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Nanoleaf LIVE Unboxing – Comment Below!

oh my god yeah yeah you just got this

video censored man that’s a good

question so yeah I don’t know

Oh someone liked it hide Harris Thomas

Morgan Monkey King it’s a John little

taco gaming who thirty know do you see

Garrett cries Yanni Patrick bean Morgan

winners yeah sixty-two people hey Blake

number one sellout memorize this yeah

Barron Drac even Garwood thanks studio

six namin Wayne inner username WTF vids

af sinful pistol lab mix gamer I can’t

see this yeah

hey so uh yeah you can be a part of this

but um yeah we’d have some products and

we’re gonna be unboxing them and kind of

filming we have a new studio kind of set

up here so everything’s 4k we have you

know I mean it’s still like plugged into

yeah Patrick beam 21 alien Alex

Longstaff all right

I mean I wish we had a different phone

number that we could just give them yeah

I was thinking about doing a video like

long time no see yeah so yeah I’ll like

just do this real fast we’re at Alpha

lab it’s a co-working space

wife oh my god it’s really you is it is

this is this a fake account in boy’s

life was that really you Matt Gonzalez

anyway oh my god WTF vids AF in the

flesh in the livestream really oh yeah

does that work yeah yeah we can see it

that’s awesome and my iPhone 6s which

has a shattered scream yeah Wow 2012

simple pistol hmm oh he said he’s been

watching us and whoa we have a longtime

follower here should like laser cuts and

badges and started everyone in version

of Boy Scouts I feel like this would be

punk rock there imagines I think we

should have like maker Scouts that was

like one of the things I thought about

doing for patreon Awards

you know like recruits uh making

geometry and kind of like oh yeah rip

off his staff will adapt to it so how

about I give you the the Nano leaf and

we start kind of filming okay hey man I

this this is the Nano leaf this is a

really awesome LED system you can kind

of add some variety and spice to your

man cave or your your gaming area and

the really cool thing about this the

updated version has this type of

connection port you can do stuff

things I sound like an expert as you can

tell but you can connect it to Amazon

Alexa if this then that so we would like

to do maybe something with this during

live stream where we could maybe have

different colors change if someone does

a super chat or something along those

lines I think that’d be really

interesting if this could interact with

our audience while we’re doing a live

stream maybe on a Friday night we could

play games or something but enough about

that today we’re going to be doing an

unboxing of the Aurora rhythm this is

the smart kit that kind of gives you

access to all those new features and

then this is like an extension some more

panels so this one comes with nine so

we’ll have 12 and total a lot of the

other designs that are a little bit more

exciting or 15 so I think we’re gonna

have some more sent to us but

essentially what we want to do is have a

home base where we can set up all this

stuff it’ll give us a nice backdrop and

somewhere to start from and it’ll kind

of be like are a little like den or a

little area we can kind of hang out and

do all these reviews and play games so

the box cutter okay we should hey yeah I

don’t know this would be really good at

writing for like a product placement but

this is just a random kitchen knife yeah

it’s it’s all we got right now all right

okay no it’s fine I mean they’re they’re

watching so what I’m saying here oh yeah

that’s why oh by the way this is food

he’s kind of a mastermind behind all my

years of being a ticker so you’re trying

about these little plastic pieces and we

wanted to like fold it over um not for

now I mean well just do those later on

yeah I feel like go pick a card any card

so these are the Nano leaf panels and

this is the smart connector and

basically to our wall outlet cable and

then what is this here this is the Nano

leaf rhythm so what this allows you to

do and correct me if I’m wrong this will

sync with your music or whatever is

going on in the room that kind of listen

and it will maybe influence how the

lights are and kind of give a different

effect kind of yeah I think so yeah I

mean I read stuff online but I never

trust it so you know it should be a

lexer name and then we got a bunch of

little SIM cards but actually I think

this is what allows us to connect all

the little nano leaf plates and then we

also have a bunch double-sided tape so

we can connect this to a wall before I

let’s just so we have nine panels in

here we have three panels here yes I

guess this is pretty Oh

need to have like

a special box cutter community an

opportunity to get to do some mic

reviews or something product placement

there you giveaway is it fun

they include these so we can kind of

design without it but I mean the point

is this is like should be the Legos of

LED panels it’s like a little bug they

packed in though so you get these like

mm-hmm yeah what are they saying I log

into my phone I saw your password it’s

funny I was thinking about that but I

don’t really know how you could use that

unless you like to pull my phone or

something yeah it’s a pretty crappy one

so you’d be wasting your time yeah you

don’t lose this let me get the new

iPhone X before you try and steal my

phone I’ll probably keep the same past

kid all right so like guess I’m just

gonna hook this up here okay yes we did

uh something happen you know like that

yeah I don’t think we do okay so this

will be interesting

Oh Oh check that out okay I didn’t we’re

working on something now I can see

perfectly well but it’s a little bit

dull because of basically always wearing


dude this is like how about we clip one

of these in you’re making me nervous

oh wait check that out the change that’s

cool yeah I think like oh wait so that

went in maybe there’s two Oh No

there you go I think we’re doing we’re

this is so nostalgic i favor play them

to legos back in the day except there

let’s try this one here there we go

there’s oh my god yeah they can’t really

see it on this screen I’ll like turn

down the lights a little bit like

they’re not it confirmed okay here let

me turn down the lights so they can see

so I can connect to the nano leaf would

this is raw footage live-streaming by

the way we’re planning on doing a face

reveal soon enough so all you people who

have been itching to see it’s happening

yeah so for those notifications I see in

squad please say my name yawning granda

nose Grandin dose

Jonnie yeah Morgan winters yes we’re

gonna do a face reveal very soon Andrew

King yes did you delete some of your old

videos yeah we we made them well I lied

it because YouTube has been changing

rules as of lately I’m sure you’ve

noticed and so you just want to be safe

just as an example you’ve seen what some

other channels have done like the zombie

go boom unfortunately they’re kind of

still trying to recover from from the

censorship that that’s been going on and

I think George spry also had a problem

with this channel making sure I don’t

yeah banana studios is back tauros

working works right away yeah it’s it’s

actually kind of amazing it just hopped

out of the box

so this is a nano leaf for the people

does YouTube suck right now yes yes yes

it does it could be it could be better

there’s that there definitely been like

more like glorious times to get to start

YouTube and really really just kind of

break out because like they were

promoting longer form content for a

while and so if you are doing like top

10 list videos you got

huge boost it’s kind of hard for me to

do top 10 gadgets unless I have some

stuff set to us which I think we’re

gonna add that sort of content to with a

