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Top 10 Anime Girls With The Sexiest Voices

Hey don’t look at me you’re the one that
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WatchMojo and yep today we’re gonna be
counting down our picks for the top 10
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this list we’ll be looking at the female
characters in anime whose voices will
make you melt please keep in mind we’ll
only be taking into account the original
Japanese voice actresses see who tsuki
no yo no naka do Akane are you not
smooth on number 10 sword maiden goblin
Slayer look but no what’s your script I
can I – oh god she may have been one of
the legendary heroes that vanquish the
demon king but it turns out this blind
beauty is crippled by fear not of
powerful monsters but of goblins ire
endows performance perfectly captures
the trauma that this warrior woman feels
over having her eyes burned out by the
tiny terrors in her youth one can’t help
but feel utterly heartbroken for her at
least until she starts making the moves
on goblin Slayer
then the audio levels start to get a
little steamy raucous
Tsurugi no Tommy tomorrow on Nana my
quickly washed gotta see only our
titular adventurer could refuse her
advances in lieu of what’s going to kill
more goblins and again that’s kind of a
turn-on for her so way to go bud
number nine Chiana that time I got
reincarnated as a slime Eddie
pretty sure the only reason that Rimmer
ooh has managed to become such a Titan
in this world of fantasy is due to
after being blessed with the name of her
own she on went from your average busty
ogre to an equally busty ogre but one
you’d be happy to take home to your
parents be Moody family ski day today
tonight demo can you babysit while she
can level armies with a single swing of
his sword
it’s her adorable voice that steals the
show here now each amici’s vocals may
give she on the outward appearance of a
down-to-earth vision but don’t be fooled
she knows when to turn up the heat even
when she’s angry
she never loses her job number 8 Satsuki
quite possibly the only woman you’ll
ever meet who can seduce you by calling
you a pig in human clothing lady
Satsuki’s influence is just that strong
Ryoka you Sookie knows just how to make
sense tease authority resonates while
also effortlessly demonstrating her
rarely seen softer side north coast
yeah Tokunaga Creole kostadin okay so
did the Minami commodity you look sure
whether you enjoy listening to her
scream like a banshee while she clashes
with ryuko oh you live for the quieter
moments when she sells down for a nice
cup of tea
Satsuki is the whole package number
seven Ria’s Gremory high school DeeDee
granted she’s mostly known for using
those Dedes of hers but don’t pretend
you haven’t succumbed to yoko he cusses
performance at least once
yes reyes is pretty much the poster girl
for sensual anime ladies who just so
happens to have the power to easily
waste her foes we know you got that
whole harem thing going on he say but is
there really any competition yeah but
just listen to that demonically
delicious voice just imagine how much
your mind would be blown if she put any
effort into her approach to romance
let’s see an identical don’t ask very
early woods
number six make oh she rocky prison
school huge yoga cooker paired Oh God
data while the Hachi Mitsu economy has
no shortage of incredibly good-looking
ladies it’s this bit speckled vixen who
stands out from the crowd if it looks
when already knocking you out then
Shizuka Ito’s performance is sure to
deal the finishing blow
Kodaka that’s it okay okay as
vice-president of the underground
Student Council it’s up to here to keep
the schools prisoners in check resorting
to force if necessary but let’s be
honest who wouldn’t want to be punished
while hearing a voice like that number
five salty Stilson Durarara Oh see you
Cuddy for someone missing their head
this lovely lass sure knows how to
sweet-talk while she looks like your
run-of-the-mill leather-clad biker girl
with an admittedly adorable helmet in
truth salty is an Irish fairy in search
of her missing cranium it says a lot
when a character manages to become so
desirable even when lacking a head when
you do
like a cigar not gonna scream at her I
met this nice Greek miyuki sawashiro
takes what’s admittedly a crazy fancy
pink and tinta into a confident bubbly
and endearing lady who needs a head when
celty can wall you with such honey I’d
words this Oh Joel had to spit in their
number for sure Akira Kaku a blue
exorcist series named Aikido more much
the target at all don’t talk about being
Hartford CT a while here a vision for
traditional clothing certainly often
leaves her fellow Exorcist blushing up a
it’s Rena Santos saucy performance that
pushes fans over the edge an anonymous
Tony Perez in post Ariana’s room
with her work hard play harder attitude
sure a certainly knew how to leave Ren
and the rest red in the face though it’s
hard to tell if it’s from her endless
flirting or her habits of incinerating
everything around her with her raw power
all we can say is where do we sign up
for private tutoring there could be
Okakura soda coitus number three Yumiko
yes she is totally cuckoo for gambling
to the point where she almost always
ends up losing herself in the thrill of
it’s all hand starts screaming like a
banshee and yet it still does absolutely
nothing to diminish just how appealing
you MCOs voice truly is be it’s here
insane Randall’s or her playful persona
say Orihime brings a level of sensuality
to Yumiko that makes even her most
innocent of moments come across as
of course if it’s too much for you to
handle and they want to leave the room
when she starts acting like a cat never
to Reese a kamishiro Tokyo cool series
while connect II will most certainly
never forget the likes of this tempting
cool considering she did take a bite of
his neck on their first date recently
not a horrific bloody cannibalistic
impact but rather wand that had us
deeply contemplating whether or not we
would go out with her on a second date
even at the risk of getting eaten alive
that’s the power of kana hanazawa voice
making you question your own safety
just for that chance of hearing more of
that breezy goodness another failure
number one hits Haji Sancho Kihara
monogatari Series Sedan Aquino nacho did
a total you know
the sheer force of Chua Sato’s
performance is so intense they even the
show itself had to reference just how
good she was that pretty much says all
you need to know about this fiery damsel
as the suppose it one true love of Araki
every word sanjog ahora speaks is
practically dripping with enticement
fuck yeah
I don’t know anybody
all of us – Nicholas even if she’s being
sarcastic as hell possessed by an oddity
or even threatening our Iraqis very life
not even the likes of kiss shot could
ever hope of undoing just how alluring
this weightless wonder really is going
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