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Il Cliente ha sempre ragione?

this morning 1 kg smaller stood up
and did not go up belen school
he wanted these cases from the school but me
I distinguish two scenarios
scenario number one and I don’t want to
school and there is no way I go to
school because maybe it’s not good because
maybe not even dinner for the room e
you say okay this doesn’t have to be done
I don’t take it home but the scenery
number 2 instead does not want from school
but maybe convince me if you sell it well
the forms that today I had this
scenery and two
and then I started the long negotiation
to try to convince him I was kind
you know tom cruise I don’t remember
in which mission impossible that seeks to
to behave differently for
convince bad man not to kill his
nice stuff like that every time
makes a different expression ie takes a
totally opposite negotiation corner
he tried all the trips he had not
to lose other things I left from you
please go to school or work too
every now and then I beg you at school all
just now I’m your father do that
what I say you take others and go to
school and in between the whole repertoire
from the look, if anything, I promise you at school
that I buy you new power collection
rangers know that power rangers are
come back so now I don’t know about netflix
pressed the power of netflix and then
I would like to say everything more from the
harder approach to approach
instead I do more than anything
that you go to the end after 30 minutes 40
minutes of negotiations convinced
taken to school and leaving school
understood eight and a half thought enough for
me the day to end if an exhausted
I’m completely broken and this
anecdote is the preamble to ours
third dedicated episode await
harmonica where the harmonic thing is over
we said the episode was a
bet was a bet of something to
life as a star stage of the third episode
of between start up music three times why
that you have third episode I don’t know if it’s the
body this is a little gem with
the musical experience of years
today’s topic is just that
distance the separation between us
our product and the market is in the middle
the famous shit km of andy dufresne
in shawshank redemption of gays and le
wings of freedom is amazing where it is
he who will provide jail must make a
kilometer of shit to come out clean
like a child’s, this is a bit
the movie but sorry second spoiler
but that’s the movie and you’re the star
you are exactly in the same situation
from you have to say ok how do i get to
market how do I understand the market
how do i find so-called project
fit brands no this cross between the
ideal product is your ideal customer
so that then they are beautifully boiled
everyone happy and happy you sell them
they buy happy happy happy ending but for
there is this happy ending to this
path but it is a shit km that you must
decide how to manage how you want it
you want to face or you want
completely immerse then go is
beautiful in apnea let you all in apnea
you want to play bank and try to
avoid it so you don’t get your hands dirty
mine doesn’t stink put on the mask
everyone chooses his own modality
but what can I say for mine?
experience and that the factual immersion is
the path quite obliged to
these cases we make the example of of
update or right now we are
trying to figure out which one it can
be the ideal product for ours
potential users for our customers o
start with this trip then open a
universe of complexity and questions
then first of all and you want to create a
ideal product listen to your customers yes
or not that is, the customer is always right and
then we update you build it
based on what the customer tells us
or not the first one on this
consideration is that if you are here everything
what your client wants
initially to make a product for free
immediate that has more of everything inside
and maybe it’s not so close to the idea of
company you want to do because yours
company must earn two lira the far
two useful must stand and then
maybe you don’t want to follow a hundred for
what your customer says
because if I have to be a slave to
someone at that point worked below
master no this means it is beautiful
the phrase customers is always right but
in reality then you must come to terms
with what your sustainability
corporate lanfredi what the says
customer but then what is it that you have to
listen and which customer you need to listen to
first of all there is one for me
important distinction that then the
fundamental customer for me must be
exactly what my client is
ideal are a series of customers for of
updates that clearly do not go well and
what they can say can also be
just did not give product because it is not
in line with the identity of the product
let’s take an example we have
some potential customers there are people who
he says I hubble and ray if people do that
subscriber but I miss him
this thing here also always signals the
articles of which we do this
press review we choose ten
news and then we start the article
original eco would like the article
original was entirely translated into
Italian and you know that the news for the
digital technological world and so on are
always foreign news ie from
Italy never comes out of anything
original all translations articles
foreigners so if you want to be
updated you have to go to the source
original always milingo sources could
put if a full translation of
all the articles but this contrasts
with what is the identity of update
ie update must be a service
which saves time