chain rule yeah

near the future here face reveal when

will it be maybe next month did you buy

the mask we made the mask the mask is

bought however I installed this LED

display from another product so I kind

of cannibalize two different products we

like missing one no I meant like a

little connector thingy yeah yeah did

wow this just like plugs in place I

thought we were gonna like Triforce this

like I think we wouldn’t have two

triangles on both sides yeah we asked

this isn’t paid by them we just think

it’s super yeah yeah so yeah we’re just

building Legos right now oh I see so

we’re like we haven’t even like added

this rhythm module in yeah

oh yeah you’re right all right it

doesn’t have to be perfect we can we can

make a giraffe we can make us oh well

that starts like you’re gonna I wanna

like do we wanna is it is it do you know

right I don’t know what it’s doing

oh there we go so we need to like we’re

so repulsed if we wanted to be sitting

on both sides here okay there we go

yes kind of works I guess we could do it

this way BAM um so it comes with nine

they have a 15

these are nano Leafs oh well is that you

see yeah we have a lot going on we we’ve

tried to do this and rebuild the studio

from scratch no we can’t do the face

reveal now we’re gonna build up the

suspense a little well I can’t make an

account and then we also got this thing

which we thought would be cool I’ve

always been the great gadget guru bring

it to you what’s awesome and fresh in

the gadgets

you’re like go-to guy and then I wanted

to be a superhero and then do you guys

remember Captain entry and Nika O’Brien

I know him in IRL – oh you know

she’s Anakin Skywalker she’s the

roboticists oh yeah hey Anika she’s just

got a big deal yeah we used to work

together sorta we had an opportunity to

be on like a television show that didn’t

really work out he was so lit and he

stopped uploading no we didn’t stopped

uploading me like built out in an entire

studio yeah this is the Olympics yeah we

got like several cameras pair and

accessory oh oh yeah we got an extra one

had accessory two networks we’ve to add

this to a Wi-Fi network

yosef Abdul Halim I am here and I

commented thanks man

you you’re doing your part Matt Ross

where is this Ivy smarter kid what’s i

hearing accessories

no offend it I’m getting your light

they will flash green okay this is gonna

be so cool

whenever this sinks there all my turning

green Oh notice they’re like blue here

in the center that’s we’re getting your

light panels set up on Wi-Fi

they will flash green when it joins your

network I feel like I’m part of the


dude this is this is sweet what a time

to be alive add an accessory position

the home kick code

oh sweet they made this super easy grab

the box with the the code almost on it

over there if you could please has a QR

code no I think it’s the wrong box

hey guys I’m food I’ve been behind the

scenes helping him out

building out the studio nice to meet you

he’s the guy very much this is going to

let me take the channel to the next

level because it is like I’m sure if you

watch grant Thompson in there yes you

take the blind box oh wow here we go

here no get on this side skin it will be

on the side camera for a second here you

scan anyway I do stupid things I put

together stupid things I’m gonna be

hoping to make stupid things I’ve been

in a few videos in the past I wasn’t

really I think I can do better but this

is new for me and it’s new for him and

we’re just like experimenting with

things so I thought it would be really

cool if we got this LED panel and we

have this JBL pulse 3 they kind of go

really well together and you might use

these as a background of our videos but

we’re really trying to figure out kind

of what’s going on and you know we’re

recording this so we’re gonna make it

part of like an actual video we hope to

release next week as we do like a role

would be role and we talked to all of

you so right now he’s trying to hook it

up so I think oh you got it all right so

those of you who are gonna choose to

purchase this gotta know that there’s a

little code in there for whatever reason

if you are at work so yeah we’re from

this our real quick so we touch it it

recognizes the actual number

on the screen tell her

those are Nana leaf panels thanks for

being part of the gear squad thanks for

subscribing to say my custom scenes

OS you can make different lights

displays depending on which room you’re

in so you can kind of change it up we’ll

just say studio these are about like 2

300 they’re not expensive thanks for

subscribing Jay gaming Jenkins yen’s and

that yeah oh my god oh yeah you’re

setting it up uh-huh

you put the roommate tick stuff on like

that that looks like the default the

default is romance yep hey but stop oh

wait I don’t get it oh they’re gay so

pink pink is just straight-up romantic I

don’t know all right so I don’t have we

need more cell phones so I control this

stuff is person next a bunch of times

that’s what I did switch between the new

leaf devices here color burst

Oh blue that’s really not I wanted a

burst of code that’s that’s one color

this might be broken

swipe left what is this I met you at

Pittsburgh Maker Faire yeah yeah I was

there I was I was the hidden gem and

actually I was at the Maker Faire was at

the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh and

I don’t know

rules but I didn’t have well it’s kind

of like one of those things Robert what

happened to captain intrigued he stopped

uploading video uploading he realized

that it’s a lot more work than he

expected and I think he’s working with

his Ironman costume mark – or his Iron

Man suit mark 3 or whatever but he’s

just not filming the process he’s just

gonna basically build it and then show

it off and he’s not gonna do the

documentation and DIY videos it’s a lot

of work you know you have to edit script

he’s very organized it’s uh thanks

Andrew for liking the channel alright so

I’m gonna like turn off our studio

recording as we can like just talk to

these guys okay you know you can play

around do whatever I can we connect to

the they’ll play some music and have

this reaction I guess yeah yeah yeah

hello yes oh that’s cool

oh wait is it like a song yeah yeah it’s

based off of this sound see when I’m

talking it’s like oh that’s so light

Oh up up up up up can we like can we

make it mean it to twirl this is

fireworks this is oh groups are groups

and then you can kind of edit this stuff

your rhythm has a built-in mic so we

have mounted oh yeah so there’s some mic

yes you can actually yeah make this so

when we’re talking it’s actually

reacting we have my around here know the

microphone is built-in did you ever

expect to get this far with your channel

know what 3d printers do we use right

now I still have the 3d printer from the

Boca bearings innovation contest that

one’s the axiom by Airwolf then I think

we’re gonna get a race 3d which is going

to be a huge really tall 3d printer so

we can probably 3d print like a shield

or something we’re getting the form 2

which is gonna be a resin 3d prints what

you’re gonna be really really intricate

designs and some of the resin you can

use is actually like heat resistant so

we can maybe make some sort of lighter

gadget or something like that gives us a

lot of options I’m gonna go to the wide

shot here so I can kind of read these as

I go yeah it is I mean they’re they’re

watching us so I I consider them like

brothers or sisters at this point oh

well when we’re talking it’s just a

reacting are you making black panther

sneakers we actually are gonna build

something black panther related so I

have come to the conclusion and correct

me if I’m wrong how many of you have

seen the video by Jay lazer he made the

spider-man web shooters and I was like 6

