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Sky TG24 Pianeta Internet, 11/12/2005 con Marco Montemagno

Goodmorning everyone
to you and mark bentrovato therefore marco is time to say acan ste
it is a wall that is then its kind and interesting and to those who follow you from the
let’s see some of the new milan website we take for granted what
are the usual research on search engine competition or on the most famous sites
I saw some sites, I brought you some images, so he spoke
to make four fountains on bovi steps
an interesting site looked like this 38 new babi
it is a site that collects travel journals
so it is interesting because on one side you can see the diaries of
travel written by others and therefore to travel waters be useful to have
a direct response
and then you can first have your own travel diary if
those who listen to us print and think about going on vacation use this site for
writing is what you dh between this site that you see on the air
then a very interesting search engine is called kayak
It’s the new one
I use a programming language that is very fashionable for the most technical
which is called aiax
and this is what you see and compare the bullies
that commissioner says it is impossible
a useful tool
another interesting other site that id I wanted to report
ebay the new updated site of the local online matteo microsoft. never.
like this you see there are images I have to say haha ​​very high definition
and so it can be a way to take a look at what can be placed
where we go on vacation last site f online answers always yout this
week launched a site called the aucan salsa ita antimatter answers
Travel here can be an additional resource for those who say you go in
severe park of the world of the straight line and certainly not lacking in creativity is possible
catch some good ideas for Christmas gifts
if the hips for Christmas presents are really sipio pomellato
even in this case try to see something that is not standard
my advice if I have to say strong what I think I do is
leaving from
some blogs of soccer techniques there are two very famous for foreigners
who are engadget egyptian way and have a christmas gay bear then a guide
Christmas gifts
with a whole host of really crazy gifts
another interesting site a blog is called make and is for the do it yourself
here you find the gifts very special and I must say
eheheh can be useful for those who maybe
diamond of technology
then I think there are some interesting ideas one that I can suggest is
a site that is called icon is not it and it works so we send a picture and them
create a caricature year
cuma a place of a few tens of euro we drink a caricature that we can
give away those can be
still interesting gal however my advice is to keep an eye on the goal of
skai tg 24 we will make a list of the best eeeh sites on which we can find
Christmas presents
here is marco lagenaria gifts taxi drivers that can be found
it is strictly what will be the crazy video that is part of this
crazy videos of this week we start from the first if the regia rome –
I found it very curious and I thank first of all fabrizio pini called
is a ‘parody’ marketing 1 sports star nadal have shown
when still the common purpose has value to the motion
re and it’s a word
attention step under the train
in my opinion they were there
if they are terror advertising
Top Channel
beautiful girls
someone has barbapapa
something very nice
every day I will make it a text to report
dsr4 weather table I have been defined
the craziest meteorologist was of the sin history that he is a boy
English was not if a comedian
I hope. I hope for him that it is a little site that makes weather forecasts
little details every day post
a video where this type of prediction at this stone I do not know if this is
a cue for the channel put in skai tg 24 poses is a bit ‘too risky
to be for exams we conclude instead must vespa did indeed
incredible enel of this English girl guenda mail
conclude with me -10 juggler in this case is one of many videos
follies to show us is written in the past
and what are you doing at the time of
keith richards the fatigue for 100 it hurts to know if you do –
rejection planet mom my musical
tg24 is the signaling
jersey shore master rome
next week Friday a conference organized in the chamber of the
Members who I wanted to report
on the subject internet and politics can be very interesting for the
and fans of planet internet and next Friday, Friday afternoon if
you want we are there
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