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“Let’s Do a Campaign to Get KANYE’S Attention!”

let’s come up with some kind of a little
marketing campaign to get Kanye’s
attention destroy it tear it apart call
it something else right like I’m fine
with that
I’m mr. Steve Carlos here we are man
how we doing what’s next let’s go let’s
get the 10 million few things you know I
was at the grand thing this weekend 10 X
3 mm-hmm and one thing that did occur to
me is that some of the things we’re
talking about the things that we’re
trying to do with you you know there
were things that were great they were
imperfect right but the one thing you
super has is that you have as well is a
very rabid community it really is a
community it’s a rat to me it almost
feels like a sports team community like
that those you can extras are 100% like
New York giant cams right and those kind
of people are the best people because
they they literally are passionate they
care about what they’re doing and I feel
like you have the same audience that’s
why I think what the thing that many of
the things we’re doing are really
important to raise the bar because I
think that audiences don’t want to raise
the bar with you let me pay exams
yeah yeah yeah even in making these
videos like people are cheering it on
and they want to see the success and and
some it’s funny the people love like
think are those Hank and Steve or too
hard on you man they’re too hard you’re
doing a great job like now it’s love
it’s love it’s love I want to get there
I don’t think I was I think that’s laid
off head maybe but yeah but I don’t
think we’ve had any discussion for
positive you know what negative things
that I possibly said on the last one I
don’t something’s gonna come today
though so I’m getting ready for it you
know I’m a big big Evan Carmichael fans
okay so before we talk about I’m gonna
talk about the 22 club and all those
things if you don’t mind it look you
look through
how you doing on the tour tour is good
we’re in Albuquerque now we leave for
Phoenix a couple days and then then hit
California come back we’re actually a
third of the way through on the on the
stops which is wild look obviously the
idea is you’re next 23% or you’re next
speaking events whatever we do yeah
or again so what are the things that are
working it out the more interaction
there is the better I think for the next
one I’m gonna start and almost try to do
the whole thing as interactive and Q&A
we’ll see like I still need to hit the
points I simply get the two the three
things but trying to lose their stories
and their problems I help get through it
but the more the more that I get into
helping people one on one the better it
the last stop like the two biggest
moments of all time with the two most
successful people in the room like both
millionaires in the room and like
pushing him hard because nobody’s wishes
them in their life and like that was the
first bush that they’ve had in a while
one guy hired me to come speak at then
at his company the next day with 80
people the other guys like I want to fly
and come see you I got it I got it
I gotta be around you more we got to
make this happen sake okay man I don’t
know we’ll figure something out but it’s
not just the pure startups we’re getting
it and I’m at my best when I’m pushing
somebody and digging in on something so
I’m trying to bring more that I think
that the very first one in Toronto was
just me talking for the whole time and
now the more that I’m involved in the
audience the better it’s getting so
getting better in terms of the people
coming from when you started that’s hard
to say like we’re hitting all these
small cities like Albuquerque you know
on Super Bowl Sunday right so I don’t
know I mean we’ll see when we hit la la
is gonna be the big one I guess and then
what else Chicago we have a big it says
at the end what our point bell is I know
you’re always focused on the interaction
and your fans and all those things which
is obviously important you already
plated that but I want to start focusing
more on at the marketing okay better and
not better about filling up seats I
think we’re learning a lot about the
the advertising like we’re getting some
results from the local YouTube
advertising Instagram advertising that I
want to then take into my next look the
next thing is I want to sell another
twenty twenty-five thousand bucks as I
set up to my next book yep so one of the
great things about it tours it’s easy to
sell book so I guess my question is okay
so let’s say we’ve come to 23 cities
down to 15 sensible cities okay or
twelve sensible cities I’m just thinking
up something because kind of what I want
is I want to stop I think you’re already
good at the interaction about speaking
about creating keep being present and
all those things I think people love you
the content you’re already very good at
it and that’s where you’re focusing to
me this is about is about again part of
what we’re talking about it’s not just
10 million YouTube subscribers this
heaven 7 karmic will become the most
