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Sky TG24 Pianeta Internet, 24/12/2005 con Marco Montemagno

in our section, keep the internet edited by marco montemagno
good morning good morning Marco
then in this law
real of christmas you are prepared marco
cast and ranking rooms
yes it’s a gift I wanted to prepare for
all the staff of skai tg 24 that always helps me too much people
that maybe you do not see the videos and dedicated to all the people who follow
internet key now for a year and I have to say every time that shows
who looks at you is always more than you, so there are always suggestions
useful indications that come from a year to this part there is always a way to
learn ban to chat
init doc 18 crazy videos write planet internet today let’s see
the first nine and next week we see the other 9
let’s start from the eighteenth if they are obviously some of the videos we have
aired and that are among the most famous that he saw
Smart dancing This guy made women successful because he filmed himself while
dance the very curious way
and in all the places of the blessed world he has been able to travel no youtube
and ‘one of the most widely viewed video and in this 2005 number 17
most common systems
photo made by two English comic mails get a big hit on the net
eclectic where is the demonstration of what we have not seen in this e
2005 with the possibility of using the
becoming emo to become intelligible this is called menin
Things are two little girls obviously the one who moves the credit feet
amusing enemy
number 16 born at me I feel a moment to blackjack salentine ebbrezza
top gear
you know what they are and the group meteorologist * the beauty of the story with you
we said that you say some previous episode
and this guy ponalds that really my boyfriend wants to see him for
please see him do one must do 1 round haiti people who work a lot
funny wishes launched this video is not so great from the outside boing it
one of the most famous blogs in the world
heroclip – girl fixer
Muslim brothers to connect
here in the middle of the road I have to say if I was a funny video record
like that and this guy really has some other skills to show
how internet skills can find photo but has a big one
possibility of expression
number 14
photo one of the applezein gestures there is more amazing than we have seen in
internet is a basketball player I have not yet figured out exactly what it is
this player jumping a car eipass like this i dedicate it to
particular my personal best wishes faibano santovincenzo that will know
appreciate and former basketball player I think it was also used
this video ferrara to do an advertisement I can not tell if you have any
shoes or car certainly an original advertising tool
this site in any case haber blog. as one of the sites that I recommend
number 13 solfarm currant
this night boy one of the greatest exponents of this discipline
and we could say some sort of hotmail skill to cross and the streets of
every day in a different way for opera l parkour exists also in Italy tessin cakes proposes discipline then this spider man who
you see it is not an improvised wash that is incredible but it is an athlete
have just that you train pr as they would say if you exceed those who are
the limits in everyday life all in a very athletic way
reckless but always with great preparation
number 12
this is one of the first video eminems
those who follow will appreciate dog from time if you remember it and the video of a girl
that is attention is thrown into a dog
It is not every day to see a girl
launched by swearing free basketball was
he did see on skai tg 24 direct internet
and of course like all these alive
we also think of the video of Ronaldigno others
there is always the doubt that it is true or false
number 11 instead this is very curious and the use of jay leno
ebay I miss the alphabet morse mobile keyboard we have
two shaved guys I buy two is the most adult person who are competing for
send us a message polish welcome we want to see who comes for
first if you think faster the digital phone is faster
in this case
OK then
go through the morse alphabet for those who know how to use it much more
rapid analogue cell phone beats distal
number 10 the last video for today nothing
yes, it is what was a mp2005 fox from the digested state cosma boys
emo who stopped with a webcam we have these two Asian guys sheds in
income playback said another song campari image in sync
very successful fish has been very successful without faith, these two guys
they were hired by motorola to then make a traditional music tv commercial
we do not stop here so we are number 10 next week not wagered
to lose
with the last 9 crazy videos of 2005
marco meanwhile we really appreciated
it is also widely spoken of electronic greetings
yes electronic greetings
theme I love myself I have to say that I make a personal case I usually receive
an average of 500 600 mg per day
Right now
there has been a spike in what the lni are coming and protecting norm
best wishes you less sms then away there are some obviously very famous sites
blue montaine eg realmonte. com a very famous site and postcards eh me
posted below posted on the blog of skai tg 24 a color xd logo of some links and
more useful for those who want to go and see is called
all christmas 2005 the article and there are a series of links
my personal advice to end maybe at Christmas
a phone call the best of a sms uniemen that are perhaps comfortable instruments
maybe he parame hey in this medium, in my opinion a little impersonal quinata
it could be good for the call
well we thank you if you called him to marco montemagno cont el appointment
next saturday, best wishes
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