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7 BEST Wireless Headphones for 2018!

welcome to the future where everything
is wireless most likely if you buy a
phone in 2018 it is not going to have
that beautiful audio jack they are snip
snipping the cords away now’s the time
to invest in a nice set of bluetooth
headphones watch this video and save
some time and money we’ve got these
review units that have been sent to us
by the manufacturer we took a good look
at which ones we liked best and we’re
going to give you the information so
that you know which one to buy in 2018
the crossfade to wireless they are
specifically made for DJ’s comes with
this nice hard shell case the little
carabiner so if that’s the way you want
to rock just kind of clip it on your
backpack or whatever and go and this
thing is not like a hardshell clam case
it’s got a little bit of flex to it but
this is definitely to protect your
investment because these headphones a
little bit on the pricey side but man
you get some good value these little
plates here are customizable you can
actually 3d print your own design so if
you want to do something fancy with this
first thing I notice about this thing is
it’s got these metal pieces on the side
and after looking at like some reviews
online and the actual manufacturer he
was like being brutal with this thing I
don’t want to do too much but he was
just trying to express the fact that
these things are built to last these are
not noise cancelling however they do
come with a really awesome audio cable
these are bluetooth but there’s always a
latency meaning that you’re not going to
get the exact audio that’s coming out at
the exact rate if you use this really
awesome cable if they’ve included your
the zero latency and it will work
without them being charged these are not
noise cancelling this is literally a
match made in heaven they designed
everything custom it’s pretty awesome I
thought this was one of the best
headphones and I really like the fact
that you can customize it I think that
adds a lot of value alright these are
the skull candies now I know what you’re
thinking skull candies that used to sell
mic t-shirts whenever I was a kid you
could go to like the department store
and I was like oh these are crap but man
they really stepped up their game with
these I was watching a movie
literally felt like I was in the theater
come with a nice little carrying case
put these on here there’s a little
button here on the side kind of slides
up and down this actually controls the
subwoofer it’s like a vibration you’re
watching a movie it feels like you’re in
a theater your whole head is shaking and
if you’re into like dubstep or some
really heavy basic music I don’t know
whatever these are yours to pick because
man they just go crazy overload on the
bass the nice thing is you don’t have to
live with it you can bring it down or
bring it back up depending on what
you’re listening to how they recommend
these if you’re a bass head very
comfortable have some nice flex through
them they seem pretty solid and I got
some good use out of these
second-guessing Skullcandy guess again I
think these are pretty awesome this is
the Plantronics Voyager 8 200 you see
they come with probably the nicest case
that I’ve ever found literally I want to
turn this thing inside out and use it as
a pillow because litoris it’s so soft in
there you have here probably the most
sophisticated noise cancelling of the
most sophisticated controls on the
actual headset you have this little
thing I feel like a little DJ master
gear here audio for turning it up and
down and whenever you take these off it
actually pauses the audio so you’re not
gonna have to like worry about skipping
a beat and they’re very comfortable the
nice flexibility the only problem I had
with them was that the first review
units might have had some problems with
the high noise cancellation it kind of
started to like do this like vibrating
type of thing and we’ve had other
Plantronics and we haven’t had that
issue so we think that it might be from
the review unit these are a solid buy
and the noise cancellation other than
the high is on points I’m gonna go to
bed because gonna sleepy man and it’s
like a pillow case in there it’s massive
these are the Lindy be and x60 how can I
say like a David and Goliath story here
because these don’t look like much but
they’re actually really good because
they’re the cheapest if you’re looking
for noise cancellation and you want to
save money you don’t want to go crazy
overboard these are for you I’ve never
really heard of
I heard they’re a uk-based company
taking a look at these they’re not crazy
with any sort of logo there any fluff to
make some I mean these function and you
get value for what you pay for turn the
noise cancellation on that it actually
increases the treble so there’s a lot
more vibration on the side here you have
the controls so if you want to raise and
lower the volume in addition to your
actual device control your actual music
pause play rewind all the buttons on
here are completely manual it almost
seems like an old-school headset like
literally you have a dial that you move
up and down with your finger you have an
on/off button and everything is very
easy just click there’s no confusion
whatsoever this is that said that’s not
going to confuse anyone I mean it’s very
straightforward to have noise
cancellation pretty comfortable with
this little padding here on the top and
they do extend it’s the best bang for
your buck if you’re on a budget you want
noise cancellation I would go with this
one this is the Jabra evolve 75 this is
kind of like something that you would
buy for an office setting it’s the only
one that is an on-ear headset doesn’t go
over the cup on the ears and it has this
little swivel down mic there’s actually
pretty cool because if you’re a business
