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La Rivoluzione della Micromobilità

Huber and lift it took them 4 to 5 years
reach 10 billion races made
from their various drivers dry lime and bird
which are the ones that make the scooter
electric you know this scooter
electric they put us to get it
same result 2 years ahead of a
phenomenon so one stops a second e
waiting for us to let me give a cicinin
take a look at what’s going on
to this so-called micro phenomenon
mobility to use in other words a
object that is the electric scooter
mica electric the bce everything for
move from a point to a point b to
which I don’t use the car but I use another micro
subject the starting doubt
rack yours, but why this thing
it happens now and it will happen more and more
because there is this explosion because you
see all these scooters who suffered
make the uprights now from the fact that
a scooter company too
because they are getting stuck in this
historical phase some very precise trends
the first is that of urbanization e
already this black report marked of
united nations that said that over the years
fifty the number of people that
they lived in the city was a billion then
it has gone to one billion and 600 million
in 1976 4 billion today is the estimate that
in 2050 it reaches 7 billion
people in a person’s cities
they bury and crowd the city more
moving becomes a mess you have more
need tools that are
alternative to the classic car that
was born with different assumptions and
even with a logic of distance that
it was different ie I take the car for
make a long stretch over 15 miles
as of the genre but to move instead
from one place to another that is not so
away at that point you need it
something else if not you don’t move with anymore
these seven billion people in the
city ​​sent away truth further
the organization then there are some
other phenomena taking place
to the explosion of this world of
michael moore billeci first is the fact
which one however I always save
it is not that in the future
we oar consumers and what it is, however
spend a little more when I go by
piazzale cadorna in cologno monzese
milan Milanese reminiscences and us
we would always like to save so if or
tools that save me
that point league
another feature is time
of technological innovation
if you have a car it is only the car
you can change every three seconds you have it
pay the installments and maybe keep it for yourself
ten years if you have it instead
scooterino on duty is much easier
cheap at that point to improve it
add the last life to the last sails
nun got it to make it superfigo is
much easier to have an object that
it is continuously updated because it has a
less economic commitment
another consideration and that in
general micro mobility is an impact
positive on consumption in practice if you
pighi the car go on your car e
go and move from point to point b
finished faith instead go with yours
turn scooter instead you stop in
barettino restaurant maybe there is one
climb understood you are there that goes to is exhausted
maybe by bike and expect me to
turned pappus number however always on the
theme of how much then people use
these objects or less the eighty for
one hundred I read about travels in the states
united is shorter than 12 km or 15 km 19
of the kind for which in fact you are not that
make the gigantic trips every day
you have lots of little adjectives that
at that point if you have a device
electric that helps you understand it doesn’t have to
be only you coppi or bartali a
pedaling starz is the least helped
technology you can fill them without having to
take the other what the problems are
of this world of micro mobility
because clearly to explode
will have to overcome a series of problems on
first is the regulation of states
united you have seen there are all one
set of rules that now I go out not
because if not second problem
the wild competition in practice one
sniff the potential business inside
all is a classic that happens in
these cases is going by
investors take a lot of
money throw out more a scooter in
this case can occupy the market
put your brand out however in
this way you often try to take the
shortcuts yes if the entrepreneur
reckless blitz scaling use it then
then risk having your scooters
that defects do not work
casini incidents or simply one
unmanageable situation where you have it
understood as in china bicycles beaten
everywhere and after a while he says guys
let’s set up other obstacles by
resolve economic sustainability
these companies must then be in
able to stand that is, they must
have an income statement that works
it can’t be just the money of the
Demo investors create a service that
works objectively abroad between
look and then icing on the cake
fundamental in infrastructure if you are
a city that just drops a drop of
rain all stops the streets are a
puttanaio what a disaster if you instead
you have for cities well designed with
well made bike paths and the
maintenance is done well
at that point you use the little bike
scooter even when it rains when
it snows that you use it in some countries almost
you are always out on a bicycle to say
in others, there are none
infrastructure so if you want the micro
more and more mobility
pervasive you have to put infrastructure if
no you go anywhere
micro mobility always interesting no
see what the factors are
then determine in a structural way the
growth of a phenomenon explosions a
phenomenon and sometimes if you stop and watch
understood only the scooter all abc
banged there on the street you don’t have that
feeling like something so micro
it can have such an effect
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