or 7 million views on YouTube so I think

that’s really cool that’s really awesome


but I also made a spider-man gadget

where I was actually able to make a

grappling hook and swing from the trees

in my friends backyard and I got about

like 200,000 views or so so it’s very

disproportionate on the amount of effort

that is put in no offence Jay laser

because I worked on that project for

three weeks or so and he walked in this

project for a couple days which is

incredible this turnaround it is is very

awesome but he’s definitely taking more

of a DIY approach so basically what I’ve

realized is that there’s a lot of GABA

tree out there that is really cool that

I could never ever built by myself I

mean even if I tried by the time I built

something like this we’d already be into

the future where this or just know I’m

gonna be the thing anymore like it it

took me years to make some of it

something like this from scratch to work

the way it does so we’re going to be

throwing in these this type of gear and

that’s going to help us sponsor a lot of

the larger projects and I think that it

will be really awesome and well rounded

on this channel

it depicts a lot of work to make those

sort of DIY superhero gadgets so are you

Greek yeah yes so the story behind that

this first of all this mask is that

someone offered us 500 to flee unveil I

don’t believe that’s like that’s totally

not how it works it’s I wish that’s how

it works

but we can only do it reveal once but

that’s yeah in like yeah I’ll refund you

if you give you 500


everyone’s like blown me up yeah I got a

few text messages from my chris farrance

but let’s see

shout out to chris farrance he is

probably one of the most ambitious high

school kids that I’ve ever met he’s I

think like fifteen or sixteen and he’s

already had like two college internships

he knows what he wants to do with his

life he wants to be an industrial

designer which is it crazy amazing I

think this is awesome that it’s reacting

to our voice like if you ever you see

those youtubers and they just cut cut

cut cut cut and it’s like it’s so

frustrating but I think with this you

know that we’re not going to be cutting

that much because there’s no way we

could sync this up again you know like

this this is like the anti YouTube LED

panel unless we make it one light yeah

we’re gonna have fun with this

oh yeah we’re friends with some some now

I don’t wanna say hackers but you used

to got its oh yeah they’re totally

hackers I mean that’s entertained okay

so but like not in the sense do you like

a legal sense of being a computer hacker

they’re they’re more like DIY guys one

of my favorite even want a good friends

Chad Ellis he’s the president of hack

Pittsburgh which is basically a workshop

that we have here and has access to a

lot of these tools tech shop is no

longer a thing so remember the video

with the Thunder ball and you remember

Gabe got the big mustache that kind of

looks like one of the Mythbusters really


that’s facilities no longer around so

we’ve kind of had to change our style of

building because we don’t

as access through as many tools as

before we’re trying to work some

different angles and bring you some of

this more high-tech gadgetry but I’m

going to answer some call questions here

and let me know if you want me to try

and change this these designs paints

this is called spin splatter I feel like

if you’ve ever seen the movie big where

he’s like doing the electric you know

it’s like the piano I think it’s like

this I wish these were touch sensitive

they have a new version coming out which

is Square and you can hook up about a

hundred of them if we got more we could

do mostly 30 I was hoping to get 15

because most of the things they show on


that’s how much it is no this is the JBL

pulse 2 and I just think like I’ve never

seen the two together this is a

Bluetooth speaker and we know we can

hook up a hundred of these so if you’re

looking at like RGB in your life beyond

the keyboard this is the test

please make Rinehart’s armor from

overwatch so I would love to be able if

there was some company out there that

would say we’ll give you a budget and

also some material to make armor I have

all the contacts to be able to make that

happen and that’s something that I

definitely want to build myself the

opportunity that would allow us to do

that if it is if we had some companies

sponsor us because those are very

time-consuming videos not only to build

but also to film and edit there’s a lot

of stuff that goes on behind the scenes

but it’s a fun process I will donate

$1,000 if you throw the speaker across

the room I mean thousand dollar help

bust the speaker but yeah they can see

the whole thing

yeah we’re live okay

updated I sound like everything Apple

Pro Apple Pro are you ever gonna do a

collaboration with the hack Smith so

definitely oh yeah

we’ve loved him Mia me and James were

friends on Facebook he’s a pretty funny

Jesus but there he that’s good yeah yeah

but I would love to meet up with Jairus

of all and hack Smith and Zen on alpha

Eli in Chicago because he got at that

brand new house that big garage he’s

fixing it up with his BAE as he calls

her him I think it’d be cool to

collaborate in Chicago have some family

out on that direction so it’d be a good

opportunity to visit and maybe get

something done so so someone joined said

what is this this is an Anna Lee rhythm

it hooks up to Alexa looks looks up to

Google assistant oh dude I told you I’ve

been trying to get this for a while this

is a JBL pulse they both react to our

voice they react to what we’re gonna

hope to do is if you donate to us we’re

gonna have a ding it’s going to display

something come on big ass Chinese gong

like if you if you if you literally put

like I don’t know what would you say

but imagine someone just spamming oh

like five bucks and a Chinese like boom

and we just go crazy so are we gonna

like do the robotic arm and maybe like

oh yeah so we’re gonna like jump

out some anger however you say your name


do we play a lot of games what’s our

favorite so over the last few months

we’ve been like try so we’ve just built

out 4k studio figured out how to get

this stuff in we have a lot of Bluetooth

speakers we’re going to be reviewing and

hey I love like random people coming in

so anyway we just filled out a lot of

stuff and you know we’re looking at

playing I’m pretty good at League of

Legends I’m pretty good at dota you’re

way better at first-person shooter so

we’re looking at fortnight we’re looking

at other things yes yeah so this is a no

we’re live streaming too by the way

oh yeah you’re gonna look at just trying

to doing can oh yeah

yeah the students asleep yes yeah so we

have this candy drawer that anyone can

get like Twizzlers and stuff out of that

you know so we have just anything we

so yeah so we have like just a bunch of


please don’t want it so this is what I

do at night you know I go online to

YouTube and I show myself to people oh

yeah now check this out so this responds

to our voice search I know oh you can

connect to it now right now sir so it’s

my recognizing resource alright so

anyway guys you know I I can’t say how

much time and effort Oh somebody just uh

this is Kieran here and iron oh wow two


what is our favorite and it’s almost

warm inside

yeah okay definitely wants out back and

I really even never done gummy there no

wait here we go yes the hairdo gonna

girls have to get scale first so that

they’re really hard I love that the guy

literally came in a fight took us so

stay with us and maybe bolted who’s like

oh sorry I care about the candy drawer

yeah let’s see stone scroll music music

music hey Steven

hello what do you do when you’re not

making videos I’m finishing up school