person you’re taking calls and you want
to just be able to have really nice
clear audio and then when you’re done
there’s a little magnet in there and it
switches and just clips right on there
it’s not even very noticeable and it’s
pretty comfortable to wear I wouldn’t
know because I don’t have ears but when
the masks off these are very comfy I use
this one’s probably the most because
it’s just very easy transition from
doing some video editing oh I got a call
boom slide it down now these are noise
cancelling and very good quality in my
opinion the charging port is here on the
side and it goes onto the stand which
you can just go ahead and plug in via
USB very nice these are really good in
the business setting maybe you’re in a
you have really good noise cancellation
and then also if you don’t want to be
bothered because you’re on a phone call
you put them on and whenever you’re
speaking to someone this will blink red
hey go away I’m busy talking to someone
and I think that’s a really awesome
feature that you won’t find anywhere
also you have the controls to raise and
lower the volume here pretty standard
stuff and a nice little stance so that
you’re not gonna have a cluttered desk
space plug it right in and you’re good
to go
this guy here is probably the best when
it comes to audio you know it’s quality
we’re gonna be taking a look at probably
the two best this one he likes and
recommends this one is the most
expensive and probably has the most
crisp and professional audio quality so
he’s gonna walk us through these however
and I mastered something like 60 albums
so these the Masters in dynamics and the
video after all of the testing of all
the other ones are probably the best you
can buy and each of them have their
different reasons right this is because
for the price for the teachers it is
most likely the best you can mark it has
active noise cancellation and unlike any
of the others in the set it has an SDK
now a year
I was able to actually talk to the CTO
of JBL Kevin Hughes and we talked about
their aspirations for this line and they
want you to be able to have this to be
able to get the sensor data from us to
be able to make new Android apps from it
and that’s why I ended up just kind of
falling in love with this because
they’ve been dedicated to an open
platform once again this is about 300
you can find it on a secondary market a
little bit cheaper all the hinges on our
metal it’s really an improvement over
the 700 ever actually and once again
these are these TV all indices what you
have they are just a work of art it’s
like they want to propose to you and say
I love you but they don’t want to
include the ring they just include they
do include a ring
this is it doesn’t have access nodes
cancellation it has isolation because it
takes you somewhere like at the concert
but okay so if you are a music lover you
want the best quality sound and you’re
not too worried about a high price tag I
would go with these and they will let
you hear angels sing because they’re
these ones are best for an office
setting because they have the built-in
microphone you also have the call on
call blinking lights so no one’s gonna
mess with you interesting concept with
this flip down microphone these are the
Lindy be and x60 they are the best bang
for your buck you’re looking for noise
cancellation you don’t want to break the
I’d go with these here you have very
easy-to-use controls can’t go wrong if
you’re trying to save money and you want
to have that noise cancellation now
these ones here I think they’re really
cool these are really good if you’re a
DJ custom 3d printed baseplate here like
I want to do something with that for
zero latency whenever you actually
connect them to the cord it comes with
all the connectors you’re trying to go
for a six point three millimeter audio
jack and they are very durable and their
design the skull candy crusher Wireless
are best in bass if you want your face
to literally Rumble from your music go
with these nice thing about it is
there’s a little dial on the side that
allows you to tune in the amount of
vibration and bass you get there’s like
Springs in there or something it’s
pretty awesome technology I’ve always
been skeptical of Skullcandy because of
the brands in the past but they really
knocked it out of the park with these if
you’re a gamer you’re gonna love these
it’s gonna going to immerse you in the
game with the vibrations and sound now
we have the Plantronics Voyager
200 you see these are awesome quality
the only problem we had was with high
noise cancellation other than that
they’re amazing when you take them off
it pauses your music there is a little
button on the side for actually dialing
in your audio which is really cool an
interesting design but these are really
designed okay so the JBL Everest elite
750 and see these are the best in our
opinion because they’re affordable they
have noise cancellation they’re having
an open SDK so that you can program them
and integrate them into apps and you can
download all of the data from these
phones and we both really like these are
very comfortable so I hope you found
this review useful if you’re going to be
buying something we do have affiliate
links in the description below that
helps my channel because taking the time
to look at these and give you the
information you need so that you don’t
waste your money or your time these are
the best that we have found personally
and if there’s anything else that you
want us to review maybe it’s 4k cameras
maybe it’s some other Bluetooth gadgets
leave a comment below and we’ll try and
get some review units and we’ll put them
all in one video so it’s the one-stop
shop come in here find the information
you get a nice little summary of the
best features of these things and check
them out I think you’ll find something
you like these are all great
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