household name in the small business
community so the question for you is how
do we go from a hundred people in 23
cities to 500 people in 12 to 15 cities
what are we learning in and secrets
about how to make those people show up
the best campaigns we’ve had are with
the time sensitivity so it all happens
in the last like seven days leading up
to it I think the number one converting
phrases is meet Evan of all the ones
that we’ve tried like by now get your
ticket whatever meet Evan in a time
sensitive so I think if we do it again
we’ll need to we’ll need to enforce like
how do we have it be three months away
but still have some time sensitivity
whether this bonuses or something to to
get the urgency in it makes sense that
makes sense just it’s you know it’s been
reinforced right know Salt Lake we’re
hitting after California’s their first
stop after California so and what is
your first stop in California San Diego
February 11 yeah some of the people are
talking to a guy like Tim story one of
the things I’m interested in saying is
people helping you push so there’s a
couple people in LA I’m not as
up-to-date as some of the people I’ve
been introducing you to in terms of them
have a certain representation in certain
cities because I happen to still believe
that having I don’t want to call them a
Phillies because I don’t really think
they’re necessarily affiliates but
partners in certain cities
that had an agenda and have a local
audience can be super helpful you have
you had any cities yet where that’s had
an impact I don’t think anything major
yet that we’ve seen I think most of the
people that you’ve had an intro to we
haven’t hit their cities yet it’s still
West Coast and we’re just making our way
out there soon I think for Tim I think
the better angle is the 22 crew right
yeah they have a couple of people a
little major audiences in the LA yeah so
I’ll let LA we’re hitting up but we’re
sending out some some emails and the
people you choose be – we’ve got to
follow up with them and get them content
like email we’ll say it’s an email
content and it’s a social media post and
we have it designed I just i tailor the
email to make it sound like us from them
so do a little research on their style
their tone language they use are you
following up with those bow – making
sure that they’re being active and if
they’re not they active tell me okay
I think that’s important so it was a
first part of that question which is are
you being active and following up with
those folks we are some of it’s on us
and some of it is on on them I can I can
look at the list Nina’s helping with
that my wife I can look through it and
see I haven’t have a belief people would
love to be in business with you and that
would help some of these folks have a
real audience where the best ways to to
build those audiences so that they’re
buying books so that they’re helping you
get to the next level is by including
those folks I know it happens over and
over hearing things I’ve done for me for
you that almost feel sometimes like I’m
pulling teeth yeah you hate that
yes I’m careful with partners but most
the partners we’ve done so far
literally relatively low five
promotional all those kinds of things
what is it that you hate about that is
that having the obligation one the
timing is tight on what I’m doing now so
we’d have to extend it or figure
something else out or not they like
cutback my format and the and what I’m
doing because it’s everybody I’m
necessarily people in person
keep in promotional work Oh promotion
part is on fire with like everybody you
said is on a mission for their own I
mean it’s great I’ve had I’ve already
had people on my I G live and YouTube
and promoted them to my audience that
part I don’t mind okay so but in terms
of pushing them to follow up and making
sure that they’re pushing doing their
job are you comfortable with that yeah
that’s okay it’s just doing it like
everything else like weird weird weird
we have more to do today like today’s a
day to follow up with people not your
favorite thing to do either just to ask
somebody else to do something on your
behalf that’s not a problem
like we sent it out I don’t need to
worry about that no I mean if somebody’s
not responsive or anything I guess I
could tell you but if they’re not
responsive to me like are they really
gonna push it if you then call them up I
mean I’m interested
yeah actually disagree with that
completely okay yeah I disagree with
that completely
I think people do need to be pushed a
little bit I think that they’re busy
just like you are yes and I think that
you know I do believe in follow up
themselves I think that jerk somebody
has a respondent the first second third
doesn’t mean they’re not interested and
I get it I mean look I think overall
what we’re talking about is its general
for for you becoming the biggest guy in
small business is being comfortable
about making yourself uncomfortable
which is pushing yourself making these
mother like I’m happy to play the bad
cop and get these guys to do you I need