right now I work in like the medical

field doing some stuff for of and I

would like to eventually do this


so I’m juggling a lot of plates right

now but I I like receiving some stuff

like this I can tell you that I’m a


so traditionally I’m behind the camera

I’m taking photos Friday I saw Jack

Dorsey of Twitter square so basically

gave him yeah yeah I basically said I

was leaving Twitter he’s like one of

those guys that no matter what he’s

reporting the truth like even if like

it’s like his mental obligation but it

as any journalist but this dude is

probably the most pure of journalists

yeah I am i living in abandoned house I

create gadgets at night I’m basically

people refer to me as mr. robot a lot of

the time I saw Chelsea Manning Wednesday

Jack from Twitter like Friday I

basically walked up I’ve seen Steve

Wozniak and I hang out with this famous

dude so you know we’re in Pittsburgh

we’re accessible we just talked to

people you know stormy Daniels has come

to Pittsburgh next month and the first

thing I do is like call her up for

integer these kids are gonna go in

Google’s oh yeah yeah they’re gonna

Google so me dancing the children yeah I

know they’re not children they’re

they’re like full adults may never know

you know how corrupted no the kids this

is that this is your new nanny nowadays

you hand your kid your yeah and they’re

they’re free here I’m gonna read some

comments see what’s going on how do I

get a job with you guys maybe soon we I

am at CMU but kind of as an advisor

u-238 it’s been a while

yeah he’s I think he did something with

his gas-mask fee at a surprise most

let’s see Zach attack

Reinhardt’s jet hammer

he made the mask we get that question a

lot Wyatt greetings from California

let’s see who are you will will answer

that next month so I should already be

let’s see please answer what do you

think of alan pants lightsaber will you

ever make your own version all right

we’re just gonna do questions yeah let’s

do some Q&A so I can answer the

lightsaber question that we did a lot of

research on a lightsaber I called a

friend at Jets toy Hut we haven’t gone

down there yet he’s the biggest Star

Wars seller in the u.s. other than


he has everything so he buys out this

lot of toys and in that and in that lot

he actually got Hayden Christensen’s

lightsaber from episode 2 like the real

prop it was like in the basement of this

like lot so anyway we were gonna go down

and we were actually going to look at

this lightsaber they used in the movie

and you know it’s just the real thing

you can’t get any better than the real

prop so we’ve thought about pulling drop


oh yeah we’re it’s priceless we’re gonna

be like you know we’re gonna be like

some sort of like magnetic gloves

because this is the holy grail of Star

Wars memorabilia

yeah can we take this back to it let’s

see how it was cool yeah to how it was


no it’s just like so yeah we really

wanted to do a lightsaber one we did the

research I have friends at the

Smithsonian Museum we thought about

going in there we were gonna do like

some Viking tutorials of actually making

the hatchets going to a blacksmith I

kinda like that I want to make this

shield from there we go oh there’s a new

shield that’s gonna be in God of War 4

it’s basically like my affordable shield

which probably gonna do something with

that I’m thinking I’m gonna make Captain

America’s to shields but what are your

thoughts on that I’m actually very

curious because let’s see here I gotta

go back

kind here so it’s possible to make heap

gaunt once yeah what’s your favorite

project so far hexam has made a

lightsaber I think I want to really

think about a loadout because I had some

anything so definitely would be sporting

the deployable shield on my belt will I

be the Taser knife B ha what I want to

do is create a glove that I can just

grab things and it will power them up

kind of like like a powerful of Nintendo

Power glow but it actually has battery

power where the stun gun built into it

so you know I’m saying that’d be pretty

cool like some sort of system I really

liked the Assassin’s Creed paintball gun

I was pretty cool

the thumber ball is always a great one

that could be maybe on the side backpack

I’d love to create like a backpack that

I could like shroud myself and it would

basically have like armor or something

but there’s so many things that are just

in my head that I can really really make

it better would be amazing it’s just

very time consuming right now building

this sort of foundation for our so so

once again if you’ve been in the channel

if you’re getting into the channel

thanks for subscribing thanks for


he’s been in the front we have spent

three to six months just retooling

everything to bring the coolest that’s

pretty cool but to bring like the

coolest stuff to you you can actually

download new new like settings hello

that’s cool okay so this is just a color

birth you know so we have the next

things you’re gonna see is we have about

40 Bluetooth speakers that we got to

review so we’re gonna do five odd

Bluetooth speakers we’re gonna show you

the best Bluetooth speaker voices are

going to are

voices are gonna die you know we want to

do these hero projects but you know

those are really hard they take like 40

to 80 hours for jewelry above 50 150

hours of me their song we’re I’m just

literally trying to figure out okay what

can I do so that I’ll waste more time

and I get caught up in that process of

trying to think how can I do it I’m not

gonna do it like basically Minimum

Viable products yeah MVP where I’m not

the military-grade stuff but it’s still

really cool like the portable shields a

great example that still took like yeah

saw two weeks to do that non-stop you

know so like one of the things was the

reason we haven’t been uploading

frequently is we had to learn how to do

4k how to store 4k how to get everything

done we had to buy the camera so we

busted our butts basically working on

that we had to learn the entire new

process and much like any other youtuber

no one’s gonna tell us no one’s told him

no one’s told me no one calls us and say

this is how you make stuff we’ve done

this all from scratch and it’s been us

and you know you guys thankfully because

when we go to you know get these things

you know we’re thinking of you we’re

thinking about how you’re watching us

and you know it’s really nice to be able

to make something and know that someone

appreciates it

even if it’s only twenty thirty thousand

views on a compressed video we did but

even now knowing that there’s what six

well I feel like I could make something

super awesome like the I mean the first

version of the Black Panther Clause

which gets like 70,000 yes and then I

reached out to somebody literally on

Instagram DM it’s going down the DM Gary

Vaynerchuk that’s one of my favorite

dudes if you don’t know I’m looking

he’s awesome but he said just message

people in instagrams about that company

to send me the world’s smallest flare

gun BAM five hundred and fifty thousand

so six hundred thousand views for a

video that took me like a date and it

got it’s not just about the views it’s

about the exposure we want to get people

to notice this channel so that we can

work with brands and they’ll be willing

to sponsor bigger better builds and this

guy is kind of a mastermind I I really

wish it was all on paper some days but

you know I trust this guy yeah whatever

Thanks yeah so it comes down to this we

want to burn a car we did last summer I

really wish I were wearing my mask yeah

we took the flamethrower and we burnt a

car but we didn’t wear the mask like

ours it was three course diaper on one

another okay yeah so let’s see hey blah

blah blah hey thanks for the web-shooter

Darth Maul I think you’re the real one

but you know we want to maintain our