then if the logic and make you save
time that makes sense that I put you
inside also the translation of articles
which are often very long are gods
Scroungers that point you say no no me
I also want that means you don’t
save time by adding t la
translation is allowing you to read
pretending for a second that that
is actually the problem that a
user does not know English for that
he wants in Italian but that point I don’t
I’m giving you the right service of the
product of the identity of the product ti
I’m giving another stuff that is a
in-depth thematic etc. this
for example a bad reflection because
in itself that functionality is not
wrong and a correct function for
that kind of audience this is just one
of the 100,000 homes you owe every day
face and you have to have for guidelines
to say ok this yes this is not but
because this is inside this product
no you have to have
this overall view and understand what
is the basic value of the product or
let’s take another example we have some
companies that ask us for a version
personalized come to us and say
I would look for the ga
personalized with news news stream
on this topic and then I’ll buy you 106
100 stations that make you all the
even in this case one must
enter into the merits of the goods rsj in the
problem and say but this stuff is true from
economically it makes sense because it works
because we sell more because we have
the so-called enterprise companies no
big companies or that at that point
buy late bari of
licenses and therefore this economically
works but makes sense for the company
product as a whole yes or no
this case makes no sense because why
if you start creating versions
Customized opens a thousand fronts if
you’re a small startup first problem
is that then you have to maintain and
support all you have
imagine 50 different versions of this
that but who follows him with the high school product
at 50 different products is a single one
second aspect is that this distracts you
from the main product of wine into
some way you decide you’re selling
to the end user or you are selling
the company no bicsi bbc you have to take us
a decision and then it is another
category of problem in which
during your dive you have to go out
a gold nugget of recco this here and
the solution that is our star
polar is that is not that one
that’s the one there and that’s a lot
tiring because you often know how in the case
of companies with a version
personalized to renounce of the
lucia turnover for the opportunity
you have to understand when to say no and it is also
form of conflict in teams no
in companies because everyone has one
different vision and you as an entrepreneur 6
pulled from several fronts but in the end e
put them ball in the middle and boys
this one other example direction
connected is that you sometimes have
features that are in line with the
produced with reproduced identity but the
true question is when to add it to
our case is when you make the app out of
update when you add the skill of
alexa so i at least this alexa or google
I say from a thousand last ten news the
audio pill and uncle mount well e
he plays it to this case if there
we think are the perfect features
I wish I had already undergone
question you need to do at a startup
in a small that has finite resources
and to time and people who are
clearly limited you have to concentrate
the efforts where you put them put them to
build an app
clearly the efforts go into that
direction and construction
better content and move them not
he manages to do everything but he must establish
when it is time to introduce to
example a men’s pro a stuff of the
kind that is not wrong and is not
absolutely at odds with yours
produced your vision but demand
that point is when and hit the
when it is not easy to understand also but
customer that point will abandon you because
there is no pa is decisive is
fundamental art all the cinema no
prioritizing what
the working methods thousand theory
business management things a brothel
squeezing right at the base of the
juice d what is the problem of all
this issue for me the problem is
that of responsibility, that is
we all want freedom we don’t want
escape from prison and overcome that
shitty kilometer and arriving from the other
side be free sciambola or
have economic freedom for the fact
that we got the product right at that
point the market loves it is problem
freedom but always in step with
the responsibility if you don’t want to
take responsibility on your shoulders
that weighs that uncomfortable scars
immerse yourself in the problem of living it on
embed problem give you the problem of
inherent in that point
it becomes very difficult to get to one
solid solution because the problem does not
you have internalized it does not know it so
well you can have all the angles
right perceptions compared to those who
there are less than a thousand possible solutions and
this for me is one of the reasons why
often a startup floppa that is
smo levitations so I would call it life
actionism that is you want to avoid or is
always play bank but you never want to
make that leap nor understood inside
with all the shoes tucked underneath
understood in this crazy slime for
search for
re-emerges because you don’t know if it can
emerge this big problem but
when it re-emerges if the tasks of the facts
well at that point you see the solution
much clearer in summary then for
close this episode number 3 as
the wise man said the best way
exit is always going through it
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