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How to Install Flexible LED Display In Mask – “Wrench” Cosplay Tutorial

from the LED display installation in the
thermal lens to the flexibility of this
PCB board I’ve received hundreds of
questions about my mask mostly if it’s
for sale which it’s not however one of
my goals is to inspire you to make
things yourself so in this tutorial I’ll
share important maker tips and tricks
some that can even be applied to your
own creations for the creative and
curious minds out there I hope this
helps welcome to gear we make real-life
superhero gadgets and review unbox and
showcase the latest in cutting-edge
technology so if you’re a paintball
player you probably know this is the dye
I 3 it’s a little bit more pricey than
most paintball masks on the market but
the reason I chose it is because one it
has this really cool reflective smoke
colored lens and also one of the most
important things for the installation
purposes is that it is a thermal lens
also a little bit more detail on
lighting the wires a length of the wires
soldering using heat shrink tubing to
make it look all nice and I even added a
little bit of hot glue because this
little button switch was flopping all
over the place it was really freaking
annoying a lot of people asked how
flexible this thing is it’s not a very
cheap product especially when you’re
gonna go in and make a DIY project out
of it and of course the last thing I’ll
do is show you how to install the LED
display that makes it all possible so
the first thing that most people don’t
realize is that this is a thermal lens
which means that it has a secondary
layer that helps to protect from
temperature differences your face is
getting all sweaty and gross you can
kind of see this Ridge here it doesn’t
go the whole way it just basically goes
over where the eye portion is so you
want to heat that up with a hairdryer
and this double-sided adhesive with the
foam is gonna start to give way now you
want to peel the part that’s on top not
the part that’s connected to the actual
plastic that’s on the outside you want
to heat up right along this Ridge right
here and that way the adhesive on the
the part closest to your face is going
to get a little bit
warm and allows you to peel it back and
place in the actual LED display now to
heat this up you’re gonna want a
hairdryer is tremendously helpful
because it’s just enough heat they don’t
do any damage trust me I tried it with a
heat gun and it melted some of the
actual face mask so don’t make the same
mistake that I did all right so just so
you can kind of see this I know I showed
it last time so I’ve actually glued mine
in there because this thing was getting
all floppy and annoying and kind of
ruined some shots in other videos you
can see how it sits in there I can’t
take it out at this point because it’s
kind of set in there with the glue
already those are the contact points
that are running down the mask now it
helps to have a kit like this you don’t
have to have every single tool this is
just from reading dozens and dozens of
comments is how to install this actual
switch that turns it on and off do these
two shiny contact points there that’s
connected the actual switch so watch
what happens if I was to actually just
kind of connect these two together did
you see how it kind of blinked there
let’s try that again this time you know
where I’m actually pointing and touching
and you can see if I connect that gap
and I hold it for a couple of seconds it
turns right on so that’s really all you
have to do is you’re just basically
extending this switch so that you can
turn this on a little bit more
conveniently with our modification and
you hold it again and it turns off so
let’s try that one more time red is your
positive black is your negative that’s
going to the battery and you can extend
this and make these wires a little bit
stronger too however we’re worried about
the switch right now you can see these
two right there so you go ahead and see
if I’m touching it again boom turns back
on so now that I have this thing on a
lot of people asked how flexible this
thing is it’s not a very cheap product
especially when you’re gonna go in and
make a DIY project out of it you can see
all of the LEDs work and flexing it
still no issue so the modifications may
seem a little bit scary but I’m gonna do
it again real quick so you can
see so you’re gonna want to cut some
wires and that’s going to connect on to
our board really nice like
I usually just do the very edge and that
way I can still kind of take it off case
I need to wire so you gotta see there
how to connect to these two ports and
still working go ahead and turn off
there we go
not playing any tricks on you still
works as we’re cycling through the
different presets and you just hold it
and go ahead and turn off
I’d say about six inches of wire that
way you can run this wherever you want
without going and biting into the actual
foam that’s on the side here as you can
see it’s just I go along this little
edge there go down enough so that you
can split this and peel back the
remember what I said this thing is very
flexible so you shouldn’t have any issue
and then I kind of put it so it was like
right over this nose plate this nose
little Ridge meets and it kind of sits
so I’m just gonna heat it back up using
the hairdryer and the adhesive will go
yep it still works
I’m surprised honestly if I was gonna
buy another one of these and pretend so
I saw in the comments recently that
someone’s gonna use this display for
their halloween costume which i think is
an awesome idea so if you enjoyed this
video be sure to give it a like this
video is what YouTube thinks you want to
watch and if you haven’t seen the
original where I take the display out of
the glasses you want to click that video
as always take it easy and stay creative [Music]
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