you to inform me of them not being
active you don’t think this until you
make somebody do it it doesn’t mean that
they don’t believe in you or they’re not
super everybody I’ve introduced you to a
super complimented and excited to be a
part of what you’re doing they all see
your audience they all like you yeah
okay so you can tell me if I’m wrong
but my concern is that you hate that
push so much that you’d rather let it
just go away then then push
am I wrong I don’t feel like it’s not a
hard push I guess like here’s the
process we have a phone call like I just
talked to a guy today you real estate
guy from California right talk to him I
mean I have to send him now an email
that he could send to his audience on a
social media post if I don’t hear coming
in like every four days
workday if I don’t hear back from you in
four days I sent an email to send hey
checking in how you doing buh buh buh
buh bah bah bah not something I should
be worried I don’t think so
I mean I send it every four days you
want me on I’m not seeing it every day
what’s that you understand about use
only thing is I’m trying to help right
yeah I got it I got it so it’s just
weather all I want to do is call on me
and not be shy about saying hey you got
to make sure that he’s doing what he
said he’s going to do and he’s going to
promote it having zero certain people
like mine I am Utah we don’t fit Nene
yeah I think two or three guys in LA I
have real friggin on it they tell
someone to be there they will be there
they have to feel that Evelyn and I want
to make them feel that level event I do
it well I mean it’s your connection I
think you can make them feel the yanks
more than I can but I’m giving them I’m
giving them what they need and I’m
following up every couple days to say
how we doing on it if there’s a way for
me to keep me in the loop and if people
are not responding at the level that
they should be in terms of where I want
them to be can you let me know so I can
play the bad cop
sure we can go we’ll give you a list of
looking at tonight of everybody like
where we’re at with everybody and if
they’ve done it yeah okay cool so that’s
that next conversation is around the 22
yes so let me tell you I have a list
here of what I’m working so my my goal
is for you to get at least one if not
two shot in LA yeah I’m making progress
on time few folks I tell you how much my
list so Arnold that’s a decent shot at
Will Smith I have an outside shot okay
Oprah I have a decent shot at okay and
Bill Gates I have a pretty good shot
those four people are my hottest leads
right now hello is there anybody else
oh and Beyonce and jay-z I have a decent
private decent run on those six people
are my hot list right now that I’m
trying to do it and we’ve got Gary and
Tony too on that list how would you do
it on your side Tony and then with his
people they’re just it’s Tony’s it’s
Tony schedule and insanity I mean I know
that’s why
I do have interest in LA I mean I think
I can get at least one of those to the
rock I’m not having any success with
although I have somebody else I’m hoping
to get at least two people out of that
light so if one of if you have to end up
coming back for one of them yeah for any
of them framed them like I haven’t even
reached out to Gary on it because it’s
like the time is I’m not in New York
anytime soon I have to leave the tour to
go and and do it and come back oh but
for any of them I mean Arnold was a goal
to try to do it on the tour so that’s
extra special and I think I’ve got a
little yeah but the others will come
back you know like we’ll come back we’ll
make the trip to come back and do it so
question for you who is so in terms of
your responses so so far just that you
know I think people really like the
video that we did that you created okay
stop through I think you know everybody
really totally knows how legitimate you
are and it’s really just about them
buying into the idea and then because I
think that used a video and you have the
level of credibility yes I am so whether
or not they want to spend their time so
Frank the marketing of it is easy I
think we’d be accomplished that that
sounds it’s about people not being
selfish and seeing that there’s
something more important bigger than so
I do think we’re gonna knock some of
those pins down yeah how about you what
lookout feedback are you getting I
haven’t really I mean like I’ve been I
think the only person happened hunting
down is is Tony and his team because we
have a connection already there and been
been I mean in with the right people’s
just matter of getting the timing down
the video we did on him is right like
it’s almost 2 million right it’s like
it’s it’s one of his most popular videos
of all time on YouTube or on the
Internet period
and for all these people like Tony’s
done so many interviews on so many other
channels that don’t get reached and so
for any people we do it face to face
like that was a YouTube thing right like
if we do face to face we’re gonna get a
couple million views it’s dying but but
I’m open to even like I don’t have
