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years ago I remember that I went to
presenting this project was called
it was a network of professional blogs
information that we then sold e
we went to present the project is
the goal was to collect the
companies advertising money with
these projects here typically go into
media centers that are the companies that
manage the budget with no big
corporate sony I do all my beautiful
presentation set in a certain
point a guy raises his hand to do
mocking looks at them and says montemagno
but who do you want to never invest in
blog advertising I’ll explain why
I save you the time you have it
got a shit
I explain that I know no company
he will never put the wheat on it
I remember in brackets that we talk about
a period before social media and blogs were
before facebook as much as a company
they will never put money on them because they don’t
want to put advertising in a
place where then below are the comments
of users who insult the company
so goodbye and thanks
nothing i didn’t go there for
sin advertising figure that
they were rotten wrong because
paradoxically today we are at the extreme
that is, companies advertise
on social media I don’t know on facebook and if
go to see under advertising sheets
facebook that in the own open comments
blatantly open and there and everything
free under any advertising there are
any kind of absurd comment on
Envious bruising competitor who leaves
jun any bad review and how
if there was advertising on television
at the edge of the white mill and in
overlay the bastard writings
swindlers known by all like this
we are at the extreme opposite folly that
it makes no sense, however, it is not even meaning the
initial forecast according to which
companies would never have invested there
because it is understood for fear of comments
the obvious companies that have, however, the
comments but leaves out goes the
fundamental fact and where users do
move companies go back is not
who leave them there alone this slut
scoop is only one of the n thousand rubble
that I had to absorb myself
suck the years on the world
the digital inter is like this
some of these fantastic predictions
because why it is important to understand how
some logical thoughts they have
sense at that time some
considerations that seem rational in
reality then they are totally denied
from the facts
another peremptory classical statement
that you could never say no but sorry but
you are sure why consent
overall business world was
that moment so you just have to
shut up and ramp up people will not put up
never credit card online
montemagno forget the rape go to
say back but you are sure
because maybe understood at the beginning there is a
bit of mistrust but then once that
you have tools in hand
sooner or later people will buy online
something there is a no it is not so because
with online scams but it seems to you that but
the user vettel said the number of the
your own credit card that you go to
very dangerous and inter web world
a safe casino with you but that is
it seemed impossible
science fiction and goes to the other side of the
no world that is, you pay cash
I want cash
I know that from the cash the first ok cards
credit today we not only use it
completely but now it’s just jumped
problem that tuca see your iphone col
your piru android piro what he does
or simply that sooner or later in one
of their stories spike into cards of
at that point nothing must also
think use the credit card you want
buy the good game that you put the
your beautiful infront in and pay this is
everything whatever
always online classic white ad
example for so many years was that the
people would never buy clothes
online or shoes and if we think about the
reasoning was not stupid ie a
logic in that moment you didn’t see how
it is possible that one buys if the
online shoes you have to apologize like
do you buy stuff I have to try
the shop takes three hours to find the
right shoe quarrel the button arrives
the shoe at home is impossible
just the same with clothes
measures the bras for women
the problems of g6 But in fact I know
they say they tell me it’s hard
are scenes a recording as you need
right black in that case if we think about it
what we underestimated is the
power of free delivery and then the
ill then send back technologies
various to make the various tests the fitting
and the data is not a company like that
amazon eventually gave us more or less data
also on the sizes the measurements for which it is
a cine hub yes, however, objectively between
technology and shipping combined
they flattened down to find the
born as a barrier to online purchase ea
that point all stopped buying
baby clothes as if it rained but
quite another thing no one would ever do
bought the food the fresh food I had
always this one read mountains but who
you never want to buy tomatoes online
they want me to use tomato that is true
you go the Italo annusino al pomodoro
but you can then buy it online
also tomato you understand then that if
one has experienced stop regress here when
then comes netflix in italy you understand that
the ma’s prediction makes you laugh
no one will ever subscribe to netflix because
in Italy
the Italian does not like to put on paper
he doesn’t like the subscription online
all rubbish depends on the service one
once service takes hold you like it
you find the solution magically come out
the credit card and the subscription there
which followed that mode we owe them
always remember this is a lesson
many remember canvas always remembering the
famous little phrase that if they change us like
we buy change what we buy
the priests change us as we change
what we all buy together
change what we buy I wanted to say it in
a nice way but not me
but we have understood each other and this is exactly what it is
change you change understood about this before
object when there was no cellular city
let’s change from here to change what
buy is not that i buy the same thing i
first I still say a few otherwise
this video lasts seven hours and the other e
okay online dating is this
show years ago expected looks like a
monologo giravo internet code scheme
therefore a monologue that I always quoted the
online dating case says look
online dating is something that adds up
happens here it seems impossible that
people know each other on the internet then yes
meet physically and find each other
also or they fall in love for them
but it seems so impossible
today , half of Americans do
meet online but it’s normal I know you
take one that is shaved today but not
may not even doubt to say flirt with
one on my timber so and then yes
sees is normal and for us it was
impossible other forecast
completely joking that I did
I also add this concept
important we all make predictions
wrong I don’t do a way or
got a lot of blunders for this
that so impressed me all
wrong predictions because they come
I made so many predictions
completely smin chiusissime I understand
how often you underestimate a phenomenon
do not see total trains do not want
see reality you want to see that
understood that already confirms what you
do you think that reality is all menate
here however a totally forecast
the film was wrong
I also said but who will ever look at a
film on mobile because it has to look
I want a movie on my mobile
watching movies then I like it
so much going to the cinema that mine
little living room my stuff here is that
fruition I will never watch a movie on
phones here I personally see to the data
I think I look around 90 today
one hundred of the films on mobile and 10 for
one hundred with other coasts one must never look
on the screen, however, portable or cinema
that I would look at the sadness
always at the movies the problems that film
then it can’t always go so
during the day he understood the night before
go to bed even if that
spippoli the reason in this case for
where there has been this change is the
quality of the screens that at the beginning
screens of
forli were making career and today instead
there ‘s iphone or even samsung screens
in short, the cell phone those beautiful band
high have a screen where you can
absolutely yes
seeing a man isn’t with me at the cinema
but to look equal to that of the
wrong forecasts is a list
nevertheless it is worth remembering every
so much because at least you know and in front of
what is happening we think of
world of virtual reality isport block
we have prejudices then in part
of the cases are completely proven
wrong because why this world here
how to say a second before is
invisible there is no if you don’t
a second later it is everywhere
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