quality we want to get stuff like this

and we want to build it or if we can

find something that’s like 200 bucks

here and there that would like improve

your life I mean we’re gonna be using

this for the channel you know we will

show it to you so one of the things

we’re worried about is showing more

gadgets you know cuz we don’t want to be

a unboxing channel but we do want to

show stuff like this you know we want to

show like stuff we buy or use yeah here

what’s on the table this is the Nano

leaf it’s a light panel display got your

phone to it it’s pretty cool


you youtubers to make a jetpack or fully

functional axial skills in exoskeleton

doable takes a lot of power

you gotta plug it in not portable

jetpack I mean you’d have to put it

below you there’s some people that have

done that we’ve looked into it but man

does that hurt because it’s just

so yeah you know like I said we’ve spent

a lot of time not talking and you know

we were filming tonight and we thought

we should just communicate with you all

show you kind of like us filming once

again for the people just joining I’ll

grab the camera and take it behind

scenes but yeah we’re you know starting

April we should have regular content

again we’re hoping for Tuesday’s to be

kind of like a cool gadget day

Thursday’s to be hero content don’t keep

us to that yet we don’t know you know

that’s kind of cool yes and yeah yeah so

let’s see in the comments section if we

were going to yeah you’re recording I’m

just like showing the setup of fly so

real quick post comments all the things

that he wrote style of builds what other

stuff would you like to see I think this

this sort of gadget reads really cool

some of like the newly released

technology may be like VR headsets would

be really cool like I think survival

gadgets are really neat like anything

that we can basically reach out to a

company you can even maybe send us a

message somehow somebody said something

about discord so if there’s something

you want to see and you want to say is

this crap is this something that’s good

should I spend my money on this maybe we

could set up some way that you can tell

us and we can go ask for people

kind of we’ll be able to have a little

more leverage to get that stuff when we

can give you a good idea of whether or

not it’s worth your mouth arduino s–

and such so that’s kind of my specialty

doing these hacks we have a hack coming

up where we’re gonna take some raspberry

PI’s and we’re going to make it like an

offline file system we’ve thought about

attaching it to a skate board hiding in

the library because right now the

Carnegie Library someone stole over

three hundred books worth millions of

dollars they went into the rare book

archive and they just heisted that yeah

it Thomas Crown Affair so I think it

would be funny if we went in and we just

you know made the books free if anyone

would log into that Wi-Fi we’ve thought

about doing a skate board where we could

add some gadgets to it a pirate radio

station where we use the bicycle frame

as the antenna but you know we want to

be more for you what I did that in

London in 2008 yeah so we biked around

London and we just like use the frame as

the antenna and it was like total pirate

FM station I like that so one person

said how you spell through its FF oho

another person asked about like a gaming

channel so we’re thinking about doing

livestream like Friday night Fridays or

some game we’re gonna we’re just for

tonight’s hot right now so maybe we’ll

play fortnight what do you play

I don’t play games cuz I work on these

projects and I bring the games to

real-life yeah it’s one way or another

or yeah someone was asking my my

favorite character from watchdogs I

actually got that game I played a couple

different missions and then I

kind of got busy but obviously wrench

we’re in you know the closest thing I

can to his mask other than the whole

punk spikes and stuff but I kind of want

to put a little bit of my aunt Erin Evan

is whose real name yes let’s see Erin

said this kid that’s pretty cool

he’s not a kid he’s an adult man he’s

like a he’s awesome hacker I feel like

no your kid until you’re like 21 years

old yeah we think like when Logan calls

hopped on fortnight it was over at that

point you know we’re gonna get rid of

the mask probably next month you know

that’s it sucks because like we’re going

to film I feel like I’m naked yeah I’m

gonna have to worry about the stupid

faces that I make without knowing it and

like all the little ticks that maybe I

do about yeah that’s gonna be

interesting yeah it’s inevitable let’s

say Morgan winters I’m a man-child you

probably are

Jonathan Garcia hey nice thanks for


Kieran in what’s your favorite character

from Star Wars this length like the old

Star Wars the old old story you notice I

have mad respect for you I like just

because mostly because there’s that bad

I had lip reading of him talking about

seagulls attacking him I know that has

nothing to do with his eye

character but you know he’s wise and he

taught Luke Skywalker the ways of the

Jedi it’s pretty red you know my

favorite character Holly Chewbacca girls

know I’m a total bogan

I can’t do that what are you yeah got

mad skills

who else can you do

Devon Sadler hey thanks for coming in

that was good

Reaper vlogs we’re looking at the face

reveal next month infinity war

I yeah you know we wanted to do

something for that I don’t think we’ve

decided I want to like I’d be really

cool to hire like an engineer just on

the side to do some projects even if it

was something but it’s very

time-consuming it just depends if I make

out of popsicle sticks and cardboard you

know we can go to town if I want to make

something that’s actually real that’s a

different story

and there’s channels out there that

would literally make it out of paper

make it out of cardboard and it will go

mega super viral so it’s it’s something

I could try but it’s definitely gonna

have to build on some prototype stage at

this point I’m probably gonna I’m set on

Captain America’s new shields I think I

already have with the basics of it

they’re a little small so I might try

and take my own sort of taste and sort

of approach on it maybe make them bigger

so to answer some of these questions

before they like go away someone said

what’s our favorite alternative Spider

Man this was 2099

hey spider-man that’s like ultra stealth

stealth suit he’s green look that one up

that’s that’s a hidden gem let’s see the

seagulls is the best reason for a

character I’ve heard make the arm shield

oh yeah

well I’ve already gotten some of the

pneumatic stuff

for that so most likely that’s gonna

happen but then we have to Connor we

have to work this the system a little

bit because you know you got a you got a

regulator that’s $90 you got that

cylinder that’s $30 you got the wood

you’re looking at 500 or just some

materials and so that’s where the

sponsor kind of becomes a sensual Hey

hey Chan Ellis thanks for logging in dye

your hair dude you’d have to bleach that

than diet you guys know already wearing

a mask wanna just wear one of those like

weeds um let’s see here I could just put

like a mohawk no it’s like it’s good go

harder go home just let’s just blue well

you can’t really do much for it you

can’t really dire oh no I got nothing

it’s like it’s gonna die your eyebrows

oh yeah but like if you go into like

this store and you’re like I would like

to buy some hair dye then it hits you in

your heart you know you’re bald and

you’re only going to use like a sliver

of hair dye that’d be a really funny

hidden camera video go in and start like

just raise how and some some place like

this hair dye did it work and then just

pour in and take your hat off and point

um let’s see what’s your favorite DC

