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The + adjectives: Change an adjective into a group noun: English In A Minute

Hi! I’m Sam from BBC Learning English.
And today, let’s look at how we can change
adjectives into nouns
when talking about groups of people in general.
I’m from England
and I can talk about people from my country in
two ways:
‘English people talk about the weather a lot,’
where I use the adjective ‘English’
to describe the noun ‘people’.
Or I can take the adjective ‘English’
and turn it into a noun with ‘the’:
‘The English talk about the weather a lot.’
You can use this rule to talk about
other groups of people as well. For example:
The rich have more than the poor.
But be careful!
Yes, the groups of people are plural,
and yes the verb is plural,
but we don’t add ‘s’ to the end of these words.
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