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DIY Secret License Plate Stash Box – Hide Cash, Bitcoin, Keys – MR ROBOT Prototype

and so have you ever wanted to store
your valuables in a place where you
really couldn’t lose it for example
you’re at a music festival you lose your
keys you will need some extra cash to
get you through your day and you just
don’t have any in your wallet in your
pocket well maybe you have some very
valuable Bitcoin in and you want to
store on a flash drive or maybe like a
super encrypted file that has some
really important value to you or
whatever stick it into your little stash
box we kind of over designed this thing
with some super powerful magnets these
are like 50 pound magnets in total so
this thing is gonna be nice and secure
but this is a very nice and easy project
I’ll give you all the files for you to
build it yourself and you can probably
get it done in a weekend back in the
early days of the Internet my brother
was always talking about hiding floppy
discs underneath cars this way to share
information share data documents and I
thought like wouldn’t it be cool if we
did the modern way I mean one of the
first things I think of when I go up to
a car it’s like The Terminator it’s like
anything else
I go and I look and see if they put a
key in the visor and then the second
thing I do is I actually look under the
car and I see if there’s like one of
those magnetic key holders this I
haven’t really seen that much maybe a
Kickstarter here and there this is still
something not in popular culture so what
was your intention when you were
designing this thing like how did you
design it like this is solvent it’s a
great prototype anyone can make this in
a weekend where did we come from and
where do we go alright so first I
started off in fusion 360 by designing
everything and you can see there’s some
features that didn’t make it into the
final product this drop down tray which
was supposed to keep all of your
valuables from moving around in the
container and I actually flipped
everything to accommodate some of the
problems in the design now I’m gonna
highlight the tray portion which I
developed in the
mineral assembly and you can actually
print it out onto a piece of paper and
then tape it or glue it to your piece of
metal so you have a nice stencil to work
with it’s laser time shout out to
William Osmond if you haven’t seen this
channel definitely check it out he is
hilarious and here we’re just cutting
everything out some of these pieces
actually got covered up like this one
here and this part is actually what is
being laser etched so it’s just burning
the surface this is to create a mortise
for the hinge it wasn’t until later that
I realized that they sell non mortise
hinges would have been nice to know
and you can see this is how the hinge is
going to be inserted now I held on to
the laser-cut scraps because I used them
as a little stencil for marking off
where I needed to cut this aluminum
extrusion and it’s the exact same size
even though I didn’t use these pieces in
the final product I still thought it was
a useful tip
I was getting a little bit frustrated
here and so I actually broke some of my
previous failures and used the pieces
act to create a little bumper because
these clamps didn’t have a rubberized
portion to avoid indenting the surface
of the wood
first we printed out a scale one-to-one
design of the actual tray
we’ve laminated it this is gonna create
a nice smooth surface for us to glue it
down on to the piece of metal in this
case we used a spray adhesive make sure
that the metal is the right size and
then you’re going to just spray it
making sure that you wait a couple of
seconds so that it tacks up a little bit
before you actually lay it down then
smooth out all of the air bubbles to
make sure that it’s gonna be nice and
flat to the surface this is actually a
really awesome tip if you want to be
precise all you have to do is cut it out
and there’s little dotted lines for you
to actually bend the pieces a little
indicator and it should be perfect every
except for when I do it I will manage to
mess this up which I did but you know
we’re learning here life goes on now I
realized that I probably could have 3d
printed this part out but I wanted to
take this opportunity and challenge
myself to learn a new skill
now at this point I’m very frustrated I
realized now that my design is not going
to work exactly the way I planned I
realized that there’s about half a
centimeter that is missing I like I
guess I designed it to choose short or I
bent it and it came out too short but I
was supposed to use these pieces of
metal and this bag of really small
washers to avoid the rivets from
crushing the wood in between and the
problem here is that the metal actually
will land on top of the rivets instead
of in between the rivet and this little
side piece as I’m using as an example
and so it’s just not going to work I
tried to pivot and make some really
quick and dirty Frankenstein
improvements but that actually made it
worse these little rivets here in the
top and the hinge created so much excess
material and it wouldn’t close at all
not even with these powerful magnets now
I didn’t show it here but I actually cut
out another piece of wood to go and
cover up all these mistakes and I’m
removing the hardware that way I can
rough up the surface with some really
coarse grit sandpaper this is gonna
create a easier place for the glue to
adhere to using this industrial-strength
stuff and I’m making sure that I get it
nice and deep into these little cracks
so that I can actually glue down the
hinges making sure that the rounded
portion of the hinge is facing up
towards the magnets in sword’ the actual
then I’m gonna force some in on the
other side and you want to make sure
that you actually clamp down these
hinges because it actually will move
once the glue expands and I made that
mistake myself so it didn’t come out
perfect this actually is kind of a
throwback and a little bit of nostalgic
for me because one of my first projects
ever was a secret stash that was in
a shaving cream cannon oh that’s kind of
a reference back to like Jurassic Park
and how they had all the dinosaur DNA
and there and all stuff that was kind of
where I was going with that but I
thought it was a really cool project
because I wanted to be able to store
stuff safely he stolen breaks in I
always have some extra cash back in the
90s before there was a thing called the
Internet there was something called the
BBS I remember phone lines were being
hooked into houses so people could call
in and it was like a primordial message
board and one of the things that always
struck me was people had said hey let’s
share files and you know let’s do this
and even now with the internet with net
neutrality with everything going on
sometimes you want to share big files
sometimes you want to share encrypted
files and the best way to do this is
offline you can take one of these things
you can put your Bitcoin on it you can
put any cryptocurrency including crypto
kitties which is the silliest of them
all and there you go you can put it on
your car you can drive it somewhere you
can wait an hour and then go away so
what I find interesting is being able to
text someone on signal say we’re gonna
be at Frick part we’re gonna be at
shingling we’re gonna be in San
Francisco and be there for an hour see
if they get it and go this is a type of
stuff that you see hackers you see
journalists you see other people use to
store encrypted stuff to share files and
you know they will text each other on
the signal on VPN but this is one of the
original real-life versions I’m glad it
was a throwback to that and I’m glad it
was a throwback to one of your first
videos so what do you want to see us
build next you like these sorts of
videos when we kind of build some stash
containers like mr. robot hacker gadgets
more getting into electronics leave a
comment we’d love to know what you want
us to build next and take it easy as
always we’ll see you next time thanks
for watching
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