connections or ins to mostly the people
on that list and that was the whole idea
its ambitious list so hey if it’s like
what do i do do i mean videos on it do i
tweet them like I’ll tweet them out
every week and say hey
following up yeah not a bad idea that
might be something that we really should
do is start making videos talking them
getting their attention I mean I could
make it I can make it tweet every week I
could do a IG DM if their team is
picking it up we haven’t done the cold
approach for anybody it’s been only like
the warm people that we don’t have the
relationship to right now okay I mean I
can take the ones that you aren’t
reaching out to and try to find I don’t
like Warren Buffett I know he’s on
Twitter you can look it up and see who
else was on that list that lady we can
reach out there you got Kanye on that
list sometimes he goes crazy on Twitter
yeah I mean these people getting thrown
lots of tweets but I have a verified
account that might mean something stains
out a little bit more I would have given
Kanye od an interesting idea okay let’s
talk about like what what do you send it
let’s come up with some kind of a little
marketing campaign to get Kanye’s
attention it’s easier to have a standard
tweet that goes out every week most of
the stuff is gonna get buried anyway in
an avalanche right like it’s you’re one
of a million send you notes some
something every day it could be a the
same thing is repeated every week yeah I
don’t disagree with that but let’s let’s
get attention for something let’s come
up with something cute and clever that
might get attention we have to do it on
this call that let’s go back and forth
on email let’s find something like it’s
timing it’s what do they care about
right now I know right
so what’s he tweeting about like he’ll
go silent on Twitter for months and then
then get it excited about something and
go nuts right might not just be here it
could be his wife it could be like
something that gets his attention yes
that he wants to talk about I mean those
guys are business people are freaking
smart business people I think that’s how
is to acknowledge that and figure out
how to get their attention that way so
might be an interesting thank you but
it’s worth a shot
for sure sure I mean we could do a
blanket like I could send a blanket
tweet to everybody once a week
just forever I think I think you’re more
likely to get a response on something
that connects emotionally more
personally 100% we can still follow
everybody and then see what they’re
talking about yeah we should pick some
lipstick Kanye let’s pick two out of
people and trying to find what their
trigger and some seeking attention
especially somebody was such an audience
like you I think they will paint a great
people are watching like and then
they’re just connecting what they’re
dizzy promoting right now yep but let’s
do that let’s pick three people let’s
pick two other people other than Kanye
okay I’ll make a list after and you know
um okay I didn’t want to talk to you
about was your book yeah no the purpose
pointers well you wanted to put higher
in there higher purpose planner yeah I
didn’t think the work playing okay fine
high effort whatever I don’t care I end
up talking about it in every city that
I’m in like that process of formula even
for the guy like the guy the
multi-millionaire guy comes to the last
stop it’s like my I don’t know what my
why is man I’m struggling I made all
this money and it needs nothing I don’t
know how why it’s like okay here we go
let’s go through it yeah the public
letter did I literally think you making
a journal I don’t care man we’ll call it
something else doesn’t matter like the
do i how like it works people love it i
don’t care what we call it I took on
like initials P P purpose planner we
added higher because you like that in
your team higher purpose higher purpose
but even without the nerve the higher
purpose plan to me has more a lot more
value perfect then I’ll just remove the
any are at the end of that for now okay
you know my next steps typically are to
do a table of content do you have any
idea what your table of contents is well
I sent it to you before you hated it so
we need to come back and like I said to
the table Condit you like and not
another book on purpose that’s it’s so
old now that you somehow convinced me
that alright because we had it higher in
there now it’s working that was your
idea Steve now it’s your idea won’t even
go telling boss but yeah if I hear
another purpose yeah so the
higher purpose plan at least has like a
different kind of patience me that feels
bigger alright maybe we send me the
table of contents now that I’m on board
I could send you the old one again that
you kind of what I’m just update you
send me an updated table count that all
right I mean I just started writing I’m
I’m fifty five hundred words in what we
need to get like 50 55 60 thousand
something like that you know you recall
I got you right proposal in that book at
first people in big deal oh I’d rather
take it to a publisher for sure yeah
