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peace and Finnick waters diving deep
once again beautiful deep divers we are
here in the heart of nature baby
Jurassic Park
just whoa breathing in that good ass
piranha baby
now deep divers I want you to imagine a
time on planet Earth
when there was no cause I want you to
imagine a time where there were no
bicycles I want you to imagine a time
where there weren’t even any countries
and you would be living in a shelter and
everything was a real mystery and you’re
like I’m gonna go outside today because
if you wanted to go from A to B you have
to move your physical body you have to
go outside and explore what is planet
Earth where am i what is everything
around me this looks really weird right
now you were active and because you were
active you were healthy because you were
curious every single day was a magical
okay now fast-forward many many
thousands of years where there are cars
bicycles and where there are countries
you live in a home and a lot of us we
stay in our homes in our comfort zones
in what I call the full wall prison
because we’re like well I know there are
countries if I want something I hop in
the car then I come back home
I go to work then I come back home
nothing is mysterious anymore because I
know everything Ralph I can just watch
the TV well deep divers was help me
along my journey is to break the four
wall prison is to break out of my
comfort zone and that’s how you grow
that’s how you become your greatest
version there is something called
neuroplasticity and neuroplasticity is
all about how our brain changes based on
our experience so new experiences
actually help create new neural pathways
new brain cells so deep divers take a
trip today
go somewhere where you’ve never been
break your routine because there is no
change in your life without a change in
your routine and once you break out of
the full wall prison whoo well you’ll
just say oh so good to be alive baby
can I get a hello beautiful deep divers
you are truly appreciated we’re just
whoo breathing in that good are on a
baby in Jurassic Park shout out to
everybody who’s been rocking the
wonderful good ass praana shirts a Ralph
smart dot-com slash clothes you got a
question Instagram at infinite waters
deep divers check out the new book on
Amazon feel alive by Ralph small
have a beautiful day and escape the full
wall prison deep divers infinite waters
diving deep once again stay well stay
healthy peace you break the prison and
you [Music]

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