Universe character DC you hug or

fortnight I really like pub G and you

don’t play either I don’t play games

guys I don’t I I working mix games I

make a lot of stuff well where research

it bro can you get a massive through the

eyebrows no I I would totally shave my

eyebrows I like pain um one and

everything challenging inventions is so

yes say yes yes I have an idea


oh yeah we’ve we’ve been doing this an

hour I think that’s what we put some

alright so challenging inventions yeah

of course

do I even flappy bird oh yes I things

that it’s gonna I’m gonna make it and

then what I’d like to do is take it like

a Jairus of all approach build the power

fist type of gadget and then smashed off

with it that way you can build one

gadget and you can get like five or six

videos out of it just testing things so

I don’t know what else like iconic

gadget eleven can we make that we could

kind of turn into it like a press to

style just just saying how basically

they just throw everything into the

grinder to see what happens so I mean so

some of the questions just to catch up

discord server I don’t know if we want

to do something like Linus tech tips

where we do the project we have a forum

we can interact or we want to do discord

or you know I know we want a live stream

Friday nights playing a game that I know

let’s see a plasma cannon tell a funny

joke us let’s see what else is here name

were jokes oh yeah okay that’s yeah

that’s kind of funny let’s see here

you’re always the clear everyone have

you seen the video of the plasma cannon

are you gonna do something similar

daughter of tomasa or fast solo don’t

sass last saw I yeah that’s what it says

G blackburg exoskeleton with the jetpack

once again the the issue with jets is

they Miller things is melt your skinny

for everything that’s hot you have to

have protection against it and

insulation like fiberglass and like

inches of it

minecraft wooden sword I

like that I could do that oh these in

that and make it double on I I mean I

feel like you know um if you have a

Minecraft wooden sword I want a fire

sword and it’s over you know it’s like

an avatar issue this is true let’s see

I’m we good to blacksmith that you know

and he makes like a metal version of it

yeah it wouldn’t be very a leather armor

it gets it takes a lot of time to get

good at that

glowing Titan armor from destiny I mean

cosplay is a whole nother route we could

go and I would be really easy for

content because it’s all based off

little touch don’t read my name I love

that screen name LEDs so one of the

things we’ve thought about doing and

we’re gonna experiment with it is all

the other youtubers who are in Los

Angeles New York or you know cooler

cities but we have an opportunity with

uber self-driving cars being here in

Pittsburgh we have an opportunity with

these places that you’d have to fly to

or they’d have to fly to so I know we’re

looking at going to over a self-driving

car the secret test track and flying our

Mavic pro overs wide room yeah I mean

like we we’re gonna be real spies I’m

gonna show you what you can’t see in

like NBC News CBS News and it’s just us

being like bored one day you know they

have like fake fake deer and like big

pedestrians I like jump out yeah the

actual car has to you know swerve which

there’s always controversy about the

uber test driver if someone died it’s

over they got their dead yeah but like

how many other people will die from car

crashes I mean I’m not like saying how

many people died from like

work-related accidents we should get rid

of anything that has ever killed a human

being that wasn’t supposed to well you

know it’s it’s one of those things that

it’s definitely one of those things

it’s kind of like Elon Musk like the

first passengers that travel to Mars

probably won’t make it yeah true

it’s like we’re going into uncharted I

would see Colin holder I do feel bad for

the family members I’m not high Paris is

a furry apparently so Hyde Harris so I

would say you know we have tech Hill

coming up which is an anime convention

here in Pittsburgh every summer we have

what would it’s an anthro con it’s the

big furry conference no so we could

maybe sneak in there we just put fur

around your mouth no okay

we’re not going there no make a safe

airbag or try to improve it I mean so

you can take don’t do this please

but you can take an airbag out of a car

oh yeah and you can actually hook up the

airbag you know you put it far away from

you hook it up the jumper cables take it

back to your place and then you hook the

jumper cables to a battery and it will

go off it goes off of about a hundred

feet in the air I want to like create

the jump rat a little device whatever

you call it where he’s able to throw it

and then he like basically used it to

vault up that’s that’s definitely a

project for the airbags we wouldn’t do

it cuz he probably broke our legs in

half let’s see we could do it

Mythbusters style for sure a skyrim

style mask

I talked to formlabs we’re looking at

maybe getting a printer and that would

be one of the perfect ways to use like

the new resins they have to do that yo

come guys you’re creative you followed

me on Instagram a while ago and I got

really excited yeah cuz you’re cool yeah

you’re pretty yep do that

you should follow us on all social media

because sometimes we post little like

hints lil exclusives you know YouTube

it’s awesome ways to diversify go follow

me on Instagram so once again we’re

looking because Greek as Peter yeah but

we’re looking to unmask you

come on yeah I was gonna I was kind of

looking forward to making like a new

mask but I think maybe I’ll keep the

mask for when we do stuff that requires

actual face protection yeah yeah so um

we’re gonna wrap it up here soon we’re

gonna answer the questions that are

coming in and then we’re gonna like this

is not going to go in the archive on the

channel this is just you and us right

now right we’re gonna delete this once

it’s done so you know thanks all right

let’s do you want to ask him who we

should collaborate with so Morgan

winters so we’re gonna finish this and

then we’re gonna ask you who we’re gonna

collaborate with or who you want us to

so Morgan winters do you know the game

what are your thoughts about the

Infinity Ward teasers with Thanos

grabbing for side I don’t know Thor

looks like he’s about the top of a

pimple but I pretty sure that Captain

America has one of the Infinity stones

when he grabs the Infinity Gauntlet and

you know he’s not that strong thinness

is like a beast a beast exactly so I

don’t know about the spoiler kids I

don’t know that for sure but what

happened to our snapchat just it’s it’s

hard merch to Instagram because they

copied snapchat and we can I have a

portfolio of like a documentation where

a snapchat gets deleted

let’s see people want us to work with

Grant Thompson

William Osmond Tom high distill the

furry a killer Roboto katana that

electrocutes collaborate with the hack

smith from Jesse Scott you know I think

where we’re going it’s gonna open itself


collaboration Stephan doable yeah now

with noe how I get good at Grant

Thompson’s convention can you do a cheap

DIY neon lights so we’re looking at that

yeah you know we we know we can get neon

lights for about sixteen to thirty

dollars as a strand but they’re not

gonna be this clever clever there’s not

going to be any hacks with them unless

we use the esp8266 which cost like nine

dollars and is super versatile yeah we

could do like a whole entire series just

on that one ship killer robot is my

killer robot yo is my name okay sorry

about that

Brandon Holloway Anubis armor from

Assassin’s Creed no idea that looks like

that sounds badass I I think it would be

funny if we invaded one of Jays lasers