yeah I do but I just like the content is
this is the content visit what works
it’s like it’s what I I just I just need
you to buy into which is such a torture
is I’m a torturer yes hey you know they
the miself of it to publishers ISM is a
market in shelled out of content so sure
we we need literally a paragraph or two
around higher purpose plan maybe a page
and then we need a table of contents I’d
like to start there and send it to a
couple of people and live so I need
three pages I need a one page overview
for them I need a table of contents and
I need an updated marketing thing the
marketing platform those three things
are what we should text with our own
book person as well as do I make any
sense yeah I mean our old book person
already she’s like if you’re building
momentum like I don’t even care if you
sell 20,000 extra books I just wanted
the fact that you’ve grown your audience
so much I can already start selling your
story I’m telling you so in a one-page
overview yeah marketing platform send
that to me let me update it let me edit
it yeah yeah do that a moment okay I
destroy it tear it apart called
something else right like I’m fine with
what do you think the feasibility is of
being able to have it out in print in
January and doing it an East Coast
January 2020 East Coast book tour where
I do this out of bookstores
and we sell the book that’s super doable
I don’t think that so great yeah well we
got you got to get like I don’t even
think you need a full book proposal at
this point dude all those days from your
we might because you’re so difficult and
your content is so difficult and you
only want to do things the way you want
to do them listen I’ve grown
I’ve grown okay oh my god Ellis has beat
me down oh my golly you do with it then
you were torturing the publisher on that
was I I don’t know I felt like a torch
in me except we need to work on the
cover because like two weeks for cover
is ridiculous I agree with that but but
there’s plenty of things you were right
about there’s no doubt about it but just
in terms of overall difficulty you are
at a very high level with the publisher
really I don’t remember that with art
maybe with our live agent and in us I
don’t member being difficult to
publisher oh really
all right well listen you had a vision
yeah you walked it which is great but
that vision also needed to be practical
as well and the practicality didn’t
really live with the vision all right
well well listen I’m open but let’s go
well that part our know yeah I mean it
was it was it was a it was a compromise
on both sides and I want to get it out
and I wanted to be huge so over here
table of contents and marketing summary
that’s it but honey right like the of
incremental marketing summary correct
I’ve daddy I bet you think you sure
that’s the easy part
right you already have you know you look
great I’ll update it yeah paper I look
great on paper that’s what you’re
selling right sell me on paper Steve I’m
great in person too
come on I’m great in person I agree
great in person – you’re not great when
you only want to do things are certain
working you don’t want a bunch let’s go
bud let’s bunch why am I doing this
what’s the point
we gotta grow it Steve Sam let’s go
you’re involved Evan Carmichael you’re
the next level Evan that’s what we’re
doing this point oh that right so so
listen do you like the idea of a tour
out of bookstores in engineering the
answer is maybe
sure I don’t like if that’s something
you’re passionate I’m sure you know they
don’t do that anymore they very rare
do that anymore because you like to do
it on your own the fact that you would
be probably doing it like we’re doing it
right now I think that’s very valuable
in doable I think they’d like that idea
because they’re not having fun yet you
are you following it right yeah I’ll
sure if you run the same model then what
I would say is you know that’s part of
the marketing plan you should say will
have a 15 city tour with X people to
attend like those are good things make
sense yeah okay cool what else but if
people want to find you see where they
going in to market Mediacom number two
and if you want to go for social don’t
try to find me
I’m not available my partner Hank will
link it up in the description below
thank you guys you know my social media
pages are not late those are those are
people torturing me to get any other
social well this is the most you’ve read
on social I think of all time so I’m
your torturer what’s crazy is my entire
job most of what I’m doing a lot of what
I’m doing now is making sure people have
great social strategies with content and
they’re building out their stuff
and I don’t do it my partner yeah you
just you’re just difficult Steve and
we’re pulling out of you you’re no valve
Steve you’re steve 2.0 all right thanks
man if you want to see my friend Jeremy
vest give me three power tips on how to
get to ten million subscribers on
YouTube go check the link next to us so
they can enjoy that video continue to believe and I’ll see you there
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