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Sky TG24 Pianeta Internet, 5/11/2005 con Marco Montemagno

we completely change the topic now the moment of planet internet with ma
marco montemagno
welcome on internet pennetta like every saturday
hello nicola on hire
hello marco we talk today that daytime topic the big news
announce your high-level internet strategy
arms tart what is it
then appellant. with this name of the redesign launched this week
weleda my point of view is fundamental for what concerns
microsoft or why I mark parey rhemes official entry into the internet age
2 . 0 apart from microsoft
immediately translate for now to those who are listening to us
a small premise
you before before the advent of internet in the world of rer software
and i’ll love you till u pava anti software made good by selling products
that were installed on computers so it was clear that all that
it was on our PCs starting from the operating system so typically
windows and microsoft operating system
it was fundamental then with the advent of the internet this situation has changed
the spread of broadband started to evolve has evolved
the use of a series of
sites services applications directly via the internet and then the network I have
started playing a fundamental role
so here I am crazy about the various holly bugs I’ve given a lot of service
of solutions focused exclusively on the internet
Poplin shirt big success is above all a centrality
in this mechanism this microsoft photo bisness that at the beginning of the game
late on the internet sinan I have to say from the moment the network debuted
also in this case demonstrated a great ability to adapt and with the
launch of the art. como
of which we have now seen screenshots of this presentation
app proved to want to get into force in the world of interent and I must tell you
get in touch with
a new approach much more users-oriented presentation
or for example a lot of space blogs this form of communication with
so often we talk in the final role of the internet more and more enters us
in the world of software business model also new
maybe + based on advertising on creating traffic
and earning the publicity more than from the sale of software vicenza
and therefore a macro know that in my opinion also in this case also from 2006 in
anamera marker photo starring role
I mark what I now have to give some advice, too
jacket and tie – metabolically dressed as a city guide
better navigate lamela to go
then disc that we forever parma let’s take water for granted that
terme the average user is listening to us
have all the appropriate tools then
a piece of advice that I can give is about this software that we
we use every day to browse the internet key cosetto browser then
the most famous is 3 that blue air that we have on our computer
internet explorer just from microsoft and that we talked before
that in this widespread mind, however, there are many alternatives
free that are truly extraordinary we may have too
some image if the beautiful director recovers software like this
let’s see fair fox you think he has
exceeded 100 million downloads right now
we also see it supported by a community of users that are also very funny
of photos of
a competition they did for the best cook to celebrate these 100
1000 downloda
and it is a special software to surf many people on the internet
jobs have passed
optimize this type of instrument just because it offers a series of
zenzen advantages except the technician offers the possibility of adding pieces
more so if we want to
have additional features park fox allows you to add
I can not because I can certainly recommend work
epa my opinion the best software for an employee even if then
there are those who work in this sector are forced to use more than one browser
to surf the internet
and finally last software and what you see
this flockhart launched later
is a startup of a young mechanics company launched this photo yet
everything to be tested to prove his ability to activate some of the
but it seems to be very promising
so even in this case we try alternative pains, let’s try some others
solutions I believe that we are listening to the possibility of doing so
free then I will know of astro recommended well –
marò how to lose last minutes eeeh you must castilia the curiosity that age
you found it this week
we have this week
I envy a real talent mb dribbler from the director can me
to broadcast
is a video that starts to shoot on gugol video
who was reported by eeeh christian condioneers blog because I thank you
ebay as you see a juggler a street artist who is dribbling
very good I’m denied soccer but
I think there are those who are watching Rome
you need to understand how flattery this dribbler is
but the story is very interesting because after I reported this
video on the blog skai tg 24 another user reading this report
seeing the video
he signaled to me in turn that
this guy
I had seen a few years before ok attacked a street lamp enya reported
that is miami
invited to see this video that he himself had shot
in that we see this dribbler who
even dribble the capomonte flap afterwards
arrives soon, in my opinion, very interested apart from life is text
dribbler you see and extraordinary remembers
that mackerpoker dribbler I love seen a little while ago
but a great talent, however, apart from this second interesting record
see the video if I drive tedoldi is called thank you too for the
reporting this guy always very good
eheh a little ‘the figure of which we speak often to porter widespread in the
black in this case therefore the possibility that impression previews
davin training then have so many ideas from many people around the
network I talk about it for a day instead I stop here because
difficult to continue skai tg 24. find all the links
and the resources that we report in transmission
thanks san marco montemagno. within the next week d
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