subject to understand exactly on the one hand
and what is the figure of a blog in itself enough to write in the comments on the
site for from to become a blog from the other as the level of freedom
information and censorship on the web
and therefore sum is an argument
actually hot because you have to remember that the so-called
French blogosphere then the set of French blogs contacts of three million
blog therefore has an importance weight another interesting aspect concerns
instead sarcosì
sarcosì car has done until it’s oh original and internet using the
advertising on gugol which is called divorce
in the moment in which the users search mono some keywords related to
French disorders then in practice
one looks for a word on connected gu
to the Parisian riots that came out a bleach attack ita a link and that it carried
to the blog of sarcosì
always very updated then
this also to the raised a hook
heated discussion about what the use of the internet by a
It was also taken up by some Italian blogs
ciuto tabuto comano shooting so you can find on the net what it is
was the story and this is the image above that kind of eeeh strip
blue that you see advertising and sarcosì
use therefore we say innovative but also very disputed of what
a politician may be in you
refer sub ovi skai tg 24 and generally in the network on technorati search engine
blogs but find all the information on this topic
very very bright now
pecoranera franke have one
another mark we speak of the imminent world summit
at the information society will be held from 16 to 18 from November to
tunis and you will be present earth sky tg24 because
It’s so important what the hot topics are at stake
there are two aspects of my opinion,
fundamental that we will discuss on the one hand if we want to see
the more general picture there will be the fundamental theme of the digital of wight
what voldire means that in the moment when the se se il mondo
technologically evolves there is clearly
a difference that is created among the most developed countries
technologically unwanted pesino
and we must try to fill this object
on the other hand, however, if you want my opinion, a point is more technical
fundamental regards that which the management of the network the own control
Internet architecture level what does that mean
in this moment the domains therefore the internet addresses but a whole series of
parameters that hold up
the two from
they are run by a private American mind called the walker
then rightly f1 European in the evil united nations want
a greater participation then remove this central role a little
of the United States on the control over the management of the internet to have
greater participation is also a very complex theme because
It is true that on the one hand, more participation is needed because internet is concerned
to everyone
but until now the internet is working well so I am
I am 7 December 9 verona we will be present, we will try to
documenting witness to see what the direction that I am will be
Mark the last part of this column as usual for videos
curious people appeared on the net
let’s say this
who follows planet internet knows how to fold a shirt in 7 seconds we have seen
in the past there is an Asian lady who had this particular technique
the video I brought you today though
takes a step further
he calls you on t-shirts in 2 seconds then we brought because I have to say
are those curiosity then even maybe in a practical aspect I show it
a couple of times
I can personally testify that what works is the same technique I have
used that girl I love seen some time ago eheheh however it was
addition I have been improved people has been created a site on purpose. funds
or t-shirt. subsection
which of course is doing the inter round because it is a lot of fun
curious but it is also very practical I thought directors should propose it as proof
at the entrance to collaborate with an internet key
because really strong
you can tell me to close instead with a video that I show you at
slow motion
this gentleman is the number one in the world of yoyo
and this is a world championship of yo-yo we see it slow because if me
I had let him see
Cosine hotel at normal speed
really you only see a ball that turns and you do not understand anything fish if
we see him inna
elly tran po ‘comes out the 3 minute video even where
for tanaka this is called this boy father of crazy numbers
thank you take advantage of fabrizio pini who have marked this video becomes
Dad tomorrow so let’s congratulations
and this video I have to say “menton tormentone”
as always skai tg 24. opens the site where I refer you
and we’ll see each other profess
thanks thanks goodbye to marco in montemagno see you again
for next Saturday with your unique black art for internet
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