video so once again if you’re just

tuning in we’re rounding this down

thanks for the two dollars of donations

that we got a lot create controversy on

YouTube like I wanna like I wanna have a

challenge build-off challenge another

maker but let’s make some friends first

yeah let’s make friends making real like

this piss everyone off let’s see could

you guys make a word King bb-8 or r2d2

I’ve seen the r2d2 that were I mean we

can buy them off the shelf there’s no

reason to do that you know we like

making things that no one else’s a guru

who came crazy make a pickle Rick remote

control what’s yo Instagram cuz shadow

it’s really gadget guru retractable

sword so let me double check this

they’ve one of those on Amazon but it’s

hard to make them actually short it’s

gonna be Hollow

you know retractable sword wouldn’t be

that sturdy good for cosplay collab with

Jorgen Jorgen Spielberg whatever the

German you guys

okay firework machine gun that sounds

cool I do not live in Greece I live in

Pittsburgh there’s so there’s a Greek

community here that Papa was born in

Greece and he immigrated here when his

12 and met his father for the first time

because there was the leg embargo free

it’s pretty interesting story my

grandpa’s badass I feel like we need to

do a documentary about that yeah

actually it’s pretty amazing

it says content quality he used to spend

time on projects okay let’s see so once

once again like this is on my phone but

if you’ve noticed over the last five

videos we’ve really upped the content

we’ve really upped the quality and we’re

hoping that we’re gonna keep this

consistent it just took us a while to

figure out how to film how did work with

a team how to work with brands you know

like we requested this they did not pay

us for it but you know we asked them

very nicely sometimes we need to learn

how not to be journalist like tell the

difference between like review and yes

so when you go on YouTube and you see an

unboxing I know that’s a nice term but

it means a lot of the times they were

paid and we don’t really want to do that

or if we do we want to tell you we were

paid to do this like and we want them to

pay for us to do something badass yeah

we wouldn’t reserve that for like the

big hero builds like these are just

units they have on the Shelf they send

us to look at to review sometimes we

send them back sometimes we keep them

but you know it’s more editorial it’s

it’s to basically facilitate your buying

experience it’s kind of like trying for

you buy and you know we’re gonna give

you an honest opinion obviously it’s

pretty cool and I’m excited to explore I

mean we unboxed it not in a sterile

environment we trusted this with you

watching yeah so

you know for us we just want to like do

some cool things we will work with

brands but anything money we make is

going to go into the bill like the

builds of our big projects so you know I

want to thank everyone for subscribing

following four years and I’m hoping by

yeah that’s good you you get two dollars

I get two dollars dude we can dollar

than you yeah tonight dude that is like

a cheeseburger you know it’s not that

even a dollar menu that’s like you know

depending on the state you’re in it’s

like oh now I have taxes I better fish

out of a fountain great well we got two

dollars yeah so we have four

well we gotta split this what else in

YouTube things like 70% 30% weight and

YouTube oh yeah yeah so we’re gonna get

like pocket change

thank you we appreciate the that Khan

gesture means a lot look I’ll put it

this way you put your money into this

title better if it’s $1 $10 you won’t do

something with daredevil he’s pretty

cool dude yeah yeah he doesn’t get as

much attention

Reinhardt’s to harris we’re getting back

to all the different oh yeah hey Kenji

well so there’s this plot baile metric

and it’s a you know they haven’t updated

it in a while but we really want to like

to look at it and we could put that in

the background so can we think again G

sword can we get your sword maker dude

I’ll have that you know he’s he’ll

apprehensively we can make that I’m in


we’re going to do it what what is it

indeed sword so Genji is this really

awesome kind of grew bot cyborg ninja

from overwatch

I remember the fidgets spinner yeah yeah

we’re supposed to sharpen those and I

look like this guy just kind of fell off

the face of the earth and still has them

but dead you stores pretty cool

it’s like all tricked out how idea green

lime green let’s see here

Chad is rad two bucks

Thank You Daniel 598 yeah Oh Dirk mugger

was saying we didn’t get $6 we’ve got

598 yeah you know I think it’s funny

because the Domino’s Pizza is below us

and I almost like there’s been nights I

just look out there and almost like I

wonder if they’ve put some out you know

like someone order it or I’ve like

thought about calling in a fake order to

going down and being like oh it’s on the

top of the dumpster no no one picked

this up jerk but that’s actually smart

we should try yeah that’s that’s totally

like whatever so uh aqua Scorpio Zack

attack yo Hanzo or if we can extend this

like I wonder if we can replicate or

sort of replicate this how does this

money thing work I don’t know I think of

people have been trying to answer that

for years does anyone know the name of

the lights Royal Flush these are nano

leaf we’re gonna try to do a actual

review video with these but I got did

the unboxing live for you exclusive

peeps yeah you’re watching right now

thank you it’s a Monday do us awesome

favor turn on notifications and reach

out we were like would love for you to

be here within like the first couple

hours of release because then YouTube

sees that like everyone showed up at

once so what we might do is livestream

right before we release the video and I

think we’re trying to do like Tuesdays

and Thursdays some sort of gadget and

then maybe like a hack or something and

then the bigger projects will be kind of

spaced out but there’s gonna be a big

release all

like a movie like yeah my press releases

get more attention um so you know right

now we’re still building things out

we’re you know graciously in Alfa Laval

collab gear they’re letting us use their

space there’s a there’s a prototype or

there’s an incubator for start companies

it’s called alpha lab gear talk about

some sort of like destiny or well we’re

doing a prophecy right now yeah let’s

see are you how to base it yes every

everyone so that’s a Nicholas Cage

yeah continue to the face reveal week

after Easter that’s for Morgan winters

we don’t know it’s getting in the way of

filming yeah yeah everyone’s asking

whoever disliked is lame I I don’t know

I will hunt you down I have a certain

set of skills that will allow me anyway

it seems what you got it pockets in ooh

electric Ginjo Genji katana actually

they’ve already pretty much done them

yeah you have but I’ve been wanting to

do that for a while and now that I have

a kiss – like water jet cutting laser

cutting it would just be a matter of a

budget you know some sort of budget that

would allow us to pay for least

materials because I gladly do that do

the labor to have a Electric Genji

we should Darth Maul just said he’s

gonna he’s gonna dislike this video so

we could I mean we’re not gonna track

you down

we just sort of meet up at some point uh

I mean we’ll have a meet up I don’t know

where everyone’s from this book like who

live in Pittsburgh who watched me who

don’t know I’m from Pittsburgh yeah I

haven’t made myself clear

actually Michael Chan nice dude $5 III

think it’s Canadian though that that’s

like ten American dollars with you know

the way everything’s destroyed in our

economy I was waiting for the stream

Fridays we’re hoping we’re gonna be

doing maybe unboxings live but that is

for you to watch and we are essentially

going to be playing a game doing

whatever if we’re doing an unboxing

we’re not going to everything link party

yeah let’s see the plug Julian can you

make a predators therm

it’s thermal mass sensor I probably

could do that what I really want to do

is make a shoulder cannon I don’t want

to shoot fireworks or the burning laser

lots of time but always see 3d printing

and like designing it’ll happen at some

point it’s pretty high on my list of

things personal projects that I want to

see come to light but there’s always

those opportunities where it’s just

going to get so much more exposure like

if a movie came out that was that I

think predators is coming out so we

define a sponsor that would definitely

happen it’s just but these are great

ideas we should have like a list

somewhere we’re just a master list five

dog hairs where is the live shot are we

still live so we’re still alive and this

is not updating whatever this is like

oh yeah so he’s gonna plug in his phone

charges battery I’m here so once again

this is just kind of like a

behind-the-scenes thing we were filming

and we thought crap we haven’t actually

talked to anyone in a while we’ve been

in our heads we’ve been building things

out we got this really cool thing this

will react to our sound but you know we

want to make it so you can interact with

us if you donate this pops that pops

there’s the sound we’re tired of being

just kind of boring in a sense and you

know we want to build a community we

want to show you the things that if we

buy this you know interact with it if we

have this interact with it you know if

there’s a movie and we can be in New

York we can be in your town come out

party you know just I had no front or I

tried to get who for us today but uh-oh

and forgot that’s recording yeah that’s

the recording part oh yeah to example oh

yeah you try that I was live streaming

from that backfist know you’re like 44%

man I’m not so yeah yeah so thanks man I

once again I feel really weird being

here in front of the camera because I’ve

helped film fur you just looks nothing

hey thank you like here this is uh-huh

yeah so yeah we’re in Pittsburgh Oh

Dragon Ball man GDC sorry we both

watched Dragon Ball super I’m more of a

peace van but like yeah that stuff’s

great I really want to have freezes at

all like I’m gonna build a little laser

that you just have on the end of my

finger just like burn just like matches

or something

hey I know laser gloves I think if we do

like a meet-up I’d want to meet people

not in our town every single money’s is

read this is amazing you said it’s the

best day ever this is the best day I’ve

had in a long time just because all

these were ready a nice sad

that’s this Sephiroth sword from Final

Fantasy 7 um yeah I gotta go to the gym

come to Florida maybe Miami filling meet

up yeah I go to Philly a lot let’s see

can you guys come to Cali so I would

probably be in California in a month or

two like for a week San Francisco so

he’s just so big technically he’s more

famous than me right now raise your

YouTube favors

there is to select you but your infamous

I mean yeah both sides of the spectrum

like least I haven’t well he’s not bad

you just he believes in what he believes

yeah he’s a freedom fighter

anyways let’s see here stay in Pitt yeah

we want to stay in Pittsburgh the mask

is going away we are coming to

California so like you’re my like agent

right now like yeah just answer all my


I can’t prettier it yeah because you

can’t read because you have a mask

that’s why you’re laying the topside

fourth grade you – yeah boy if you ask a

question I’ll repeat it and he will tell

you the answer I really want I mean as a

heads-up display it so I can just see

masks but you mean like a Google glass

can we do that no Google glass sucks man

like what the hell are you doing the

color lens yeah if you had like stupid

money and like I don’t know maybe an

audience to show it to that they would

maybe sponsor it

no hololens doesn’t do anything they

they’re like vaporware as far as I’m

concerned yeah that’s right hololens

your vaporware I’ve seen your stuff you

can’t make enough of it sorry shoving

food under the mask it there’s a huge

lag yeah there is

you guys want to send me stuff I have a

few box I have yet to receive I’ve never

received anything for my fans I don’t

think I’ve ever really like talked about

it but it makes me sad a little bit that

really I don’t really like promoting but

I do have a peel box if you want to like

send me like a sketch of a gadget you

want me try and build or if you want to

send me sour patch like zna productions

like I see all someone set Z na

productions Eli like a space heater like

our space here that’s okay I have these

man oh yes we’ll give me more yeah so

unfortunately my life is super public so

people know where I live people know

where we are right now like I’m dirty

I’m mostly committed to the sour patch

that I am the mask but yeah I’m like if

someone actually would look up our

address drive over within the last hour

like does up we I don’t know I’d be

surprised and be like okay here what no

I said buzz up like you know whatever my

gig was before we do this know who can

dunk drinking last you know we don’t

drink in life’s dream well I can say

yeah take the edge off

um let’s see your age where’s the PA box

you know once again because this is

if you’re looking all the uh into the

Commons my video is the very bottom it

says it’s like pa ba it’s actually

personal mailbox one six nine something

yeah I picked one six nine you know what

that’s great so don’t forget it it’s in

the description somewhere yeah if you

want to send us something we could do

our first ever fan mail and you yours

you’d be basically fetched into the

history books so I think it’s about time

we have to leave yes yeah gannets cards

would be cool I agree okay so I guess

last questions we gotta leave we got a

packed up I gotta go home it’s still

Monday so yeah Darth Maul loves us why

it’s if we’re kind of in that same genre

here because I kind of have a I got a

futuristic Star Wars like you have the

tattoo right face like that’s cool we

got that going on if we’re pretty unique

through pre-make individuals I’ll

probably go to LA there’s like a pretty

good YouTube office there where’s a

hundred dollars someone said they’d be

donated someone said they’d PayPal it to

us I I mean we can check but we we can’t

let’s see goodbye


so yeah that’s it we’re going to

probably polish this videos or video

will clap with club yeah I think he’s in

like New Jersey or something yeah maybe

I’ll take one of his maybe you could

send me one of his gadgets and I can

like upgrade it or something I don’t

know yeah he’s like low level we’re like

somewhere mid

is silly bad thing no no I mean someone

has this thumbnails are terrific oh yeah

they grab your attention so it’s what

been doing like three days which is

credible still I’m looking for collabs

I’m looking for collapse of the

youtubers I’m looking to get into places

we’re not supposed to be museums I’m

looking at the Smithsonian I’m I mean I

want a hot ghost

i I just want this to be fun again we

hunt ghosts I’m in for honey toast okay

man it’s all alive let’s get out of here

okay okay thank you thank you so much

look up now I just kind of want this

thing – oh yeah

react alright guys and gals and people

thank you very much see you in the next

last ring probably gonna be what next


we’re this Friday this or nothing if we

can get our stuff together and get a

nice solid connection we’re filming from

an iPhone I don’t know what is that it’s

an LG it’s for case from on the

notification who’s inside your group

calendar and be there Thanks this internal

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